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TO: EEOC Since October of 2011 I have been the subjected to a continuing hostile work environment by co-worker Colleen

Abendano that is pointedly aimed at getting me fired or causing my constructive termination. I have brought the issue up with supervisors, department heads and city council members and have yet to get relief or have the problem solved in any manner. I am seeking redress in this issue in such a manner that I may continue to work at my current position (since September 2008) without being subjected to the current treatment that I am receiving. The ongoing hostile work environment has affected my physical well being and has placed me under medical care. The last incident representative of the ongoing treatment was on December 22, 2011 when Officer Abendano refused to sign my time sheet. The argument occurred in front of then interim Chief of Police S.G. Gillen who told us both to quit the arguing. There were multiple issues of this nature with my payroll where she had refused and/or failed to sign it in the past causing me to have to go to Town Council members to have them signed so that I could get paid. Durng one incident Officer Abendano said that I had not signed or completed the time sheet and she whited out my information and overwrote it. I saved that sheet along with her note and my original, correct information can be seen there. Prior to Chief Gillen being interim and now permanent Officer Abendano, as the senior officer, had been assigned as the Officer in Charge (OIC) of the Police Department. During that time she continually took me to task for doing work that was a part of my job; such as collecting and monitoring time sheets, putting in payroll and obtaining drivers license information. She continued to bring up these issues even after being OIC and even after apparently being corrected about my job duties. Officer Abendano has further caused a hostile work environment for me by making disparaging remarks about me to co-workers and other town employees; including police officers, other departmental secretaries, clerks of court and contracted service employees. It has made my job more difficult, when people I used to speak with on friendly terms on a regular basis have become short, curt and even rude toward me after them having contact with Officer Abendano. Indeed she has made it a point to go to these different employees and make comments about me to the effect that I was not to do certain things that were actually my job; such as billing, purchase orders and payroll. Officer Abendano has been noted over this period of time to have spent an inordinate amount of time at our Town Hall speaking to these individuals that I later had problems with. Officer Abendano became short and rude with me even during our normal workday relationship. She does not speak to me and ignores me. I do not know what I have done to cause this attitude from her. Prior to Chief of Police S.G. Gillen taking over the Hayden Police Department I had spoke to supervisors and past Chiefs about these issues. They have made comments to the effect that Officer Abendano was having a bad day or being spiteful and made promises to get us together in an attempt to resolve the issues, but have never followed through. Indeed, there had removed some of my responsibilities from me that Officer Abendano had complained about sometimes making my job even harder. I have never been addressed for being in the wrong, however one interim chief even made disparaging remarks about our being embroiled in a cat -fight. I wish for this type of behavior toward me to cease. I have attached a list of incidents that I have documented along with the dates that they occurred. Yvette Waddell, Office Manager Hayden Police Dept.