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The Green Caste - Physicians by the Books

Physicians -

"On the other hand, I suspect that they fear too broad a dissemination of the Caste knowledge. Physicians, interestingly, perhaps for a similar reason, tend to keep records in archaic Gorean, which is incomprehensible to most Goreans." (Magicians of Gor pg. 394)

Position of the Physician Caste in Gorean Society -

(Tarl Cabot speaking with Matthew Cabot) "How is leadership determined in these cities? ..."Rulers are chosen from any High Caste." (Tarnsman of Gor pg. 42)

"The High Castes in a given city, elect an administrator and council for stated terms." (Tarnsman of Gor pg. 42)

"The High Castes, specifically the Warriors, Builders, Scribes, Initiates, and Physicians." (Tarnsman of Gor pg. 41)

"The tier nearest the floor, which denoted some preferential status, the white tier, was occupied by the Initiates, interpreters of the will of Priest Kings. In order, the ascending tiers, blue, yellow, green, and red were occupied by representatives of the Scribes, Builders, Physicians, and Warriors." (Tarnsman of Gor pg. 62)

How one joins a Caste on Gor -

"The Caste structure is relatively immobile, but is not frozen, and depends on more than birth. For example, if a child in his schooling shows that he can

raise Caste, as the expression is, he is permitted to do so. But, similarly, if a child does not show the aptitude expected of his Caste, whether it be, say, that of the Physician or Warrior, he is lowered in Caste." (Tarnsman of Gor pg. 42)

"I knew that the Gorean Caste lines though largely following birth were not inflexible, and that a man who did not care for his Caste might be allowed by the High Council of his city, an approval usually contingent on his qualifications for the work of another Caste and the willingness of the members of the new Caste to accept him as a Caste Brother." (Priest Kings of Gor pg. 71) Compassion at the core of Caste of Physicians -

( Tarl Cabot speaking of Iksander Physician of Turia ) "He had in the course of his practice in Turia once given treatment outside the walls to a young Tuchuk warrior, whose name was Kamchak, for this aid given an enemy he had been exiled." (Marauders of Gor pg. 18)

( Tarl Cabot speaking of Parp the Physician of Treve ) "Perhaps it was because he could not stand pain that he remained a member of the Caste of Physicians." (Priest Kings of Gor pg. 71)

( Vika speaking of Parp Physician of Treve ) "Perhaps he always wanted to stop suffering even that of animal or slave." (Priest Kings of Gor pg. 71)

( Kuurus speaking to Flaminius Physician of Ar ) "You are Flaminius, he who had long ago loved men and chosen to wear the green robes of the Caste of Physicians." (Assassins of Gor pg. 386)

( Tarl Cabot speaking of the Sardar Fairs ) "Further, members of Castes such as Physicians and Builders use the Fairs for the dissemination of information and techniques among Caste Brothers, as is prescribed in their codes in spite of the fact that their respective cities may be hostile." (Priest Kings of Gor pg. 9)

State of Medical Technology -

( Tarl Cabot speaking of the state of technology on Gor ) " Be that as it may, the Priest Kings have limited man severely on this planet in many respects, notably in weaponry, communication, and transportation. On the other hand, the brilliance which men might have turned to destructive channels was then diverted, almost of necessity, to other fields, most notably medicine" (Assassin of Gor pg. 30)

( Matthew Cabot speaking of the level of technology on Gor ) "On the other hand, you will learn that in lighting, shelter, agricultural techniques, and medicine, for example, the Mortals, or Men Below the Mountains, are relatively advanced." (Tarnsman of Gor pg. 31)

( Elinor a slave speaks of the Physicians ) "On the first day the Physician, a quiet man in the green garments of his Caste, examined me, thoroughly. The instruments he used, the tests he performed, the samples he required were not unlike those of Earth. Further, certain pieces of his instrumentation were clearly far from primitive. For example, there was a small machine with gauges and dials. In this he would place slides, containing drops of blood and urine, flecks of tissue, a strand of hair. with a stylus he would note readings on the machine, and on a small screen at the top of the machine, I saw, vastly enlarged, what reminded me of an image witnessed under a microscope." (Captive of Gor pg. 92-93)

( Tarl Cabot and Vika a slave speaking of an ointment ) "The ointment will soon be absorbed," she said , "In a few minutes there will be no trace of it nor of the cuts." "The Physicians of Treve," I said, "have marvelous medicines" "It is an ointment of Priest Kings," she said." (Priest Kings of Gor pg. 64)

Medical Training on Gor -

( Tarl Cabot speaking of the freed slave Vika ) "I was pleased that she would

go to Ar, where she, though a woman, might learn the craft of medicine under the masters appointed by Kazrak ( Kazrak was city administrator of Ar ). (Priest Kings of Gor pg. 306)

( Jason Marshall speaking of Castes in general ) "Though one is commonly born into a Caste one is often not permitted to practice the caste craft until a suitable apprenticeship has been served." Fighting Slave of Gor pg. 209) Position of Free Women in the Caste of Physicians -

( Jason Marshall speaking of the Caste of Physicians ) "A notable exception to the generalization that woman of a Caste normally do not engage in Caste work is the Caste of Physicians, whose women are commonly trained, as are the boys, in the practice of medicine. Even the Physicians however, normally do not admit their women to full practice until they have borne two children." (Fighting Slave of Gor pg. 210)

"The women of the Physicians, at the age of fifteen, in many cities, wear two bracelets on her left wrist. When has one child one bracelet is removed; when she has a second child the second bracelet is removed. She may then, if she desires, enter into the full practice of her craft." (Fighting Slave of Gor pg. 210)

Slaves and the Caste of Physicians -

"Free Women, and even some Turian slave girls, went to and fro, bringing water and, here and there, where there was point in it, binding wounds." (Nomads of Gor pg. 263)

( Bosk speaking of slaves ) "In the eyes of Goreans and Gorean Law. The slave is an animal. she has no name, save what her Master might choose to call her. She is without Caste. She is without citizenship." (Hunters of Gor pg. 148-149)

( Jason Marshal speaking of the different types of slaves ) "I have not mentioned, either , slaves with professional competences, such as medicine or law." (Fighting Slave of Gor pg. 165)

( Vika a slave works as a healer in the midst of a battle during the Nest War ) "One of the humans by the wall, a girl knelt by him, holding a cloth, trying to stanch the bleeding. It was Vika! ..."Quick Cabot! " "I must make a tourniquet! " "Vika took the cloth from the wound and ripping it and using a small steel bar from the sheared wall, quickly fashioned a tourniquet wrapping it securely about the remains of the mans arm. The Physicians daughter did the work swiftly, expertly." (Priest Kings of Gor pg. 245)

( Sheera a slave tends to Bosk ill with fever from the poison of Tyros) " I had lain in pain and fever in my cabin, in the small stern castle of the Tesephone. It seemed that Sheera had cared for me, and that is the fitful wakings, I had seen her face, intent above mine, and felt her hand and a warmth, and sponging at side." (Hunters of Gor pg. 249)

Slaves and the use of steel in the service of there Masters -

( Vika a slave uses a straight razor to shave Tarl Cabot ) "Beside her on the floor, rested a laver of polished bronze, filled with water, a towel, and a straight-bladed Gorean shaving knife." "I shivered thinking of the blade and my throat" (Priest Kings of Gor pg. 34)

( Dina a slave speaks of Eta a slave ) "She went and brought pins, tiny scissors, a needle and thread. The alteration of my slave rag was apparently the first order of the days business." (Slave girl of Gor pg. 78)