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Hexaware offers a complete range of Asset Management Solutions for Global Financial Institutions, Fund Managers, Investment Managers, Institutional Asset Managers, Mutual Fund Managers and Insurance Money Managers. Hexaware with its vast experience in Investment Data Management has delivered state of the art solutions that helped our clients to manage their data across Front office, Middle office and Back office. We deliver end-to-end Investment Data Management solutions combining technology and a deep understanding of the business with expertise in Portfolio Management, Trade Execution, Compliance, Market Data Feeds, Reconciliation, Data Governance, Data Management and different asset classes.

Hexaware Solution for Data Management

Investment Data Management Expertise

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Data Management
Need for Data Management

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Organizations today are under enormous pressure to make better business decisions within short period, with less risk, while producing higher quality results. The underlying problem is the quality of data that is used to derive conclusions and make decisions. The key business drivers that epitomize the importance of Data Management Platform are as follows: Poor information quality makes regulatory compliance difficult, impairs decision making and promotes inefficiency. Standardize the data content. Data Completeness: All expected data needs to be loaded completely. All data are transformed correctly according to business rules and/or design specifications. ETL solution correctly rejects substitutes default values, corrects or ignores and reports invalid data. For example, Accuracy, Availability, Consistency, Completeness, Timeliness, etc. For example, duplicate records, Missing entries, incorrect entries, etc. Data Transformation: Data Quality: Identify Information Quality Measures: Identify Defect Type:

The common data management issues that any organization faces are as follows: I get different answers for the same question Inconsistent Data. The data I get is not the latest Latency Issue. I cannot substantiate how a number is generated Substantiation Issue. The data I have is not self-sufficient Access Issue. I have no idea who is consuming what data Uncontrolled Proliferation Issue.
Unexpected Changes in Source Systems Data Valid, But Not Correct Duplication of data

Incorrect/ Insufficient Data Missing Data

Mismatched Syntax, Format and Structures

These issues are addressed by organizations under three broad categories: (a) Data Governance (DG) having precise and unique definition of the data under control (b) Data Quality (DQ) - ensuring the accuracy, validity and completeness (c) Data Reconciliation (DR) - comparing same data across multiple storages for consistency

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Data Management
Data Management Expertise

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Hexaware has analyzed the common challenges faced across the industry and has come up with a Data Management framework that covers DG, DQ and DR issues. The following sections address the Hexawares Data Management framework, the key processes involved, Hexawares accelerator tools and the issues addressed by the framework. Data Management Group Data Management Process Business Metadata Definition Metadata Change Management Metadata Consolidation ETL Transformation Rules Hexaware Accelerator Belva Belva Belva Belva Data Profiler Data Certifier Verzoenen Belva

Issues Addressed Data Clarity / Interpretation issue Data Control issue Central storage of all metadata definitions Central storage of all data transformations Inconsistent Data Data Proliferation issue Data Substantiation issue tracing flow of data across multiple systems

Why Hexaware?
Data Management framework which covers a broad set of Data Governance, Data Quality and Data Reconciliation issues

Data Governance


Data Quality
Data Profiling Comparison across multiple sources

Data Recon

Data Lineage

Operational efficiency by utilizing fully automated in-house Toolsets, Technology Infrastructure, Software Solutions, Compliance and Governance, Process Standardization

Optimization g Fu

Hexaware Proprietary Tools / Framework

Tools Features Meta data summit for Investment Business Information, Data Dictionary Transactional recon process for identifying matches, mismatches and discrepant data Business Intelligence - BI environment metadata foundation tool that creates semantic layers such as universes & models XML-based query engine for Data Integration environment. It ensures ETL coding standards and locate coding errors Metadata based analysis tool within any BI environment for determining duplicate reports , Dead variables, sub set related reports

Reference Architecture for Investment Data Management (Guiding Principles & Best Practices for Building the Investment Data Management - IDM Infrastructure)
Hexaware has created a Reference Architecture that includes all best practices and design principles that we have learned from our client engagements. The architecture was built to address the transactional & analytical requirements of our clients. It describes best practices for the deployment of ETL tools, operational data stores, data warehouses and data distribution services. This architecture serves as a guide for our design efforts.

Tool Enabled Data Quality Assurance (Minimizing the Work Effort Required for Effective Data Quality Assurance - DQA)
Data reconciliations across systems play a vital role in Data Quality Assurance. Hexaware has developed its own reconciliation tool called Verzoenen. This tool permits data from multiple sources to be compared & reports differences identified. It stores the results of compares so that data quality improvements can be measured over time. The tool makes it easy to identify data pairs that are to be compared & to define parameters for field-level matching. For clients who chose to use a different recon tool, Hexaware can provide the best practices that we learned while creating Verzoenen to accelerate the development and deployment of the clients tool of choice.

Tool Enabled Metadata Management (Minimizing the Work Effort Required for Effective Meta Data Management - MDM)
Hexaware recognizes that building MDM capabilities requires a great deal of time & money. To reduce the costs of MDM we have developed MDM tool called Belva. Belva features a data dictionary that is preloaded with definitions of common investment industry business elements. It permits mapping of data elements across multiple systems & can serve as a repository for data transformation rules. Belva gives users the ability to see how data flows from source to target and how it is transformed along the way. For clients who chose to use a different MDM tool, Hexaware can provide the best practices that we learned while creating Belva to accelerate the development and deployment of the clients tool of choice.

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Data Management
Success Stories
Clients Data Providers Bloomberg (Asia, Europe, Latin America, N. America) Calypso / Bear Sterns & other 3rd parties IDC Domestic Prices MarkIT / Lehman /Reuters IDL , Fitch / Moody/ S&P AXA ,Thomson Reuters, Fidelity Bloomberg, WM / Vestek, SSB / Mellon, BBH / BEM / NT LEHMAN / Moodys KMV Analytics BlackRock Analytics, Benchmark Analytics, Price, Ratings, Credit enhancements, Issuers, etc. CAMRA, Strategy, Debt & Derivatives Thomson Reuters, MBS Pricing Bloomberg, Moody, Fitch, S&P Ratings Muller Factor, Real Estate (RREEF) Data Price from various sources such as Fact Set, Bloomberg, NT, etc. Scrubbing of data points from 424B5 Reports filed on SEC, viz. Home Equity deals, Alt A deals, CMBS deals, CDO Solution & Services

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A Leading Investment Management Firm, US

Static / Reference Data Management / Data warehousing Best Pricing Golden Copy Creation

A Large Advisory & Investment Management Firm, US A Leading Money Manager of an Insurance Company, US Biggest Buyer of Home Mortgages in US

Investment Data Warehouse

Centralized Data Warehouse for Risk Management; Derived Data Management Best Pricing Solution for MBS & TBA Securities Reference data solution for Account Opening process Centralized Data Warehouse for Americas & Asia Pacific Region Maintenance of reference Cash Flow database Service that provides Bonds Performance data, Trade Settlement Calculation Engine

A Leading Investment Bank in Europe

A Leading Global Financial Data Provider

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