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Job No. Materials Tool name Rough Tool Finish Tool Groove Tool Thread Tool

1 Tool No. T1 T2 T3( T7 : sw) T4( T9 :

Project Name Taper thread shaft Al 52 x 102 Velocity Feed speed Remarks 180 0.18 200 0.08 500 0.05 T 3.0 400


O0001; (Chamfering) G28 U0 W0; G50 S1500 T0100; ( sw : G50X200. Z387. S1500) G96 S150 M03; G00 X55. Z0.T0101 M08; G01 X-1.6 F0.2; G00 X43.; G01 X49.Z-3.; Z-40.; X55.; G00 X150. Z150. T0100 M09; M05; M02; O0002; (Round Fix / Taper, R, Thread, Groove Parts) G28 U0 W0; G50 S2000 T0100; G96 S200 M03; G00 X55. Z4. T0101 M08; G94 X-1.6 Z3. F0.2; Z2.; Z1.; Z0.2; G00 Z4.; G71 P1 Q2 U0.4 W0.2 D1. F0.15; N1 G00 X20. ; G01 Z0.; X30.Z-10.; Z-33.5 .; X33.; X36.Z-37.5; Z-55.; X38.; Z-61.; G02 X42. Z-63. R2.; G01 X45.; G03 X49. Z-65. R2.; N2 X51.; G28 U0 W0 T0100 M09; M05; G50 S2000 T0200; G96 S200 M03; G00 X55. Z0. T0202 M08; G70 P1 Q2 F0.1; G00X34.Z-18.; G01X30.; G02 Z-27.R30.; G00 X34.; G28 U0.W0. T0200 M09; M05; G50 S1500 T0300; G97 S500 M03; G00 X42. Z-55. T0303 M08; G01 X32. F0.1; G04 P200; G00 X42. ; Z-53.; G01 X32.; G04 P200; G00 X42.; G28 U0. W0. T0300 M09; M05; G50 S1500 T0400; G97 S500 M03; G00 X38. Z-33. T0404 M08; G76 X34.22 Z-52. K0.89

D0.35 F1.5 A60; G28 U0. W0. T0400 M09; M30;

Step of operation Sentrol system [TSL-6 ]

S/W on- Emergency Reset- X,Z shaft move to middle position from coordinate over 100mm. Sel. ZRN(F3)-Operation panel 8+X , 6+Z , Select - Handle(F8)-X,Z(F8)-CCW direction to Mid position. Tool Setting1.

2. 3. 4. 5.

Select Basic tool- (Exp. T02), Turret index(F5) or Sel.- MDI (F7)-T0200 Enter Cycle start Spindle Rev. - Sel. MDI- G97 S800 M03-Enter-Cy.Start. X(Sel.-Handle(F8) Rotation CCW. Z, +X (facing) -Up move. Rel. W0(Sel. Handle(F8)-Rel. Offset(F4)-W0(F6). X, -Z diameter cutting about 10mmm,

6. Rel. U0(F5) ,as same method.- Measuring of Dia. 7. Handle move to Relative coordinate U0 W0- Input Absolute value.(Sel.-MDI(F7) -G50 X50.Z0. (exp) -Enter-Cycle start. Input Second ZRN (Example; G28 U0 W0 ; G30 U0 W0; G50 X150. Z150. S1500 T0200; G96 S150 M03; G00 G42 X52. Z2. T0202 M08; G01 Z-30. F0.2; ) Handle move to Relative U0 W0 position (Sel.-MDI(F7)-G0X150.Z150.-Enter-Cy. Start.- Memo Machine Coordinate value.(Exp. X169.240, Z-114.300) Input parameter No. to 1241 (Sel.-MDI-Display- Sel.(F7)-Number(F1)-1241-Enter, Select X Shaft - -169240- Enter, Sel. Z, Z -114300- Enter.) Tool offset : Input offset value X0 Z0 to Basic tool exp, T02, R : 0.8, T(tool direction) : Another Tools : Finish tool T04, : Sel.-MDI(F7)-T0400-Enter-Cy. StartTouch Face- Input offset value (Display- Offset(F5)-Select No.-Rel.(F2)-W(operation plate)Enter(or General- input to X offset value) , Touch Diameter - Same as above method, U enter. Start of works :Manual ABS on, Set Program; Select- ZRN(F3)-Select- Edit(F4)-Hand(F8)-Book(F5)-Select Auto(F5)- Cycle Start.



Item Face cutter Basic hole Hole Profile

Tool No. T1 T2 T3 T4

Tool 80mm Center drill 5 Drill 8 Endmill 10

Length offset H1 H2 H3 H4

Radius offset D1 D2 D3 D4:(Basic tool)

Programming :
G40G49G80; G91G28X0Y0Z0; G54G0G90X0.Y0.; Z200.; G91G30Z0.M19; T1M6; (Face cutter 80) G90G43 Z150.H01.; S500M3; X150.Y35.; Z10.M8; G1Z1.F100; X-50.; G0Z150.M5; G49Z200.M9; G91G30Z0.M19; T2M6; (Center drill 5) G90G43H02Z150.H2; S600M03; G00X35.Y35.; Z10.; G81 G90G99R3. Z-5.F60; G0Z150. M05; G49G80Z200.M9.; G91G30 Z0. M19; T3M6; (Drill 8) G90 G43Z150.H3; S500M03; G0X35.Y35.; Z10. M08; G83G99Q3.R3. Z-22.F50; G80G49Z200.M9; G30G91Z0.M19; T4M6; (Endmill , external 10 / basic tool) G90G43Z150.H04.; S500 M03; G54G0X-10.Y-10.; G1 Z-4. F100; G41 X3.D4; Y67.; X67.; Y3.; X10.; G2 X3. Y10. R7.; G1 Y25.; G2 X6. Y28. R3.; G3 X6. Y42. R7.; G2 X3. Y45. R3.; G1 Y60.; G2 X25. Y67. R100.; G1 X59.; X67. Y59.; Y11.; X59. Y3.; X42.; Y6.; G3 X28. Y6. R7.; G1 Y3.; X-10.; G2X-3.Y10.R7.; G40 G0 Z150.;

(Endmill, internal)
G0X35.Y35.; Z60.; Z10.; G01 Z-3.F100; G91X-12. G41 D04 ; Y7.; G03Y 14.R7.; G01 X5.; Y-5.; G03 X14. R7.; G01 Y5.; X5.; G03 Y14. R7.; G01 X-5.; Y9.; G03 X-14. R7.; G01 Y-9.; X-5.; G90Z150.M09; G40 G49 G80; M05; M02;

Steps of operation Sentrol system [TNV40A]

Ready to Preparation of Run : Air Open Oil Check- Main S/W on- Power on- Operation panel- Move- oper. Panel- key- Mag. Ready-Tool swing up- Mag. Step- Exchange CW P/G Edit : Select- Edit- Finger mark- List- Select Select decide New draw up F1 Key- P/G No. : Input (Pressing Operate panel P/G Protect On) Reference Point Return : Select- Handle 0.1 Feed - X_ Y_ Z_ Feed 0.01, Feed Select- ZRN Graphic- Select Select- Finger mark- Book mark- DesignSet up- Design- Scaling- Quick check- Design set up No. 1 Design- Enlarged set up- Quick check ZRN 8/4/1 Spindle Rev. Stop, Feed, Exchange : Tool swing : Select MDI- S1000 M03 - Auto start Tool change : Manual operate Panel check mode- change - Manually pressing front Button removed Again check mode Off. Coordinate : Select- Handle operate 0.1 Feed to near by- 0.01 change Touch X Select PositionRel. Offset- X0 Cancel. same method Y, Z. Check to move X-10. Y-10. Z150. accord in the P/G. Tool Radius Compensation : In case of 12 endmill , Rad 6, Rel. X,Y, -6, in the Edit p/g 9(Z is same) Display- Offset- cursor set to D001 6. input. Checking before runs : P/G Check Edit mode : G92 G90 X-10. Y-10.Z150. ; G41 D001. (Operation panel Dry run on, override s/w least feed , Check to distance of Tool between w/p) Start to Cut : Auto operation(Panel) Single Block- Start to Auto (Check distance 20 mm gap Block G00 Z20.) Another case of ATC : Exp. No. 5 -12 Tool--- Display- Diagnosis- Finger mark- Data table# 002 check 005- 0052- 1(Group data), - Select- Mdi- G91G30Z0M19T01M06 Cycle start. Another case of Length offset : Change from 12 Endmill to 8 Drill (8 Drill set to No. 6 Magazine, #2=6 Group data =No.16, Input G91G30Z0M19, T16M06 Cycle start . Handle(0.1)- Close to W/P- 0.01- Touch on Surface , Display- Offset- Rel.- Set to Cursor H002Pos. Input 0.01Feed- ZRN. (Others : Make Sub Programming by from Sentrol system, must change format first, Method : Disp - Sel - #2page - Type format 0 = 0M(Fanuc) , M98 P3 0088 (0088 Sub P/G 3times call ) , 1= 11M system. M98 P0088 L2 (Sub P/G 0088 twice call )Select Feed, Spindle revolution for Tapping , uses Ball endmill, F= f x Z x N (f=mm/tooth, Z= tooth No., N= RPM) Drill, Reaming : F(mm/min.)= N x f(mm/rev.), Tap, threading: F= N x Pitch. 3 Dimension cutting uses Ball endmill with machining center. Alarm treatment / Cause and steps :Decimal alarm / nothing point or unnecessary insert (exp. M02. , S2000. F150. etc.) in the program, alter the data and reset. Not adapt D, H, value , etc. PS alarm / Not adapt the end position or condition, different command words etc. The others, lack of oil, electric problem, adjusting refer to the codes of Alarm check list by manual book. < CNC Summary Eom. SIVAT 1. 2011. >