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Deepti Agrawal,

Senior Java Programmer and Technical Lead

Phone: +1-551-404-0114 Email:

Over 8 years of experience as Java programer in various server side and client side Java technologies. Worked on full development lifecycle of the projects including design, coding, build and deployment using Maven2.0. Experienced working for technology startups as well as consulting giants in US, Hong Kong, Finland, India and Canada. Experienced in leading multi-million dollar projects. Experienced in client communication. Performed various technical roles including developer, senior developer, technical lead and project lead. Expert in working on various server side frameworks and tools using JPA, Hibernate and Webservices using SOAP and HTTP. Expert in working on application development frameworks like Spring and in using various modules like Spring AOP, Spring IOC, Spring DAO, Spring MVC and Spring ORM. Experienced in working on business layer using EJB3.0. Experienced in working on various application servers like Weblogic, Websphere and Tomcat. Experienced in designing using UML and RationalRose. Experienced in converting Business Requirement Documents (BRDs) to Functional Specs (FS) and Tech Specs (TS). Experienced in building User Interface using JSP, JSTL, JQuery and AJAX. Experiences in integrating UI with Google Maps API. Excellent oral, written, communication and interpersonal skills. Trained a team of technical architects and application developers at HSBC Bank, Canada on a Java Spring based custom-framework.

Educational Background:
Bachelor of Engineering. (Computer Science): In 2000-2004 from Rajiv Gandhi Technical University, Bhopal, India with a GPA of 3.6.

Technical Skills:
Programming Languages J2EE Technology Frameworks and Tools Web Technologies Databases Application/Web Servers IDEs Version Control Java 1.3, 1.4 and Java 5 Servlets2.4, 2.5, JSP2.1, JDBC2.0, JMS1.1, Web Services, JPA1.2, JSP, JSTL, EJB3.0 Struts1.x, Spring3.x, Hibernate3, JSF, JSON, JUnit, Log4J, TestNG. JQuery, JavaScript, AJAX Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, SQL Server, DB2 Apache Tomcat 5.0, 6.0, Websphere 5, Websphere 6, Weblogic 10 Eclipse 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6, WSAD SVN, CVS, VSS.

Deepti Agrawal

Work Experience Summary

May 2011 March 2013 Client : American Express/ Location NY, US

Senior Developer and Java Technical Lead

Risk Underwriting Portal for Merchant Financing

Risk Portal has been developed to enable the Underwriters effectively analyse the risks related to lending commercial loans. It is an end to end underwriting platform which retrieves and processes data from multiple internal and external sources, based on which underwriters are able to verify details furnished by the borrower and also assess his suitability for the offered product. Environment: Spring 3.x,Java 5, JPA1.2, Hibernate 3, JSON, JSP, JQuery, Eclipse Helios, SVN, Tomcat 6.x, Oracle 10g, SQL Server, XML, HTML Responsibilities: Developed from scratch, coded the HTML, JSP and JQuery based UI. Used Eclipse Helios extensively for development. Developed Spring MVC based services. Tested, performed the build and deployed the application into Production Tomcat server. Used Spring extensively throughout the application in injecting dependencies in to all layers of application and integrated spring with Hibernate using Spring ORM module. Used XML extensively for confirguration. Configured JPA Annotations and created business logic using Hibernate. Re-Designed the MS-SQL Server based Database tables for the improved performance of application. Configured and finetuned the Tomcat server for the QA and UAT test environments. Analysed and improved the performance loopholes in the application using JProfiler and Java Melody. Evaluated and recommended Google Maps APIs for the UI of the product. Defined coding guidelines for the development team and provided technical guidance to the team. Used Apache Log4j for logging. Responsible for creating branches and maintaining the project code using SVN. Production support for multi-tier software architecture based project.

June 2009 May 2011

Senior Developer Project VELI for VARMA, leading Finland based Pension Insurance Provider.
The client for VELI is the largest Private sector Pension services provider in Finland VARMA. The VELI product will be used for pension handling and customer service and guidance. The goal of pension handling is Automated processes, good quality in customer services, raliable functionality and cost efficiency while maintaing VARMAs reliable image. Served as the member of the 10 member Scrum team. The product VELI interacts with about 80 external interfaces, connected by the IBM Websphere Enterprise Service Bus.

Client : VARMA , Finland/ Location Helsinki and India

Deepti Agrawal

Environment: Java6, EJB3, JPA1.2, Maven 2.0, Eclipse Helios, TestNG, SVN

Participated in the daily Scrum meeting with the development teams across Helsinki and Czech Republic. Used Eclipse IDE for the development. Worked on important business cases to develop EJB3 based service layer. Created Java based clients for the external Webservices. Used JPA and Hibernate for persistence layer. Worked on the Websphere ESB to interface with external services. Assisted in evaluating and finalising the Java Unit Testing and datamocking frameworks. Used XML extensively for configuration. Apache Log4j for logging purposes. SOAP UI 2.5 was used to test the Web Service application. Used TestNG and JMockIt to unit test various pieces of functionalities independently. Branching and merging of source code using SVN. Travelled to Helsinki to coordinate with the Finnish and the Czeck Java Development team.

August 2005 May 2009

Client : HSBC /Location- Hong Kong and India

Lead/Onsite Coordinator/Developer

Various projects for a leading US based Bank and Financial Services Institution aimed at providing a comperehensive Front End solution for the HSBC Customer Care Representatives. Environment: Struts, JSP, JSF, Java Script,Servlets,IBM WebSphere Application Server, PMD, Checkstyle. Responsibilities: Designed and led the development for the Java module for a multimillion dollar project. Created the design documents, technical specifications and the use case documents using Rational Rose. Used Websphere Application Developer (WSAD) extensively for development. Coded the most important parts of the UI and the services using JSP and JSF ,and Core Java. Implemented JAVA/J2EE design patterns such as Factory, DAO, Session Faade, Singleton, Value object. Created the Java coding checklists and code review guidelines for the team to ensure good quality deliverables. Coordinated the overall Java development, and SIT and UAT testing of the product from the UI side. Estimated the development effort and analysed the feasibility of the business cases. Assisted the manager in resource planning. Participated in client code walk throughs and design walkthroughs Branching and merging of code using MKS.

May 2004 August 2005


Client : American Express/Location - India

Deepti Agrawal

Ariba Buyer E-Procurement System for a leading US based US based Credit Cards Company. The purpose of this project is to implement a paperless, real time eprocurement system, to take care of the day-to-day procurement activities, within all the entities within the bank and to implement the Ariba eProcurement System to appropriately interface with the existing ERP system and subsequently with the down stream accounting system. Environment: Java, Ariba-buyer, IBM-WSAD 5.0, DB2, MS-VSS Responsibilities: Served as a developer. Developed of the business cases. Coded and setup the product for multiple country implementation in the development environment. Completed the product setup, including Tibco configuration, on the development environment along wth the Team Lead, which helped the team immensely by streamlining the Unit Testing process. Used MS-VSS for version control of the code and documents.