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Brand Leadership

Brand Leadership
Our Brand Leadership Development Program will challenge you to develop your skills, build on your experiences and acquire technical and leadership capabilities as you learn about what it takes to become a general management executive in the consumer packaged goods industry. Youll have the opportunity to gain valuable on-the-job experiences, create a personal development plan geared toward your career goals and undergo advanced training in ConAgra Foods Brand General Management Academy. Youll have opportunities to broaden your perspectives through mentoring relationships and networking events with senior leaders. Your job rotations could include challenging assignments in Shopper Marketing, Innovation, Consumer Insights, Brand Channels, Category Plan Commercialization and Brand Management. In addition to each rotation, you will be assigned to a brand where youll shadow subject-matter experts and complete brand-related projects. Youll apply critical thinking, strategic insight and leadership skills, while consistently networking and receiving feedback from brand senior leadership. As you build your brand general management capability, you will learn to anticipate the needs of the business, the customer and the consumer, develop growth strategies and manage the P&L to deliver results. And youll gain business acumen you can apply to create opportunities to become a leader of our brands, driving innovation and sustainable growth in these and other areas.

Shopper Marketing
Build shopper marketing programs with customers to drive volume and profit for events and major brand initiatives Collaborate with Field Sales, Shopper Insights, Category Leadership and In-Store Marketing to drive event execution Drive incremental net sales and profit across key consumer consumption periods

Brand Channels
Assist in developing strategic plans across multiple retail channels and gain alignment with Brand teams, Sales and Consumer Foods leadership Collaborate with Brand teams, Category Leadership and Shopper Insights in developing compelling selling stories Utilize diagnostic tools to analyze sales performance versus annual operating plan metrics and recommend corrective action

Develop new platform strategies and new products Conduct strategic assessments and develop business strategies for emerging areas Identify creative solutions to consumer needs (concept ideas, opportunity areas)

Category Plan Commercialization

Incorporate strategies into customer merchandising and pricing strategies to enable sustainable growth Develop customer-specific strategies to drive category and business success Assist Sales, Brand and Marketing teams in delivering business objectives for our brands and for ConAgra Foods

Consumer Insights
Understand and identify what insights are, and understand the types of tools and approaches available for gathering and interpreting consumer insights Gather and synthesize information to generate insights across data sources to identify or solve consumer, category, and brand risks and opportunities Understand key areas of consumer learning that influence brand decisions and direction (new products, packaging, communication, analytics and modeling)

Brand Leadership Development Program Requirements

Solid academic performance, including an earned MBA Internships within consumer packaged goods organizations are highly desirable (desired but not required) Demonstrated leadership abilities Strong communication and interpersonal skills Excellent quantitative knowledge and technical skills Evidence of adaptability A point of view and the ability to think holistically and strategically An intense desire to drive business results

Brand Management Internships

Our 11-week Brand Management internship program will allow you to develop your analytical and strategic thinking skills while working on challenging projects. It will provide you with exposure to senior management and opportunities to learn more about our businesses through networking events at our headquarters locations. You will review your achievements and make a final recommendation by presenting an executive summary to your Brand team and senior leadership. Brand Management internships will be offered at our headquarters locations: Omaha, Neb., and Naperville, Ill. Individuals who successfully complete an internship will be considered for a full-time position in our Brand Leadership Development Program.

Through your internship you will:

Develop knowledge and expertise in the consumer packaged food business Build brand management experience working with cross-functional groups on strategic plans and tactical execution Hone your analytical and creative skills to find ways of delighting our consumers

Typical internship projects include:

Working on highly recognized consumer brands such as Marie Callenders, Healthy Choice, Hunts, Orville Redenbachers and others Analyzing competitor actions and strategies and recommending brand responses Evaluating new product opportunities and platforms based on consumer insights Re-staging and positioning product platforms Establishing the strategy and executing an FSI/banner ad working with an advertising agency


The ConAgra Foods Financial Development Program is a comprehensive three-year rotational program designed to get you the exposure, experience and foundation youll need for a rewarding long-term career in Finance /Accounting. Youll complete three 12-month rotations in three of the following five areas (order will vary):

Corporate Functions
Business Services Center (BSC) Internal Audit Tax

Supply Chain Finance

Procurement (purchasing) Operations (includes manufacturing plants) Logistics (transportation and warehousing)

Financial Planning and Analysis Marketing Finance Sales Finance

In addition to hands-on development, youll also have a wide-ranging curriculum that emphasizes core competencies and leadership development while linking to our ingredients for success and financial imperatives. Youll also participate in quarterly meetings with various Finance groups, quarterly earnings calls (hosted by a senior Finance leader), a customer visit and numerous other opportunities for development.

Skills you will develop:

Customer focus Learning on the fly Priority setting Problem solving Drive for results Self-development Technical learning Time management Total work systems

Financial Development Program Requirements

Problem-solving and analytical skills Demonstrated leadership abilities Strong communication skills Team-building and collaboration skills A talent for looking at fine details as well as the big picture Bachelors degree in Finance, Accounting or related field Minimum GPA of 3.0 Willingness and ability to travel and relocate

The Financial Development Program has allowed me to experience three extremely different financial roles in three years. This has given me a broad view of our One Finance team, from building up a vast and diverse network to learning different systems and techniques. In addition, this has helped me break down silos because there is almost always a FDP member whom I know personally in every Finance department. I am confident that my experiences in the program will allow me to adapt better and provide more input in my future roles within ConAgra Foods.
Kevin W., Financial Analyst

Finance Internships
Put your education and skills to work on a great team, contributing to the achievement of the organizations goals and objectives and developing competencies in a number of financial areas. Take responsibility, drive results, show creativity and display initiative and be rewarded for your achievements. Finance internships are at the ConAgra Foods Omaha, Neb., headquarters location. Individuals who successfully complete a summer internship will be considered for full-time career opportunities within ConAgra Foods. Potential full-time opportunities could be available at all three of our headquarters locaitons Naperville, Ill., Kennewick, Wash. or Omaha.

Finance internships will focus on one of the following areas:

Consumer (branded) Business Commercial (ingredients and branded) Business Financial Planning & Analysis Tax Treasury and Risk Management Business Services Center

Each intern will be assigned a specific project in his/her respective area. These assignments may include competitive analyses, due diligence activities or new product evaluations. Upon completion of the internship period, each intern will present his/her recommendations and project results to members of the ConAgra Foods Finance leadership team.

ConAgra Foods Financial Development Program

The ConAgra Foods Financial Development Program is a comprehensive three-year rotational program designed to provide you the exposure, experience and foundation youll need for a rewarding long-term career in Finance/Accounting.

Potential Rotations
Financial Reporting/Accounting
Assist in preparing internal and external financial statements in accordance with GAAP. Participate in period-end close activities to ensure timely completion of assigned tasks. Create and maintain/update monthly accounting schedules to assist in monthly account reconciliation process.

Procurement (purchasing)
Work with cross-functional Procurement team on assessing various raw materials (ingredients, packaging, etc.) prices. Assist in completing analyses related to commodity pricing fluctuations.

Operations (manufacturing plants)

Analyze and summarize variances between actual results, current estimates, plan and prior year. Assist in completing operational scorecard to assess actual performance against targets.

Internal Audit
Assist in the execution of moderately complex financial and operational audits. Participate in developing a work plan to analyze key business risks, understand their significance and likelihood of occurrence and assess whether controls are in place to effectively manage these risks. Offer value-added recommendations to management to improve the business processes affecting the achievement of operating, financial and compliance objectives.

Logistics (transportation and warehousing)

Work with cross-functional logistics team in evaluating expenses. Assist in monthly variance reporting between actual results, current estimates, plan and prior year.

Financial Planning & Analysis

Perform post-promotional analysis by analyzing the Return on Marketing Investment associated with promotions. Assist with process improvement projects, related to forecasting. Analyze and summarize monthly variances between actual results, current estimate, plan and prior year. Assist with reporting initiatives, such as: development of customer level profitability statements, daily sales reporting and customer scorecarding. Work with cross-functional teams comprising Marketing, Research, Quality & Innovation, Engineering, Packaging and Sales. Take responsibility for month-end reporting and assist with monthly business reviews.

Prepare federal and state income, franchise and non-income tax returns, quarterly tax estimates and FAS109 analysis. Conduct thorough and accurate tax research to develop and support various tax positions. Assist with all tax issues, including audits, computer systems, incentive programs, tax planning projects, internal controls and procedures as required under Sarbanes-Oxley 404.

Treasury/Risk Management
Manage the posting process for all daily cash management flows and bank transmission interfaces. Assist with the implementation of cash management improvement projects. Assist with primary cash desk activities during the wire and ACH release process.

FDP Learning Track

In addition to the rotational assignments, each Financial Development Program participant will complete a three-year learning plan designed to build business acumen, accounting/finance technical skills and leadership/management skills. Upon successful completion of the Financial Development Program, you will be provided additional opportunities for career advancement within ConAgra Foods.

Rotational Experience
Internship Theme Grit Work Experience 1 Year 1 Simplicity & Accountability Work Experience 2 Year 2 Collaboration Work Experience 3 Year 3 Leadership Work Experience 4

Individual Experience Common Experience

Quarterly Business Pillar and Finance Function Introductions Project Community Service

Skills and Self Awareness

Introduction to CAG Mission, Principles and Must Dos Individual Project

Introduction to Finance Imperatives Independence Skills:

Be Proactive Begin with End in Mind Put First Things First

Strength Finders Diversity & Inclusion Interdependence Skills:

Think Win/Win Seek First to Understand Synergize

Professional Facilitation Skills Learning Event Leadership Community Service Project Planning Career Guidance


Outliers: The Story of Success

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Strengths Finder

Self Directed

Research, Quality & Innovation

Research, Quality & Innovation

Innovating tomorrows products today is critical to delivering sustainable, profitable growth. To make this vision a reality, weve structured the Product Development and Quality Assurance (QA) organization at ConAgra Foods to: Innovate faster to develop a competitive advantage Accelerate the top-line growth of our core brands Become a leader in packaging Strengthen the nutritional value of our products Enhance product engineering and processing Implement safe, consistent quality systems Target key strategic platforms for innovation and growth

RQ&I positions available in:

Product Development Packaging Processing Sensory Culinary Quality Assurance

The Research, Quality & Innovation Development Program is a product development program consisting of three 12-month rotations designed to grow your knowledge and technical skills to help you develop into a future technical leader. We will define roles and responsibilities, conduct advanced, in-depth training sessions and challenge you through on the job experiences. You will broaden your technical insights and develop your career path through mentor relationships.

Rotations include:
Core Innovation Innovation Renovation

The RQI Development Program is a one-of-a-kind opportunity. The program has given us the chance to develop a strong cross-functional network and to build relationships with the other new hires. During the three years, the RQIDP builds on our strengths and addresses our weaknesses so that we quickly become self-sufficient employees. ConAgra Foods is making a serious commitment to sharing the knowledge and tools well need to build our careers.
2011 RQIDP team members Brittany K., Lindsay N., Kirsten F. and Josh G.

Research, Quality & Innovation Internships

As an RQ&I intern, you begin a career that will give you the breadth of experience to be an effective R&D professional. From the onset, you will be charged with building your brands equity, share and profitability. Each intern is responsible for a designated project and will present a project plan and associated results to the senior leadership team at the end of the internship. Individuals who successfully complete a summer internship will be considered for full-time opportunities within ConAgra Foods.

Typical intern assignments may include:

Supporting development and testing of new and improved products, packages and processes Conducting competitive product assessments to identify opportunities to improve/differentiate products Evaluating consumer data to improve existing products Conducting analytical testing, followed by formatting, analyzing and summarizing the data

Internship opportunities may be available in:

Product Development Packaging Processing Sensory Culinary Quality Microbiology Toxicology

Internship opportunities are available in the following locations:

Omaha, Neb. Richland, Wash. Cranbury, N.J.


Through the 12-month Sales Certification Program, our Retail Representatives will build your professional sales capabilities by meeting with customers, learning to understand their needs and helping them develop effective solutions to maximize their category sales and profits. A key component of the program is successfully and consistently demonstrating the required knowledge and skills. Managers, directors and senior leaders will assess your capabilities and provide valuable feedback by working with you on the job. You will consult with customers to provide solutions in four key areas:

Effectively advertising, promoting and displaying ConAgra Foods products

The programs 14 learning modules include:

Detailed overviews of each module outlining the required learning content Proficiency reviews to assess understanding and retention of the content Requirements to assess capability of applying the learning on the job

Having the right mix of brands and products on shelf

Determining the correct base price and promoted price

Providing shelving solutions based on consumer and shopper insights

Entry Level Sales Program Requirements

Problem-solving and analytical skills Demonstrated leadership abilities Strong communication skills Team-building and collaboration skills Bachelors degree Minimum GPA of 3.0 Willingness and ability to travel and relocate nationwide

Sales Internships
As a Sales intern at ConAgra Foods, you will gain the experience necessary to jump start your Sales career and be an effective Sales professional. In this program, you will be charged with developing analytical capabilities and building sales strategies.

Internship projects have included:

Conducting post-promotion analysis: Using an analytical tool to evaluate market performance, trade spending and the return on investment (ROI). Making specific, targeted recommendations to optimize the companys trade budget accordingly. Placing incremental Slim Jim racks in the Chicago area market. This included the creation of a Slim Jim selling document and analysis of the Chicago market to determine the return on investment as well as making sales calls to the Chicago customer base. Candidates interested in Sales Internships at ConAgra Foods must be willing to relocate nationwide. Producing a ConAgra Foods multi-brand floor shipper for the retail grocery stores to increase ConAgra Foods floor merchandising. This required collaboration with Production, Brand Management and Design to produce and implement.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain
Fuel. Its what makes great engines run. It provides the energy to move things forward, to increase speed, to get you where you want to go. At ConAgra Foods, our Supply Chain is the fuel that makes the company move ahead, helping us grow and become a leader in our industry.

Supply Chain functions include:

Customer Service
Supports the Consumer division of the company, working to ensure seamless coverage of the needs of our retail and foodservice customers (i.e., Walmart, Kroger) in the United States and internationally. Builds on and leverages relationships across the supply chain, identifying opportunities for customer service process improvements in the areas of order fulfillment, customer finance, operational support, customer supply chain and data management. Customer service activities include the analysis, development and implementation of customer service solutions with internal and external partners to provide a competitive advantage.

Formulates, recommends and guides category sourcing and risk management strategies to include initiating and managing cost reduction efforts, aligning operating group and buying group activities, ensuring that all material/services purchases are leveraged. Responsible for the design and development of common procurement processes across the enterprise, including materials or services management. Categories included: Commodities, Indirect, Ingredients, Packaging, Global Sourcing, Materials & Operations Planning and Demand Driven Supply Chain.

Continuous Improvement
Leads rapid change management and implements ConAgra Performance Systems (CPS) capabilities in a plant to drive rapid, sustainable results and step-change performance. CPS team drives breakthrough results on targeted production systems in operations.

Supports logistics planning and execution activities across the enterprise, including demand planning, supply network planning, inventory management, transportation procurement, transportation planning/execution, plant distribution operations and mixing center operations. Accountable for productivity improvement, supply chain losses, cash conversion cycle and service, including case fill rate and on-time delivery.

Environment, Health & Safety

Provides organizational leadership and guidance to ensure compliance with all corporate, federal, state and local requirements related to environment, safety and sustainability. Develops, plans and implements risk management and loss prevention in the areas of environmental, industrial, health and safety programs. Collaborates throughout the organization to integrate sustainability into corporate culture, corporate reputation and brand identity.

Manufacturing Development Program

The Manufacturing Development Program (MDP) is an accelerated rotational program designed for college graduates who are in the top tier of their class and have proven the ability to excel in todays fast-paced manufacturing environment. The program provides exposure to the various facets of supply chain within a diverse manufacturing organization. It builds on your current skills and provides exposure to experienced ConAgra Foods professionals through various manufacturing and division locations. During the 18-24 month program, youll work as part of a team to identify, manage and execute the plants process improvement opportunities. Youll also be assigned a mentor from the Supply Chain senior leadership team for career development, networking and growth discussions.

You may also:

Coach plant employees in the implementation of the improvement methodology Support continuous improvement goals in safety, quality, cost and customer service Manage production staff to attain production and quality goals Ensure production resources, such as materials, equipment and human resources, are available as needed to maintain production schedules Develop implementation plans and standards and/or lead the planning and implementation for one or more critical improvement processes impacting systems or manufacturing equipment

Manufacturing Development Program Requirements

Bachelors degree in Engineering, Operations Management, Food/Meat Sciences, Business Management or related discipline Mechanical aptitude Desire to grow with the supply chain function while upholding the values of ConAgra Foods Willingness to relocate Demonstrated leadership abilities Strong time management and follow-through skills Ability to react to day-to-day situations without losing focus Strong innovative and analytical problem-solving aptitude Ability to influence and support change management initiatives

Supply Chain Internships

As a Supply Chain intern, youll spend your summer in one of five different areas. Not only will you gain hands-on experience, youll also have the opportunity to work on a project that will address a real business need, allowing you to make an impact in a very short time. Individuals who successfully complete a summer internship will be considered for full-time opportunities within ConAgra Foods.

Past internship projects have focused on: Procurement

Commodities Packaging Materials and Operations Planning Indirect Procurement

Environment, Health & Safety

Confined Space Analysis Industrial Hygiene Sampling Lock Out/Tag Out (LOTO) Compliance Assistance Transportation Procurement Operations Ergonomic Evaluations Sustainable Development Solid waste reduction and recycling Greenhouse gas inventory Sustainability reporting

Supply Planning Supply Chain Optimization Warehousing

Customer Service
External Retail and Foodservice Customer Support Operational and Systems Support, Root-cause and Gap Analysis Master Data Improvement

Continuous Improvement
Focused Improvement Product Development Planned Maintenance Continuous Skills Development Projects Lean Supply Chain

Commercial Foods

Commercial Foods
ConAgra Foods Commercial Foods business is known for a variety of innovative, specialty foods and ingredients, as well as basic ingredients sold to retail, foodservice and food manufacturing customers worldwide.

Spicetec Flavors & Seasonings

Spicetec Flavors & Seasonings is uniquely positioned in the food ingredient industry as a one-stop solution for the foodservice and food manufacturing industrys flavor needs. As a leading supplier of seasoning blends, culinary bases, spices and flavor systems, we bring the flavor to the food people love from chicken breasts and marinades to potato chips and dip, we do it all.

Lamb Weston
For more than 50 years, Lamb Weston has built a reputation for strong customer focus, superior processing performance and innovative technical advancements, including the industrys most efficient distribution system. We are one of the worlds leading producers of frozen potatoes, appetizers and vegetables, serving both the foodservice and retail industries with products sold in more than 100 countries on all seven continents. We are seeking graduates to join our dynamic management training program in a Team Leader Production role or as an Associate Engineer.

ConAgra Mills
Since we sold our first bag of flour in 1867, ConAgra Mills has steadily grown into the leading source for quality grain ingredients, offering the most comprehensive selection of premium multi-use flours, whole grains and organic products in the industry. To meet growing consumer demand for more healthful ingredients, weve introduced such innovative breakthroughs as our patented Ultragrain white whole wheat flour, Sustagrain high-fiber barley and Ancient Grains flours. Exciting opportunities are offered in positions such as: associate head miller, team lead elevator/pack/production and quality manager trainee.

Commercial F oods Internships

ConAgra Mills
As one of the few milling internship opportunities in the country, your experience will be both unique and rewarding. In order to fully understand the business complexity, interns will be given exposure to critical knowledge areas in the milling industry.

Areas of learning may include:

Elevator Cleaning House(s) Mill(s) Flour Blending Quality Packaging Warehouse and Loading Laboratory-Grain Grading

Past internship locations:

Omaha, Neb. Decatur, Ala. Martins Creek, Pa. Commerce City, Colo. Colton, Calif. Macon, Ga. Saginaw, Texas Hastings, Minn.

Lamb Weston
Interns may take on a production or engineering role, where they will:
Work with field managers, maintenance managers, quality assurance managers and superintendents to gain knowledge of plants Learn raw potato grading and raw product attributes Spend time with maintenance supervisors and project engineers learning their responsibilities

Locations may vary each year.

Put your education and skills to work on a great team, contributing to the achievement of the organizations goals and objectives, and developing competencies in a number of production and engineering areas. Take responsibility, drive results, show creativity, and display initiative and be rewarded for your achievements.

Develop an understanding of quality assurance while learning quality attributes, product grading basics and plant product mix Observe the shipping department to discover where our product goes once it leaves the facility Participate in production safety meetings

Internships may be available in:

Pasco, Wash. Richland, Wash. Quincy, Wash. Warden, Wash. Connell, Wash. Hermiston, Ore. Boardman, Ore. Twin Falls, Idaho American Falls, Idaho Locations may vary each year.

IT Internships

IT Internships
A comprehensive two-year rotational program designed to provide you with the exposure, experience and foundation youll need for a rewarding long-term career in Information Technology at ConAgra Foods. Two-year paid internship to complement formal education Multiple rotations through different parts of IT organization Designed for IT and non-IT majors Primary source of new talent into IT organization Designed to begin your full-time employment career immediately upon graduation

Program Overview
Rotation through multiple areas of IT is customized for each intern.
Two years practical job experience as an IT and business professional Rotations located in various Omaha, Neb., ConAgra Foods sites Opportunities may also be available in IT areas not shown

IT Management Support
Interns assigned personal, director-level counselor throughout internship One-on-one coaching and mentoring for school, internship and career planning Access to IT and business experts

By investing in the ConAgra Foods Information Technology Intern Program we are able to present outstanding career opportunities to some of the best and brightest talent from our Nebraska universities. Its an across-the-board win for students, for the colleges, for the future of our company, and for the Omaha community.
Gerrit Schutt, Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer

Host Managers
Intern assigned to multiple host managers over course of internship Host managers define learning objectives for intern during each rotation Host managers treat intern like full-time employee (staff meetings, one-on-one meetings, etc.)

Business Process Areas of opportunity include (but are not limited to):
Customer-facing Organizations Finance, HR, Corporate and Commercial Sales, Marketing, and Research, Quality & Innovation Supply Chain Systems SAP Support PeopleSoft

Development Areas of opportunity include (but are not limited to):

.NET Development Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) Development Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Development Web Portal Configuration Workflow and Imaging Configuration SAP Basis and Database Administration

Sample Job Duties

Program and build C# web applications Use Visual Studio to track and manage scrum iterations Build contemporary JavaScript UIs for Web and mobile Customize MS Office tools to enhance productivity

Sample Job Duties

Collaborate with team to assist with projects Submit project change requests Assist with forecasts Aid with break/fix incidents

Program Management Areas of opportunity include (but are not limited to):
Project Management Release Management Release Testing and Cut-over Governance and Metrics

Infrastructure Areas of opportunity include (but are not limited to):

Access / Security SAP Security Platform / Storage / Network Operations

Sample Job Duties

Assist project managers on official IT projects Support for Release Management activities Analyze and report metrics

Sample Job Duties

Windows server and desktop integration support Provide hardware, system software and environmental support Assist with annual technical refreshes Assist with capacity planning, disaster recovery, performance tuning, thirdparty product installation and security management/administration

Day in the Life of an IT Intern

Working with business functions Attending intern events (summer) Performing system configuration or development

Attending IT intern events (3-4 per year)


Providing production support

Meeting with counselor monthly

Resolving system and user issues Meeting with host manager weekly

Full-Time Transition
Job Of fer Graduation

Intern Rotations

Final Rotation

Full-Time Position

Next IT Full-Time Position

Full-time job offers are made prior to graduation. Upon graduation, intern will be a full-time employee with salary and benefits.