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Transport for BMC Atrium CMDB
Bulk import the most important CMDB CI data to get up and running quickly Easily migrate configuration data from one environment to another Quickly load non-discoverable data into the Atrium CMDB Eliminate time-consuming CI-to-CI relationship configuration tasks Schedule on-going data loads from external authoritative sources Extend the Transport data load capabilities through AR System workflow modifications

Load the most common CMDB configuration items without the headaches

Transport for CMDB by Effective Technologies quickly and easily loads CI data into the BMC Atrium CMDB via CSV files. Transport for CMDB enhances your organizations ability to load CI data without the significant upfront time and effort required to configure vendor discovery tools or standard Atrium integration methods. Enterprises and outsourcers are faced with the constant challenge of driving incremental cost out of the IT equation. Customers demand a just-in-time service delivery model at lower price points. To meet these challenges, BMC Remedy customers are migrating to the latest ITILbased service management platforms that deliver better and more cost effective services. Customers face the added challenge of quickly onboarding new data against aggressive schedules and fixed project deadlines. Transport for CMDB addresses the fundamental task of loading the most important CMDB configuration data quickly and easily. Designed to iteratively bulk load customer data from CSV data files, Transport for CMDB streamlines common CMDB configuration item data import tasks. Customers can expect upwards of 30% improvements in customer onboarding times. CMDB Configurationthe easy way Validate and promote CMDB data in a few clicks Transport for CMDB has important features not found in standard vendorprovided tools. Transport includes the ability to easily validate and promote customer data from a centralized staging environment to any number of server environments. The data administrator can configure this on a per project basis having total control of what data is promoted to which environment. Out-of-box configuration data best practices Leveraging real-life, enterprise CMDB project implementation experience, Transport for CMDB not only addresses the need to quickly load critical CI data, but also provides project activities and journaling features that allows management to see the current status of the onboarding project and audit who loaded what / when. For more information Transport for CMDB is part of Effective Technologies growing suite of data management products. Developed exclusively for BMC Remedy ITSM and Atrium CMDB, these products enable customers to successfully and quickly realize the return on their IT Service Management and Atrium CMDB investment. Please visit or email

System Requirements:
BMC Remedy AR System, v7.6.03 or v7.6.04 and latest patch BMC Remedy Mid-Tier is required. BMC Remedy IT Service Management, v7.6.03 or 7.6.04 with latest patch or later version (including one or more of the following modules: BMC Remedy Asset Management, BMC Remedy Change Management, or BMC Remedy Service Desk) BMC Atrium CMDB v7.6.03 or 7.6.04 with latest patch or later version (if using Effective Transport CMDB datalinks) 200MB of free disk space

A key challenge with loading CI and relationship data is installing and configuring the out of the box BMC tools. While this is best practice for managing very large volumes of CI data, quickly performing an initial load or a subset of data from a legacy system is challenging and time-consuming. This challenge is heightened if the project calls for loading non-discoverable relationship data. Transport for CMDB addresses these data challenges by offering a simple and straight-forward mechanism to load the most common CI and relationship data into the CMDB.