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You Are Needed

KingsWay Leadership & Ministry Teams

To get involved in a KingsWay ministry, Pastoral
contact the church office: Senior Pastor John Isaacs
Associate Pastor Andrew Isaacs
Care Pastor Jim Parker
Home Groups Pastor
Prayer Pastor
Youth Pastor
Larry Nardi
John McClements
John Delke
Welcome Stan Skarbek
Children & Youth Sunday, May 31, 2009
Children’s Ministry Andrew Isaacs
Nursery/Preschool Meaghan Hernandez
K-4th Julie Jahde Welcome to KingsWay Community Church
Middle School John & Anne Delke
High School John & Anne Delke
Order of Worhip
Give yourselves completely to God Welcome to KingsWay! I trust you are encouraged Leading Worship: Andrew Isaacs
every part of you... Adult Ministries by your time with us this morning. The Bible teaches Leading Today’s Meeting: Brian Lombardo
to be tools in the hands of God, College + Career Group Andrew & Briana Isaacs that in the early church, believers met together on a Tithes & Offerings: Campus Ministry
to be used for His good purposes. Women’s Ministry Anne Delke regular basis for studying the Word of God, building Release Children (Up to 8th grade)
Men’s Ministry Tim Estrada Fellowship Time
Romans 6:13 relationships, praying together, and sharing their lives Congregational Prayer
with each other. Our desire is to experience this type Announcements
Worship of Christianity. I look forward to the opportunity to Message: Stan Skarbek
Ministry Leader Andrew Isaacs Responsive Worship
fellowship with you, and I hope your life is enriched
BIRTHDAYS! Sound Team Jor Bratko
and impacted by God’s presence this morning.
Administrative Office
May 31- June 6
Sunday Morning Hours: 9am - 5pm, Tuesday - Friday
- Pastor John Isaacs 408.927.7172
Set-Up Crew Deborah Maddock Pastor John & Leighton Isaacs
4th - Teressa Prince Prayer Ministry Team Jim & Dixie Parker 6472 Camden Ave. #107
5th - Betty Hockett Ushers Erik Nystrom Are you new to KingsWay? San Jose, CA 95120

6th - Tin Do
Local Outreach We invite you to join John & Joie McClements This Week at KingsWay
Alpha Course Deborah Maddock and Pastor John Isaacs for an informational Sunday 05.31.09
9:30am - Morning Prayer
CPC Larry Nardi “About Us” class that provides good fellowship 10:00am - Worship Service
DYC Brian Lombardo and an opportunity to find out more about us. To sign up for our next 5:30pm - Hockett Home Group
Kids Club Cindy Nardi
class, please contact the church office: Tuesday 06.02.09
6:30pm - Kurtz & Estrada Home Group
We encourage families to worship together! Wednesday 06.03.09
Advocate for Orphans Intl. David & Kerry Avilla
podcast Argentina Pablo & Monica Abeleira After our worship and fellowship time, children
7:00pm - Nardi Home Group
7:00pm - College + Career Group
Subscribe to our El Reino De Los Ninos Tomas & Maricela Shockey up to 8th grade are prayed for and sent to their classes. 7:15pm - Bratko Home Group
sermon podcast to Kenya Missions Harmon & Teri Parker The classes consist of Nursery, 2-year olds, Thursday 06.04.09
have our sermons N. India Christian Ministries Abraham Philip Preschool (ages 3-4), K-4th and Jr. High (5th-8th). 7:00pm - High School Youth Group
automatically 7:30pm - Parker Home Group
imported into your
Salt & Light Ministries Barney Coombs
CHILDREN’S MINISTRY See insert for classroom locations.
iTunes library Saturday 06.06.09
each week. 8:00am - Intercessor’s Prayer Time
Ministry Leader John Isaacs Encounter Christ Build Relationships Transform Our World
Bondage Breakers Dick & Betty Hockett
listen to sermons join online discussions
register for events
Sermon CDs are also Service & Hospitality give donations
available by request: SERMON Meals of Mercy Agatha Diepenbrock find out more about us

For the equipping of the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ. - Eph. 4:12
KingsWay Announcements
Sunday, May 31, 2009 Each week we take an offering
to support an outside minis-
Sunday Barbecues - Every Sunday
try. Our offering time also
provides the opportunity for
The Youth Ministry is hosting Sunday, weekly barbecues church members to give their
immediately following the church service in front of regular tithes. Date___________________
VCHS. All the proceeds will benefit the Youth Ministry.
Please note “offering” or Mr. Mrs. Ms.
Come support the youth, eat a tasty BBQ meal and
“tithe” on your checks.
fellowship with our wonderful KCC church family! Name__________________________________
Envelopes are available on the
The Invitation - June 7, 6:00 pm back table for cash donation Spouse’s Name__________________________
Crying Out to God for Silicon Valley designations.
The Transformation Alliance of Santa Clara County
(TASCC) asks you to come and join us in The Invitation. City/State/Zip ___________________________
Time together in united worship, prayer and hearing from COMMUNION
God. Children will be in the care of their parents. This We have communion as a congregation on the last Sunday of each month. In addition, Home Phone____________________________
gathering location will be at the Valley Christian High it is provided every Sunday at the back of the room for anyone who desires to receive Work Phone_____________________________
School Gymnasium. communion more often. You may visit the Lord’s Table at any time during our praise
and worship with your spouse, your family, or by yourself. We request that younger Cell Phone______________________________
Church Picnic - June 14
Or annual church picnic will be held at Rancho Santa
children wait to receive their first communion until after they have been water baptized. E-mail__________________________________
Teresa Swim & Racquet Club, 286 Sorrento Way, San
Names & Ages of Children Living At Home
Jose, on June 14th immediately following the church
service. Families please bring one main dish and two
sides, couples and singles please bring one main dish and Small Groups _______________________________________

one side. Plates, silverware, napkins and drinks will be
provided. Bring your swimsuits for some fun in the sun! Our small groups function to encourage body ministry and to promote
personal spiritual development. Please contact the church office for more Please check any boxes that apply to you:
College+Career Camping Trip - June 26-28 information about our mid-week home groups and student groups:
This first annual camping event will be held at Bullard’s first-time guest
Bar Resevoir. The cost is $55.00 per person. This looking for a church community
includes camp site, gas, meals, boat gas etc. Please go to would like to talk with a pastor
facebook event or email Tuesdays would like to re-commit my life to Christ

Weekly Sunday
Kurtz & Estrada Home Group - 408-268-5304 would like to be water baptized
Wednesdays would like counseling

Calendar of Events Larry & Cindy Nardi Home Group - 408-578-7160

Jor & Helen Bratko Home Group - 408-629-8140
Barbecue Today would like to find a way to serve

I would like more information regarding:

College+Career Group (Isaacs) - 408-365-9474
June 7 Matriculation Sunday Thursdays the ‘About Us’ class
June 14 Church Picnic Jim & Dixie Parker Home Group - 408-629-9901 home groups

June 21 Father’s Day

High School Group (Delke) - 408-398-0625 men’s ministry

June 26-28 College + Career Retreat

Rich & Patricia Hockett Home Group - 408-266-4828
Annual women’s ministry
high school and jr. high youth group
July 4 4th of July Holiday
Church Picnic
children’s ministry
July 27-31 Kids Club Summer Camp
August 9 About Us: 1st Module
Please pray for me:
August 16 About Us: 2nd Module _______________________________________
August 23 About Us: 3rd Module _______________________________________
August 28-29 Men’s Retreat _______________________________________

June 14, 2009

King’s Online Bible School is now offering 40 online Bible courses. _______________________________________
View the full calendar of events
Enrollment is FREE, and courses are being added regularly!
05.03.09 _______________________________________