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CRIMINOLOGISTS Licensure Examination First Day Afternoon Session ================================================================ REVIEW QUESTIONS IN LAW ENFORCEMENT ADMINISTRATION SET A

---------------------------------------------------------------INSTRUCTION: Select the correct answer for each of the following questions. Mark only one answer for each item by marking the box corresponding to the letter of your choice on the answer sheet provided. STRICTLY NO ERASURES ALLOWED. Use pencil no. 1 only. ---------------------------------------------------------------1. In modern world study of crimes, there is a new kind of warfare where information and attacks on information and its system are used as a tool. Which of these? A. Warfare of the internet B. Information warfare C. Access to information D. Access warfare In understanding cyber crimes, what is known as the technologically-based "attack" on one person who has been targeted specifically by reasons of anger, revenge or control? A. Denial Of Service attack B. Cyber Stalking C. Malware or malicious coding D. Cyborge attack ___ is the use of a computer to take or alter data, or to gain unlawful use of computer services. A. Computer Fraud B. Customs Fraud C. Conduit Fraud D. Bank card fraud In the study of terrorism, when it is characterized by a revolutionary approach such as acts of terrorism which are committed for ideological or political motives but which are not part of a concerted campaign to capture control the state, it is called A. Quasi-Terrorism B. Limited Political Terrorism C. Civil Disorder D. Official or State Terrorism



4. 1


In at A. B. C. D.

what year that the Bilateral Agreement among its members the INTERPOL approved? 1923 1924 1978 1932


What kind of modern crime is committed when the use of one person's personal information by another to commit fraud or other crimes is made? A. Larceny B. Identity Theft C. Espionage D. Customary What kind of cyber crime is committed by the act of sending an e-mail to a user falsely claiming to be an established legitimate enterprise in an attempt to scam the user into surrendering private information that will be used for identity theft? A. Plunders and Scams B. Fishing Scams C. Phishing Scams D. Email bonuses These are experts in a purely advisory capacity, who may be appointed by the Executive Committee and confirmed by the General Assembly of the INTERPOL. Which one of the following? A. Staff personnel B. Advisers C. Intelligence Officers D. Informants a.k.a 1-24/7. It serves the police of member countries of the INTERPOL via secure communication. A. Secure global police communication services B. Operational data services and databases for police C. Operational police support services D. Police training and development




10. At the INTERPOL, which one of these gives developmentequipping activities for member countries in fighting transnational crimes? A.Secure global police communication services B.Operational data services and databases for police C.Operational police support services D.Police training and development 2

11. INTERPOL means? A.International Criminal Police Organization B.International Police C.Inter-police Organizational Network D.International Policing System 12. What year is known as the Birth year of INTERPOL? A. 1923 B. 1924 C. 1925 D. 1932 13. In A. B. C. D. Cambodia, military police are also known as Private Gendarmerie Police officer Constable Patrol

14. In Colombia, the rank equivalent of the PNPs Police Officer 1 is A. Detective B. Constable C. Bhayangkara D. Private 15. At the INTERPOL, which of these is a 24/7 operation of Command and Coordination Center which provides support to law enforcement officials in the field. A.Secure global police communication services B.Operational data services and databases for police C.Operational police support services D.Police training and development 16. The Headquarters of Police Forces in Cambodia is located in A. Jakarta B. Phnom Penh C. Cali D. Myanmar 17. In A. B. C. D. general, the term use to refer to the Military Police is Gendarmerie Police Force Private 1st class MP

18. ASEANAPOL means? A.Asian Police Organization B.Association of National Police Forces of the ASEAN Region C.Association of National Police Forces D.ASEAN Chief of National Police 3

19. In Japan, what is the oversight agency of which has an authority to impose the proper administration of Police Force personnel? A. National Police Agency in Tokyo B. Department of Interior and Local Government C. Nationale Federales de Japanese D. The Kempetai 20. In the Japanese police ranking system, the equivalent of Superintendent of the PNP is A. Koshie B. Keishie C. Koushie ne D. Rakerakei 21. One among the following has the overall power over the police organization of Japanese Police Force. A. Legislative Branch B. Prime Minister C. President D. Police Commissioner 22. In Philippines, there are two categories of police officers in rank namely: the Commissioned Officers and the NonCommissioned Officers while in Malaysia there are A. 3 categories B. 2 categories C. 4 categories D. 5 categories 23. In the Malaysian Police force, the rank of Corporal is equivalent to __ in the PNP ranking system. A. Police Officer 1 B. Police Officer 2 C. Police Officer 3 D. Inspector 24. At the INTERPOL, which one of these provides access to members on different databases? A.Secure global police communication services B.Operational data services and databases for police C.Operational police support services D.Police training and development 25. In the Columbian Police Force, the chief equivalent to ___ in the PNP ranking system. A. Superintendent B. Police Director General C. Senior Inspector D. none of these of police is 4

26. In the Philippines, we have Philippine National (PNP) while in Colombia they have A. Metropolitan Police Department of Colombia B. Police Department of Colombia C. Royal Police Department of Colombia D. None of these


27. In New Zealand, the supervision of the Police Force is under the command of A. Minister of Affairs B. Minister of Police C. The Constable D. Chief of the PNP 28. NATO is an acronym which means A. National Treaty Organization B. National Atlantic Treaty Organization C. National Aquatic Technological Organization D. National Academy for Training and Organizing 29. While the Philippines has the NAPOLCOM as its oversight agency for the PNP, Japan has the __ as oversight agency for the National Police Agency. A. National Safety Public Commission B. National Public Safety Commission C. Commission on National Police Agency D. All of these 30. As per PNP Organization structure, the provinces should be under the headship of a Provincial Director. In Japan, the head of the Metropolitan Police Department is called A. The Chief B. The Kempetai C. The Commander D. The Director 31. Newly admitted member with the rank of A. Police Officer 1 B. Detective C. Officer Constable D. Aide de camp of the Cambodian Police commenced

32. Historical accounts of terrorism provide that the group responsible in a bomb explosion on U.S. Airbase at Ramstein then in West Germany was known as the A. White Army B. Red Army C. Jihad D. Black Society 5

33. The highest rank in the Philippine National Police ranking system is Police Director General with 4 stars, while in the Hongkong Police, it is the A. Police Constable B. Inspector General C. Commissioner of Police D. Constable Patrol 34. The National Headquarters of PNP is located at Camp Crame, Quezon City while the Malaysian Police is located in A. Malaysia National Headquarters B. Bukit Aman C. Kuala Lumpur D. Jakarta 35. Among the following, which is considered as the primordial purpose of the Royal Malaysian Police? A. Traffic and Intelligence B. Patrolling and Crime prevention C. Police Engineering and Education D. Personnel and Records Management 36. What is the highest rank that can be attained in the Royal Malaysian Police? A. Inspector Police B. Inspector General of the Police C. Police Director General D. Master Sergeant 37. The word Al Queda literally means A. The Network B. God Servants C. The Base D. Blaze of Glory 38. One of the following is among the international deployment of Philippine peace keeping mission in Cambodia? A. TACUN B. UNTAC C. NUCTAC D. UTAC 39. The Japanese Police officers are commonly known as A. Kempetai B. Keishie C. Koban D. Kakokeshie 6

40. One of these is one among the international deployment of Philippine peace keeping mission in Iraq? A. PHCI B. PHPI C. AFPRM D. PPCS 41. What is the Community Program for the police launched in Malaysia on August 9, 2005? A. Rakan Cop B. Recon Cop C. Rakrak Order D. Kare Cop 42. For purposes of understanding stands for A. Royal Mounted Police B. Royal Malaysian Police C. Royale de Malay Polizei D. Royal Military Police the Malaysian police, RMP

43. The rank of a PO2 in PNP is equivalent to the rank of ___ in the Malaysian Police. A. Constable B. Corporal C. Lance Corporal D. Captain 44. Many ASEAN countries have the rank of constable in their ranking system. Constable in the PNP is A. Corporal B. Police Officer 1 C. Private D. Police Officer 2 45. In the PNP, all Non Commissioned Officers are ranked from Police Officer 1 up to Senior Police Officer 4. In the Indian police, the term Commissioned is also the same as A. High Profile B. High Rank C. Gazzette D. Inspector Rank 46. In the Philippine National Police, we use the word trainees to refer to those newly recruited members. In the Indonesian Police, police trainees are called A. Kama B. Kamara C. Kamra D. Karma 7

47. The term Markas Baser or Mabes is also known as A. Headquarters B. Base network C. Place of Reconnaissance D. Basis for promotion 48. The Philippine National Police is under the Department of Interior and Local Government, while the Singaporean Police is under _________. A. Ministry of Foreign Affairs B. Ministry of Defense C. Ministry of Home Affairs D. Homeland Security Office 49. On current trends of policing, what countrys police model has the most notable crime rate efficiency as it had the reputation of maintaining a very low crime rate? A. Japan B. Hongkong C. China D. Singapore 50. The Philippine police is commonly called PNP, while Canada has its A. RMCP B. RCMP C. PRCM D. RMPC 51. Among the following, it was considered as the Asias Finest in term of implementation of crime prevention programs? A. China B. HongKong C. Japan D. Singapore 52. The term Bhayangkara in the Indonesian Police is referred to as A. Private B. Officers C. Senior Officers D. Detective 53. __ A. B. C. D. is for the Singapore Police Force; SPO4 is for the PNP. Senior Inspector Private Superintendent Senior Staff Sergeant 8

54. Commissioned Officers of the PNP Officers in the Singaporean Police? A. Senior Staff Sergeant B. Senior Police Officers C. Superintendent D. Commissioner of Police





55. The PNP is under the supervision of DILG while the Indian Police is under what agencies? A. State of Police Service B. Headquarter Officers C. Sergeant at arms D. Internal Affairs 56. The equivalent rank of the Police Director General in the PNP in the Indian police rank is A. Director General Manager B. Director of Intelligence Bureau C. Constable D. Commissioned Officer 57. The lowest rank in Indian Police service which equivalent to the PNPs Police Officer 1 is the __. A. Private B. Police Constable C. Sergeant D. Gendarmie is

58. In Hongkong, the oversight agency for the police force is the ___. A. Security Bureau B. Bureau of Immigration C. Bureau of Customs D. Office of the Chairman 59. Which of the following is also referred Metropolitan Police Service in England? A. Ministry of Police B. National Police Force C. Scotland Yard D. The bobbies to as the

60. What is the hall surrounding the headquarters Metropolitan Police Service in England located Scotland Yard? A. The Side Hall B. The Black Hall C. The White Hall D. The Holy Hole

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the New 9

61. The PNP Chief has an equivalent designation Metropolitan Police Service in England as __. A. Director B. Commissioner C. Police General D. Captain of the Royal Guard



62. The Deputy Chief of the PNP has the equivalent designation as ___ in the ranking system of the Metropolitan Police Service in England. A. Deputy Commissioner B. Deputy Director C. Deputy of the Royal Guard D. Assistant Director 63. In Japan, the office of which has the authority in their police force is the ___. A. President B. Prime Minister C. Kobayashi D. Ministry of Defense 64. The word Abu Sayyaf literally means __. A. The Sword Bearer B. Father of Local Terrorist C. Muslim Revolutionary D. For the Love of God 65. In of A. B. C. D. terms of operation, the Abu Sayyaf, as a network group terrorist concentrates mostly in the __. Philippines and Indonesia Philippines and Malaysia Only in the Philippines Uncertain/unknown

66. The Abu Sayaff group of terrorist has known to be organized and originated in the Philippines with headquarters in the Mindanao area, particularly ___. A. Tawi-Tawi, Philippines B. Jolo, Sulu Philippines C. Cotabato, Philippines D. Maguindanao, Philippines 67. The Al Queda network of terrorist is popularly headed by __ after the downfall of their leader Bin Laden. A. Bin Laden Jr. B. Zawahari C. Zabaya D. Omar Khadafi 10

68. Among the following, which was tagged by the United States as the largest Foreign Terrorists Organization? A. The Abu Sayyaf B. The Al Queda C. The Taliban D. The Jemaah Islamiya 69. The word Jemaah Islamiya also means? A. Islamic Leaders B. Religious Revolutionaries C. Islamic Congregation D. The Lamb of God 70. In terms of operations, which Islamiyah is mostly active? A. Northern Asia B. Southeast Asia C. Western Asia D. Eastern Asia part of Asia the Jemaah

71. In the study of the history of drug trafficking in the Philippines, the law which was approved in 1972 as a drug control effort was __. A. RA 9165 B. RA 6975 C. RA 6425 D. PD 953 72. The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency is an agency for drug control efforts attached to the office of the ___. A. Department of Interior and Local Government B. Bureau of Customs C. President D. Department of Justice 73. What is known as the practice of engaging in financial transactions to conceal the identity, source, and/or destination of illegally gained money by which the proceeds of crime are converted into assets which appear to have a legitimate origin? A. The crime of Plunder B. 5-6 C. Money Laundering D. Dollar Trafficking 11

74. Violent criminal behavior designed primarily to generate fear in the community, or substantial segment of it, for political purposes is commonly known as __. A. Political Terrorism B. Civil Disorder C. Criminal Terrorism D. Narco-Terrorism 75. The following are steps involved in money laundering, except? A. physical distribution of the cash B. carrying out complex financial transactions in order to camouflage the illegal source C. acquiring wealth generated from the transactions of the illicit funds D. Committing Plunder Case 76. At the INTERPOL, what is the independent body whose mandate is threefold - to ensure that the processing of personal information, to advise INTERPOL on any project, operation, set of rules or other matter involving the processing of personal information and to process requests concerning the information contained in INTERPOL'S files? A. Intelligence Bureau B. Internal Security Bureau C. Commission for the Control of INTERPOL's Files D. ASEANAPOL 77. What is the Anti-Money Laundering Law in the Philippines? A. RA 9165 B. RA 9166 C. RA 9160 D. RA 6019 78. It refers to an act of recruiting, transporting, transferring, harboring or receiving a person through a use of force, coercion or other means, for the purpose of exploiting them. A. Illegal recruitment B. Human Trafficking C. Crime against person D. Slavery 79. What is the law known as Anti-Trafficking of Persons of 2003? A. RA 9160 B. RA 9208 C. RA 9802 D. RA 9082 12

80. In the policing system of the Soviet Union, the office responsible for administration of the regular police force is the __. A. Ministry of Internal Affairs B. Prime Minister C. Ministry of Defense D. Internal Affairs Service 81. What is the lowest rank of the auxiliary force adopted by the Soviet Union? A. Constable B. Private Molotov C. Gendarmie D. Komsomol 82. What is the counterpart police National Police (PNP) in Mexico? A. Mexican Nationale Police B. Mexico Police Force C. The Federal Police of Mexico D. The Metropolitan Police force of the Philippine

83. Terrorism does not only aim for political purposes but also can exhibit conscious design to create and maintain a high degree of fear for coercive purposes with end pursuit of collective gain. If so, what is being referred to? A. Political Terrorism B. Civil Disorder C. Non-Political Terrorism D. Narco-Terrorism 84. In New Zealand, it was obviously noted that the priority of their Police Force is __. A. Enforcement of Traffic Laws B. Crime Prevention C. Anti-Vagrancy D. Anti-Prostitution 85. Globalization impacts on policing. Simply, globalization is the influence of ___. A. Economics, Politics, Cultures, and Society B. Mental deterioration of Police Force C. Indifference of Policing System in the World D. All of these 86. Reform of the different paradigms of policing system in the world is needed to effectively address transnational crimes. Which of the following is an acceptable measure? A. International Conventions B. Addressing the Laws C. Policies and Training D. All of the above 13

87. The use of force or threats to intimidate people and could result to a worldwide concern is an act of __. A. Demonism B. Organized Criminality C. Terrorism D. Human disgrace 88. A form of collective violence interfering with the peace, security, and normal functioning of the community. Which one of these? A. Political Terrorism B. Civil Disorder C. Criminal Terrorism D. Large group 89. The activities incidental to the commission of crimes of violence that are similar in form and method to genuine terrorism but lacks some essential ingredient. The use the modalities and techniques of the genuine terrorist but the purpose is quite different. Which one of these? A. Civil Disorder B. Quasi-Terrorism C. Limited Political terrorism D. Organized Criminals 90. It may also be referred to as Structural Terrorism, such that terrorist acts are carried out by governments in pursuit of political objectives, often as part of their foreign policy. Which one of these? A. Quasi-Terrorism B. Limited political Terrorism C. Civil Disorder D. Official or State Terrorism 91. One is synonymous as Computer crimes? A. The e_crimes B. Cyber Crimes C. Viruses in Computer D. Data Theft 92. In the generation and transfer of data, it may happen that a computer program can copy itself and infect another computer. This means that there is __. A. Cyber Crime B. Hacking C. Computer virus D. Computer programming 14

93. Of the following, what kind of cyber modus operandi is made whereby an attempt to make a computer resource unavailable to its intended users is made? A. Computer Virus infection B. Cyber Crime C. Hacking D. Denial-of-service attack 94. It is a malicious computer software that interferes with normal computer functions or sends personal data about the user to unauthorized parties over the internet. This refers to A. Denial-of-Service Attack B. Plain Cyber Crime C. Malware (malicious code) D. Virus Infection 95. Control of computer crimes has been undertaken through legislative measures. In the Philippines, what is known as Electronic Commerce Act of 2000? A. RA 6996 B. RA 8792 C. RA 9278 D. RA 8899 96. It is also known as Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009? A. RA 5599 B. RA 9999 C. RA 9995 D. RA 9595 97. What is the INTERPOLs supreme governing body that meets annually and comprises delegates appointed by each member country? A. Assembly Meeting B. General Assembly C. Consultative Meeting D. Meeting de Avance 98. At the INTERPOL, there is this 13-member committee that is elected and comprises of the president, three vicepresidents and nine delegates covering the four regions. A. Legislative Committee B. Executive Committee C. Administrative Committee D. Legal Committee 15

99. The General Secretarial of the INTERPOL is located in Lyon, France, and operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and officials from more than 80 countries work side-by-side in any of the organization's four official languages. This is the home of the A. Director General B. Secret General C. Secretary General D. Executive Officer 100.Each INTERPOL member country maintains a ___ staffed by national law enforcement officers. It is the designated contact point for the General Secretariat, regional offices and other member countries requiring assistance with overseas investigations and the location and apprehension of fugitives. A. Federal Bureau of Investigation B. National Central Bureau C. Central Intelligence Agency D. National Bureau of Investigations

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