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JUNE 2013

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The tailor-made power

The proactive engineering for specific applications
Reactivity, creativity, adaptability
Does your need in energy impose the respect of precise and specific standards? The SDMO engineering department proposes you the Power Solutions offer: Your tailor-made project! Telecommunications, military installations, standby genset for hospitals, power plants for extreme conditions sites, ATEX zone The most worldwide audacious installations realized by SDMO are the proof of a technologic experience, guarantee of your success.

POWER SOLUTIONS Solutions Provider

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Tel. +33 (0)2 98 41 41 41 - SDMO Industries - 12 bis rue de la Villeneuve CS 92 848 - 29 228 Brest Cedex 2 - France Le Mans

Publishing Director: Richard Teasdale

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P R O M O T I N G O N - S I T E P O W E R A N D C O G E N E R AT I O N

JUNE 2013


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DSE is ying high...

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Frost & Sullivan Report
Looking at the DPG market in Mexico.


Deep Sea Electronics (DSE) is one of the worlds leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers of electronic control, monitoring and protection modules for diesel and gas generating sets. The diverse DSE range of products includes specialised single and multi-set generator controller solutions made specifically for the genset industry.

Green taxes to drive up power prices?

Chris Hopkins takes the Sharewatch approach.


Company Profile: Edina

22 & 23

Edina provides a full spectrum of services, reveals WIP.

Diesel Engines
We look at the MAN Diesel & Turbo 32/44CR.


Edina: Gas engine at Swancote. p.23.



HIMOINSA supplied the emergency power system to Telconet.

A new digital controller from Voith designed for turbines.

The Green Machine in Brno. p.32.

Power Supply: DSEs Synch Lock

The DSE7570 Synch Lock has just been extensively tested.


Our power portfolio includes: 2013



ElectroTherms Green Machine has just been installed in Brno, in the Czech Republic. This offers a high dynamic output range as just one of its special features, reveals WIP.

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Lubricants for Gas Turbines


Exxon/Mobil has launched its new advanced DTE 932 GT highperformance oil designed to improve the reliability and power output of gas turbines. WIP look at how it works.

WASP PFS Ltd hs developed a solution to make sure your generator never fails because of poor quality fuel or water contamination. Its technology was recently chosen by a US bank located in Central London.


AMPS Members


CHP/Cogen, Gen-Sets, Diesel Engines, Controls & Monitoring, Renewables, Filtration, Alternators, Power Plants, Heat Exchangers, Gears & Gearboxes. Cooling, HRSG, Training, Maintenance

REGULARS: Contracts & Products 36-38

Protection made simple

MCDGV4 generator differential protection

The MCDGV4 offers the combination of all high precision protection features you need in one unit. This HighPROTEC device is easy to use and quick to adapt. Proven quality and reliability for a total protection of your power system.

rid an G m r e e G Cod

fo Con

o rm t

All in One
Block protection: Differential protection for the generator and the step-up transformer Full generator protection package Interconnection menu for DER and renewables (QV protection and LVRT) Large backup protection feature set Flexible hardware applicable for all rated voltages and currents

Safe & Quick Handling

Intuitive operating concept Integrated fault simulation (dry test possible) Plausibility checks for parametrizing

America: Europe, Middle East, Africa: ASEAN, Oceania:



A warm welcome to this months issue of Worldwide Independent Power - as always bringing you closer to the stories and issues affecting on-site power and cogeneration around the world. For editorial comments, please do not hesitate to contact the editor.

Aidan Turnbull - Editor

Soyez le bienvenu cette issue de Worldwide Independent Power. Comme d'habitude, nous vous apportons toujours plus prs des sujets qui affectent l'nergie et la co-generation sur place autour du monde. N'hsitez pas contacter le rdacteur pour des commentaires ditoriaux.

Shale gas - a revolution ahead?

nconventional gas is the collective term used to describe tight gas, shale gas and/or coal bed methane (CBM). While conventional gas resources can be developed and produced without any special well completions, most unconventional gas production requires the rock to be fractured (fracked) or stimulated to allow gas to escape from the tight rock and flow through the wellbore to the surface. These special well completions made drilling for unconventional gas uneconomical for many years. The potential of shale gas, tight gas and CBM has been known for centuries, with the first shale gas wells drilled in the 1820s. However, it is only with recent technological improvements that extracting the resources has become an economically viable option. Natural gas, whether it is extracted using conventional or unconventional methods, is certainly still the cleanest-burning fossil fuel. When used for power generation, natural gas emits up to 60% less CO2 than coal, and emissions of other waste products such as mercury, sulphur and nitrogen oxide are also significantly reduced, improving air quality. Currently, natural gas has approximately 60 years of proven reserves at current demand levels, but according to the International Energy Agency (IEA), this rises to more than 250 years if the unconventional gas potential is added. Clearly, unconventional gas may play a large part in ensuring the security of global energy supply for years to come. The potential of the energy revolution is tantalising, especially for the UK. With shale gas reserves in Cheshire alone now estimated to meet 15 years worth of national demand, a new energy boom could be on the horizon and one which blends conventional sources, renewables and shale. Certainly, the owner of British Gas - Centrica - is keen to buy a minority stake in Cuadrilla's Bowland shale licence, which the company has said could contain 200 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of gas. This is nly a fraction of what is likely to be recoverable, but industry experts say that could potentially still provide an important source of gas for the UK as North Sea reserves dwindle. As recently as January 2013, Centricas own Chief Executive, Sam Laidlaw noted pessimistically that it would be at least 10 years before the UK saw the first production of shale gas - and even when it happens it would not be the game-changer weve seen in North America. Securing the backing a major partner like Centrica would be a significant boon to Cuadrilla, which has already courted controversy after allegations it was behind two earth tremors which occurred while fracking was taking place near Blackpool in 2011. In the UK some Ministers are keen to to accellerate shale gas exploration in Britain. And Centrica is also actively seeking to secure new sources of gas for its customers in Europe. It recently signed a deal to export liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the US, some of which could come to the UK. It is thought to be seeking further deals, including the renewal of its existing LNG supply contract from Qatar. Most of this LNG is believed to be destined for power generation purposes. Britain uses about 3 tcf of natural gas each year, while North Sea reserves are estimated to have fallen to about 7 tcf. It will be interesting to see whether an energy boom really does develop in the UK - and even in the rest of Europe - if development is successful.

Herzlich Willkommen zur Ausgabe dieses Monates von Worldwide Independent Power. Wie immer bringen wir Sie nher heran an die Ereignisse und Geschichten der Stromerzeugungsindustrie rund um die Welt. Fr redaktionelle Kommentare und Anregungen wenden Sie sich bitte an den Autor.

Bienvenido a esta edicin de Worldwide Independent Power. Como siempre, acercndolo a los temas que afectan a la energa y a la cogeneracin in-situ. No dude en contactar con nuestro editor para cualquier cuestin editorial.

Benvenuti a questa nuova edizione di Worldwide Independent Power. Come sempre cercheremo di offrirvi storie e questioni riguardanti on-site power e cogeneration a livello globale. Per commenti editoriali, si prega di contattare l'editore.



JUNE 2013




In brief...
MHI-MS in technology swap for India-based licensee
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Mechatronics Systems, Ltd. (MHI-MS), a group company of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI), has concluded an agreement with Tecpro Systems Limited (Tecpro), an Indian firm mainly engaged in material and ash handling systems and balance of plant (BoP) equipment, under which MHI-MS is to provide electrostatic precipitator (EP) technology to the Indian licensee. The licensing arrangement targets collaborative and proactive exploration of local demand for high-performance EPs, which are now marking growth in tandem with India's increasing number of new coal-fired power plants and ironworks.

Knapsack II CCP is finished ahead of schedule

Siemens Energy has finished work on the Knapsack II combined-cycle (CC) power plant in Hrth near Cologne, Germany, almost two months ahead of schedule. The facility is owned by Statkraft Markets GmbH, a subsidiary of the Norwegian utility company Statkraft. Siemens constructed the entire power plant as a turnkey project and delivered the main components, including an F-Class gas turbine as well as a steam turbine, generator, and heat recovery steam generator. With an electrical capacity of about 430MW and an efficiency of 59.2%, the plant is one of the most modern and environmentally friendly of its type in Europe. The short run-up and shutdown times make the power plant ideally suited to compensate for the fluctuating feed-in of renewables. It can thus play a major role in supporting Germany's new energy policy. The Knapsack II power plant is located in the Knapsack Chemical Industrial Park in Hrth near Cologne. Siemens constructed the turnkey facility

Toshiba in Saga deal

Toshiba Corporation will provide Saga, the capital city of Saga Prefecture on Japan's Kyushu Island, with a new carbon capture and utilisation system (CCU) in a biomass energy. The CCU test plant will be able to capture 20-kilograms of CO2 a day and will be used to test and verify the capture and use of CO2 from the flue gas of the city's waste incineration plant. Installation of the equipment is scheduled to be completed by September 2013 and testing will begin in October 2013. It will be the first CCU verification test in Japan to apply chemical absorption technology in an incineration plant.

and delivered a SGT5-4000F gas turbine, an SST53000 steam turbine, an SGen5-2000H generator, and the heat recovery steam generator as well as all the electrical engineering and the SPPA-T3000 control system. The Knapsack II power plant is a singleshaft unit in which the gas and steam turbines are arranged on one shaft and drive the same generator. Such plants offer economic advantages due to lower investment costs, along with a high degree of operating flexibility. Lothar Balling, the head of Gas Turbine Power Plant Solutions at Siemens Energy tells WIP: "The Knapsack II power plant is a highly modern facility which stands out thanks to its maximum flexibility and environmental compatibility. Due to its high efficiency, the CO2 and nitrogen oxide emissions are very low. When in hot-start mode, the power plant can be run up to full load in just a few minutes and thereby compensate for fluctuations in electricity generated by wind turbines and solar stations.

Nordex wins order for 134.4MW wind farm in Africa

Wind turbine manufacturer Nordex has won an order from South Africa. The independent power producer CENNERGI has placed an order with Nordex for the delivery and turnkey installation of the 134.4 MW Amakhala Emoyeni wind farm. CENNERGI's principal shareholders are the South African mining group EXXARO Resources and India's Tata Power. Nordex will begin work in August 2014 on the development of the infrastructure of the wind farm at Bedford in South Africa's Eastern Cape Province. Installation of the 56 N117/2400 turbines is due to follow in the second quarter of 2015. After completion of work connecting it to the grid, the handover of the wind farm is scheduled for June 2016. The scope of supply also includes a service agreement for a period of ten years initially. Amakhala Emoyeni is one of the projects from the second round of the South African REIPP auctions approved by the South African Ministry of Energy in May 2012 and comes with a 20-year electricity PPA. The next round of tenders is to be held in August this year. The goal is to further increase the share of renewable energies in South Africa's power supply system. Lars Bondo Krogsgaard of Nordex comments: "The N117/2400 turbine is one of the most efficient wind turbine generators on the market and thats why Nordex is successful in many international growth sectors.


Its 2:30am Spot the Turner EPS engineer ...... 

When most of us are safely tucked up in bed, chances are somewhere, someones having power problems. And if that someone happens to be you, isnt it nice to know  that whatever time it is, there is a company you can trust with qualified engineers who is on call 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Losing your power supply will be a disaster for your business. Losing it in the dark  of night will be an even bigger disaster Turner EPS, a Turner Group Company, provide a UK-wide 24/7 emergency call-out  service to restore essential power supplies or carry out repairs without delay, so for a good nights sleep and peace of mind put your power requirements in our hands.

In addition we also provide a comprehensive Generator Maintenance Service to a wide range of customers in both the public and private sector enabling customers to concentrate on their core business and at the same time have peace of mind and confidence in the knowledge that their power generation assets are being properly  maintained. Our tailor made maintenance solutions ensure that your investment is kept in prime condition and ready to power up whenever it is needed. These solutions  include; planned preventative maintenance visits, reactive repairs, generator and load bank hire, and fuel contamination removal & polishing services, all fully supported by a  dedicated professional Asset Management Team of skilled technicians and service engineers.

Turner EPS are Europes largest single source providers of maintenance and repair services, bespoke design & build solutions and systems for power generation equipment  involving; diesel and gas reciprocating engines, electrical & mechanical governors, explosion protection systems, low carbon emission microturbines, organic rankin cycle   machines and uninterruptible power systems (UPS).

With depots covering the UK were here to help providing a  One Stop Shop solution 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Contact us at; Turner Engine Powered Services Ltd Newstead Trading Estate, Trentham, Stoke-on-Trent ST4 8HT Tel: +44 (0) 1782 657331 Email: Website:


In brief...
First Solar wins power purchase agreement
First Solar, Inc. and New Mexico State Land Commissioner Ray Powell announced that First Solar, Inc. has been granted a power purchase agreement (PPA) from the New Mexico Public Regulatory Commission, clearing the way for First Solar to begin construction on the state's largest solar power plant to be located on State Trust Land in Luna County.

Technip in 5m FEED project for BTL plant

Forest BtL Oy has awarded Technip a contract, worth approximately 5 million, for the front-end engineering and design (FEED) of a new second generation biomass-to-liquid (BTL) plant to be built on Ajos island, Finland. This plant will produce approximately 140,000 tons of biodiesel and naphtha from wood and by-products from the woodprocessing industry. This feedstock has many advantages as it is not used for human food, it does not jeopardise the existing local biomass usage and has a low CO2 footprint. Technip will develop the process design package of the hydrogen production unit of the plant, based on its steam reformer proprietary technology, and will prepare the FEED for the hydrogen production, FischerTropsch synthesis and refining

VSMC involved in two cable contracts

VSMC has signed two separate contracts to lay and bury export cables for the Westermost Rough (ENG) and Humber Gateway (ENG) wind farms. With these latest projects, VSMC strengthens its position in laying and burying electricity cables in and to offshore wind farms. Under commission from the Danish company DONG Energy, VSMC will start

units. Technips operating centre in Lyon, France, together with the Groups hydrogen technology centre located in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands will fulfill the contract, which is scheduled to be completed in early 2014. The Ajos BtL project is supported by the European Union NER300 funding program for innovative renewable energy technologies. This project will be an industrial first and will reinforce Technips current leading position on a new generation of biofuels projects. Biomass-toliquid or BTL is a new generation biofuel, consisting of a multi-step process to produce liquid

biofuels from biomass. Main technological steps are gasification, syngas cleaning and Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. Biomass to Liquid (BtL) or BMtL is a multi-step process which produces liquid biofuels from biomass. The process uses the whole plant to improve the carbondioxide balance and increase yield. The FischerTropsch process [Left] is used to produce synfuels from gasified biomass. Carbonaceous material is gasified then processed to make purified syngas. The FischerTropsch polymerises syngas into full diesel-range hydrocarbons. While biodiesel and bio-ethanol production so far only use parts of a plant, i.e. oil, sugar, starch or cellulose, the new approach to BtL production can gasify and utilise the entire plant.

Toshiba wins major turbine & generator order

laying and burying around 11 kilometres of export cable along the East coast of England, near Hull.

AECOM appointed by PNE WIND UK

AECOM has been appointed by PNE WIND UK, the UK subsidiary of German wind farm developer PNE WIND AG, to provide Environmental Impact Assessment and planning services for the development of seven onshore wind farms in Scotland.

Toshiba Hydro Power (Hanzhou) Co., Ltd. (THPC), a Toshiba subsidiary in China, has won a major order from China's Sinohydro Resources Ltd. to supply three 80MW hydroelectric turbines and generators for the Nam Ou 5 hydro power plant on the River Nam Ou in Laos. THPC will design and manufacture the turbines and generators and begin delivery in January 2014. The first unit is expected to enter operation in December 2015.The contract was awarded to THPC after the comprehensive evaluation of Toshiba Group's extensive supply experience, advanced technology and high reliability. Following on from Nam Ngum 2 and Nam Ngiep 2, this is Toshiba Group's third major order for a hydro power plant in Laos. To develop large-scale hydro power projects Laos is using the flow from the Mekong River. laos is known for exporting electricity to neighbouring nations, including Thailand and Vietnam. Hydro power plants accounted for all of Laos's almost 2.8GW generation capacity in 2012, a figure that is expected to increase to 12.0GW by 2020.



In brief...
Sembcorp's 1,200 MW Power Project in VietNam
Sembcorp Industries new power project in central Vietnam has been awarded approval by the Vietnamese government to be included in the countrys national power development plan for the 2011-2020 period with the vision towards 2030 (Power Master Plan VII).

GE delivers smartgrid elements to SSEPD

GE has successfully delivered 100 MultilinTM DGCM Field Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) to Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution (SSEPD) as part of the first phase of the Thames Valley Vision (TVV) project. In partnership with the U.K.s University of Reading, SSEPD is using the RTU real-time low-voltage network performance data to analyze energy usage patterns on its grid, which can then be identified, categorised and used to forecast future loading of the grid to improve future investment decisions and improve efficiency and reliability. Driven by a program to move to a lowcarbon economy funded by the Low Carbon Networks Fund (LCNF), SSEPD is working with GE to find ways to better understand its existing power usage, make informed decisions about how to meet higher future energy consumption and integrate lowcarbon, renewable energy onto the grid. GEs Multilin DGCM Field RTU helps meet these objectives by monitoring substation assets to help a utility determine load constraints and overloading conditions in the network to better understand current grid conditions for future planning. With complexity of electrical grids continuing to increase and more focus being put on the accelerated integration of renewable energy sources, the control of connected loads and understanding current grid conditions are key factors in future planning, comments Luis Perez, general manager of EMEA, GEs Digital Energy business.

Pyry awarded Alpaslan II Project

EnerjiSA has awarded Pyry with the detailed design services assignment for the Alpaslan II Dam and hydroelectric power plant in Turkey. The assignment is for the execution of the detailed design for civil works of the dam body, the powerhouse, the spillways and the civil works for the switch yard. The Hydropower project, Alpaslan II, will be located in Mus province of Eastern Anatolia in Turkey. The dam body is a clay cored rockfill dam (CCRD) and the installed capacity will be 280 MW with an annual generation of around 860 GWh. The project is just one milestone in the 5300 MW portfolio of EnerjiSA in Turkey, says the company. Pyry, an international consulting and engineering company, is one of the world's top hydropower engineering companies,with an accumulated total installed capacity exceeding 100000 MW. Pyry continues to support the Turkish power sector in its rapid expansion, with the total asset base in Turkey of hydro power plants engineered by Pyry amounting to more than 7000 MW. The Alpaslan-2 Dam is an embankment dam currently under construction on the Murat River in Mu Province, Turkey. The dam is located about 32 km north of the provincial capital, Mu. As well as its projected power station capacity of 280 MW, the associated reservoir will help irrigate 78,000 ha (190,000 acres) of land. Enerjisa Power Generation Inc. acquired the license for the power station from zk nsaat & Enerji in April 2011 and Yenign Construction started excavating the diversion tunnels May 2012. The diversion tunnels were completed 7 months ago, in late 2012.



The Quattro Rang Range ge of Sonic Soot Blo Blowers owers

Cost effective & no non n destructive Helps prevention of o ash build up No costly repair, maintenance m or operational cost s costs life Increase lter bag l ife Eliminates hopper blocking No damage to boile boiler er or other plant structures damage Prevents internal da amage to ESPs corrosion Eliminates tube cor rrosion & erosion problems

Website:ww s email: m info

Our New Range of Generating Sets ...Designed to Deliver More

P & S Power Generation are Authorised Dealers for FG Wilson, one of the worlds leading genset manufacturers. Providing the full range of FG Wilson Generators and parts, we ensure all power requirements are fulfilled. With complete sales and on-site, service support, we guarantee our customers needs will be met. From the first initial enquiry, to the completion of their purchasing journey. Offering reliability, availability and complete peace of mind.

Power Generation

For more information contact: Sales - 01623 550 550 Parts - 0121 386 1700


Symphony Plus Controls installed in 25,000MWs worth of power plants since its launch in 2011
in the two years since its launch Symphony Plus control solutions won orders for new power plants which generate more than 25,000MW of electricity, equivalent to the installed capacity of countries the size of the Netherlands, Malaysia or Egypt. In addition, many plants have upgraded their existing systems with new Symphony Plus solution to meet their evolving needs. This new information has been released by Symphonys manufacturer, ABB, the leading power and automation technology group. The market response to Symphony Plus since its introduction has been extremely encouraging, Massimo Danieli, head of ABBs Power Generation business, a part of the companys Power Systems division, tells WIP. Reaching this important milestone in such a short time is a reinforcement of the confidence that customers have in Symphony Plus and we remain committed to safeguarding their investments. Some recent Symphony Plus project awards include the 700 MW Xiaoting supercritical coal-fired power plant in China, the Samra thermal power plant, Jordans largest power plant with a generating capacity of 885 MW, and Enels 590 MW Grazia Deledda Sulcis power plant in Italy. Other notable projects include Dong Energys 250 MW Avedore Unit 1 in Denmark and the 125 MW Arlington Valley solar project in Arizona, which is one of the largest photovoltaic power plants in the US, and two units of the Vinh Son hydropower plant in Vietnam. ABB launched its Symphony Plus distributed control system (DCS) in April 2011 as its latest generation in the Harmony, Melody series. With more than 6,500 systems installed over more than three decades two thirds of these being in the power and water sectors - the Symphony family represents one of the largest installed bases of distributed control systems (DCS) in the world. Symphony Plus has been designed to meet a wide range of plant configurations and its flexibility and scalability enables it to serve small and server-less applications as well as large multi-system, multi-server architectures. It supports the seamless integration of field devices, process and turbine automation systems, electrical and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) solutions as well as business and maintenance systems, providing a secure and reliable control environment. The most recent additions to the Symphony Plus portfolio are new features and functionalities for geographically distributed applications like photovoltaic plants, hydropower stations and water distribution networks. The new capabilities address the challenge of incorporating large numbers of small modular units such as solar trackers, remote terminal units or pipeline sensors into a common operations hierarchy, while providing better visibility and control of the entire plant or network. Symphony Plus is said to be a reaffirmation of ABBs commitment to continue investing in this platform based on an evolution without obsolence approach of introducing new technology with enhanced benefits while protecting the long-term investment of customers by ensuring full compatibility with existing installations. This helps customers to balance objectives like asset availability, operational reliability and production efficiency with asset life extension, carbon reduction and regulatory compliance.

Atkins wins 2m Walney extension in UKfrom DONG Energy

Atkins has secured a contract with DONG Energy Wind Power worth 2 million to extend one of its existing wind farms. The Walney Offshore Wind Farm consists of 102 turbines, each with a capacity of 3.6MW, making it one of the biggest of its kind in the world. The extension, which was awarded in 2010, will cover an area of 145 km2 and is fully owned by DONG Energy. Located approximately 15km off Walney Island, Cumbria, in the UKs Irish Sea, the farm provides clean electricity for approximately 320,000 UK households. Atkins role in this extension programme, which will run until 2016, will involve the concept design, detailed design and support during fabrication and final installation of two offshore substations including both the jackets and topsides. Atkins technical expertise and experience in offshore engineering factored heavily in securing this contract. Brian Lauritsen, engineering manager, DONG Energy, told WIP: As a market leader DONG Energy has always used high class consultancies for our work. Atkins deep pedigree in offshore engineering from its 40 years of oil and gas experience, combined with their sector knowledge of our offshore renewable, meant it was our first choice for the extension of Walney Offshore wind farm. Dave Parkin, head of power and renewable at Atkins, said: This contract will further demonstrates our design capability in the offshore substation market and cements our position as a leading engineering and design consultancy in the offshore renewables sector.


JUNE 2013




Rened yet exible

InteliLiteNT is a perfect solution for single set standby applications with VSHFLFPRGHOVIRU$0)DQG056 applications with an enviable range RISURMHFWVSHFLFFRQJXUDEOH functions and extendable options.





In brief...
Iberdrola and Group Five in 96MW facility project
The consortium formed by IBERDROLA INGENIERA and the South African company GROUP FIVE has been selected by Jasper Power Company for the construction of a 96MW photovoltaic plant in South Africa. The contract is worth around US$150 and includes the engineering, equipment supply, civil engineering work, assembly and start-up of this renewable energy facility

Pratt & Whitney Power Systems acquired by MHI

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) has completed its acquisition of Pratt & Whitney Power Systems, the small and medium-size gas turbine business unit of Pratt & Whitney (P&W), an aeroengine manufacturer. Pratt & Whitney Power Systems has changed its corporate name to PW Power Systems, Inc. (PWPS) and is now an MHI group company. The acquisition was completed in accordance with the agreement reached in December 2012 between MHI and United Technologies Corporation (UTC) of the U.S., P&W's parent company. As part of the acquisition, MHI also acquired Turboden s.r.l. of Italy, a manufacturer of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) turbines* and an affiliate of PWPS. With the addition of PWPS and Turboden s.r.l., together with the planned business integration with Hitachi, Ltd. in the area of thermal power generation systems scheduled for January 2014, MHI will be able to provide a wider range of products and services for thermal power generation systems.

Siemens to supply India with gears

SSiemens Drive Technologies Division has received an order from Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. (BHEL), India, to supply 60 gear units for coal mills. The stateowned, Indian utility company is planning to build and expand several coal-fired power plants. The new gear units will drive the vertical mills which grind the coal in these plants. Grinding the coal is an essential step in generating power.

PWPS manufactures and services aero-derivative gas turbines, and engages in the engineering, procurement and construction of related power generation systems. The company has around 430 employees. MHI has traditionally focused its gas turbine business on large-capacity, high-efficiency systems. With the addition of PWPS's small and medium-size aero-derivative engines, MHI has expanded its power generation product portfolio and is able to offer customers a full product lineup. PWPS's aero-derivative gas turbines are highly acclaimed, especially for their emergency power generation applications, compact design, and rapid start-up time. More than 1,700 aero-derivative turbines have been delivered worldwide. Significant growth is anticipated in applications which require a flexible power source complementary to a renewable-energy power source.

Energy Challenges prompt appeal to EC members

Eight large European energy companies have made an appeal to leading European politicians, aiming to draw the attention of heads of state and government towards the challenges the energy market is facing. The signatories were the CEOs of Enel, Eni, Eon, GasNatural Fenosa, GasTerra, GDF Suez, Iberdrola und RWE. Among other things, they demand that the future energy market design includes a capacity mechanism approach coordinated at European level, in which all assets contributing towards security of supply would be remunerated in a fair and appropriate manner. In addition, with respect to the reform of European emissions trading, the signatory CEOs agreed that realistic and stable reduction targets should be set for the period beyond 2020. Peter Terium, CEO of RWE AG, told WIP: In recent months we have supported a structural reform of European emissions trading. This economic instrument has proven its worth and we are convinced that it continues to be the best method of achieving the EUs climate protection targets. He concludes: In terms of the upcoming reform, it is important for us to achieve rapid political agreement on long-term CO2 reduction targets, which would ultimately lead to a more stringent CO2 reduction path taking us beyond the year 2020. The steeper reduction path can be accompanied by the permanent withdrawal of allowances, if this measure is fully established.

EnerCaps 98m plans for cogen

EnerCap Capital Partners plans a new fund to raise US$466m to invest in cogeneration plants in central and eastern Europe in response to policy changes in the region. EnerCap has plans to sell assets in its 98m renewables fund with wind farms in Poland, Romania and the Czech Republic. EnerCap has decided to focus on gas and biomass-fired CHP projects rather than on renewable power.



Power Generation

85770 kVA

Off-road 105565 kW


Power generation Construction Materials handling Mining/Quarrying Stationary Agricultural Forestry

Today, uptime is critical for all power generation installations. Hospitals, airports, concert events and other operations depend on secured and continuous power supply. Thats why Volvo Penta engines are reliable and safe and a perfect match, whatever your specific application may be. By meeting present and future environmental legislation they are also your investment in a more sustainable tomorrow.



In brief...
Serbia to get new biomass fuelled cogen plant
The northern Serbian town of Senta is the projected location of a biomass-fired cogeneration plant designed to provide a district energy system.It will be built in two phases. The first phase, which is valued at 15.2m will produce 8.4 MW of heat and 4.9 MW of electricity, with a second phase scheduled to be completed in 2015-16. The plant will require 35,000 tonnes of biomass a year, which will be supplied by farmers in neighbouring municipalities

Alstom & KEPCO in joint venture HVDC program

Alstom Grid and Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), one of the largest electric utilities in the world, have announced the creation of KEPCO Alstom Power Electronics Systems (KAPES). The joint venture will focus on delivering high voltage direct current (HVDC) projects in Korea. This long term strategic relationship aims at increasing Korean transmission grid capabilities based on Alstom technology. The joint venture has been implemented with a shareholding of 49% for Alstom and 51% for KEPCO. The HVDC global market is expected to grow by 50bn between now and 2020 and is a strategic growth area for Alstom Grid and KEPCO, as Supergrids develop around the world. Alstoms high voltage direct current technology is essential

METRO invests in micro-CHP units

In partnership with Germany utility E.ON, METRO Cash & Carry is installing advanced gasfired micro-CHP units at two of its wholesale stores in Germany and two in Russia.The units will heat the stores and meet a portion of their electricity needs. Depending on the size of the store, the units electric capacity will range from 250 kW to 800 kW. The company is planning to install CHP units at four other METRO stores in Germany and at new stores opening in Russia. Future option include supplementing the on-site CHP units with solar power systems. E.ON will plan, finance, install and maintain the CHP units, and METRO will operate them. They are expected to lower the stores energy costs and reduce carbon emissions.

for bringing large amounts of power across long distances, with minimal losses, and is also used for integrating renewables and for offshore connections. Alstom Grid and KEPCO have been working together since 1997 on two important HVDC reference projects in Korea. Alstom provided the original 300 MW HVDC bipole link for the direct point-to-point submarine interconnection linking South Koreas Jeju

Island across 101 kilometres with the mainland in the late 1990s. In 2009, Alstom was then awarded a second contract to supply the new converter stations for the 400 MW high voltage direct current (HVDC) bipole scheme. This joint venture will allow Alstom to increase its HVDC technical footprint in Asia and KEPCO to benefit from Alstoms proven industrial expertise, Patrick Plas, Senior Vice President of Alstom Grid, tells WIP. We are very honoured to partner with the largest electric utility in South East Asia. Our success in HVDC projects in Korea has built common understanding and a shared feeling of confidence.

Wood pellets fuel Tamperes district heating project

Finlands largest pellet-fired heating plant, which was supplied by Metso to Tampereen Energiantuotanto Oy, Tampere, is based on a technological solution said to be the first of its kind in the country. It will bring new opportunities to gear the structure of Finnish district heat production towards the goals of sustainable development, reports TE. Previously, peak load plants have been using fossil fuels because there was no other technology available. The Tampere-based plant is mainly fired with wood pellets and its heat output is around 33 MW. The plant has replaced some of the capacity of the oil- and gas-fired boiler plants and has thus helped substantially reduce the CO2 emissions from the production of district heat. The plant has been producing environmentally friendly energy in the city of Tampere since December 2013. Metsos part of the project comprised a complete turnkey boiler plant solution and the new Metso DNA automation system. The new plant operates unmanned with remote monitoring from the main control room of the Lielahti power plant which means operators are able to flexibly control the district heat production.






Mexico - the land of power opportunities, says F&S

A new report from Frost and Sullivan claims the potential for the distributed power generation (DPG) market in Mexico is now very promising. The market will witness strong demand from oil, gas and mining companies in Eastern Mexico, a region not served by the national grid.
ew analysis from Frost & Sullivan Analysis of the Mexican Distributed Power Generation Market, finds that the market earned revenues of more than US$217.6m in 2012 and estimates this to reach US$370.2m in 2017 at a compound annual growth rate of 11.2%. Insufficient centralised electricity, which has compelled several consumers to generate their own power, along with incomplete grid facilities in large isolated areas, offer huge scope for the DPG market in Mexico, according to Frost & Sullivan Energy and Environmental Industry Analyst Martin Cataife. "Recent net metering regulations in the country have encouraged the assembly of new DPG units in households and small commerce consumers. Net metering of expensive tariffs in the industrial segment has also sustained overall DPG installed capacity growth rates," Martin reports. However, DGP providers' reliance on electricity subsidies coupled with grid integration issues in isolated areas make market development uncertain. Energy subsidies have added to the challenge, as artificially low electricity

prices for most consumers in the country reduce opportunities for DPG technologies, which have become a costly alternative to grids. In fact, although DPG technologies reduce transmission costs and provide the benefit of local energy management and economies of scale, their startup costs are higher than that of centralised electricity production, further affecting adoption. The energy sector in Mexico has certain limitations in terms of private participation and foreign companies are allowed to operate in the country only through specific service contracts. As required by the Constitution, the entire electricity sector is federally owned, with Mexico - developing the Federal Electricity its renewable energy Commission (Comisin resources. Federal de Electricidad or CFE involved in directing and controlling the whole sector. Attempts to reform the sector have traditionally faced strong political and

social resistance in Mexico, where subsidies for residential consumers absorb substantial fiscal resources. The electricity sector in Mexico relies heavily on thermal sources (75% of total installed capacity), followed by hydropower generation (22%). Although exploitation of solar, wind, and biomass resources has a large potential, geothermal energy is the only renewable source (excluding hydropower) with a significant contribution to the energy mix (2% of total generation capacity). Expansion plans for the period 2006-2015 estimate the addition of some 14.8 GW of new generation capacity by the public sector, with a predominance of combined cycles.


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Green taxes to drive up power prices?

Could electricity prices in Britain be twice those in Germany by 2016 due to the impact of a new tax aimed at supporting renewable power generation? asks WIPs Chris Hopkins.

report by bank Credit Suisse suggests that the wholesale price of electricity, the core of all our energy bills in the UK, would top those in Germany by 85% in 2016-17. Cerdit Suisse goes on to say that prices could be even higher in general for the next seven to 10 years. The cause of this rise is identified as the UK government's new tax on carbondioxide emitting power generation over the next seven years says Credit Suisse. Its analysts also regard the UKs infrastructure defiencies being at the heart of a failure to import enough power from the European mainland. Prices in the two countries had tracked one another for years, but they diverged in 2012 as Germany gave a welcome boost to the renewable energy generation sector by spending billions of Euros on subsidising the green sector. By Winter 2016/17 UK power prices will trade at an 85% premium to German equivalents, compared with a current 25% divergence, the Credit-Suisse figures predict. The UK Government brought in a mandatory tax on carbon emissions at 4.94 per tonne of CO2 earlier in 2013, adding to the carbon charges already in place under the European Union's Emissions Trading System (EU ETS). The two costs calculated together will rise to 30 per tonne in 2020, an expense which will significantly increase British power prices. German power prices have fallen on the back of the boom in solar and wind power but the government has now moved to rein in subsidies in recognition of the fact that the expansion may have come too fast. This, in turn, has raised concerns over profitability and problems with managing the flow of green energy. Credit Suisse suggests that the net effect between 2013 - 2023 will be to cap the growth of renewable capacity. The lack of substantial interconnection capacity with

Company (Currency)

Monthly share price 21.05 7.38 150.10 86.94


52 week Change over Change high/low month over year 14.45/ 21.90 4.69/ 7.79 111.80/ 156.60 78.23/ 116.95 -1.68% -3.47% +6.15% +2.84% +27.27 % +12.46% +22.93% -6.43%

Change since Jan. 2008 -24.55% -14.58% +70.08% +21.15%

ABB (CHF) Ansaldo (EUR)

Atlas Copco (SEK) Caterpillar (USD)

* CHLORIDE Cummins (USD)

Doosan Heavy Industries (KRW)


45700 22.38 20.71 N/A 303.90 73.38 1439 60.67 821.00 75.42 83.95 37.71

82.20/ 129.51 45050/ 78300 15.26/ 26.08 14.02/ 21.19

+8.20% -17.95% -+21.40% -0.10%

+0.51% -23.71% -10.79% +27.84%


Foster Wheeler (USD) GE (USD)

John Deere (EUR)

-69.50% -4.873%

Kirloskar (INR) MAN (EUR) Mitsubishi (JPY)

MTU Detroit Diesel (EUR) Rolls-Royce (GBX)

221.30/ 379.00 50.78/ 103.00 1393/ 2044 41.81/ 64.80 551.40/ 897.50 62.13/ 79.89 63.95/ 100.40 23.54/ 37.71

+0.96% -3.84% -8.11 -0.83% +2.38% +9.15% ---0.24% +8.20%

+10.11% +16.35% -21.24% +27.97% +14.67% +4.92% +6.47% 21.64% -10.22% -47.10% +80.57% +32.65% -15.63% -6.46% -12.87%

Siemens (EUR)
Volvo (SEK)

Wrtsil (EUR)

Monthly figures taken on June 1st, 2013

other countries also means that the UK will not benefit from the effect of low prices on the mainland, says the report which came out in May 2013. Its ironic that higher wholesale power prices in the UK have led to an improved

stock market performance by UK utilities compared with those on mainland Europe over the past 18 months. Share prices in UK power utilities have increased around 28% over the period, while European stocks are down 8% as of this month.


JUNE 2013


Grid Code legislation has changed: Were ready. Are you?

Cummins Generator Technologies has taken the lead to support legislative requirements. From the 1st January 2013 there is a requirement for compulsory compliance to grid codes in Germany, with the rest of Europe expected to follow suit. The legislation will deliver security and continuity of supply as the grid moves towards distributed power generation. We continue to use our technology leadership position and resources to develop the power industrys most comprehensive range of products, through the internationally renowned STAMFORD and AvK brands. These developments will help our customers to meet therequirements and to deliver grid code compliant generating sets.


Edina - The UKs Total Energy Provider

Edina is a Total Energy Solution Provider currently employing over 140 personnel in five key locations providing national coverage of the UK and Ireland for the full spectrum of services demanded by an ever-increasing and diversifying power supply industry, reports WIP.

he Edina Group of companies has specialised in onsite power generation for over 26 years. As the exclusive distributor for MWM in the UK and Ireland, a full complement of fuel sources are catered for in the Edina product range: diesel, natural gas, bio gas and synthetic gases. Edina offers quality design, supply, hire and full turnkey energy solutions. Expansion and diversification have been the cornerstone of the Edina success together with the vast knowledge and experience we have gained through meeting our customers needs, explains Tony Fenton, Joint Managing Director of Edina. To match evolving environmental and legislative requirements, Edina is developing fresh and innovative technologies with key partners. Edina aims to provide reliable and clean solutions to a world which is increasingly hungry for energy. Edina has an enviable track record in design, construction and long term operation of gas engines powered by all

types of gas, including that produced by waste water plants, and is a key mover in the development of renewable energy and sustainable energy to meet international requirements to reduce the use of fossil fuels. Recently, Anglian Water and Edina UK entered into a 5-year contract for the supply of gas-powered generating equipment manufactured by MWM GmbH of Mannheim Germany. A number of fully-containerised generating sets are being supplied over a five year period. Although initially manufactured in Germany, the actual containerisation of the gensets takes place in Edinas key manufacturing centre in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. The total control of the design and manufacturing process enabled Edina to produce class-leading products to the highest quality standards, reported Tony Fenton. The first six gensets were delivered and installed by December 2010 and were fully operational in early 2011. This first order involved the design, build, installation and long term maintenance of 2 x TCG 2020(V16) and 4 x TCG 2016(V12) gensets to meet Anglian Waters commitment to the AMP 5 Biosolids programme. The choice of both these engine types was based on the highly-regarded and market leading qualities - namely,

their efficiency and durability in biogas operation. Another incentive was the through-life support package for which Edina is widely known. One of Edinas most renowned energy projects involved providing a MWM 1.56MWe TCG2020(V16) gas ignition generating set for the famous Cranfield University. The MWM genset was chosen by Cranfield for its enviable reputation for durability and for its exceptionally high availability at the lowest economic operating cost. The full turnkey package provided by Edina included not only the generating equipment but a new steam boiler, fully integrated control system and total civil construction. Cranfield now includes this new facility as part of the curriculum for its course based on the benefits of CHP. Cranfield University prides itself on its long-established association with providing key research into CHP, and has been linked to the 30MWe installation owned by the Manx Electricity Authority. The new facility provided by Edina currently gives students an important opportunity to carry out their studies on the actual campus.


JUNE 2013


Edina has been involved with several Anaerobic Digestion projects throughout the country as part of its ongoing commitment and competitive contribution to the industry. Working with farmers and AD supply companies such as Marches Biogas, MT Energie, Projen and Binowa among others, gensets have been supplied to Swancote Energy, Wykey Farm, Wigley Farm, and Pancross Farm (S Wales) over the last 24 months. absolute minimum through a dedicated nationwide Edinas manufacturing team of engineers. base in Northern Swancote now handles Ireland. 38,000 metric tonnes food waste per year. Other projects handle a variety of food, effluent and other waste with similarly high results of efficiency, reliability and uptime in excess of 95%. With employees from the has increased output from its farming community Edina is particularly manufacturing base in Northern Ireland aware of the challenges faced by the thanks to constant demand for high industry today and the need for sound quality low-maintenance gas-powered investment and diversification. generating equipment. Since the With a thorough knowledge of the beginning of the year Edina has won 14 process from finance, planning and to grid out of 15 contracts submitted in Ireland connection and beyond Edina can provide with a range from 500kWe to 2MWe. expert technical advice and continuing The Edina containerized gas generator support. has established itself as a big success, Edina recently won the contract to proving to be more than a match for supply the MWM TCG2016(V12) to Lea Hall those currently available in Western Farm for delivery in Autumn 2013. Europe and one that meets all legal, Larger scale waste treatment enterprises MWM engines awaiting delivery. environmental and statutory requirements include projects with Biffa, BioCollectors, The success of the MWM while still being highly competitive. Cory Environmental, Shanks and Malaby to TCG2016(V12) at Swancote Energy, Allied to a design that is based on over name but a few. initially running on a feedstock of maize 25 years operational experience and The MWM range of 500 2MWe is and grass silage helped to facilitate the which incorporates the very latest proving a popular choice with unbeatable expansion of the site to include food and provisions for Health and Safety standards longevity and efficiency. drink waste and the processing of for secure maintenance over its long Edina has installed three 2MWe Category 3 animal by-product. This working life, gives Edinas products an containerised units at the UKs largest prompted the delivery of the 1.5MWe excellent track record. waste Anaerobic Digestion facility at MWM TCG2020(V16) with the two engines Such attention to detail and planning Cannock; these are currently operating at now producing 2.1MWe. Edina offers full has caught the discerning attention of full output. product support, keeping downtime to an many clients in the UK, Ireland, Latvia For the fourth year in succession Edina and now in Australia where the first two units are to be delivered shortly with Swancote Energy now uses an MWM TCG2016 (V12), thanks to installation work by Edina. another 6 ordered for 2014. Further interest is being expressed on a daily basis from potential clients around the world whose location demands quality and reliability as key priorities. Edina has further plans to extend the manufacturing facility in 2014 and introduce state-of-the-art onsite testing facilities to reduce installation time. These are exciting times for Edina and the constant dedication to quality and service shown by all our staff is being recognised by the increase in orders we are receiving year on year," concludes Tony Fenton. WIP

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Low emissions, low operating costs & low lifecycle costs

The MAN Diesel & Turbo 32/44CR is said to represent the latest technology in mediumspeed operated industrial-sized diesel engines. Its electronic injection high-efficiency turbochargers and variable valve timing, means it achieves low emissions, low operating & lifecycle costs.
AN Diesel recently received its first order for the new 32/44CR diesel, the first medium-speed, large fourstroke engine to feature common rail fuel injection as standard equipment. Moreover, since electronic engine control is very much the enabling technology of common rail fuel injection, the 32/44CR engine is also MAN Diesels first allelectronic four-stroke. Significantly, this new development from the companys four-stroke business unit based in Augsburg, Germany, will not be offered with any other form of fuel injection. This situation reflects both our absolute confidence in our common rail system and the markets confidence in MAN Diesels electronic controls, based on several years of commercial operation, Prof. Dr. Wolfram Lausch, Senior Vice President, Large Propulsion Business at MAN Diesel, tells WIP. In fact, the 32/44CR engine is creating immense customer interest and above all, this strong anticipation is based on the new engines ability to meet future emissions limits for oxides of nitrogen (NOx). The 32/44CR diesel offers a high

cylinder output of 560 kW and is derived from the established 32/40 heavy fuel engine, which was the first MAN Diesel engine to be fitted with common rail fuel injection and has been undergoing successful field tests for a considerable time. One of the major product objectives with the 32/44CR was to fully exploit the benefits of common rail in both engine performance and engine construction. A fuel system which allows high injection pressures to be created independent of engine speed allows much closer adaptation of engine performance to a specific application than ever before, and also allows improvements in aspects of engine design, Dr. Ralf Marquard, Senior Vice President R&D Engineering at the MAN Diesel four-stroke business unit, explains. With the adoption of common rail technology on the 32/44CR we were able not only to achieve high specific power output but also market-leading fuel efficiency and extremely low exhaust emissions, including invisible exhaust gases over the entire load range. In addition to these aspects, the product objectives of the 32/44CR also emphasised high reliability and long maintenance intervals; ease of operation and maintenance; low lube oil consumption; improved engine design including new pipework and wiring

concepts; and, naturally, unrestricted heavy fuel oil capability. The basic difference between the 32/44CR engine and its 32/40 progenitor is a 10% increase in stroke. To achieve high specific output, low fuel consumption and low noxious emissions, the stroke dimension has been increased from 400 mm in the 32/40 engine to 440 mm in the 32/44CR, and the engine equipped with flexible and intelligent common rail fuel injection and a considerably more efficient turbocharger, says project leader Stephan Haas. He concludes: An increased compression ratio has made it possible to gain strong benefits in the NOx - particulates - fuel consumption trade-off.


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It isnt possible to tell you all about us in this much space.

control and power at your finger tips
Telephone: +44 (0)1723 871112
Fax: +44 (0)1723 870625
Control & Power Systems Ltd. 3D Burniston Industrial Estate Scarborough, North Yorkshire YO13 0HG

21(&21752//(5  67$1'6287 
The HT-GC500plus controller from HUEGLI TECH is one of the most versatile and cost-effective units of its kind on the market today. This advanced, self-contained controller is suitable for groups of up to 16 gen-sets running in parallel, with or without mains power.  'HVLJQHGVSHFLFDOO\IRUSDQHOEXLOGHUV      ,QFOXGHVPDQ\SUDFWLFDOGD\WRGD\IXQFWLRQV       6WRUDJHWRGD\WDQNIXHOPDQDJHPHQW      )DFLOLWDWHUHPRWHWHOHSKRQHVXSSRUW      0RQLWRULQJE\*356DOORZLQJZRUOGZLGHDFFHVVWRJHQVHW         status  &RQWUROOHULQFOXGHVXQXVXDOO\JHQHURXV,2FDSDELOLW\       All HUEGLI TECH products are backed by our worldwide service and support capability.



Himoinsa - supplying secure energy to key data centres

When Telconet built a major data centre with capacity to ensure an interconnection within Ecuador, from Quito and Guayaquil to the outside world through the NAP of the Americas, HIMOINSAs mission in this key project was to supply the emergency power system, reports WIP.

t the core of Ecuadors recent Telconet Data Center project are the the extremely high security measures taken to ensure a secure, uninterrupted power supply. The Telconet Cloud Center falls into the TIER IV category (capacity for 400 racks), implying a margin of error which is almost zero. It is the first TIER IV classified data centre in Latin America. HIMOINSA has provided a power system with HMW-810 T6 generation sets under 2N+1 configuration, involving the installation of 24 soundproofed units (12 generators in each centre) in a 20-inch container, with MTU engines for operation in parallel with load sharing. Given the demand for high-availability sites for companies to house their servers, Telconet Cloud Center is considering building two data centres: Telconet Cloud Center I, in Guayaquil (TIER IV category and capacity for 400 racks) and Telconet Cloud Center II in Quito (TIER III category and capacity for 360 racks). To provide an optimum emergency power supply in these facilities, measuring 1,000m2 and 900 m2 respectively, emergency generator sets had to be installed. The installation of 24 sound-proofed HIMOINSA HMW-810 T6 units enables parallel operation and ensures high security, uninterrupted power supply levels to the most important data centre

in Latin America. The facility features: * A 3 MVA transformer station; * A 200 KVa scalable UPS with 2N+1 configuration uninterruptible power supply; * Four 3X0.81 MVA gensets with an automatic start function, and 2N+1 configuration; * An uninterruptible power supply Rectifier unit + Batteries (2N). The HIMOINSA generator sets at this site ensure the continuity of supply, reducing the margin of error to zero in the event of a power failure in the main grid. The Telconet Data Center offers housing services (shared housing, hiring of closed cabinet space) and hosting services (virtual servers in a data center with advanced security, surveillance and
JUNE 2013

fire-protection technology in place) to any company requiring them. Today these data centres, which comply with TIA 942-2 and Uptime Institute regulations, are undoubtedly the largest and most advanced in Ecuador. WIP

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We provide the power to get your project off the ground


Maintaining high chain reliability in steam turbines

Safety is the top priority with steam turbine control. High drive chain reliability is a must in preventing accidents and property damage. The digital controller TurCon DTm from Voith has been designed to provide the safe control of steam turbines, reports WIP.
oith's new TurCon DTm has been designed to control steam turbines with power capacities of up to 500 MW and is particularly well-suited to different control modes from speed and frequency control all the way to up to complicated extraction steam control. This feature allows the TurCon DTm to offer operators a wide range of benefits. Unlike some comparable systems, the controller features a fully integrated speed measurement system with shortcircuit and open-circuit monitoring. The TurCon DTm does more than just monitor speed for plausibility, reports Voith, it also monitors the electric lines for malfunctions. This helps prevent unscheduled downtime and the costs associated with it, while at the same time considerably increasing the safety of the control process. The modular design of the TurCon DTm makes it easy to replace individual components. No additional equipment is needed to safely control steam turbines because all the relevant components are fully integrated. The result is reduced

The steam turbine controller measures all relevant process variables during steam turbine operation. It relays standard signals to the actuator, enabling safe steam turbine control. total cost of ownership (TCO) for the operator. Unlike many comparable controllers, the critically important safety relays (TRIP) are also integrated into the controller, thus eliminating the need to install them separately, says Voith. In critical process states, the TRIP relays enable reliable turbine shutdown signalling. Voith's TurCon DTm digital controller is said to be fully configurable and can be customised to individual operator requirements. The easy-to-use touchscreen display supports simple controller parameterisation. Voith has more than 30 years of experience in actuator and control engineering and prides itself on the proven high reliability of its products. According to the manufacturer,
JUNE 2013

the statistical Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) for Voith actuators and control systems reaches values of up to 100,000 years. Voith describes TurCon DTm as a fitting addition to the broad control system product portfolio. In summary, the steam turbine controller TurCon DTm from Voith measures all relevant process variables during steam turbine operation. Depending on the sensor values and process requirements, the TurCon DTm has been designed to relay standard signals to the actuator, enabling safe steam turbine control. This prevents any unscheduled downtime and the unplanned costs associated with it, concludes Voith.


TurCon DTm: important safety relays (TRIP) are also integrated into the controller.

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Our focus means the best t alternators for you

We only make alternators. Because thats our entire focus, we can ex and adapt to suit the specialist needs of our customers. It also means that a greater degree of our expertise and resources are directed towards developing the most reliable alternators in the world.

Totally Focused. Totally Independent. Alternators 1 - 3000kVA


Synch Lock testing a huge success, reports DSE

A series of extensive tests on the DSE7570 Synch Lock product made by Deep Sea Electronics plc (DSE) proved an outstanding success. It has proved itself capable of synchronising the mains or utility supply with a generator supply and to hold it in synch for a chosen period of time.

he Synch Lock product from Deep Sea Electronics is designed to synchronise the mains or utility supply with a generator supply and to hold it in synch for a chosen period of time until the fuses can be manually removed, to disconnect the mains power. Forward and backward synchronising with the mains or utility supply enables maintenance or service work to be carried out on substations or circuit breakers etc, without interrupting the supply. Recent in-depth testing of the product was carried out at two different locations in the UK. The first of these was DSEs own manufacturing facility in North Yorkshire which boasts a three-set synchronising & load sharing system which provides power to the factory in the event of a mains power failure. This live application was used to put the DSE7570 through its paces during a twoday testing program, where onsite engineers were able to simulate a wide range of different application requirements.

The second set of testing was performed onsite at a customer location in the UK and again took place over the course of two days. The testing, once again, was performed on a live system which took the DSE7570 through all aspects of its features and functions. Throughout both testing periods the DSE7570 performed outstandingly well with no issues, reports DSE. The DSE7570 is contained within a portable, hard-shell, plastic case, and is light enough to be hand-carried, making it easy to transport from site to site. This proven and reliable technology is ideal for the rental market where companies are often called upon to provide generator hire sets, or temporary sets, at short notice, and also allows them to carry out emergency repairs or maintenance work without interrupting the power supply. The powerful ARM microprocessor contained within the module allows for incorporation of a range of complex features: Text based LCD display (supporting multiple languages). True RMS Voltage, Current and Power monitoring. Fully configurable inputs for use as alarms or a range of different functions. The Synch Lock module can be installed up to a distance of 200m away from the controller allowing for a high level of installation flexibility to suit multiple
JUNE 2013

applications where access may be awkward or restricted. Alterations can be made to selected operational sequences, timers and alarms making the DSE7570 truly flexible. The DSE7570 forms part of a larger family of Load Sharing and Synchronising modules which are designed and manufactured entirely by DSE at its UK facility in North Yorkshire and supplied throughout the world. Other modules in the DSE Load Sharing and Synchronising range include many features, for example: 32-set synchronising; Dead Bus Synchronising; and Multiple communication options including Ethernet Communications & DSEWebNet.


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Plug in and relax.

the all-new Scania Gensets. REDEFINING RELIABILITY.
Prime or standby power? Single or synchronised installations? Whatever your challenge, the all-new Scania Gensets will deliver everything that the Scania brand stands for in terms of operating economy, fuel efficiency, uptime and proven reliability. This is why the Scania Gensets are the given choice for demanding duties in remote mining districts. Just plug in and relax.
The Scania Gensets and Scania Services a complete range of power generation equipment and services for maximum uptime and long-term profitability.


Fuel-free, emission-free power from low grade waste heat

A biogas/CHP facility based in Brno in the Czech Republic has just commissioned an ElectraTherms Green Machine, based on two MWM engines. A high dynamic output range allows the Green Machine to stay operating over a wide variety of site conditions, reports WIP.

he Green Machine generates fuelfree, emission free power from low temperature waste heat. ElectraTherms Eastern European distributor, GB Consulting, commissioned the machine in February 2013 at the Brno biogas plant to generate additional power and increase energy efficiency on site. To date, the machine has maintained over 95% efficiency. The Green Machine has been added to an existing biogas power facility producing 900kWe. The two MWM internal combustion engines are equipped with an exhaust gas heat exchanger designed to combine both the heat available in the exhaust and the heat available in the jacket water into a single heat stream. The waste heat from the engines is used to heat the anaerobic digestion process, and excess heat not needed to sustain the anaerobic digestion process is used by the Green Machine to produce fossil-fuel free electricity 24/7. The anaerobic digestion process at this site uses a corn silage and manure slurry/mixture as the fuel source. The corn and manure are loaded into a selffeeding hopper. From the hopper, the resulting biomass is pumped to the

digester, where methane is produced through anaerobic digestion. ElectraTherm's Green Machine converts low temperature water flows into fuelfree, emission-free power. The Green Machine output range is up to 65kWe, based on temperatures and flows. The small footprint (6.5 x 8 x 7.25 ft or 2 x 2.5 x 2.2 m), skid-mounted design facilitates ease of installation. Additionally, the Green Machines control system is fully automated, allowing remote control, remote monitoring and off-site maintenance. The Green Machine is scalable to each heat source, allowing connection of multiple Green Machines to a single heat source if enough energy is provided. The Green Machine employs a robust design and the majority of machine components are readily available. ElectraTherms Green Machine uses a twin screw expander for its power block. The twin screw design is simple and robust. The operating speed of the Green Machine is low, and does not require a

gearbox. The twin screw can also run in a wet condition meaning the refrigerant does not have to be 100% superheated vapor. This is an advantage over traditional turbine-based expansion devices. Advantages include: Closed loop air cooled condensing option results in zero water consumption; Fully automated controls system with remote monitoring and operating capabilities via Internet connection; and NEMA 3R / IP 54 enclosure. WIP

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ExxonMobil develops high performance gas turbine oil

ExxonMobil has launched Mobil DTE 932 GT, a high-performance oil designed to help improve the reliability and power output of gas turbines. The new lubricant is said to have been specifically designed to help power operators improve safety and productivity, reports WIP.

key feature of Mobil DTE 932 GT, says its manufacturer, is that the oil is designed to limit varnish formation in gas turbine power systems. During testing, Mobil DTE 932 GT was shown to deliver additional critical performance benefits such as high temperature performance, deposit control and excellent foam control and air release. Mobil DTE 932 GT meets or exceeds the standards set for General Electric (GE) frame 3,5,6,7 and 9 turbines. Varnish can have a highly detrimental effect on gas turbine operations Kirill Chervyakov, Industrial Marketing Advisor, ExxonMobil Fuels and Lubricants, tells WIP. "During gas turbine operation, varnish deposits can build up and stick to various interior surfaces and block openings and filters, which can reduce power output and reliability. Mobil DTE 932 GT offers the potential for greatly reduced varnish formation. In addition to Mobil DTE 932 GT, Mobil SHC Pegasus, the latest evolution in ExxonMobils range of Mobil Pegasus natural gas engine oils, has been approved for use in GE Waukesha APG 1000 engines. GE cited good results for engine

component wear and deposit control as well as fuel efficiency improvement. Mobil SHC Pegasus has the potential to reduce fuel consumption by up to 1.5% and increase oil drain intervals from four to eight times that of conventional gas engine oils. The fuel efficiency of Mobil SHC Pegasus says the manufacturer relates solely to the fluid performance when compared to ExxonMobil's standard SAE 40 natural gas engine oils. The technology used in Mobil SHC Pegasus demonstrated up to a 1.5% increase in fuel efficiency compared to Mobil Pegasus 1005 and 805 series when tested in standard natural gas engine applications under controlled conditions. Efficiency improvements will vary based on operating conditions. The energy efficiency claim for this product is based on test results on the use of the fluid conducted in accordance with all applicable industry standards and protocols, a company spokesman told WIP. Alongside its high quality lubricants, ExxonMobil offers its proprietary online oil analysis service, Signum Oil Analysis. Signum is said to enable operators to proactively monitor the condition of lubricants and address conditions which have the potential to lead to unscheduled downtime and increased costs. Mobil SHC Pegasus gas engine oil - the new gas turbine lubricant - is said to:

Mobil DTE 932 GT.

ExxonMobils range of Mobil Pegasus natural gas engine oils, has been approved for use in GE Waukesha APG 1000 engines. Offer the potential to greatly reduce varnish formation. Meet or exceed the standards for GE frame 3,5,6,7 and 9 turbines Be approved for GE Waukesha APG 1000 engines. WIP

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JUNE 2013



Fuel polishing - reducing the risk of gen-set failure

Imagine youre a London-based bank operating backup gen-sets. You dont want the hazards of poor quality fuel or a potential generator failure, and need to reduce the cost of removing, disposing of & replacing contaminated fuel. WASP PFS Ltd has a solution, reports WIP.

n fact this is not just a hyopthetical story. WASP PFS Ltd has recently supplied two fuel polishing systems to Finning, whose client is a major American bank located in Central London. The bank knew its facility would fail without power. A spokesman comments: We could not afford poor quality fuel or a back-up generator failure, and especially wanted to reduce the cost of removing, disposing and replacing contaminated fuel. Finnings client wanted complete continuity and asked them to recommend a reliable, high-quality fuel polishing manufacturer. The bank sought a reasonably priced customised unit installed with its tanks/generators to ensure they featured excellent fuel quality. Finning, a longstanding WASP customer, knew WASP would be able to provide the right solution, and recommended the company and its expertise. Fuel polishing was already known to the client because of its key relevance to the industry. As biodiesel is added to gas oil/fuel oil (EN590) fuel degrades quicker

and attracts water thus creating contamination, which is a huge challenge for back-up generators to cope with. As a result, contaminated fuel could cause the clients back-up generator to fail when run in an emergency situation (on-load for a reasonable duration). Most regular generator tests will not pick this issue up, unless the fuel has been laboratory tested as well. WASP suggested the simplest and most economical solution to good fuel housekeeping - to install a machine to maintain fuel quality in the form of a fuel polishing system. The client company laid out its technical requirements and WASP was able to match them. It set about the task of designing, developing & manufacturing two customised enclosed fuel polishing systems with variable speed pumps. These were manufactured to preserve the fuel in the back-up generator tank by removing particulates, bacterial content, biomass, sludge, water and other foreign matter. However, most importantly they focussed on the absolute filtration of particulates at 2 micron, and water removal. Finning installed the polishing systems on the clients site and WASP used its experience and expertise to assist in commissioning, as well as offering full training for the clients facilities team, showing them how to test and operate the units as well as utilise their BMS capabilities.

WASP fuel polishing system.

Once installed, these systems ensured the client had optimum fuel quality in their tanks. Moreover, via the integrated BMS communication system, the client was able to monitor the system remotely and could be certain of their fuel quality. This remote monitoring, tied into the simplicity of setup and operation, meant good fuel housekeeping will always be as simple as possible for the client. The patented technology employed in the WASP solution cost the client significantly less than the outlay for a replacement tank of fuel. Fuel polishing systems installed on back-up generators will protect the clients generator against fuel-related breakdowns and will improve its efficiency. This has the added advantage of reducing the clients carbon-footprint whilst ensuring a cost-savings each year; making the fuel polishing system the perfect solution for them. WIP

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C O N T R A C T S & A P P L I C AT I O N S

GE in Alaskan city genset contract

Kotzebue Electric Association (KEA), an electric cooperative which focuses on supplying electricity to the remote city of Kotzebue and other rural areas of Alaska, has launched a joint project with GE. This will increase the energy efficiency and extend the fuel supply of several diesel engines powering Kotzebue. Under the terms of the contract GE will provide a Clean Cycle heat-to-power generator which will use the diesel engines exhaust heat to produce electricity for the local grid. This project showcases how communities and industries can achieve more efficient power production and greater fuel savings using heatto-power technology.

ET Solar Group Corp in Romania PV deal

Alstom wins 100m Indian super thermal plant business

Alstom has been awarded a contract by Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), to supply components and services for the 2x800 MW Gadarwara super thermal power plant at Gadarwara, Narsingpur, Madhya Pradesh, India.

ET Solar Group Corp., a leading solar one-stop solution provider, has completed three photovoltaic plant contracts. The facilities have a combined capacity of 28MW for Tinmar-Ind S.A. one of Romania's largest electricity suppliers and traders. These three projects combined with 22MW completed for Tinmar in April 2013 bring ET Solar's cumulative total to 50MW in Romania. These three plants are located in Targu Carbunesti, Gorjcounty, and Simnicu de Sus, Dolj county. ET Solar is the sole PV module supplier, while ET Solutions AG, the Munich based subsidiary of ET Solar dedicated to turnkey EPC service, provides engineering, procurement and construction services, as well as construction financing. ET Solutions' Romanian branch will provide Operations & Maintenance service to Tinmar for all three plants. During a recent interview, Dennis She, President and CEO of ET Solar, told WIP: "The achievement of grid connection for these three photovoltaic plants is a result of seamless coordinated work among our team in Munich and Bucharest. It further

demonstrates that we are transferring ourselves to a global EPC company. We are committed to further growing our project solutions business to other emerging markets with both our existing and new customers on a win-win basis. " Augustin Oancea, CEO of Tinmar, added: "After completing the first three projects early this year with ET Solar, we are very happy to achieve another major victory. We are impressed by their professional engineering service, high quality project execution, and full dedication for on-time project delivery." In the next two years, Romania will install enough photovoltaic panels to provide 256 MW. A company called Renovation has a PV project in Giurgiu County, with an installed capacity of .993 MW and owns a factory which makes photovoltaic panels in Satu Mare. Another company in the PV sector is City Hall Floresti, which has a power plant with an installed capacity of .9 MW and Q Company with a project of .5MW. Transelectrica has already signed agreements for PV connections to the grid for a number of projected photovoltaic projects.

Statoil and Stadtwerke agree gas contract

Statoil and Stadtwerke Dsseldorf have signed a 15-year contract for the supply of natural gas to Stadtwerke Dsseldorf's upcoming 600-MW gas power plant (CCGT) in Lausward/Dsseldorf, Germany. The power plant will become one of the most efficient plants worldwide due to heat production that will be used in the district heating system. Gas deliveries are planned to start in 2016. The agreement builds on the liberalising gas, power and emissions markets and the available market price indices to enable risk and reward sharing between parties. It represents a new type of partnership in the German gasto-power market. The concept enables Stadtwerke Dsseldorf to run the plant in the most economical way, including steam production for district heating. "This new partnership with Stadtwerke Dsseldorf is a stepping stone for Statoil's strateWORLDWIDE

KBR gets Ghent contract for USA

KBR has been awarded a contract by Kentucky Utilities, a subsidiary of PPL Corporation, to provide engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services for the installation of air emissions control systems at its Ghent Generating Stations in Ghent, KY.

gy to promote gas in the power segment throughout Europe in general, but in Germany specifically," Rune Bjrnson, senior vice president responsible for Statoil's Natural Gas business unit, tells WIP. He concludes: "Germany is a key market for us and we are very satisfied to establish a long-term partnership with a major utility like Stadtwerke Dsseldorf. It illustrates Statoil's willingness to develop and enter into new commercial concepts in the gasto-power segment. This innovative deal creates value for our company."


JUNE 2013



Meggers new tester series for the power industry

Megger has developed a new series of insulation and continuity testers which conform to IEC1010-1 standards. Rated to CAT IV 600 V, the MIT400 series electrical test equipment provides greater user safety when testing in higher voltage environments. The testers are suitable for use in high energy systems throughout the power industry. The MIT400 series, which includes the MIT400, MIT410, MIT415, MIT420, MIT430 and MIT40X, is said to offer an exceptional measurement range and features adjustable insulation test voltages from 250 V to 1000 V and 50 V to 1000 V.

Free-standing enclosures available from Rittal

Rittal's new free-standing enclosure the SE 8 is a standardised system with features that can be assembled efficiently. Keeping the costs of engineering & handling in check, free-standing enclosures are used in many areas of industry and in building services management. Typical fields of application are compact machinery and equipment, whose power distribution and automation components can be accommodated in one single enclosure. Unlike baying suites with frames and removable side panels, the body of Rittals SE 8 consists of two side panels and a roof made from one piece of sheet steel. For the user, this means that both handling and installation of separate side panels are eliminated. Depending on size, SE 8 enclosures are available as one or two-door models. One particular advantage is that due to the absence of a centre bar, doors can overlap and the 1,800 mm wide, two-door system enclosures offer unimpeded access to complete mounting plates and switch panels. Rittals SE 8 offers major potential savings, especially in the larger widths. One single enclosure can thus be used instead of two or three bayed ones. Thanks to the TS 8 sections on the side panels, which Rittal produce in a unique manufacturing process, the user can now easily and quickly install the complete range of accessories familiar from the baying system in the SE 8. System accessories include virtually all the products needed in enclosure configuration. Accessories range from enclosure lights through to climate control solutions. Overall, the user also benefits from the improved interior installation capabilities. Flexibility and additional space are provided by expanding on two mounting levels.

J624 Jenbacher engines installed in Austria

Three of GEs latest J624 Jenbacher engines have been installed in cogeneration plant belonging to Austria Energie AG, an Austrian utility serving about 1,400 customers in Kirchdorf. The company has now upgraded its district heating facility by replacing the existing steam turbines with three of the GE models. GEs J624 gas engine has an output of 4.4 MW and features twostage turbocharging, providing electrical efficiency (45.4%), thermal efficiency (43.7%) and overall efficiency (89.1%). The J624 units, which run on natural gas, offer customised hydraulic integration, which gives the utility the ability to choose its temperature level. CFO of the Energie AG, Dr. Andreas Kolar told WIP: "As our steam turbines reached the end of their life, we looked for a solution with a proven record for high efficiency, low emissions and flexibility. GE's gas engine technology was the best product for our requirements".

CAT generators installed at Garraf Oilfield in Iraq

The IPU Group, a systems manufacturer for critical diesel and gas applications, needed a supply of CAT engines specified by the end user to power the first phase of a new production plant at the Garraf oilfield in Iraq. As the sole supplier of CAT engines in the UK, IPU Group had worked with Finning previously on a number of projects and had come to rely on both the proven Cat product range as well as the companys expertise in specifying and delivering efficient power solutions. Shipped to the USA to achieve an early delivery, Finning supplied 14 separate CAT engine sets to provide the onsite power for the facility, located five miles outside of Basra in Southern Iraq. Nine CAT 3516 diesel generators, rated at 2,000 kVA, provide the main load to run the various pumps and motors required for the efficient operation of the production aspects of the plant. Four CAT 3520 gas engines, rated at 2,500 kVA are optimised to run on the natural flare gas produced on site, which would otherwise be burnt off in to the atmosphere. These operate in parallel and take up the load once the diesel generators reach full output. A separate CAT 3412, 900 kVA utility set was supplied to provide emergency power in the event of a complete energy blackout.

New Industrial Relay System From Phoenix Contact

The new Rifline complete industrial relay system from Phoenix Contact ranges from a slim 6.2 mm coupling relay to a relay that may be used as a small contactor replacement to the most powerful relay that can switch voltages up to 400 V. This universally pluggable relay system ensures high machine and system availability. The relay system is based on Phoenix Contacts push-in technology, in which wiring is done by inserting the wire directly into the clamping sleeve, significantly shortening the installation time. This technology is already in use in several products, such as the PLCInterface relay series and the Clipline complete terminal block system. The use of bridging material from the existing terminal block product range enables simple current distribution. Most of the relay modules in the series can be upgraded to a timer relay with the pluggable timer module. INDEPENDENT POWER


JUNE 2013









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OPRA turbines is an engine manufacturer providing gas turbine gensets in 1-10MW power solutions using the 2MW range OP16 Gas T urbine. Turbine.


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Unit 13 Rugby Park Bletchley Road, Stockport SK4 3EF T +44 (0) 161 432 8833 F +44 (0) 161 4328833 Sole distributor of MWM generating sets in the UK and Ireland Electrical Electrical Model Fuel rpm Output Efficiency (kW) % TCG2016V08 g 1500 372 41.9 TCG2016V12 g 1500 556 41.7 TCG2016V16 g 1500 736 42.0 TCG2020V12 g 1500 1138 43.1 TCG2020V16 g 1500 1513 43.0 TCG2020V20 g 1500 1902 43.4 TCG2032V12 g 1000 3333 43.5 TCG2032V16 g 1000 4300 43.5 All engines available for both natural gas and biogas. TCG2032V12 and V16 also available for syngas. NOx level: 500mg/m3 Ratings to ISO 3046/1 Methane Number (MN): 70 Model TCD2016V12 TCD2016V16 TCD2020V12 TCD2020V16 Fuel rpm d d d d 1500 1500 1500 1500 Elec O/P Elec O/P Continuous Prime 548 736 736 832 547 624 1875 1964 MAN Truck & Bus AG, Sales Unit Engines develops and manufactures high speed diesel engines for gensets with rating 280 up to 1117kW and gas engines for cogeneration with ratings 37 to 420kW. MAN Diesel Engines for Gensets PRP Prime Power Model rpm kWm 50 Hz D2866 LE 201 d 1500 280 D 2876 LE 201 d 1500 355 D 2848 LE 211 d 1500 405 D 2840 LE 201 d 1500 451 D 2840 LE 211 d 1500 495 D 2842 LE 201 d 1500 543 D 2842 LE 211 d 1500 590 D 2862 LE 221 d 1500 700 60 Hz D 2866 LE 201 D 2876 LE 201 D 2848 LE 211 D 2840 LE 201 D 2840 LE 211 D 2842 LE 201 D 2842 LE 211 D 2862 LE 221 d d d d d d d d 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 322 405 460 515 565 620 695 800 Series 60 8V 2000 G 8V 2000 G 8V 2000 G 12V 2000 G23 12V 2000 G63 16V 2000 G23 16V 2000 G63 18V 2000 G63 12V 2000 G23 (U) 12V 2000 G63 (U) 16V 2000 G23 (U) 16V 2000 G63 (U) 18V 2000 G63 (U) 8V 4000 G61 12V 4000 G21 12V 4000 G61 16V 4000 G21 16V 4000 G61 20V 4000 G22 20V 4000 G62 8V 4000 G61 (U) 12V 4000 G21 (U) 12V 4000 G61 (U) 16V 4000 G21 (U) 16V 4000 G61 (U) 20V 4000 G22 (U) 20V 4000 G62 (U) 12V 4000 P61 16V 4000 P61 Series 60 Series 60 8V 2000 G 8V 2000 G 12V 2000 G23 12V 2000 G63 16V 2000 G63 18V 2000 G63 12V 2000 G63(U) 16V 2000 G63(U) 18V 2000 G63(U) 8V 4000 G61 12V 4000 G61 16V 4000 G61 12V 4000 G62 8V 4000 G61(U) 12V 4000 G6 (U) 16V 4000 G61(U) 20V 4000 G62(U) 12V 4000 P61 16V 4000 P61 Diesel engines 60 Hz" SUN2105 SUN3105 SUN3105T SUN4105E SUN4105TE SUN4105IE SUN6105IE 3R 700 G40 3R 700 G80 4R 700 G80 6R 700 G80 Series 50 Series 50 Series 50 Series 60 Series 60 Series 60 Series 60 Series 60 Series 60 8V 2000 G 8V 2000 G 8V 2000 G 12V 2000 G43 12V 2000 G83 16V 2000 G43 16V 2000 G83 18V 2000 G83 8V 4000 G81 12V 4000 G41 12V 4000 G81 16V 4000 G41 16V 4000 G81 d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 1500 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 411 330 365 409 565 625 720 805 895 565 625 720 805 895 895 1205 1330 1600 1760 2200 2420 895 1205 1330 1600 1760 2200 2420 1320 1760 280 298 303 336 452 515 655 720 515 655 720 735 1095 1450 2000 735 1095 1450 2000 1140 1520 380 310 345 385 530 590 675 755 840 530 590 675 755 840 850 1145 1265 1520 1670 2090 2300 850 1145 1265 1520 1670 2090 2300 1255 1670 260 275 285 315 430 490 620 685 485 615 675 700 1040 1380 1900 700 1040 1380 1900 1085 1445

SE-151 87 Sodertalje Sweden Tel +468553 81000 Fax +468553 898 12 e-mail Web UK Contact Ian Cooper Scania GB ltd Tel +441908 329385 Fax +441908 329483 E-mail Diesel engines for power generation Prime Power 250 to 550kVA Stand by Power 250 to 600kVA Engine Range Prime Power 50hz at (70% load factor) Model Spec RPM kWm kVA DC9 65 (10-93) 1500 225 250 DC9 65 (10-94) 1500 247 275 DC9 65 (10-95) 1500 266 300 DC12 59 (10-31) 1500 270 300 DC12 59 (10-32) 1500 313 350 DC12 59 (10-33) 1500 356 400 DC12 59 (10-34) 1500 399 450 DC16 45 (10-25) 1500 400 450 DC16 45 (10-30) 1500 439 500 DC16 44 (10-27) 1500 481 550 Engines are also available for 1800 RPM for 60hz Bio Diesel The engine range above can be operated with bio-diesel providing the fuel meets the requirements of EN14214 standard

kWe 249 318 362 409 452 502 543 640 285 357 407 462 498 566 633 720 kWe 325 410 450 500 560 580 650 800

MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH 88040 Friedrichshafen Germany Phone +49 7541 90-7006 Fax +49 7541 90-7084

MTU Detroit Diesel Inc. 13400 Outer Drive West Detroit, Michigan 48239 USA Phone +1 313 592 57 08 Fax +1 313 592 51 58 Fuel rpm Hz kWm Diesel engines 50 Hz" Series 60 d 1500 50 280 Series 60 d 1500 50 298 8V 2000 G d 1500 50 303 8V 2000 G d 1500 50 336 12V 2000 G23 d 1500 50 452 12V 2000 G63 d 1500 50 515 16V 2000 G63 d 1500 50 655 18V 2000 G63 d 1500 50 720 12V 2000 G63 (U) d 1500 50 515 16V 2000 G63 (U) d 1500 50 655 18V 2000 G63 (U) d 1500 50 720 8V 4000 G61 d 1500 50 735 12V 4000 G61 d 1500 50 1095 16V 4000 G61 d 1500 50 1450 20V 4000 G62 d 1500 50 2000 8V 4000 G61 (U) d 1500 50 735 12V 4000 G61 (U) d 1500 50 1095 16V 4000 G61 (U) d 1500 50 1450 20V 4000 G62 (U) d 1500 50 2000 12V 4000 P61 d 1500 50 1140 16V 4000 P61 d 1500 50 1520 Diesel engines 60 Hz" Series 60 d 1800 60 280 Series 60 d 1800 60 354 8V 2000 G d 1800 60 370 12V 2000 G43 d 1800 60 561 12V 2000 G83 d 1800 60 625 16V 2000 G43 d 1800 60 743 16V 2000 G83 d 1800 60 835 18V 2000 G83 d 1800 60 900 8V 4000 G81 d 1800 60 750 12V 4000 G41 d 1800 60 1020 12V 4000 G81 d 1800 60 1120 16V 4000 G41 d 1800 60 1360 16V 4000 G81 d 1800 60 1495 20V 4000 G82 d 1800 60 2060 12V 4000 P81 d 1800 60 1380 16V 4000 P81 d 1800 60 1840 1200 rpm / 60 Hz 12V 4000 G71 d 1200 60 870 16V 4000 G71 d 1200 60 1140 Gas engines natural gas 50 Hz" 12V 2000 L60 1) g 1500 50 450 12V 2000 L60 2) g 1500 50 480 16V 2000 L60 1) g 1500 50 600 16V 2000 L60 2) g 1500 50 640 18V 2000 L60 1) g 1500 50 675 18V 2000 L60 2) g 1500 50 720 12V 4000 L61 2) g 1500 50 1200 16V 4000 L61 2) g 1500 50 1600 NOx emission < 250mg/m3 NOx emission < 500mg/m3" Series 60 Series 60 Series 60 Series 60 d d d d 1500 1500 1500 1500 50 50 50 50 272 313 321 362 kWe

Standby diesels from 50kVA to 3000kVA also available

LTP Limited Time Running Power Model rpm kWm 50 Hz D 2866 LE 203 d 1500 360 D 2876 LE 203 d 1500 451 D 2848 LE 213 d 1500 495 D 2840 LE 203 d 1500 545 D 2840 LE 213 d 1500 610 D 2842 LE 203 d 1500 633 D 2842 LE 213 d 1500 702 D 2862 LE 223 d 1500 880 60 Hz D 2866 LE 203 D 2876 LE 203 D 2848 LE 213 D 2840 LE 203 D 2840 LE 213 D 2842 LE 203 D 2842 LE 213 D 2862 LE 223 d d d d d d d d 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800

GE Energy
Jenbacher gas engines Headquarters A-6200 Jenbach (Austria) T +43 5244 600-0 F +43 5244 600-527 Manufacturer of gas driven generator sets and cogeneration systems in a power range from 0.25 to 3 MW. Model Fuel rpm Pel Pth JMS 208 GS g 1,500 330 358 JMS 208 GS g 1,800 335 406 JMS 312 GS g 1,500 625 731 JMS 312 GS g 1,800 633 808 JMS 316 GS g 1,500 834 988 JMS 316 GS g 1,800 848 1,079 JMS 320 GS g 1,500 1,063 1,190 JMS 320 GS g 1,800 1,060 1,313 JMS 412 GS g 1,500 844 892 JMS 416 GS g 1,500 1,131 1,194 JMS 420 GS g 1,500 1,415 1,492 JMS 612 GS g 1,500 1,820 1,792 JMS 616 GS g 1,500 2,433 2,399 JMS 620 GS g 1,500 3,041 3,020 Ratings natural gas standard, NOx 500 mg/m3N. Dry exhaust gas; based on 5% O2. For engines with 1,200 rpm please contact GE Energys Jenbacher product team. TAD1242GE TAD1640GE TAD1641GE TAD1642GE 352 393 433 485 409 462 509 570

400 360 507 450 539 480 585 530 660 600 718 660 800 735 1117 1000

MAN Gas Engines for Cogeneration Plants Natural Gas Model rpm kWm E 0834 E 312 g 1500 37 E 0834 E 312 g 1500 47 E 0834 E 302 g 1500 54 E 0834 LE 302 g 1500 68 E 0836 E 312 g 1500 56 E 0836 E 302 g 1500 75 E 0836 LE 202 g 1500 110 E 2876 E 312 g 1500 150 E 2876 LE 302 g 1500 210 E 2848 LE 322 g 1500 265 E 2842 E 312 g 1500 250 E 2842 LE 322 g 1500 420 E 0834 E 312 g 1800 45 E 0834 E 312 g 1800 53 E 0834 E 302 g 1800 62 E 0836 E 312 g 1800 64 E 0836 E 302 g 1800 85 E 0836 LE 202 g 1800 110 E 2876 E 312 g 1800 170 E 2876 LE 302 g 1800 210 E 2848 LE 322 g 1800 295 E 2842 E 312 g 1800 280 E 2842 LE 322 g 1800 420 Special/Bio Gas Model E 0834 LE 302 E 0836 LE 202 E 2876 TE 302 E 2876 LE 302 E 2848 LE 322 E 2842 LE 322 E 0836 LE 202 E 2876 LE 302 E 2842 LE 322 E 2848 LE 322 rpm g 1500 g 1500 g 1500 g 1500 g 1500 g 1500 g 1800 g 1800 g 1800 g 1800 kWm 68 110 130 200 265 380 110 200 380 265

260 275 285 315 430 490 620 685 485 615 675 700 1040 1380 1900 700 1040 1380 1900 1085 1445

Volvo Penta
405 08 Gothenburg Sweden Tel +46 31 235460 Model TAD530GE TAD531GE TAD532GE TAD550GE1) TAD551GE1) TAD730GE TAD731GE TAD732GE TAD733GE TAD734GE TAD750GE1) TAD751GE1) TAD752GE1) TAD753GE1) TAD754GE1) TAD940GE TAD941GE TAD1341GE TAD1342GE TAD1343GE TAD1344GE TAD1345GE TAD1351GE1) TAD1352GE1) TAD1354GE1) TAD1355GE1) TAD1640GE TAD1641GE TAD1642GE TWD1643GE TAD1650GE1) TAD1651GE1) Spec Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel RPM 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) 15002) kWm 75 88 113 76 89 113 132 162 175 213 114 132 158 173 217 241 280 271 303 325 354 388 279 314 328 355 392 430 503 536 393 430 kVA 85 100 130 86 101 130 152 186 201 245 131 152 182 199 250 277 326 315 352 378 412 451 324 365 381 413 461 505 591 630 462 505

224 285 295 450 500 595 670 720 600 815 895 1090 1195 1650 1105 1470 695 910

MAN Truck & Bus AG

Sales Unit Engines Vogelweiherstr. 33 90411 Nuremberg, Germany Tel: +49-911-420-1745 Fax: +49-911-420-1932 E-mail: Contact: Huber Gossner, Head of Power

425 450 565 600 635 675 1130 1505

250 290 295 335

d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d

1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800 1800

60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60

24 37 44 48 71 88 113 25 39 55 83 186 235 261 309 339 365 410 474 511 455 511 570 735 835 1007 1115 1250 1100 1490 1640 1990 2190

19 30 35 38 57 70 90 20 31 44 66 170 215 210 285 310 335 375 435 410 430 410 535 690 670 945 1050 1000 880 1415 1560 1890 2080

Engines are also available for 1800 rpm / 60 Hz




Gainearlywarningofpowerissues andprotectagainstpowerfailureor downtime Improveenergyeciencythrough accuratemonitoringofenergy consumption RS485Modbusenablesremote monitoringandsimpleintegration intoexistingcommunications architecture Specifyelectricalpoweralarmlimits withuserprogrammablesetpoints Simple,costeectiveinstallation96DINcaseformatfitsexisting dimensions Upgradeanaloguedevicestodigital measurementtechnology

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Suppliers of Efficient Gas EngineTechnology

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