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August 2013 Forum
Welcome to SP
Page 4: Get to know how the
American Consulate can help you
in an emergency situation.
Get to know your city
Page 8: Sometimes tourists see
more of a citys sights than the
locals. Put a stop to this and visit
SP now!
The American Society of So Paulo
promotes friendship by organizing
social, cultural and athletic events for
its diverse membership; encourages
integration with the Brazilian society;
and supports the American traditions
of education, philanthropy and
Our Mission
Welcome to SP
Save the Date Save the Date
Aug 17th - Pancake Breakfast & Little League Signup
Aug 24th - Vida Jovem Celebration
Sep 14th - INC Dicas Launch Party
Nov 9th - Angel Party
Dec 6th - Holiday Party
Need Help?
The Falls
Page 11: Not been to one of the
top attractions in Brazil yet? Find
out all the details in this travel
Independence Day Extravaganza
Saturday, June 29th was a fantastic and
beautiful day. Sandwiched in between
rain storms AmSoc and the American
Consulate hosted a traditional Family
Picnic to celebrate our 237th American
Independence Day.
The event was amazing as was the
support that our team received from
Corporate Sponsors and our members.
Pictures are worth a thousand words so
enjoy looking at our many pictures and
if you cannot get enough just go to our
website at where
youll fnd lots more.
Children and adults all seemed excited
to be picnicking on the only sunny day
in the last week. Eating hamburgers, hot
dogs, salads and yummy desserts donated
by attendees.
The festivities were launched by
the Marine Color Guard and opening
comments from AmSoc President Frank
Pierce and our Consul General, Dennis
Hankins with a general message of
gratitude and thankfulness to all who
sacrifced for our Freedom and came here
today to share our American tradition.
The American Society was proud to
present two Charities with large donation
checks to help support their ongoing
activities with children and educational
opportunities. Present was Sr. Angela
from Projeto Sol and Peter and Jane
Hawkins from SPACE. As you can see
from the pictures, they were very excited
to receive the donations made possible
from our Members efforts at fund raising
events throughout the year. Next year we
hope to be able to give even more; as an
organization we are committed to help
charitable causes and maintaining our
American traditions abroad.
Of course, the grand fnal once again
this year were the freworks. They were
10 minutes of pure pleasure for everyone
and we received many comments that the
freworks made it feel like we were in the
We look forward to see more members
enjoying this event (continued on page 6)
Prepare for the Angel Party on
November 9th
The American Societys Angel Party
is coming up on us, on November 9 at
Chapel School. There are so many ways
to help and in this article youll hear
from people who do so regularly. We hope
to give you an idea of why most people
keep coming back year after year, and we
hope to inspire you to join our team!
As background, the Angel Party is
a Christmas party held each yera for
about 240 children in day care centers,
orphanages and educational programs, all
funded in part by the American Society
and people like you. The party is held at
Chapel School and (continued on page 5)
of childhood.
I write this
while on
v a c a t i o n
with my
family in
Ocean City,
Mar yl and.
Two of
our three
c h i l d r e n ,
their children,
my brothers
and their children, and Mom. 16
people in one duplex house steps
from the beach. With family in
Baltimore we drove 700 miles from
Michigan to Ocean City almost
every year of my childhood. This
city has stood still in time. The
thousands of houses, hotels and
high-rise condominiums and the
three-mile boardwalk have all been
updated following hurricanes, but
the same 3-for-$10 t-shirt stores,
Candy Kitchen stores, boardwalk
pizza restaurants, Dumsers
Dairyland, sand sculptures and the
Jolly Roger amusement park are
still here.
Its amazing how the millions
of same visitors keep coming
back every year. Ocean City is an
annual destination for Marylanders,
Virginians, Pennsylvanians and the
few of us with family ties to the
area. Thats tradition.
Its tradition because we know
it will always be there, our favorite
stores, restaurants and attractions
will be there, the sun will be
there and its safe. The only thing
missing from the point of view of
an expatriate living in Brazil are
the kiosks on the beach serving
caipirinhas and the vendors selling
cheese, shrimp, ice cream, acai,
fashion sunglasses from Paraguay,
and beachwear.
July is a month of vacations in
Brazil as well. Campos do Jordao,
the northeast and even the beaches
of the So Paulo Rio litoral. I
love to tell our family and friends
in the USA about how bad our
winters in Brazil are not! Most
importantly, July is also the time
for annual membership renewals.
We all must keep in mind that our
membership fees are extremely
low for the activities and benefts
AmSoc provides. Revenue from
memberships is needed to offset
administration costs, and most
importantly, to continue to support
the local charities. We need your
As we pass through July though,
many Americans begin to flter
back to Brazil for the new school
term. Spring time in So Paulo
is not far away and were already
planning many activities.
Little League sign-up in August,
followed by the annual Vida Jovem
celebration supporting the wonderful
activities and benefts they provide
to children. In September well
be honoring our Corporate and
individual sponsors with a VIP
Cocktail reception and October
brings the annual AmSoc Adult
Softball challenge, the 8th annual
Munro Cup Golf Tournament, the
Childrens Halloween party and of
course, happy hour at PJ Clarkes.
November brings us one of our
signature events, the Christmas
Angel Party where we host over
240 children from the various
orphanages and Community
Centers we support and celebrate
the Christmas spirit with activities
and gifts.
The Thanksgiving celebration at
Fellowship Church and the Little
League BBQ will close out the
month. Then on December 6th, we
have the annual Christmas Party
an event not to be missed.
Welcome back and I am looking
forward to seeing everyone at the
Presidents Corner
By Frank Pierce,
AmSoc president
Forum August
Name: Brian Gillis, Katharine Thompson, Owen Gillis, and
Claire Gillis
Origin, time here:
We lived just outside Toronto, Ontario, Canada until last
January when we moved to So Paulo.
Why So Paulo: We came here because of Brians work
Best things so far:
The botecos and restaurants have been a pleasant surprise.
There are so many places where you can eat outside or in
open courtyards. Restaurants are also very kid-friendly
and will prepare dishes for our children which are not on
the menu.
Early frustrations:
Getting used to the trafc particularly motorcycles was
difcult. It takes a long time to get to diferent parts of
the city and fnding hardware, housewares and some of
the basics required when you set up a home after moving
is a challenge.
The paperwork required for schools, visas, buying a car,
setting up a bank account etc. seemed unending and
needlessly complicated. Even though we had help from a
relocation company, it was not easy.
Have saudade for anything back home:
Green space. I know there are great parks here, but we live
a bit too far from them and they are so crowded on week-
ends and holidays. I also miss a really good grocery store.
Progress with Portuguese:
Awful. The kids are in an English school and have been
taking classes in Portuguese as a second language and
my husband and I took lessons in the frst few months we
arrived, but Im ashamed to say that we gave up.
The friends we made speak English and we speak English
exclusively in our home. We read and watch TV and
movies in English. If you want to learn Portuguese, I think
you have to practice it and listen to it much more than
we do.
Favorite place to hang out:
Boteco So Bento in Vila Madalena.
New Members
The American Society
of So Paulo
Lynn Cordeiro,
editor and layout
Ernest White II, staff writer
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Welcome to Our New Members
Welcome the following New Members who joined us recently. We are very grateful for your support!
Last Name Name Spouse Company Nationality Membership
ARAUJO Fernanda
Fernanda Araujo Public
Relations & International
Helping Hands
BADI Christiane Koury Lopes Advogados Suisse/Brazilian Family Membership
BALES Raymond American Single Membership
CONNER Charles
Erika Judith Araguaia Capital Partner American Family Membership
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Brazilian Family Membership
DRINKWATER Matthew Nilda Twitter American Family Membership
FUCCIOLLO Andrea Brazilian Single Membership
KANN Maya American Single Membership
MORALES Albert Lee IBM American Family Patron
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WOLF Andrea Jason American Family Membership
Forum August
By Persia Walker, American Consulate
Consulate Corner: Emergency Services
Becoming a victim of crime or falling
ill is traumatic in itself. That shock
and distress is magnifed when youre
overseas and may not be familiar with
local procedures and resources. Where
do you turn for help?
If you fnd yourself in need of
emergency assistance, the American
Citizen Services Unit of the U.S.
Consulate General in Sao Paulo stands
ready to provide it. Most people
come to us for routine matters such as
passport services or notarizations, but
we also assist U.S. citizens with a wide
range of emergency services.
For example, what if your passport
or all your money is lost or stolen?
We can assist you in replacing your
passport and getting you back home.
With your permission, we can call your
family and friends to explain how they
can send money to you. If no one is
able to assist you and you have no other
resources, in extreme circumstances
we can loan you funds to buy a one-
way ticket to the United States. We can
replace your passport with a limited
validity emergency passport, following
the procedures detailed on our website
If you become ill, we can help you
fnd qualifed physicians who speak
English. In dire emergencies, we can
provide information on how to arrange
a medical evacuation to the United
If you or someone you know is
arrested in Brazil, please contact
us immediately. Consular offcers
visit U.S. citizens imprisoned in
Brazil to provide information about
the Brazilian legal system, provide
contact information for local attorneys,
ensure fair treatment, and facilitate
communication with family or friends
in the United States.
In the event of the death of a U.S.
citizen, if no family members are
nearby, we will contact the next of kin in
the United States. We can also assist in
making burial arrangements or provide
information on sending the deceased
back home to the United States. Once
a Brazilian death certifcate is obtained,
we issue a Consular Report of Death
Abroad. This document can be used to
settle all U.S. legal matters relating to
the deceaseds estate and insurance.
If you fear that a relative or friend
has disappeared in Brazil, we can try
to locate the person. However, U.S.
federal law limits what we can tell
you concerning any U.S. citizen over
18 years old. We cannot release any
information without his or her express
permission. We can only tell the person
that youre concerned and suggest they
contact you.
We hope you never need this
information, but it is best to know in
advance where you can go for help.
American Citizen Services can be
contacted at (11) 3250-5000 Monday
through Friday, between 1:00 p.m.
and 2:00 p.m. for routine services, or,
for emergencies, at that same number
anytime during Consulates working
hours (7:30 am-4:30 pm) by telling the
operator that you are an U.S. citizen
with an emergency. For emergencies
that take place after-hours, on weekends
or holidays, call (11) 3250-5373. More
information on all of our routine and
emergency services is available on our
website at
The American Society
of So Paulo
2013 Forum
Prepare for the Angel Party on November 9th
the kids have a
great day of food, games and fun. At
the end of the party, Santa Claus comes
and gives each child a special gift bags
with presents for just that child.
Right now were in need of people
to help Santa by shopping for all the
items in one childs bag. You need to
buy tennis shoes, a backpack, a toy,
pants and a shirt, socks, underwear, a
coat or sweatshirt
and some candy.
You can also
donate R$400
and well do the
shopping for you.
Sara Shahidi has
been a sponsor for
many years and
she said, I see
the Angel Party
as a privilege - a
privilege to be
able to make a
child really happy. I receive the names,
ages and sizes of the children, go
shopping and spend an afternoon with
my kids wrapping everything. Then its
just the thrill of seeing someone enjoy
their gifts! If you have never done it,
try and you will see for yourself.
A hard-working committee meets
about once a month to plan the party.
Silvana Mooney, who has just moved
back to the U.S. and served as the
volunteer coordinator last year, said,
The Angel Party still ranks as one of
my top days during my time in Brazil.
Coordinating the army of volunteers is
a task that takes hours and hours, but it
was well worth it to see everyone turn
out and take part in such a special day.
Planning for the party, shopping for
prizes and collecting gift bags are all
time-consuming activities, but the pay-
off far exceeds the work that goes into
getting everything ready.
On the day of the party, we count
on over 200 volunteers. Some
volunteers have special jobs, like Jason
Bermingham, who is part of a team that
meets a specifc group of kids when
they get off the bus and stays with
them all day, carrying bags and wiping
messy faces. Hes there every year.
The Angel Party is our not-to-missed
AmSoc event. We attended for the frst
time close to seven years ago, opening
Santas bag of donated gifts with a
little boy named Gabriel. That day was
so emotional and rewarding for both
of us that we returned the following
year as volunteers - and weve been
volunteering every year since. The
kids form attachments too. Fernando
Magnoli, another
volunteer who
spent the entire
day with the kids
of one orphanage,
said of his second
party, The kids
remembered me
the moment they
saw me. They
asked about my
wife who had
been pregnant
and they gave us
a gift for our baby. That meant so much
to me.
Another long-time volunteer,
Eric Street, is in charge of logistics -
making sure key volunteers, buses
of children and dancing dogs arrive
on time. Its a long day on the phone
and racing about Chapel School, but
Eric comes back every year. We get
so tied up in the minutiae of our daily
lives that we sometimes forget what
intense happiness is all about. In part, I
volunteer to help out at the Angel Party
every year to be reminded. When you
glimpse a 3-year-old wearing a mile-
wide smile and
dragging off a
bag full of toys
which is bigger
than he is, you
get to share in the
pure joy of the
Patricia de
Luna and her
husband, Carlos,
went to the party
for the frst time
in 2012. We had
a blast! I took
photos, but Carlos
was particularly lucky and spent the
day with a young man with muscular
dystrophy who was overjoyed at being
able to participate in the games and
have help in opening his gifts. We will
defnitely be coming back!
Its a fun day, even when you might
be doing something else. Gale Banta
has helped organize the games for
several years and said, Last year the
Angel Party was held on my birthday.
I could not have asked for a better
birthday wish than to spend the day with
all the special children and wonderful
One thing we hope is that our
volunteers will feel a connection to these
children and to the greater community in
So Paulo. Simone Kliass, a volunteer
for many years, said, After attending
the party, I started getting more and
more involved with the orphanages
and I see the difference that American
Society makes in the lives of those
children. Jason Bermingham said, If
youre looking to do good in So Paulo
- and make a lasting impact on the lives
of some extraordinary kids - theres
no better place for you than the Angel
Its a ton of work but Angel Party
boss Eileen Tasso said, Bringing
happiness and laughter to children who
have almost nothing is an amazing
feeling. Come join us!
Eileen Tasso:
or Sue Banman Sileci:
(continued from front page)
with us next year. We want to express a
BIG thank you to all people involved in
making this years Independence Day
Celebration another successful event.
The children, the board, and the directors of SPACE want to thank the American Society for its
check of R$15,000. The money will go a long way towards making sure that these children receive
a quality education and go on to be great engineers, doctors, editors, artists, psychologists,
designers, teachers, and other professionals in the next few years. We were surprised and thrilled
by AmSocs generosity!
People in photos: Julie Gattaz - Event Co-Chairperson, Peter Hawkins - SPACE president (above)
and Sister Angela - Projeto Sol (below), Frank Pierce - AmSoc President
Forum August
Independence Day Extravaganza
(continued from front page)
The American Society
of So Paulo
2013 Forum
Dr. Wendy M. Smith
Credentialed Learning Specialist



u AuPu L
C u
8 M





Comprehensive Evaluation

Due to AmSocs annual Golf

Challenge Cup against the Scots
generating an increasing demand
for golfng events, AmSoc golfers
combined with the American golfers
at the Campinas Golf Club to play an
annual two-day golf match called the
So Paulo Hackers Cup.
This team golf challenge is played on
two different golf courses in the state of
So Paulo on dates to be decided based
on availability between April and June
every year.
Each team hosts one of the two
match dates on a course they chose and
will also determine the specifc match
play golfng rules for that day.
The winner of this golf cup will be the
team with the most accumulated match
points over the two golf outings.
On a beautiful and not too sunny
March 30th, a group of AmSoc golfers
went to the very well-manicured
Campinas Golf Course to play in the
frst leg of the Sao Paulo Hackers Cup.
Playing just 10 against 10 (5 groups of
2 against 2) in 4-ball Match Play rules,
the Campinas team won 3 to 1 in
match points.
Then on another gorgeous golfng
day on Saturday, June 8, AmSoc hosted
the second leg at the exquisite Quinta
da Baroneza Golf Club.
Unfortunately neither AmSocs
home course nor a change in match
rules to Twosome Best Ball Scramble
helped turn the tide against a dominant
Campinas team which won handily 4
to in match points that day, therefore
winning the 1st So Paulo Hackers Cup
by a score of 8 to 2.
Golfers, note that the next AmSoc
team golf outing will be in September,
on a date yet to be determined, when
AmSoc golfers will prepare for their
defense in retaining the Munro Cup in
the upcoming 8th Challenge Golf Cup
on Saturday, October 19th at a golf
course to be determined.
AmSoc Golf Team loses challenge
match to Campinas Team
Forum August
Getting to Know So Paulo
By Ernest White II, Staf Writer
Winter break is coming to an end and
AmSoc families are either returning to
So Paulo after time away, or arriving
for the frst time to this city. Now, this
would be a great time to get to know
our own marvelous city, from top to
bottom, and discover a little bit about the
megalopolis in which we live. Consider
taking a self-guided tour around town,
getting to know the place a bit better
and bolstering your knowledge of
things-to-do when friends and family
invariably visit. Below are a couple of
family-friendly options.
So Paulo Highlights
The sheer size of the cityand the
ferocity of its traffc jamsmakes So
Paulo sometimes diffcult to navigate,
and uncovering all of its treasures can
take more time than youve scheduled.
That said, this full-day tour highlights a
bit of the culture, food, art, architecture,
nightlife, and even nature that So
Paulo has to offer.
Start off with the melodic sounds
of Portuguesebeautiful, even if you
dont understand itat the engaging
Museu da Lngua Portuguesa (Museum of
the Portuguese Language). One of the
few museums in the world dedicated
to a language, the Museu da Lngua
Portuguesa exposes speakers and non-
speakers alike to the sinuous, fuid
sounds of Brazils distinct mother
tongue. Even though the exhibits and
installations are all in Portuguese,
newcomers to the language can pick
up its rhythm and fow through videos,
recitations and interactive presentations
designed to facilitate communication
across linguistic barriers, highlighting
the multicultural nuances the language
has acquired over the centuries, as well
as its European origins.
Next, grab a humongous mortadella
(bologna) sandwich for lunch at the
buzzing Mercado Municipal. Housed in a
stunning example of eclectic industrial
architecture, the Mercado Municipal de
So Paulo nicknamed the Mercado
has thousands of food items on
offer, literally from soup to nuts. Lush
tropical and temperate fruits from every
season, choice cuts of meats and fsh,
and hearty prepared foods complete the
markets catalog of wares, all for sale in
a boisterous, welcoming atmosphere.
The surrounding area can be a bit
sketchy, but the sights and favors
more than make up for the journey
Another option
is to snack on street
food and shop for
souvenirs in Japanese
enclave Liberdade. The
neighborhood offers an
amazing fusion of sights,
sounds, and favors.
On weekends, theres a
fun street market (see
picture below) with
various and sundry food
and curios. You can
fnd excellent sushi, but make sure to
ask for recommendations before you
go. Wander around the boisterous side
streets or into one of the many vertical
shopping arcades, and dont forget to
try a delicious and refreshing melona
popsicle, ubiquitous among the areas
food stalls. At night, take to the mic in
English, Portuguese, or Japanese at one
of Liberdades many karaoke bars.
Next take a taxi down to Parque do
Ibirapuera for a bit of fresh air and art.
The emerald heart of an oftentimes gray
city, the park offers respite from the
urban madness among cool, shady trees
and mentally stimulating structures.
Running trails, bike paths, and yoga
and capoeira sessions let park visitors
keep ft, while a clutch of museums
and galleries such as the museums
of Modern and Contemporary Art, all
designed by master Brazilian architect
Oscar Niemeyer gives the brain a
good workout. The impressive Museu
Afro Brasil and fery Auditrio Ibirapuera
are two of the parks treasures.
After the park, hop a cab and take
a trip through the citys street art
epicenter, the Beco do Batman (see picture
above). As evidenced by any car trip
through the city, street art and graffti
are no where as prevalent as in So
Paulo, where virtually no surface is left
untouched. The lengthy stretch of high-
walled residences in Vila Madalena,
nicknamed Batmans Alley, showcases
some of the most impressive spray
paint murals around. The constantly
changing nature of the art form means
theres sure to be something striking
and new with each visit.
Later, get geo-political at the
Niemeyer-designed Memorial da
Amrica Latina as a monument to the
socio-cultural and political unity of
Latin America. Punctuated by a large
modernist statue of a bleeding hand, the
Memorial is one of the more underrated
attractions in the city. The collection of
pavilions and galleries houses paintings,
sculptures and folk art, along with a
rotating schedule of performances and
events, like the annual So Paulo Latin
American Cinema Festival. Dont miss
the giant, whimsical relief map of Latin
America underneath the glass foor.
The American Society
of So Paulo
2010 Forum
Wrap up your day with a sunset
cocktail with jaw-dropping views at
the Edifcio Itlia. Situated in a bustling,
if worn-down corner of downtown
So Paulo, the 46-story offce tower is
capped by the Terrao Itlia restaurant
and bar. Adequate, expensive food and
almost-campy white-glove service
aside, youll never see a sunset as
And if youve still got any energy
left over, consider people-watching
and maybe a little dancing on Rua
Augusta. The hippest strip in town, Rua
Augusta especially the gritty but
happening stretch north of Avenida
Paulista, called Baixo Augusta
buzzes with hole-in-the-wall bars,
nightclubs thumping from midnight
til noon, corner
ethnic eateries,
funky clothing
stores, rockin
music venues
and more than
a few grungy
strip clubs that
are holding
on against
the tide of
Rua Augusta pulses as the main artery
of So Paulos nightlife scene, and
youll fnd a carnivalesque atmosphere
almost every night of the week.
Weekends are best for this tour, as
museums tend to be closed on Mondays
and the street life in Liberdade and
on Rua Augusta is a bit livelier than
midweek. Still, there is a lot to see any
day of the week, and you can adjust
your schedule according to attraction
opening hours. Because of the distances
involved, a private car or taxi cabs are
your best bet for getting to each point of
interest. Budget at least R$100-R$150
for a days worth of taxi rides, and
make sure your driver always plots the
shortest route via dashboard GPS.
So Paulo With Kids
Even though So Paulo can be an
intense, rough-n-tumble kind of place,
families with young children do visit
and live in the city, and there are several
wonderful museums with interactive
exhibits tailored towards young minds,
in addition to the surprising number of
green spaces in town. This tour covers
a few highlights for the young and
young at heart.
Blast off with a morning visit to the
top of the Banespa Building to see just
how big the city is. Often called So
Paulos very own Empire State Building
the Edifcio Altino Arantes, better
known by the name of its previous
owner, Banespa opened in 1947
as a symbol of the fast-growing citys
economic might. The striking views
from the observation deck, accessed
from the 33rd foor of the 161-meter-
tall building, never fail to impress
visitors. Views, while free, are daytime
only; the building is only open during
normal business hours.
Then, learn
how much fun
science can be
at the kooky
C a t a v e n t o
C u l t u r a l
e d u c a t i o n a l
center (see
picture on the
left). Located
in a Victorian-
era structure
reminiscent of
Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends,
Catavento Cultural is chock-full of
interactive, hands-on exhibits and
educational activities for children and
adults alike. Subjects covered include
space, wildlife, geography, the human
body and society. They are presented in
action-flled, engaging fashion for the
little ones.
Afterwards, learn a bit of local
history at the Museu Paulista da USP
(commonly known as the Museu do
Ipiranga). Modeled after the palace
and gardens at Versailles, the gorgeous,
purpose-built Museu Paulista occupies
the promontory where Brazilian
independence from Portugal was
peacefully, if loudly, proclaimed by
Dom Pedro I in 1822. The landscaped
gardens provide a refreshing respite
from the surrounding urban chaos,
while the ornate museum itself
affliated with the University of So
Paulo educates visitors in the history
of the city and nation via portraiture,
antique vehicles, housewares and
informational installations. Ticket
includes entrance to the nearby Museu
de Zoologia (Zoology Museum). Let
the children work off some energy in
the gorgeously landscaped gardens of
Parque da Independncia.
Next, walk over to the nearby
So Paulo Aquarium and get a load
of the sea life. Located, strangely
enough, in a working-class residential
neighborhood, the So Paulo Aquarium
is always a hit with the kids. The self-
proclaimed largest aquarium in Latin
America contains more than 300
species of marine life.
And if the familys still not tuckered
out, hop the subway across town to
the expertly designed Museu do Futebol
(Soccer Museum). Situated on the
grounds of the citys sacred Art Deco
sports masterpiece Pacaembu
Stadium the museum pulls in kids
and adults alike with its thoughtful,
thrilling interactive exhibitions. History
and memorabilia from The Beautiful
Game mark the story of the sport as
it is played in its spiritual home and
even visitors not enamored of the sport
fnd the eye-catching displays and
poignant photographs engrossing and
As mentioned earlier, museums tend
to be closed on Mondays, but any other
day is ideal for this tour, and many
places offer discounted admission
for younger children. Because of the
distances involved, you might need
to take a taxi between certain points
of interest, but with the combination
of walking and inexpensive subway
tickets, you shouldnt spend more than
R$50 on cab fare.
Guided Tours of So Paulo
So Paulo is full of licensed and
unlicensed tour guides offering
personalized and scheduled tours of
the city, but there are two professional
entities that provide quality, well-
organized, and informative excursions:
So Paulo Free Walking Tour (www., which
operates tours twice weekly in Centro
and along Avenida Paulista, and city
guide par excellence Flavia Liz di
Paolo (, a historian
and cultural expert whose one-of-a-
kind, specially curated tours through
the city are worth every centavo.
Forum August
Caledonian Ball on October 5th
Enjoy a taste of Scotland at the
Caledonian Ball, So Paulos Scottish
event of the year on Saturday 5 Oct.
The unmistakable sound of bag
pipes, a whirlwind of Scottish reeling
on the dance foor, whisky fowing it
might sound more like a scene from the
Highlands of Scotland than So Paulo.
And thats exactly the aim of The St.
Andrew Society to bring a taste of
Scotland to So Paulo and encourage
cultural links between Brazil and the
Scottish diaspora.
The Caledonian Ball is its fagship
event a formal ball at the elegant
Rosa Rosarum that celebrates all things
Scottish, welcoming everyone from
expats and locals with Scottish heritage
to anyone who likes the idea of a Gaelic
get-together. The night starts with off
with a cocktail reception followed by
a three-course dinner with fne wines,
whiskys and other beverages.
Throughout the evening, music
will be provided by the St. Andrew
Societys pipe band, with Scottish
country music to accompany the reels
(Scottish dances), fnishing off with a
disco for those who are still standing.
Tickets can be purchased
individually or for tables of eight to ten.
As always, profts from
the night are donated
to local charities for
underprivileged children.
The organizations that
the society supports
do fantastic and vital
work within the local
community, and include
SPACE (So Paulo
Ao para Crianas e
Educao), Lar Tia Edna,
Vida Jovem, ACER Brasil
(Associao de Apoio
Criana em Risco) and
Associao Metodista
Livre Agente - Projeto Girassol.
The reels are one of the highlights of
the night, and all the more fun when you
know the steps. The St. Andrew Society
organises a series of dance practices on
Monday evenings in the run-up to the
Ball (2nd, 16th and 30th September),
at the Brazilian British Centre (Rua
Ferreira de Arajo 741, Pinheiros). The
dance practices are free and open to
everyone, even those who dont intend
to go to the Caledonian Ball.
For more details, check www.
For further information please
Space will be limited at the ball, so get
your tickets as early as possible.
The Essentials
What: The St. Andrew Society annual Caledonian
When: 8pm, 5th October
Where: Rosa Rosarum, Rua Francisco Leito 416,
Dress code: Gowns for the lassies; Black Tie or Kilt
for the laddies
Tickets: R$270 (R$200 for under 30s), available by
INC Dicas Launch Party -
SAVE THE DATE and get your tickets
We invite you to INCs Dicas Launch
Party So Paulo Comes Alive! on
Saturday 14 September 2013. Join
other INC members and bring your
non-member friends along to this
great party! We will be celebrating the
launch of the new Dicas book with a
night flled with fun, food & drinks,
music and a charity draw with great
prizes. September 14, 2013 - 20h00 -
Esporte Clube Srio, Av. Indianpolis
1192, Moema - Tickets: only R$150,
contact us at dicaslaunchparty@ get yours!
The American Society
of So Paulo
2013 Forum 11
Iguau Falls
My husband Todd and I have
recently gone on a weekend trip to Foz
do Iguau (in the state of Paran), in
the south of Brazil and on the border
with both Paraguay and Argentina.
Upon frst seeing the Iguau Falls, all
Todd could manage was Poor Niagara
The Iguau Falls are, unquestionably,
one of the worlds great natural
phenomena. To describe their beauty
and power is a tall order, but for starters
cast out any ideas that Iguau is some
kind of Niagara Falls transplanted south
of the equator compared to Iguau,
with its total of 275 falls that cascade
over a precipice 3km wide, Niagara is
a ripple.
But its not the falls alone that make
Iguau so special: the vast
surrounding subtropical
nature reserve in Brazil the
Parque Nacional do Iguau
(www. cataratasdoiguacu., in Argentina the
Parque Nacional Iguaz
is a timeless haunt that even
the hordes of tourists fail to
Every year, tens of
thousands of visitors from
around the world try to
evaluate the sheer dimension
of this natural miracle a
collection of more than two
hundred cascades thundering
over an 80m cliff and
usually fail. However you spell it
Iguaz, Iguau or Iguassu the Guaran
name, translating as Big Water, is
something of an understatement.
The falls are surrounded by lush
tropical forest thats home to more than
2000 species of fora, over 500 bird
species and approximately 80 different
The city (Foz do Iguau) is one
of Brazils most-frequented tourist
destinations. Most tourists are Brazilians
and Argentines, but Canadians,
Americans, British, Germans, Italians,
French, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean,
Japanese and Chinese tourists are also
The city has about 100 hotels and
Main attractions:
Iguau Falls, which has a fow capacity equal
to three times that of Niagara Falls. Part of the falls
is on the Brazilian side. Others are on the Argentine
side. Garganta do Diabo (Devils Throat in
Portuguese) is the tallest of the falls, which is 97
m (318 ft) high.
Parque Nacional do Iguau (Iguau National
Park), in both Brazil and Argentina, where the
falls are. It is protected by the IBAMA (Brazilian
Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural
Itaipu Dam, the third largest generator of
hydro-electric power in the world, in the Parana
river, between Brazil and Paraguay.
The Trplice Fronteira (Triple Border) location
where Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay meet. Each
side has its own Marco (landmark).
The Omar Ibn Al-Khattab mosque, the
largest in Latin America
The Bird Park (Parque das Aves), which features
a collection of wild birds, and the Bosque Guaran,
the citys zoo
Other than the Iguau Falls, the Itaipu
Dam is a must see! It produces about
20% of Brazils electricity needs, and
employs (directly and indirectly) about
5,000 Iguauenses. Many Iguacuenses
work in the neighboring city of Ciudad
del Este in Paraguay, which is a duty-
free market. All trade between Brazil
and Paraguay uses the Friendship
Bridge (called Ponte da Amizade in
Brazil). Another bridge, the Fraternity
Bridge (Ponte da Fraternidade, or Ponte
Tancredo Neves, in Brazil), connects
Foz do Iguau with its Argentine
neighbor, Puerto Iguaz. The Fraternity
Bridge, however, is far less important
than the Friendship Bridge.
The city is strategical, due
to its position in Mercosur,
and it is expected that its
importance will increase
even more following the
formation of the UNASUR
(Union of South American
Nations). Foz do Iguau has
few industries apart from
electrical energy generation;
most are textile-related.
Because of the importance
of tourism, domestic and
international crisis can
affect the citys economy by
reducing tourist numbers and
by bringing fewer consumers
to Ciudad del Este. Defnitely
a must visit! And heres a travel tip:
While there, do not miss the chance of
dining at the top foor restaurant with
panoramic view and live music of the
Golden Tulip International. The food is
great and the view is marvelous!
Melissa Harkin runs a translation
company called Melissa Harkin
Translations. Visit her website at or contact
her at
(11-98428-8714). Special DISCOUNTS
for AmSoc members
By Melissa Harkin
Forum August
Little League Questionnaire
We would like to thank all those
that responded to the Little League
(LL) questionnaire that was sent to
AmSoc members a few weeks ago. Not
surprisingly the responses refected
differing points of view. The purpose
of this article is to provide readers with
the results of the questionnaire.
First, a personal word about LL. I
was involved in LL as a coach nearly
30 years ago when my son, Thomas,
was a student at Graded School. He is
now an offcer in the US Army. He did,
however, fnd time to come to Brazil in
April this year to play at LL at Chapel
School with his much younger brothers.
30 years ago LL was two sports played
in different semesters, Soccer and
For both sports we had enough
children (almost exclusively boys) to
form at least four, eleven-a-side teams
that played in championships between
themselves. Girls and their sporting
interests were not catered to.
The world has moved on, and LL
has been offering four sports in both
semesters, Soccer, Tennis, Baseball and
Basketball. Alas, one of the effects of
offering four sports in an environment
where the number of children signing-
up has not increased, is that team sports
have suffered, and we have not been able
to offer an interesting competitive team
environment for children of all ages.
This is the single most recurring theme
in the LL Questionnaire responses.
The Questionnaire
The questionnaire was sent to all members of
the American Society.
Constructive Criticisms
Concerning Soccer:
- One respondent complained that her fve year
old boy was yelled at by a Father on the side line,
when he picked-up the ball and never wanted to
play again (with LL).
- The level of coaching has been inconsistent.
- There was the specifc comment that a child
aged 10 was frustrated as he was unable to play
soccer with his age peers.
- Coaching was not done exclusively in English.
Concerning Tennis:
- One comment that a child aged 13 had
desisted as the coaching level was aimed at younger
Concerning Baseball:
- Few Participants. Not enough
kids to separate in age groups/ skill
Concerning Basketball:
- Level of training too basic.
Other Issues:
- Saturday Morning vs Sunday
There was a minor preference to
continue with Saturday mornings,
but with the following caveats:
Girl Scouts conficts on two Saturdays of the
month; some parents have problems organizing
themselves for 9.00AM on a Saturday; Saturday is
also a preferred time for shopping. We will be less
reticent in ofering Sunday afternoons as an option
in the future.
Other Sports:
- One parent suggested gymnastics, one squash,
and a third football (presumably fag football).
I would appreciate positive input from anyone
concerning these ideas, but fag football is the only
one that has been considered to date.
PACA is a favored venue by the coaches as the
facilities for Baseball, Soccer and Basketball are
excellent. However, it is in a distant neighborhood
of So Paulo where few parents have the necessity
to visit on a regular basis, and enthusiasm to go on
Saturday mornings is limited.
Inviting Friends (Friends)
LL would be helped by increasing the number
of participants, and the easiest path is encouraging
LL kids to ask their friends to join. This idea was
endorsed by 75% of respondents, and in a small
way has already been a success.
Making a formal approach to non-
American private schools
This idea was endorsed by a slightly higher
number of respondents than the Friends idea.
English will continue to be the language of
instruction, and clearly that will not be an issue for
students of St. Pauls, St Frances or St. Nicholas, but
our experience with native French speakers (from
Ecole Lycee Pasteur) was that the LL experience
created a strong desire on the part of the students
to learn English in order to participate fully.
The American Society
of So Paulo
2013 Forum
The Name, Little League
Most respondents had a high comfort level
with the name Little League. One respondent
was concerned that it was too associated with
Baseball, and another because it refected the
idea of an organized league rather than the more
recreational aspectsof Little League.
LL cannot be a static activity. It has certainly
developed over the years in terms of number of
sports and accommodating the participation of
girls. However, it has not grown adequately in
terms of the number of participants.
With soccer, this last semester we have had a
number of assistants that spoke very rudimentary
English, but next semester their English will be
much better.
In this last semester we have been able to
segregate the 5 and 6 year old soccer players so that
can develop skills commensurate with their age,
and where Fathers will not yell at them!
For older children we now have a specifc
training program developed for ages 7 13, and
are developing a manual that will be provided to
children at sign-up.
We will encourage our participants to bring their
friends (and parents) along with them to LL sign-up
so that our numbers will expand organically.
We also expect our contacts with the private
schools (Visconde de Porto Seguro in addition
to the four mentioned above) to provide more
We include below some of the many positive
comments we have received in the Questionnaire:
My kids love Little League.
We love the coaches and think its a great
I would like to express my appreciation for the
dedication of the coaches whose commitment and
positive attitude has been an inspiration
Could we have it for 2 hours instead of 1 ?
I am very grateful for the opportunity for my
girls to participate in this program.
We were very pleased to provide LL participants
with a more formal and organized awards ceremony
this year than has been done in the last few years.
We were also pleased to have been able to
organize this frst ever LL questionnaire, so that
the administration can keep in touch with AmSoc
members goals.
Board bio - Judy Zanchi
Hi all! I am originally from upstate
New York. I spent my formative
years enjoying a daily early morning
newspaper route, selling ads for the high
school yearbook and playing soccer.
College was at Cornell Universitys
School of Hotel administration where
I went because I dreamt of a career that
would allow me to see the world!
First job out of college was as a
junior Sales Manager at the Mayfower
Hotel in Washington, DC where I
met Gil, also a hotelier, though from
another hotel school, Ecole Hoteliere
Lausanne. We married in 1987 and
soon after took our frst transfer to Maui
Hawaii.not a bad frst movethough
since we were also expecting our frst
child, the distance from grandparents
in Switzerland and New York at times,
seemed unbearable!
After three glorious years in Hawaii
at the Stouffer Wailea Beach Resort,
I was expecting daughter number two
and retired from the hotel business and
we moved to St. Petersburg, FL where
Gil was reopening the historic Vinoy
Resort on Tampa Bay. From there it was
back to DC, then Orlando, then Atlanta.
I worked part time in advertising sales
for Washington Families Magazine
and Atlanta Parent Magazine, with a
short stint at Golf Week Magazine in
A year after Hurricane Katrina did its
job on New Orleans, with Alessandra
on her way to college in Boston; Gil,
Nicola and I moved to the city (friends
and family thought we were crazy!)
and almost immediately fell in love.
the lovely old mansions and oak trees
along St. Charles Avenue, the people
and their respect and pride for their
city and yes, the New Orleans Saints-
can you say SUPERBOWL? and New
Orleans Hornets-CP3-Chris Paul-it
was great watching you play!., and
did we mention Mardi Gras!!?? Truly,
it was love. We didnt think we would
ever leave the city, but opportunity
knocked for Gil to become Country
Manager for Marriott Hotels in Brazil.
Who could pass up that opportunity?
With daughters out on their own, we
seized the chance.
Since November 2012 we have been
living in Sao Paulo in the Jardim Europa
area. I spend my time attempting
to learn Portuguese, playing tennis,
hosting the International Newcomers
Club Book Club, traveling back to
USA to check in with kids and parents,
and working on American Society
projects. Most recently, I Co-chaired
the Annual AmSoc Gala- a great event
that promoted fellowship among our
ranks and raised lots of money for
the funding of AmSoc activities and
our two featured charities, Projeto Sol
and SPACE. Ive also helped out with
Little League registration, the Easter
Party and the Angel Party.
I encourage AmSoc members to get
involved in AmSoc activities. It is a
great way to make friends, to network,
to contribute to the local community
and to stay busy! We are a volunteer
organization and are only as good as
our members and the activities they
choose to plan and participate in.
JUMP IN and get active...if you have
an idea, lets bring it up at the next
Board meeting and see what we can do
to make it happen. Dont just sit back
and wait! My email is judyzanchi21@ would love to hear from
logistical and bureaucratic hurdles commonly en-
countered by newcomers. Assistance also provided
with English-Portuguese interpreting at business
meetings. 20+ years of experience working with
international clients. Fees are hourly and tailored to
the clients specifc needs. Tel: (11) 9 7997-8808.
Personal Trainer
I will come to your home, offce, or workout
facility and create an exercise/ftness program
tailored to your health concerns, ftness goals,
and schedule. For adults and children, individu-
als or groups. Sessions in English, Spanish, or
Portuguese. For more information please con-
tact Daniela Franco at (11) 99739-6191 or
Interiors Rental Furniture
Quality and refned furniture rental for your
home away from home. We offer great variety!
A complete line of appliances, kitchen devices
and linen & towels. Complements such as rugs,
lamps and decor items. or
Stainless Steel GE appliances
We are not bringing our GE appliances back to
the US, so they are priced to sell. S/S GE Adora
gas OVEN (R$600), high-capacity white GE
WASHING MACHINE (R$500), high-capacity
white GE DRYER (R$700). They are all in very
good condition. 20% discount if you buy the 4
appliances! Call Peter at 98714-3926 for more
details and photos.
Two titles for Pinheiros Sports
Club (ECP)
We are returning to the US and need to sell
our two Scio titles to Esporte Clube Pinheir-
os (Jardim Europa near Faria Lima/ Cidade
Jardim/ Marginal Pinheiros). The Club is ideal
for weekend athletes as well as families with
young children. We run/swim every weekend
and the children go the playground and classes
every day. Note: Family titles are no longer
sold. Priced to sell, and we will offer a discount
if you buy both titles. Call Peter at 98714-3926.
Clubs site:
Family Dentistry
Dental care you can trust for your whole family.
We want to make sure you are comfortable and
confdent in our care. We work only with the
highest quality products and equipment, bring-
ing specialists to you so that you dont have to
face traffc and providing you with clear infor-
mation to make the dental decisions that are
right for you. Native English. Tel.: (11) 3044-
Math and Science tutor
Fernando Knijnik has being offering tutoring
services for over 25 years to the international
community. Physics, math and chemistry are
taught for all levels, including IB SL & HL, AP,
SAT, ACT, GMAT and Brazilian Vestibular, to
name a few. Mr. Knijnik has worked for sev-
eral years in the American schools of SP and is
presently at St. Francis College. For more info,
please call (11) 991346700 or e-mail: fernan-
American-licensed Expat Psychologist
Richard Morhaime, Psy.D., offers skilled psy-
chotherapy for children and adults. He also pro-
vides complete diagnostic evaluations in Eng-
lish for children with academic or behavioral
diffculties, featuring individualized recommen-
dations for school and home. For more infor-
mation, contact Dr. Morhaime at 5538-0099 or
99669-8057 or visit www.expatpsychologist.
American-Licensed Psychotherapist
In this busy and ever-changing world, people often
feel stressed and overwhelmed with no place to
turn. Psychotherapy/ counseling can provide a safe
place to receive professional guidance and support.
Brief or longer-term therapy offered depending on
your needs, goals and expectations. Services: indi-
vidual, couples, child/adolescent. Certifed to con-
duct Adoption Home Study for American Citizens.
Pamela Wax, MSW/LCSW at 99656-2106 or send
an e-mail to In Moema.
Relocation Consultant
Experienced Relocation Consultant and sociolo-
gist, fuent in English and Portuguese, offers profes-
sional services to foreign families and individuals
to help them adapt to Brazil, integrate into Brazilian
culture and learn how to get around, and overcome
Forum August
Spacious 4 bedroom apartment
by Graded School for rent
Fully renovated apt w/ terrace & beautiful view.
Across the street from Graded. Apt is 425 m
with 4br/5bath, offce, lunch, dining and sitting
rooms. Has built-in closets & kitchen cabinets,
maids quarters, great storage, walk-in closet &
freplace. Bldg w/ 4 parking spaces, pool and
tennis court. Av. J. Galante, 224. Call Cristiane:
(11) 94216-6886/ (11) 3501-0234 or Ricardo
(11) 97651-1371/ (11) 2884-4878
Luxury apartment by Graded School
for rent
Apartment for rent on Avenida Jose Galante.
400m2, good security, marble foors, glass en-
closed varandas, master suite with his and her
bathrooms and closets. Incredible amenities-
25meter indoor heated pool, outdoor pools,
tennis court, saunas and gym room. 5 parking
spots. Please contact Andrew at 98202-0008.
Taylor Real Estate
Luxury spacious houses, apartments and pent-
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Trilingual Real Estate agents. References from
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11 98774- 5100 (Maria Elisa)
Housing Solutions for Foreigners
Furnished apartments for temporary rental. Long
term housing for Expats. Property sales for
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ternational experience and local market knowl-
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de Estrada - Cel. 55
11 99210-2201 or US # 1 (305) 420-6911
Vila Nova Conceio - SPs best place to live
Near Ibirapuera Park. Modern building, with all
Sports facilities, heated swimming pool, gym,
play room, barbecue, multi purpose sports court.
Three bedrooms (1 suite), living room with ter-
race, complete kitchen, maids bedroom and
bath, big service area, two parking spaces. Fully
furnished, with all appliances. Call Ana Beatriz
or Eliane (011) 3849.708, (011) 99626-6229 -
mail to:
For Sale
The American Society
of So Paulo
2013 Forum
Learn more about this months AmSoc events (highlighted) at
Important Dates: 11 Fathers Day (Br)
August 2013
05 Monday Scottish Country Dancing Club 1st Monday of every month in the Brazilian British Centre in Pinheiros (R. Ferreira de
Arajo, 741). At 8pm
Dancing the traditional Scottish reels is an important and enjoyable part of the Societys
events. In order to help newcomers learn the basic steps and encourage the more
adventurous to learn new ones, St. Andrew Society organizes a meeting of the Scottish
Country Dancing Club (SCDC).
14 Wednesday INC Monthly Cofee Time: 8h30 - 11h00 . Location: Emporio Santa Maria. Address: Avenida Cidade Jardim,
790 - So Paulo - SP, 01454-000, Brazil . Tel: +55 11 3706-5211. Website: www.
Please RSVP to
17 Saturday Little League Sing-Up and Breakfast Time: from 9:00 am to 11:00 am.
Signs-ups for Little Leagues: soccer, basketball and tennis.
There will be a Welcome back Pancake Breakfast at the sign-up session, to be hosted by
American Society.
More information to come! Dont miss this event!
24 Saturday Vida Jovem Grand Annual Celebration This year we are celebrating their 10th year running with the Grand Annual Celebration,
hosted at Esporte Clube Srio Libans. There will be Dinner Dance featuring Arabian
delicacies, international cuisine, open bar, silent & live auctions.
Dudu Frana, Juliana Frana and Alissa Sanders, an amasing jazz singer from the U.S,
will bring all their enthousiasm to animate the party and make sure no one stands still!
Vida Jovem Grand Annual Celebration. Esporte Clube Srio Libans.
Tickets: R$ 350, 00 per person. For advanced tickets call the American Societys ofce at
For more information about the Vida Jovem Organization, please contact them at
A classifed of up to 350 characters costs
R$65 for AmSoc members and R$80 for
non-members. To place a classifed please
call (11) 5182-2074 from 8:30 a.m. until
1 p.m., or send an e-mail to amsoc1@


Forum does not check all of the advertisers
appearing in this newsletter. We urge you
to use these services; however, thoroughly
check prices and services prior to fnalizing
any service or purchase agreement.




On 26 May, the American Society
Veterans Association and Fellowship
Community Church held their 3rd
annual Memorial Service. Even as our
Consul General, Mr. Dennis Hankins
was returning from the US, his efforts
got him to the church on time, as they
say. Along with the pastor and choir,
Mr. Hankins and the Marines, the
AmSoc Vets., the Brits and others the
Service was very special and helped
all of us to understand why there is a
Memorial Day in the USA.
It is not for the hot dogs and
hamburgers, but to thank those who
gave their all.
We also want to take time to
remember those who are serving today
and pray for their safe return to their
families and love ones.
Today, it is an all volunteer military
and even if they have different reasons
for joining, they all swore to protect
and defend the constitution and us all
and our way of life, even with their
own life. We should never forget that.
The next time youre traveling and
fnd yourself in the airport waiting
and fghting the crowds, if you see a
soldier, airman, marine or sailor, go up
to them, shake their hand and tell them
how much you care.
It will only take an extra minute of
your time and not only will the man
or woman in uniform feel good about
your effort, but you will be surprised
how good you will feel as we
God Bless Our Military and the
United States of America!
Memorial Service at Fellowship Community Church
By David Warren