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IILM Institute for Higher Education Summer Project Evaluation Sheet (2012-14)

Part I (Confidential)
[To be filled up by the Project Guide at the company]

Name of Student & Roll No Name of the Organization Organizations Address

Aasif Iqubal : Real Time Data Services Pvt Ltd. Plot No. 803/2, Block No. K 2 mata chauki, mahipalpur, New Delhi 110037

Details of Project Guide at Company

Name of Project Guide at Company Designation of Project Guide Mobile: 8797269276 Email id of Project Guide : Mr. Jitendra Kumar Pal : Sales & Quality Manager Phone: .. Fax: ..

: ....

Project Particulars
Title of Summer Project : VMware Sales & Marketing

Area of Work (Kindly tick) :

Finance Marketing Market Research General Management Any Other (specify)_ IT & Telecom

Trading HR

Brief Description: Aasif was involved in VMware Sales & Marketing apart from there he has also worked different departments like Online Marketing, Quality and Research, Support Department. .. ..

Evaluation of the Project (A)

Description 1

Max Marks

Marks Awarded 6


Project Completion & Report: Initial project specifications; planning efficiency; meeting 6 deadlines; variance with respect to the project report. Content: Description of project; accuracy of facts; 6 relevance; research undertaken; approach; data collection; analysis, technical details; objectives achieved; illustrations. Competence: Approach to the project; overcoming complications; management and organization; 6 reliability and punctuality; individual contribution to the project; identifying and valuing learning outcomes; developing strategies to meet the contingencies. 6 Interpersonal Relation and Teamwork: Communication and interaction with other people, problem solving and decision making in team. 6 Usefulness to the Organization: Contribution to the effective working of an organization 30

5 6 28

Evaluation of Candidates Learning Skills(B)

(Kindly tick)
Initiative and Drive Logical/Analytical Ability Communication Skills Application and Knowledge Base Punctuality and Sincerity Originality Interpersonal Relations and Team Work Attitude towards Work

Outstanding YES YES YES YES

Very Good





Thank you very much for your cooperation.

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