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Reference: Basic Metallurgy for NDT - Editor J L Taylor Questions Refer to Chapters 3 & 4 1.

Equilibrium diagrams are a plot of? Temperature V Time Composition V Time Temperature V Composition Solid Composition V Liquid Composition 2. The proportion of solid to liquid at a certain temperature during cooling can be determined by? Arrest points Lever law Cooling rate Solid solubility 3. Equilibrium diagrams can be determined by? Cooling curves Dilatrometry Microscopy X-ray crystallography All of the above 4. One of the effects of alloying is termed? Coring Dendritic growth Homogenous structure Interdendritic growth 5. For questions 5 to 9 refer to diagram one at the foot of the page At which temperature does pure iron become non magnetic? A1 A2 A3 A4 6. Which point on the iron carbon diagram is the eutectoid point? Point Point Point Point B C D E

7. Point B on the iron carbon diagram is the? Peritectic point Peritectoid point Eutectic point Euctecoid point 8. Cementite has the chemical formulae? FeC Fe2C Fe3C

FeC3 9. A metal containing 0.4% carbon is termed? Hypoeutectic white iron Hypereutectic white iron Hypoeutectoid steel Hypereutectoid steel 10. Which of the following micro-structures is termed lamellar? Ferrite Pearlite Austenite Martensite 11. As carbon content increases? Tensile Tensile Tensile Tensile strength strength strength strength decreases, increases, increases, decreases, ductility ductility ductility ductility decreases decreases increases increases

12. Heating to just below AC, and holding at this temperature for several hours is termed? Spheroidising Process annealing Normalising Anneal Both spheroidising and process annealing are correct 13. Tempering of martensite produces which of the following? Carbon atoms diffuse to form carbide particles Residual stresses are relieved Steel becomes tougher All of the above 14. Which of the following tests is used to determine hardenability? Dilatometry Jominy X ray diffraction Heating and cooling curves 15. Consider a time temperature transformation diagram. Which of the following s tructures is last to form? Coarse pearlite Upper bainite Low bainite Martensite

Diagram One for Questions 5 to 9 1. Temperature V Composition 2. Lever law

3. All of the above 4. Coring 5. A2 6. Point C 7. Euctecoid point 8. Fe3C 9. Hypoeutectoid steel 10. Pearlite 11. Tensile strength increases, ductility decreases 12. Both spheroidising and process annealing are correct 13. All of the above 14. Jominy 15. Martensite