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English 1 Course Requirements Mrs.

Brown 2013-2014 Course Overview In English 1 we will improve our language skills through both reading and writing. We will read short stories, plays, novels, and poetry. Students will read fiction as well as non-fiction selections. In addition to smaller writing assignments, there will be four major writing projects, one of which is a short research paper.

Required Materials Textbook (Elements of Literature) or specific novel if we are reading one in class. Literature books will be left in the classroom; however, a student may check a book out to take home if needed. Notebook (for English only) Folder (for English only) Loose leaf paper (not paper torn from your notebook!) Pen or pencil (dark ink or lead only) A flash drive will be very helpful for when we work on essays at school so that you can save your work and finish at home.

Evaluation We will have short writing assignments, essays, quizzes, tests, and occasional projects. These will be graded on a point system. The semester grade will be calculated with weighted categories: essays will be 30%, tests will be 30%, daily grades (assignments, quizzes, etc.) will be 25%, and the semester exam, which is cumulative, will count as 15%. Quarter grades do not go on a students permanent record, but they are useful as indicator grades to let you know how you are doing halfway through the semester. *** Four years of English are required for graduation. If a student fails either semester of English 1, he/she must retake that semester the following year (in addition to taking English 2 at the same time).

Other Resources Your parents can access your grades online by obtaining a user id and password from the office. This is a much easier way for you to track your grade than by asking me during class. If you or your parents have a question about your grade, please bring it to my attention, and I will address it as soon as possible. You are encouraged to consult my blog for class information and copies of handouts (

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(Please see other side for additional information.)

Expectations 1. Be respectful of yourself, others, and property. This includes (but is not limited to) using schoolappropriate language, dressing appropriately, paying attention and participating in class, remaining quiet while the teacher or another student is addressing the class, taking care of textbooks, using titles of respect when referring to or addressing adults, refraining from eating and drinking in class, and completing work independently unless instructed otherwise. 2. Be in or near your seat when the bell rings. 3. Bring all required materials everyday unless instructed otherwise. 4. Prepare outside of class for quizzes/tests and have homework completed on time. Assignments not turned in when the teacher collects them are considered late. Ten percent will be deducted from a students grade for each day an assignment is late. 5. Complete assignments neatly on standard loose leaf paper in dark ink or lead. Each assignment needs the following information in the upper right-hand corner: Name Date Class period Assignment name (e.g.: p.34 Questions) Failure to follow directions may result in a deduction of points. 6. If you miss class for any reason, find out what you missed as soon as possible. Students will be allowed one day for each day missed plus one day to turn in missed work (See the school handbook for policy).

Consequences for not meeting expectations Teacher may use any of the following consequences, depending on the severity or frequency of the offense: 1. Verbal warning. 2. Removal from class (to hallway, office, etc.). 3. Detention. 4. Parental contact. 5. Referral.