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Lithuanian Export


Engineered products
Electric equipment for industry, telecom and medical equipment LCD and TV sets
Top 5 export markets 2010
6% 7% 13% 6%


Latvia Germany Belarus United Kingdom

Engineered products: competitive advantages

Highly skilled and experienced workforce Flexibility to fulfill small orders Custom-made precision products Rapid modernization of enterprises, quality and process optimisation Attractive price-quality ratio Eco-friendly systems

Furniture & wood processing

Furniture Wood shavings Parquet
Top 5 Export Markets 2010
7% 8% 8%


Sweden United Kingdom


Norway France

Furniture & wood processing: competitive advantages

Geographical proximity to major sector markets Modern technologies and innovative business solutions Expertise in supply chain and strategic management Flexibility to fulfill small orders Rich raw material resources Attractive price-quality ratio

Products for printing & packaging

PET production Paperboard

Top 5 Export Markets 2010

8% 11% 13% 7%


Poland Russia Ukraine France

Products for printing & packaging: competitive advantages

Attractive price-quality ratio Modern technologies (Japanese, German etc.) Wide range of products Custom-made and expedited orders Convenient geographical location

Products for life industries (chemical, pharma, biotech)

Fertilizers for agriculture Paints for industries DAP PET production Bio-pharma production
9% 12% 12%

Top 5 Export Markets 2010




India Latvia United Kingdom Estonia

Products for life industries: competitive advantages

Biotech: - Unique products - Close cooperation between science and business - Extensive export geography Chemical industry: - Partnership with international industrial groups - Deep sector specialization - Established position in the world export market (Export of fertilizers ranks 13th (2.14%) in the world)

Renewables & environmental technologies

Biomass and biofuel Solar batteries Water treatment equipment Components for wind energy Heating equipment
8% 9% 13%

Top 5 Export Markets 2010

6% 30%
Russia Sweden Norway Belarus Latvia

Renewables & environmental technologies: competitive advantages

Innovative solutions Highly export oriented Attractive price-quality ratio Close cooperation between science and business

Textile & apparel

Knitwear Home textile Linen Yarn for knitwear and weaving Mens suits
Top 5 Export Markets 2010
7% 8% 12% 6%


Germany United Kingdom Denmark Sweden

Textile & apparel: competitive advantages

Quality products Short production and delivery time Ability to produce small batches High technological and linguistic staff competences and work culture Relatively low labor costs Business experience in international (especially Eastern) markets Deep industry traditions

Amber jewelry Wooden toys Hand-made needlework Hand-made fashion accessories Home decoration items Ceramics
Top 5 Export Markets 2010

9% 13%

5% 5%

Latvia Denmark


Honk Kong Estonia

Giftware: competitive advantages

Unique products and technologies High quality Long traditions

Grains, rapes, raw fodder Diary products Spirits Confectionery Vegetables Berries and fruits
Top 5 Export Markets
6% 10% 14% 5% 30%
Russia Latvia Germany Poland Estonia

Food: competitive advantages

Favourable climate for agriculture Rich local resources Excellent logistics Skilled workforce Sector specialization Rapid modernization of enterprises, innovative companies Stringent quality and environmental requirements, in compliance with EU standards Attractive quality-price ratio

Thermal insulation Ventilation equipment Laminated wood beams Polymer-bitumen roof Ceramic tiles
8% 11% 12%

Top 5 Export Markets 2010



Norway Germany Denamrk Belarus

Construction: competitive advantages

Growing specialization, knowledge and competences Strong base of traditional apprenticeship training Skilled workforce Focus on R&D

Information & telecommunication technologies (ITT)

IT consultancy and call centres, programming and software development IT infrastructure products Business management solutions CD, DVD, MC and Blu-ray discs manufacture
Top 5 Export Markets 2010

6% 9%


Russia Estonia


Germany United Kingdom

ITT: competitive advantages

Largest industry in the Baltics Best IT professionals in CEE Close cooperation with science Rapid technological development of services Increasing investment into electronic communications infrastructure Sector transition from high growth to stable development

Electronics & photonics

Lasers for scientific research & manufacturing Optical components Modems Intellectual engineering systems Electricity meters and switchgear
Top 5 Export Markets 2010

9% 10%



Latvia Belarus


Germany Italy

Electronics & photonics: competitive advantages

New trend: decreasing vehicle electrical equipment and audiovisual equipment production rapidly growing share of electrical equipment and medical, orthopedic products Laser industry: best opportunities for development and export of optical devices Fast execution of small orders High production quality Innovative solutions

Transport & logistics

Transportation Logistics solutions Warehousing Customs brokerage
Top 5 Export Markets 2010

5% 10%



Germany Belarus


Denmark France

Transport & logistics: competitive advantages

Convenient geographical location Strong support by public sector Relatively low prices compared with Western European and Scandinavian countries Most of companies are younger than 5 years High quality, complying with the requirements of EU and Asia Western business practice and high competitiveness in Eastern Europe Modern technologies for stock records, surveillance from shipment to delivery

Medical services
Diagnostics Doctors advice Instrumental examinations Laboratory examinations
40% 3% 5% 7%

Top 5 Export Markets 2010 QI-III


Treatment Therapy Surgery Rehabilitation Contract Research

Russia Poland Latvia Norway

Medical services: competitive advantages

Highly skilled doctors and nurses Good infrastructure Competitive prices High hygiene and customer service standards Short flights from Europe

Higher education
Vocational studies Undergraduate studies Postgraduate studies Executive studies Research and Doctoral studies
Top 5 Export Markets 2010 QI-III
2% 1% 1% 1%
Russia UAE Latvia


Ukraine Ireland

Higher education: competitive advantages

Education system based on European cultural values Recognizable European Degree Reasonable tuition fees Inexpensive living Rich cultural living

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