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Oracle Database Development

Toad is the de facto standard
- Hundreds of thousands of users worldwide choose Toad

Toad improves productivity and code quality for database professionals:

PL/SQL Developers Application Developers DBAs Business Analysts Development/IT Managers

Improve Your Productivity with Toad

Build and execute queries Create and modify database objects Develop and debug SQL and PL/SQL code Instant access to Oracle expertise

Increase Your Application Code Quality

Integrated SQL tuning PL/SQL analysis and code review

Rely on Toads Interactive Community

Online discussion groups Quest Pipelines Web site Newsletters & events

Toads Key Benefits

Improve productivity with easy-to-use functionality to create/execute queries, create/modify database objects and develop application code Increase code quality with integrated utilities to optimize PL/SQL code and tune SQL Benefit from Toads large community of peers and experts for platform expertise, tips, best practices and up-to-date product news Backed by Quest as a corporation to provide the needed support, events, training and R&D as a vendor for the future

Toad for Oracles History

Previous Freeware Version

Oct 98
Initial Quest release. Yahoo! Groups and established.

June 99
Already has 70 distinct screens.

Feb 00
Debugger, SQL modeler, oracle 8 object support.

Dec 00
DBA Module.

April 01
Toad Reports.

Dec 01
Script Manager, SQL*Loader Wizard.

Apr 02
HTML Schema Generator, CMD Line Support.

Freeware Update July 05

Oct 02
Project Manager, QSR.

May 03
Team Coding, Data Grid support for advanced data types.

Nov 03
Session Browser, new toolbars.

July 04
XML Support, CodeXpert, Script Debugger. Rebranded Toad for Oracle

Nov 04
v7.5J & v7.5U
Unicode and Internationalized Japanese Editions.

June 05
JIT Debugging, Citrix, RAC, enhanced 10g support.

Q4 05
Re-designed Modeler, M/D Brower, New Reporting Engine, EBiz Module

Toad for Oracle Roadmap

Toad for Oracle 8.6

Toad for Oracle 9.0

Q4 05

Q1 06

Q2 06

Q3 06

Installing Toad Install Options

Toad Trial available on
Dont use the trial for upgrading commercial Toad (cannot enter a permanent license key)

Commercial Toad available from Quest Supportlink

Toad has a single installer for all configurations Toad Read Only installer for users needing an executable designed to prevent its users from changing the database.

Introduction to Toad
Toad allows you to accomplish tasks quickly, and more accurately. Quickly create, edit and save a SQL statement using the SQL Editor Edit other programming languages with the text editor View data in a grid format and save it to another format such as XML, Excel, etc. Accomplish other daily tasks quickly: import/export data, compare schemas, update statistics - even FTP Get instant access to Oracle and PL/SQL expertise through integration with Knowledge Xpert for PL/SQL and Oracle Administration Code, profile, debug, and tune PL/SQL Drag and drop Oracle Objects into your PL/SQL programs Find performance issues such as long-running sessions and much much more

Toad Installation Types

Normal Client Install Network Installation Citrix Install

Connection Colors

The Basics
TOAD Options
View > Options View > Formatting Options Edit > Editor Options Help

Toad Options
Options Managing long executions Control Data Type Display Set Grid Selection Style Customize Initial Windows Open for Startup Customize Menus and Toolbars including fonts Search to find all options

Toad Utilities
Utilities FTP Network Utilities
Telnet, Rexec and Ping

Archive (Ability to automatically ZIP) Script Manager

Manage, run and edit multiple scripts via the Script Manager

Basic TOAD Windows

Schema Browser SQL Editor Procedure Editor SQL Modeler

Schema Browser 1/2

Review related objects and their properties
Left side tabs for database objects Review display options for LHS Multi-line tabs Single line tabs Drop down Treeview Right side tabs for object specific properties (details)

Set appropriate filters

View > Browser Filters Filter icons on each tab

Add additional LHS columns

Schema Browser 2/2

Object Navigation
Customize view by right click in the gray area of the object icon bar Drag columns for ordering Limit schemas via the View, Oracle Users List Filter Multi-Select Right Click
Table - Create insert statements by where clause

SQL Editor 1/3

Execution modes
SQL Editor Run Run Current Run as Script Switch sessions to quickly run statements in different instances

Format Code
Transform chaotic code into easily managed, aesthetically pleasing code Right Click->Formatting tools-> Format code To setup, go to: View->Formatting Options

Other language support

Support Dephi, Java, Perl, C++, VB Make/Strip Code Statements Chosen through options menu

SQL Recall
F8/SQL-Window to access previously executed SQL Personal SQL Named SQL

SQL Editor 2/3

Mouse Shortcuts Table and Column Names Slide outs Drag and drop functionality SQL Function Templates Function syntax and description Add Keyboard Shortcuts F4 Describe object Table and Column Names Table:First letter or letters of the table and hitting <CTRL . > Column: Table or alias <.> Auto Replace Replace as you type Code Templates <CRTL Space> Right Click ->"Editing Options -> Code Templates #provided + customize and shortcut

SQL Editor 3/3

Edit data from grid
In the editor <Edit Table name> Include rowid in query Red/Green Button

Change grid
Drag columns for ordering Preview Column Fix Grid columns In cell Calculator and Calendar Multi-select Memo Editor (preview longs) Comma/Tab/other delimited HTML Insert Statements SQL Loader MS-Excel XML (plain or with XSL) Unix style

Save query data as

Automatically Zip!

Procedure Editor
Stored program toolbar
Customizable templates for creating stored programs Load programs from files or from database Compile and Execute stored programs

Error message and output display Similar functionality to SQL Editor Debugging available

SQL Modeler
Drag and drop Tables, Synonyms or views from Object Palette Double click the links to view the joins Select columns of Interest or drag and drop into treeview Setup column functions or aliases by double-clicking columns in the treeview Drag and drop the columns into the where, group, and sort areas to setup conditions R/C columns and check/uncheck visible to include in the select list View query as its built in the bottom panel F9/green play button executes the query to return a data set Send Query to SQL tuner, SQL Editor or create a custom report from the results grid

Query Builder

TOAD Reports
Print out various preformatted reports Tables, indexes and columns Views Stored procedures Invalid objects, resource usage Many more Professional formatted documents of database objects Runs separately from TOAD Save as HTML, Adobe, RTF, XLS & JPG

Custom Report Generation

From any data grid, select Report from the Grid Menu to generate custom report
Step One - Select columns, group by column(s), Layout, & Style. Step Two - Adjust report definition to suit your needs. Customize headers & footers Insert custom images Rearrange dataset layout Add calculated fields Insert custom code Step Three - Preview or Save your Report Print Find data Save the report design to run later Export the report to bmp, pdf, html, excel, e-mail, csv, text, print, and more

New Reporting Engine

Toad now has a new mechanism for generating reports automatically off of Oracle datasets. This functionality is available for any Data Grid in Toad. Access the report engine by selecting the grid, then going to the Main Menu bar - File - Grid - Report.

Toad Add Ons

Knowledge Xperts SQL Tuning Toad Debugging DBA Module E-Business Module Benchmark Factory Data Factory QDesigner

New E-Business Suite Module

Optional Module needing license key (just like DBA module) With Option there is a new Menu eBiz Includes:
1. A Browser, much like the schema browser. 2. A Monitor, much like the database monitor 3. A Report screen with about 10 built-in reports. you can modify them or add your own. 4. A "Lookup finder". a place that Oracle Apps developers can use to find lookup objects and types when writing their queries. You can supply lookup code and/or meaning.

Toad for Oracle E-Business

Oracle E-Business Suite is a complex application; hundreds of thousands of views, tables, procedures and data setups Toad for E-Business simplifies the navigation and display of all these objects Toad for Oracle E-Business helps streamline development and administration in with the E-Business Suite
Same familiar Toad user interface to browse table, view, PL/SQL, write queries, etc Adds functionality to easily drill into Oracle E-Business specific data with a seamless user interface

Toad for Oracle E-Business

Reduce the required research time when developing new components for the Oracle E-Business Suite
Make is easy to see related information on one screen Developers can work in one tool when developing new programs. Eliminates the need to log into the application to determine setup values or configurations

Reduce the administration effort when investigating issues

Rapid navigation between the Application Monitor and User configurable Application reports with an intuitive user interface speeds troubleshooting

Oracle E-Business Browser

The eBiz browser allows administrators and developers to quickly navigate some of the most common Oracle EBusiness data types
Activity, Applications, Audit, Concurrent Programs, Request Sets, Users, Workflow, Printers, Profile Options, Key Flexfields, Descriptive Flexfields, Lookups, Menus, Patches, Data Groups, and Invalid Objects.

Object types are shown with detail screens which allow developers to see key information such as internal IDs, values and other information relevant to the object type. Innovative views, like time shift, point in time, and audit give administrators the tools they always wished they had.

Oracle E-Business Browser

E-Business browser allows developers to easily navigate application features
Applications Users Workflow Flexfields Profile options Menus Audit etc

Oracle E-Business Lookup Finder

The eBiz lookup finder helps the developer find the lookup table or lookup name by only knowing the displayed value of the lookup or list of values (LOV). The lookup finder allows developers to search lookups by the displayed meaning (or lookup code or lookup type). Save time hunting down the appropriate lookup when developing a new form or when configuring concurrent program parameters. No need to manually look through long lists of lookup tables to find the one that needs to be updated.

Oracle E-Business Lookup Finder

Hard to find the lookup type or code based on view application behavior? Use the lookup finder to determine what lookups are being used

Oracle E-Business Monitor

Application administrators can use the eBiz Monitor to measure activity in the application The eBiz monitor allows administrators to identify periods of peak activity Display information about concurrent requests, users logged in and workflow transactions See at a glance if problem exist with pending requests of excessive workflow errors Save time locating the problem spot with the graphical view of your application environment

Oracle E-Business Monitor

Use the application monitor to track performance and usage across the application Users Concurrent requests Workflow

Oracle E-Business Reports

The eBiz report builder allows developers and administrators to quickly design and format reports on critical application data which can be saved and rapidly executed. Utilizes new Toad features while allowing users to store E-Business specific reports within the eBiz report group.

Oracle E-Business Reports

Create reports on the Fly Save Useful reports which are specific to your business Easy to design Easy to Preview

Knowledge Xpert
Knowledge Xpert products answer 70-80% of questions faced by Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server professionals Thousands of topics written by industry experts Steven Feuerstein, Mike Ault, Bert Scalzo & many others Self-directed for all experience levels Thousands of reusable examples Quick reference to error messages Promotes knowledge sharing across an organization

Knowledge Xpert Products

Knowledge Xpert for PL/SQL
Comprehensive online technical resource that covers the lifecycle of PL/SQL development Code library with 1,000 pre-built procedures and functions 25,000+ error messages across multiple versions (Oracle 7.3 - 9i) Flexible and customizable Add your own notes, docs, etc.

Knowledge Xpert Products (contd.)

Knowledge Xpert for Oracle Administration
3,200+ topics cover the complete range of a DBAs daily responsibilities Covers Oracle 7.3 9i Over 200 tested DBA scripts Active Database Analysis topics provide expert advice about your database environment

Data Factory
Ideal for unit testing Loads test database applications with up to 100,000 rows of meaningful test data Maintains referential integrity, supports multiple foreign keys Supports data aging

Benchmark Factory
Benchmark Factory for Databases reduces production performance problems by 75% by testing database load before production, decreasing hardware and software costs and increasing the accuracy in planning scalability and capacity. Ideal for database load testing
Can tell you the breaking point of load to your database

Execute multiple user loads from multiple machine sources Standard TPC benchmarks included

Key Benchmark Factory Capabilities

Generates/simulates database workload
Replaying production activity Running PL/SQL or SQL scripts Synthetic workload standard benchmark (TPC-C)

Puts load on the database

Simulates multiple concurrent users running transactions Pushes load until the database breaks

Measures and reports transaction response time and throughput

Reporting allows comparison of test runs, so you can compare performance between different databases and environments

See transaction times based on increased virtual user load

The Toad Family is Growing!

Toad for DB2, Toad for SQL Server and Toad for MySQL are here!
Datasheets and demos are on the CD you were given when you signed in this morningcheck it out

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