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Fraze utile

Here are some Portuguese words, phrases and numbers to help you order in a bar or restaurant, identify foods, order different quantities or listen to prices. To drink:

"O que voc quer beber?" - What would you like to drink? "Voc quer beber alguma coisa?" - Would you like to drink something? "E para beber?" - And to drink? "Vocs tm um men de vinhos?" - Do you have wine list? "Para beber quero..." - I would like to drink... "(Eu) queria uma bica / um cafezinho / um espresso" - I'd like an espresso. "Uma cerveja por favor. / Duas cervejas por favor" - A beer please / Two beers please "Um caf, se faz favor" -A coffee, please "Uma gua sem gs" -Still water "Uma gua com gs" - Sparkling water "Uma cerveja" -A beer "Vinho tinto"-Red wine "Vinho branco" -White wine

To eat:

"O que deseja comer?" - What would you like to eat? "O que os senhores(as) querem comer?" - What would you like to eat? "O que voc quer comer?" - What would you like to eat? "O que (voc) recomenda?"-What do you recommend? "Faa o favor!" - Waiter! "Prato do dia" -Dish of the day "Para mim..."- For me... "(Eu) vou comer..."-I'll have the... "Qual a entrada / prato principal / sobremesa?" - What starters / main course / dessert do you have? "(Eu) gostaria ver a ementa por favor" - I would like to see the menu please O men de sobremesas por favor - The desserts menu please "Para comear quero..." - To start I would like... "Como prato principal quero..." -For the main course I would like... "Para sobremesa quero..." -For dessert I'll have... "No como carne" - I don't eat meat "(Eu) sou vegetariana" - I'm vegetarian (f.) "(Eu) sou vegetariano"- I'm vegetarian (m.) "Uma mesa para duas pessoas" -A table for two "Tenho uma reserva em nome de ..." - I have a table reserved in the name of ... "(Eu) queria uma mesa perto da janela" - I would like a table near to the window. "Isso no o que eu encomendei" - That's not what I ordered "A conta por favor" - The bill (check) please "O servio est includo?" - Is service included? "Acho que h um erro na conta" - I think there is a mistake in the bill.

Numbers: um dois (doysh) trs (tresh) one two three vinte trinta quarenta (kwarenta) twenty thirty forty

quatro (kwatru) cinco (sincu) seis (saysh) seite (sayte) oito (oytu) nove (nov) dez (desh) 1

four five six seven eight nine ten

cinquenta (sinkwenta) seisenta (saysenta) seitenta (saytenta) oitenta (oytenta) noventa cem (sem) meio quilo (mayo kilo) duzentas gramas (doozentash gramash)

fifty sixty seventy eighty ninety one hundred half a kilo 200 grams

If you are buying sliced meats or cheeses you can either ask for it by weight or by the number of slices that you want, for instance: 'Seis fatias' (saysh fatee-ash) six slices; se faz favor (se fash fav-or) please.
Cuvinte referitoare la hrana

Daily staples:

Milk - "leite" comes in skimmed ("magro"), semi-skimmed ("meio gordo") and full fat ("gordo"). Cheese - "queijo"; goat's cheese "queijo da cabra" Butter - "manteiga"; margarine "margarina" Bread - "po" Water - "agua" Tea - "ch" Coffee - "caf" Meat - "carne" Fish - "peixe"

Meat shopping:

Chicken - "frango" Turkey - "per" Pork - "porco" Beef - "vaca" Lamb - "borrego" Veal - "vitela" Rabbit - "coelho" Duck - "pato"

Some of the other words that may come in useful are:

Sirloin steak - "bife de vazia" Thin pork steaks - "bifanas" Steak - "bife de vaca" Minute steak - "bitoque" Lamb chops - "costeletas de borrego" Ham - "fiambre" Pork steak - "febras" Pork loin - "lombo de porco" Mince - "picar"

Sometimes a pack of meat will indicate what type of cooking it is suitable for:

Grill - "grelhar" Roast - "assar" Boil - "cozer" Stew - "estufar"

If you are buying sliced meats you can either ask for it by weight or by the number of slices that you want, for instance: "Seis fatias" (pronounced "saysh fatee-ash") six slices. Fish and seafood shopping: There is a huge variety of fresh fish and seafood to choose from, both in the supermarkets and at local fish markets. So that you know what you are looking at: Sardine - "sardinha" Tuna - "atum" Cod - "bacalhau" Salmon - "salmo" Sea bream - "besugo" Small mackerel - "carapau" Mackerel - "cavala" Cuttlefish - "choco" Bream - "dourada" Swordfish - "espadarte" Sole - "linguado" Hake - "pescada" Sea bass - "robalo" Mullet - "salmonete" Monkfish - "tamboril" Squid - "lula" Octopus - "polvo"

Clam - "ameijoa" Small clam - "conquilha" Barnacle - "perceve" Oyster - "ostra" Cockle - "berbigo" Prawn - "camaro" Crab - "Carangueijo" Crab (large) - "sapateira" Lobster - "lagosta" Razor clam - "lingueiro" Mussel - "mexhilho" Whelk - "bzio"