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The material of Kidney disease Peritoneal dialysis treatment in patients with chronic renal failure, to save the patients

life, improve the clinical symptoms, prolong life play a good role. But to drain is a replacement therapy, to improve the patients without renal function, and in the process of drain, often appear all sorts of complications. Clinical application of TCM prevention and treatment of abdominal complications can obtain good curative effect, ensure the smooth progress of abdominal through treatment. (1) hypoalbuminemia, loss of appetite is common in patients with abdominal through with hypoalbuminemia, loss of appetite, characterized by the spleen kidney Yang deficiency, the disorder of qi and blood loss. In spleen and kidney, replenishing qi and blood, ginseng keep rong tonga subtraction available: ginseng 10 g, radix astragali 30 g, 24 g, poria cocos Chinese yam rhizome of rehmannia, 20 g atractylodes, kidney failure(renal failure) treatment angelica each 15 g, schisandra, medlar, radix paeoniae alba, 10 g 12 g, 6 g dried tangerine or orange peel, cinnamon, 1-3 g; Loss of appetite and millet sprout, malt 30 g, chicken's gizzard-membrane, 10 g each. This can make the plasma protein gradually recovered, if cooperate with medicinal food therapy effect is better. (2) the abdominal pain, abdominal distension, abdominal pain, abdominal distension is a common complication for drain, put appropriate spleen to transport and gas pain. Commonly used aroma sand 6 gentleman and conquer. Dangshen 18 g, poria cocos, radix paeoniae alba each 15 g, atractylodes, radix linderae, cortex magnoliae, sichuan and fruit all the 12 g. According to clinical observation, in addition to the peritonitis cause of abdominal pain, the suit commonly 3-5, abdominal distension abdominal pain relief. (3) the peritonitis peritonitis is the more serious complications of the drain. Refuse to press often have fever, abdominal pain, abdominal muscle tension, cloudy high fluid, can produce bacterial pathogens, and TCM syndrome differentiation of spleen wet embodiment, wet YuHua poison, treatment in addition to add appropriate antibiotics in dialysate, often with qingrejiedu, wet gas, the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for activating blood circulation: salvia miltiorrhiza 20 g 15 g, cortex phellodendri, radix rehmanniae, radix paeoniae rubra, honeysuckle, cortex moutan, rhizoma coptidis, peach kernel, safflower, 12 g hovenia dulcis, fumaric, 10 g each. (4) performance is common in patients with diarrhea after abdominal diarrhea, stool watery, 10 to 15 times a day, more than for the spleen and stomach weakness, temper is weak. Treated by removing the spleen kidney, cold antidiarrheal, using the principle of decoction and four gods pill treatment: codonopsis 24 g, atractylodes, poria cocos each 15 g, 12 g, schisandra, malaytea scurfpea fruit evodia rutaecarpa, gun ginger all the 12 g, simmer nutmeg 6 g. (5) the skin itch itchy skin in patients with abdominal through very see more, show the whole body skin dry JiYang, often damaged by scratching, affect morpheus, card through dry blood deficiency, with zi dry a glorious tonga taste rule: radix rehmanniae, prepared rhizome of rehmannia, 24 g each 30 g, caulis spatholobi, radix paeoniae alba, radix polygoni multiflori,

chronic kidney disease(ckd) treatment each 15 g, angelica sinensis, radix gentianae macrophyllae, cortex dictamni, herba schizonepetae, windproof every 10 g 12 g, liquorice, cicada 6 g 5 g. (6) bone of bone pain, faint pain, pain or paroxysmal acupuncture samples, so that the one. Check the spine swelling fever, limb joints did not see activity is not restricted, the meridian qi grinds to be caused by, cure to the camp and invigorate the circulation of tong Yang: 30 g suberect spatholobus stem, root of herbaceous peony, 15 g 12 g, cassia twig, clematis root, angelica, twotooth achyranthes root, radix gentianae macrophyllae each 12 g, rhizoma ligustici wallichii, peach kernel, safflower, 10 g jujube 5 pieces.