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OUTCOMES, Elementary

WEEK Sept. 1st week 2nd week Oct. 3rd week 4th week UNIT Unit 1 Starter unit Unit 2 Starter unit Unit 1 People and places Unit 2 Free time Unit 3 Home Unit 3 Home Unit 4 Holidays Unit 4 Holidays Review 1 Writing 01 Writing 02 Unit 5 Shops Unit 5 GRAMMAR Plurals/ a, an, the/ subject pronouns/ Grammar words Pronouns/ dont/ do you?/ Be/ The verb to be / There is/are/Present simple Verb forms/ Adverbs of frequency/ a, any, some, one Prepositions of place Can/ cant Possessive adjectives and pronouns Past simple regular/ irregular verbs Past simple negatives and questions VOCABULARY Numbers/ Food and drink/ times/ days of the week Adjectives/ Numbers/ Everyday things Countries/ Describing people Free time activities/ Daily life/ Classroom Local facilities In the house Collocations Months, seasons, dates Going on holiday LANGUAGE SKILLS Hello! / Family and age/ Ordering in a cafe Questions/ personal information/ Me too Reading: My home town Listening: An interview Reading: Do you have any free time? Listening: Do you like? Reading: Where I live Listening: Problems at home Reading: A holiday in Ireland Listening: Did you have a nice weekend?/ Public holidays NOTES

5th week 6th week Nov. 7 week 8th week


9th week

10th week 11th week

This/ that/ these/ those Present continuous

Revision units 1 4 Forms Pen friends Describing what you want to buy Department stores

Reading: Sale!/ A famous department store. Listening: Whos next?

Dec. 12th week 13th week

Shops Unit 6 Studying Unit 6 Studying Unit 7 Family and friends Unit 7 Family and friends Unit 8 Plans Unit 8 Plans Review 2 Writing 03 Writing 04 Unit 9 Experiences Unit 9 Experiences

Modifiers: quite, very, really Comparatives

Subjects/ Languages School, university and college Relationships/ Describing people

Do you sell? Reading: Bilinguals better! Listening: What are you studying?/ A Russian education Reading: Debate of the week: working parents/ A little help from your friends Listening: Do you have any brothers or sisters Reading: Government plans Listening: What are you doing now?/ Id really like to

14th week

Auxiliary verbs: be, do, can

Jan. 15th week 16th week 17th week

Have to/ dont have to

Jobs and activities in the home More common activities For and against

Be going to + verb Would like to + verb

Feb. 18th week 19th week 20th week

Present Perfect 1 Present perfect 2 Me too/ Me neither

Revision - units 5-8 Cards Making arrangements Good and bad experiences Describing experiences

21st week Mar.

Unit 10 Travel Unit 10

Too/ too many/ too much Superlatives

Trains and stations Transport Telling the time

Reading: Put it down to experience Listening: On holiday in Turkey Different kinds of experiences Reading: Taxi Listening: A train ticket/

22nd week 23rd week 24th week

Travel Unit 11 Food Unit 11 Food Unit 12 Feelings Unit 12 Feelings Review 3 Writing 05 Writing 06 Unit 13 Nature Unit 13 Nature Unit 14 Opinions Unit 14 Opinions Unit 15 Technology Unit 15 Technology Unit 16 A lo of/ some/ any/ much/ many/a bit of Invitations and offers Restaurants/ food/ cooking Checking

25th week

Should / shouldnt

Health problems Feelings Rejecting advice and offers Revision - units 9-12 Visiting friends Describing food Weather Country city Animals Short questions Describe films, plays and musicals Society Whats it like? Machines and technology

26th week Apr. 27th week 28th week 29th week

Present perfect 3

Recommendations in a hotel Reading: Vegetarians live longer Listening: A restaurant in France/ Dinner with friends Reading: Economics and happiness/ Newspaper articles Listening: Are you OK? A mixed day

Might / Be going to Passives

May 30 week 31st week


Will/ wont for predictions Verb patterns with adjectives Be thinking of + -ing

Reading: Six reasons not to Listening: Whats the forecast National symbols Reading: A new life Listening: Opinion about films and musicals Reading: A questionnaire about computers and technology Listening: Im thinking of buying Reading: Poems about

32nd week

Jun. 33 week 34th week


Adverbs The past continuous tense

Computers and the internet Love and marriage




Love Unit 16 Love Review 4 Writing 07 Writing 08

Will/ wont for promises

How long?

promises Listening: News about relationships/ Love at first sight

36th week

Revision - units 13-16 Describing photos Text messages and notes