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Location: /usr/local/dba/Patch Run the script 1. Bring down the services 2.

Take invalid object count ***************for iRecruitment tier********************** to stop the services: go to /usr/local/bin sudo pwd: <OSpwd> to start the services: sudo pwd: <OSpwd> *********************************************************** KN/42357/13293 In web tier custom.pll @$AU_TOP/resource backup custom.pll with the date format 2.(can be done in either o the tier) enabling maintenance mode sqlplus -s apps/apps01qatran @$AD_TOP/patch/115/sql/adsetmmd.sql DISABLE sqlplus -s apps/asys4ulc @$AD_TOP/patch/115/sql/adsetmmd.sql DISABLE To apply patch 1. Go to /usr/local/dba/Patch 2. for admin tier (step 1) 3.Choose option 1(pre-patch appl step) the patch in /orapatch/patch(shared drive) 5.give full permission to patch create _NLS directory and place all the 4 NLS patches inside 1.latin american spanish (ESA) 2.Japanese(JA) 3.Simplified chinese(ZHS) 4.Traditional chinese(ZHT) cd $AD_TOP/bin/admrgpch cmd: admrgpch -s /home/oracrp2/patch/10414457_NLS -d /home/oracrp2/patch/1041445 7_NLS (usually s n d are the same). script run to merge all 4 nls patches n create single merge file now choose option 2 patch no wen prompted find logs in APPL_TOP/admin/<sid>

copy backup folder **don run step1** Navigate to /usr/local/dba/patch run choose option 2-- patch appl choose option 3-- post patch appl step 29392 Gemu9392 ul29953 Anve9953 post step ========= revert back custom.pll generate custom.plx cd $COMMON_TOP/admin/scripts apps/<appspwd> cmd: f60gen module=CUSTOM.pll module_type=LIBRARY userid=apps/apps01qatran * send a mail tat post patch activity is done * take screenshots and put it in common location $IE_TOP in web tier $APPL_TOP in web tier sqlplus -s apps/welcome321 @$AD_TOP/patch/115/sql/adsetmmd.sql DISABLE External tier patching ====================== *bring down services from all 3 tiers (web, admin and external) *backup custom.pll *run step 1 from admin tier *continue running step 2 for all the patches to be applied in external tier *run step 3 finally location: /usr/local/bin to stop sudo pwd: <ospwd> unzip -o <zipfileno.> adctrl -- to check worker status n do things wen applying patch

worker logs present in the below location ========================================= $APPL_TOP/admin/<SID>/log database patch apply ==================== bring down all the services (database+application) export PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/opatch:$PATH echo $PATH opatch lsinventory opatch apply -invPtrLoc $ORACLE_HOME/oraInst.loc

v$temp_space_header-->this will give correct free space session using more space: SELECT S.sid || ',' || S.serial# sid_serial, S.username, S.osuser, P.spid, S.m odule,S.status, P.program, SUM (T.blocks) * TBS.block_size / 1024 / 1024 mb_used, T.tablespace, COUNT(*) statements FROM v$sort_usage T, v$session S, dba_tablespaces TBS, v$process P WHERE T.session_addr = S.saddr AND S.paddr = P.addr AND T.tablespace = TBS.tablespace_name GROUP BY S.sid, S.serial#, S.username, S.osuser, P.spid, S.module,S.status, P.program, TBS.block_size, T.tablespace ORDER BY mb_used desc; % scp /home/parthum1/* user2@machine:/home/parthum2 /home/parthum1/ - Source Directory user2 - user name of the destination machine machine - machine name or ip address of the machine /home/parthum2 - destination directory example in qaprd ext tier: From usnbka030 as oracle user: scp -r /export/home/oracle/5854666 applprod@usnbka020:/export/home/applprod/