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SELECTION CRITERIA Qualifications and Experience Administration

As the sole coordinator for the Feature Film (FF) and New Media (NM) funds, I was responsible for full-time coordination duties for all business affairs. I processed, logged and recorded a large amount of applications from receipt through to assessment. Daily administrative tasks included fielding phone calls; answering, relaying and archiving emails; maintaining paper trails for analysts, clients and potential audits; handling administrative formalities, filing and requests associated with internal operations protocols.


Communication is one of my strongest skill sets. At Telefilm I went out of my way to observe and absorb analysts communications and work processes, so as to properly understand and relay information to clients. I opened and maintained the lines of communication and was proactive with liaising information over the phone and by email. In doing so I was able to reassure our contacts and gain their trust, all while maintaining diplomacy in regards to sensitive information.


As the main point of contact for two funds, it was very important that I familiarize myself and keep up-to-date with FF and NM processes, guidelines and standards. I dedicated myself to always enhancing my knowledge of industry inner-workings and standards. I constantly referred to existing files and previous examples of work and related them to current processes. If ever I couldnt advise properly on guidelines, policies or standards, I made note and followed up accordingly, with aims to remain thorough and detailed in my standard of work.


Every professional position I have held has required strong organisational and administrative skills. I have worked for the government for most of my professional experience, which has made me an efficient worker who enjoys processes and structures. At Telefilm, organisational tasks included managing and prioritizing documentation, such as applications, assessments, reports, etc. I was able to meet tight deadlines through consistent, efficient planning. Time management made it possible to juggle a large volume of requests from both analysts and clients.

Client Focus
On a day-to-day basis I worked collaboratively with clients via telephone, email and through event attendance. I participated in industry and project/client related events where I represented Telefilm and was able to relay information about our guidelines, policies and, most importantly, our role within the Canadian film industry.

Teamwork and Initiative

Proven ability to distinguish between issues that can be solved personally and issues that require consultation from analysts. Grew confident with respect to when to move something up to the Business Affairs Liaison Analyst (BALA) and when to handle things directly without direct guidance.

Computer Literacy

I am a digital native. I have been using computers since the age of 8 and over the years I have familiarized myself with both PC and Mac operating systems and programs. I have extensive experience working with Microsoft Office. I have taken Excel courses and passed proficiency tests. Each role I have held within different organizations has provided me with experience using different types of databases, which I have successfully familiarized myself with. In my role at the Corner Hotel I even helped to build the internal ticketing system, which provided me with a firm understanding of how online systems function.

Prior experience working in media and screen industry. Knowledge of and interest in the screen industry.

I am extremely driven and motivated when it comes to pursuing my passion for film professionally. As you will see in my Cover Letter and CV, I took Film Studies in University, pursued a post-grad Film Production Mentorship and landed a dream job with Telefilm Canada (the Canadian equivalent to Screen Australia). I have attended many film festivals including the Toronto International Film Festival, Hot Docs and I recently interned and volunteered for the Melbourne International Film Festival. I am currently volunteering for the Speakeasy Cinema.

Behaviours Open Communicator

As you will see through my blog (, I am the type of person who openly shares thoughts and opinions. I believe professional and personal life experience is most valuable when shared with others. Through sharing with others we are able to connect and relate to one another. Through sharing with others we are able to learn about ourselves and about those that surround us. Because this is something I am very passionate about, I make efforts to apply my communication skills to getting to know the thoughts and opinions of others around me.


My education and professional experience within the film industry speaks to my drive for success. I am the type of person who sets goals and challenges myself to achieve results. My website and blog will also reveal how driven I am when it comes to bettering myself and applying myself to personal and professional development. I left home at the age of 15 and because I have been in charge of myself for so long, I know to constantly set goals and give myself reason to feel driven and motivated.


The attached performance evaluation includes comments from my manager that speak to my focus and commitment. Despite my contract being up in the air while working for Telefilm, I fully committed myself to the objectives of the team and to the company as a whole. I want to work for Screen Australia for the same reasons I worked for Telefilm, I love what it stands for and the opportunities it provides to the arts is something I value highly. As such, I enjoy dedicating myself to the achievement of team goals and industry objectives.

Establish and maintain effective relationships

A personal asset that I very much value is my knack for networking and building relationships. While growing up our family relocated many times, which put me in a position to attempt to make new friends and build new networks often. Through these experiences I learned to befriend people and gain their trust and respect. I like to consider myself to be a maven. Meeting people and building my personal and professional networks is something I have set as a high priority in my life.

Creative approach to problems

The attached recommendation letter refers to my ability to act as true team player that focuses on solutions to a never-ending stream of unique challenges. Confidence plays a strong role in my ability to confront issues as they arise. I know to remain calm, to approach the situation from different angles and to rely on the resources that surround me. I always try to find solutions on my own, by referring to the information and resources I have access to, before seeking help from surrounding networks.

Seeks feedback

Because I am the type of person who is constantly seeking to learn and better develop my skills, I often seek feedback as a means of assessing what I have or know, and from there I am able to modify my approaches to gain better insight or experience. I believe personal and professional

connections are a great way to access information and expertise, so I often seek feedback from those around me to tap into the valuable resources that surround me.

Improve Self and Screen Australia

I am all about personal and professional development! In the attached Performance Evaluation you will find evidence of the goals and objectives I set for myself with aims of improving my professional knowledge and skill set. Working for institutions such as Screen Australia provides opportunities to expand on skills and as such I am always seeking to learn more and grow within my work environments. By broadening my knowledge and skills, I am able to provide more support to my colleagues and to my role.

Works Collaboratively
At Telefilm I worked closely and collaboratively with analysts, office managers and reception to maintain efficiency, accuracy and to keep on track with client service target times. Communication skills are of great importance when it comes to working collaboratively with team members and I would say that this is one of my strongest skill sets. Communication comes very naturally to me and I put it to good use in order to remain on the same page as those I work closely with.

Team Focused

Every role I have held within different work environments has consisted of being part of a team. Throughout childhood I played competitive soccer, which set me up with great team working skills. I learned that you have to reach out and rely on others to be able to perform well and achieve on your own. I was also my school president and had the opportunity to attend a prestigious Leadership Camp where I gained a lot of perspective on how to work collaboratively with others in order to achieve common goals.

Energy, enthusiasm and willingness to take on new challenges

I created my website and blog as an outlet and medium for setting challenges and tracking productivity. My side project, entitled Make Yourself, aims to help people make a living out of their passions by encouraging them to set challenges and goals that incite skill development and that create opportunities. Through my vlogs it is easy to see the energy and enthusiasm I exude when it comes to talking about my passions and personal development.