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Rise of the Phoenix Scenario Hello, I decided it's finally time to share my scenario with everyone.

You will need th e Jean Gray Dark Phoenix Colossal figure, a calculator (graphing), a pair of 6 s ided dice, action tokens, and fire tokens (poker chips work well, but you will n eed about 50). It has been play tested about 10 times. There are probably some rules which I fo rgot to add to the list since we constantly tweek it. This game is made for 2 or more players to team up against the phoenix. No one uses the phoenix. Enjoy Rise of the Phoenix Scenario Setting up the map You may choose any map. All figures must be placed within 10 squares of the Dark Phoenix. The Dark Phoenix may start anywhere. The Dark Phoenix has the first tu rn in the players turn order. Each player may place 2 standard objects. They mus t be at least 5 squares away from any starting figure. Whenever the Dark Phoenix moves through an object it is destroyed as is all blocking terrain. Dark Phoenix abilities The Dark Phoenix has poison and the Power Cosmic Team ability. The Dark Phoenix powers cannot be countered or altered with perplex and the Dark Phoenix ignores shape change and ignores stealth on a roll of a 4 5 6 on a 1d6 (if this roll fai ls the target is changed). The Dark Phoenix is immune to exploit weakness and ps ychic blast. Total damage dealt to the Dark Phoenix by one attack may not exceed 6 (before damage reductions). The Dark Phoenix may have one action per turn and does not receive an action token. The Dark Phoenix may receive a second action only after using Ultimate (The Dark Phoenix may receive another action if it use s Ultimate again etc. Probability control cannot be used. The Dark Phoenix s stats may not fall below 10/10/17/4. If the dial shows less, th en the dial is considered to show 10/10/17/4. If the Dark Phoenix does not have any damage reducers she may use toughness. Choosing Targets Each figure is assigned a number based on point value. The lowest point figure i s 1, the second highest is 2 and so on. Roll a pair of dice to determine which f igure is the target. Figure Powers Figures using Phasing/Teleport may break away for free, ignore terrain and figur es on movement, and move up to half of their speed and complete a ranged or clos e combat action. Phoenix Turn At the beginning of the Dark Phoenix turn roll a 1d6. 1. Move: Follow the Move action. 2. Move and Range Attack: Follow the Move action. Then follow the Range Att ack action. 3. Close Combat and Move: Follow the Close Combat action. If there are no a djacent figures, follow the Range Attack action. Then follow the Move action. 4. Close Combat: Follow the Close Combat action unless there are no adjacen t figures, and then follow the Range Attack action. 5. Range Attack: Follow the Range Attack action.

6. Ultimate: The Dark Phoenix makes an attack on all figures. This attack i s considered a psychic attack and thus is neither ranged nor close combat. The d amage value is locked at 1 penetrating damage for this attack. After using Ultim ate the Dark Phoenix may take another action. Coordinate Dice: Assign a value to each square on the map (e.g. 1,2,3,4,5, map tot al). Have dice which can be used to get those values. For example, using 2d10 yo u can have numbers from 00 to 99. You can also do this by using a calculator wit h the rand() function. Fire Tokens: Figures passing through a fire token takes one poison damage (this may be reduced). At the beginning of the Dark Phoenix turn, all figures adjacent to and on a fire token receive one poison damage. Treat fire tokens as clear te rrain for all other purposes. Move Action: Roll the coordinate dice to see which square Dark Phoenix will move to. Move the Dark Phoenix there by the most direct path ignoring all terrain an d figures. Mark the path taken with fire tokens. Any figure that the Dark Phoeni x passes through takes one unavoidable damage and gets knocked back out of the p ath of movement. Apply knock back damage as normal. The fire tokens remain on th e map until the end of game. Close Combat Action: Roll 1d6. 1. Flame Wave: Make a close combat attack against all adjacent figures and all figures up to 3 squares away. All figures hit are dealt 4 damage and knocked back equal to the damage taken (after reductions are applied). 2. Force Shield Explosion: Make a close combat attack against all adjacent figures. All figures hit are dealt 4 damage and are knocked back 4 squares. Appl y knock back damage normally. 3. Psionic Stab: Make a close combat attack against one figure. Deal double damage to that figure. 4. Phoenix Force: Make a close combat attack on two figures. All figures hi t are dealt full damage, minimum of 4 and are knocked back 4 squares. Apply knoc k back damage normally. Place fire tokens in each square between the Dark Phoeni x and the knocked back figures. 5. Mind Steal: Make a close combat attack against an adjacent figure. Heal Dark Phoenix equal to the damage dealt to the target (after reductions are appli ed). 6. Mind Wipe: Make a close combat attack against an adjacent figure. Give t hat figure an action token after the attack. Pushing damage is applied normally. That figure loses all powers for the remainder for the game. Range Attack Action: Roll a 1d6. 1. Fireball: Make a range combat attack against the target and each figure adjacent to that target. Place fire tokens in all squares adjacent to the target and on the target s square. The target takes the full damage and the adjacent fig ures take half the damage rounded down. 2. Mental Strike: All figures lose their powers for one complete turn (till the Phoenix goes again). Make a range combat attack against the closest target. Apply damage normally. 3. Ion Beam: Make a range combat attack against every figure in the line of fire of the target and past the target (i.e. everyone in the full line between Dark Phoenix and the target to the map end. Remember that the line is thicker be cause the Dark Phoenix has a large base). The damage of the Dark Phoenix may not exceed 5 for this attack. Each figure takes the full damage. 4. Fire Shield: Make a range combat attack against two targets and split th e damage. Then give the Dark Phoenix two shield tokens. Whenever the Dark Phoeni x is successfully hit by an attack, remove a shield token and ignore that damage . 5. Come to me: Move all figures adjacent to the Dark Phoenix and deal them

one damage. 6. Power Overwhelming: All figures make a close combat attack against them selves.

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