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ENGLISH LESSON PLAN Day/Date: Wednesday / 4th April 2012 Time/Duration: 9.10 am 10.

.10 am (1 hour) Year 2 Harmoni Enrolment: /35 Units/Themes/Topics: Unit 6 Delicious Food (World of Knowledge) Focus/ Listening and Speaking Content Standard: 1.1 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to pronounce words and speak confidently with correct stress, rhythm and intonation. Language Content: 1.1.3 Able to listen to, say aloud and recite rhymes or sing songs. 1.1.4 Able to talk about stimulus with guidance. Learning Outcomes: At the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to: 1. Classify the names of food, drinks and desserts among the lists of things available at a birthday party. 2. Role-play dialogues with correct stress, rhythm and intonation. 3. Circle the items known to be food with at least four correct answers. CCTS 1. Classifying 2. Making associations 3. Dictionary skills Moral Values: 1. Respect 2. Cooperation 3. Responsible 4. Appreciate friends Teaching Aids 1. Pictures 2. Dialogues 3. Worksheets Prior Knowledge/Skills: Pupils have learnt how to categorize food, drinks and dessert. Steps Teaching Strategy Language Content T: When do we sing this song? S: When there is somebodys birthday. T: Whose birthday is in April? S: Everybody, lets sing birthday song to your friends who celebrate their birthday in April. Notes Teaching aid(s):CCTS:MV: Appreciate friends

Set Induction 1) Teacher sings happy birthday song. (5 Minutes) 2) Teacher asks pupils whose birthday is in April. 9.10 9.15am 3) Teacher asks pupils to sing the song together to those who celebrate their birthday in April.

Step 1: (20 minutes) 9.15-9.35am

1) Teacher asks if the pupils celebrate their birthday. 2) Teacher asks the things that are usually at a birthday party. 3) Teacher writes all pupils answers on the blackboard. 4) Teacher instructs pupils to say the lists of things on the blackboard one by one. 5) Teacher asks pupils to tell the names of food in the lists. Then, followed by the names of drinks and desserts. 6) Teacher ticks the names of food that had been mentioned by the pupils. 7) Teacher corrects when necessary.

T: Do you celebrate your birthday? S: Yes. T: What do we always have at a birthday party? S: Food, drinks, clowns, balloons etc. S: Lets say all the words together. T: Tell me which are names of food in the lists? S: Chicken rice, cake.

Teaching aid(s): CCTS: Classifying MV: Respect LO 1

Step2: 1) Teacher pastes dialogues on the (15 minutes) blackboard. 2) Teacher divides pupils into pairs. 9.35-9.50am 3) Teacher gives each pupil a piece of dialogue strips/bubbles. 4) Teacher demonstrates a role-play using the dialogues. 5) Teacher instructs the pairs to role-play using the same dialogues. 6) Teacher asks each group to role play the dialogues. 7) Teacher pastes some pictures for guidance. 8) Teacher also advises pupils to look for names of food in the Picture Dictionary. 9) Teacher calls pupils to demonstrate in front of the class. Step 3: 1) Teacher distributes a worksheet to each (15 minutes) pupil. 2) Teacher instructs pupils to complete the 9.50-10.05am worksheet in 5 minutes. 3) Teacher discusses the answers with pupils. 4) Teacher advises the use of Picture Dictionary.

T: These are dialogues between you and your friends about what would you have for your birthday. T: I want two volunteers to role-play the dialogues. T: Each pair will roleplay these dialogues. You can use the names of food that I paste on the blackboard or you can also use your picture dictionary to find the name of your favourite food. T: Everybody must complete the worksheet in 5 minutes. You can use your picture dictionary to find the answers. T: Lets discuss the answers.

Teaching aid(s): Dialogues CCTS: Making associations, Dictionary skills MV: Cooperation LO 2

Teaching aid(s): Worksheet CCTS: Dictionary skills MV:

Responsible LO3

1) Teacher recaps the days lesson. 2) Teacher instructs pupils to complete the worksheet at home and bring it in the next 10.05-10.10am lesson.

Closure (5 minutes)

T: What type of food do you always eat at a birthday party? S: Cake, pudding, jelly. T: What are the things you need at a birthday party? S: birthday hat, clown.

Teaching aid(s): Worksheet CCTS: MV: Responsible