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The simulation meteor shower LED based on W79E2051 one-chip computer controls circuit design

Posted on November 18, 2012 by admin No commentsLeave a comment Drive the chip MBI5026 to design the meteor shower LED controlling circuit of a simulation specializedly on the basis of W79E2051 one-chip computer and LED constant current, LED use high brilliant white, can connect up 36, 48 depending upon need, 64 LED, power at being open, a word pattern arranges LED turned on, will produce from top to bottom, reach more and more dark meteor shower result from a most bright one, the result is lifelike, can be regarded as the room, the square ornament lamp. W79E2051 one-chip computer has canonial serial delivery ports, can communicate to the drive chip MBI5026 with the same communication protocol conveniently, to not requiring high the occasion regularly at the same time, we can well use RC within the one-chip computer to shake the clock, in this way the peripheral component of the one-chip computer is and extremely simple, but merely need the reset member, because the meteor shower result has stochastic properties, in a plurality of modulator tube simultaneously using, in order to reach the pseudo-random result, we still recommend using the internal RC clock of the one-chip computer. In this way the result will be better. W79E2051 is in a situation that the mains voltage is 5V at the same time, clock rate achievable 20MHz, can meet the demands.

The picture above is a functional block diagram of the controlling circuit. In order to make the lighting effects closer to the meteor shower, the length of general PCB is longer, 7080cm, and MBI5026 one piece can drive LED of No. 16, we can arrange by 2-3 LED multiple-series connections, in this way the density of LED is a bit closer, the result will be better, MBI5026 can also offer the enough large electric current 5-90mA at the same time ,Totally provable LED has sufficient luminance. The picture below is the outside drawing of circuit board,

Because MBI5026 has output of No. 16, we can arrange two 8 bytes in the software to correspond to LED of No. 16 separately, convey the luminance data to MBI5026 through the serial communication port, MBI5026 changes the serial data into the parallel data promptly to export and drive corresponding LED. Because of the great of pressure drop of a plurality of white LED, we use 12V power to supply power, and what the one-chip computer W79E2051 used is 5V power, we step down with a slice of voltage regulation device 7805, in order to offer 5V power to give to one-chip computer and MBI5026. In order to prevent the polarity opposing connection of power from damaging the chip, we are on the power loop, one of tandem connection flow diode, against the intersection of power and grades of unlikely to damage the circuit board even sex misconnection instead. At the same time in order to increase the luminance of LED, PCB all spread the inflaming retarding paint of the white. In order to the result of strengthening reflecting light. Another circuit board outside drawing of the picture below