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Status Update for 12/24/09 Follow Up: 1. Electrical cabling work: a.

Everything arrived except main power cable (Sat. morning) and main TV cable Sun. morning 2. Plumbing adjustments to PF: a. Still about 3 adjustments needed, will be finished Sat. 3. Panel Fold Door: a. Samples of the large and smaller size support structures manufactured on 12/23, checked for compatibility on 12/24, checked out and the rest are being manufactured and to be delivered on 12/26. b. Still need to get panel fold company to come and check them out to give okay on installation. 4. Kitchen area: a. Wall tiles starts on Sat. and ceiling tiles Sat. (one day work) 5. Hilti Core Drilling: a. Arrived and began drilling on 12/24 b. Depth need to drill to is 60 cm and the drill brought only went to 30 cm c. Extension drill bit in 6th October and will be delivered Saturday 12/26 and work finished then. 6. Edge Guard for doors situation: a. Suggestion is to have the edge guard manufactured about 5 cm longer the spec for the door to ensure that it isnt short and we can trim off excess. b. Specs for the lock and door delivered by Emilio and forwarded to Randall 7. Master Keys situation: a. Eng. Khaled Abd Al Latif has stocked locks with master key, if the same we can use those, quantities and price requested by him. We gave quantity and datasheets, pricing will be handled by Bill and Randall per Shaimaa's email. 8. AHU Delivery: a. Ready, missing coil piece, will be delivered minus piece on Sat or Sunday depending if they are closed Sat. Missing piece to be delivered on Mon or Tue. 9. Marble: a. Pushed back one day, all molding (5) to be delivered on Sat. 10. Electrical board status: a. Approved as noted from Shaker, and main feeding cables for electrical approved as noted 11. Grease Trap: a. Down payment taken on Sat. and manufacture order made and will take aprx. 7 -1 0 days. Bill Follow Up Questions:

1. Shaker appearance re void inspection: a. Non issue as situation had changed by time this was written. Void release still scheduled for Sunday afternoon. 2. What is the area effected by pulling light current cable in PF: a. Also I believe a non issue as we will have this all done (inshalla) before the void release inspection. Area effected though is the area closest to the doors leading into the main ballroom. 3. All fire silicon finished in the PF?: a. Per Yassir Y. work is finished. 4. Is the 4S fire alarm system hooked up? a. This one Im not sure I understand as I know that Hazam will be connecting the fire alarm cables to the main system, but Im dont know about the status of 4S' system. Please clarify

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