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Case Study | ROI/Sales

• “Passport America” integrated online and offline, generating
awareness of the online campaign at Copa’s airport kiosks, in their in-flight magazine and other offline advertising placements


• 50:1 return on investment when both advertising and operationCopa Airlines sees an increase in sales and an ROI of 50:1 from “Passport America”, a campaign on Facebook that offered fans the chance to win tickets to all of Copa’s destinations. Goals
Through an engaging, highly social and innovative pan-regional sweepstakes entitled “Passport America”, Copa fans were offered the chance to win two tickets to all of the then 59 destinations (today they have 64) served by the airline throughout the Americas. Copa primarily sought to grow ticket sales through However, at the same time, they aimed to grow their community of travel aficionados on Facebook and highlight the airline’s many destinations. Their specific goals were to: al costs were considered

• Increase in ticket sales revenue, making “Passport America” their
most successful social campaign to date

• 2x growth year-over-year in traffic to during the time
of the promotion

• Over 250,000 registrations and 132,000 incremental fans acquired
“Passport America proves that we can leverage massive engagement on Facebook to generate substantial levels of ticket sales for Copa.”
Diego Quesada, E-Business Director, Copa Airlines

• Build awareness of Copa’s recent expansion to numerous new

• Drive revenue from ticket sales.
The “Passport America” program was brought to life on Copa Airlines’ Facebook Page as well as and was conceptualized and developed in conjunction with Nobox, a Facebook Marketing API partner. It encouraged people to register for the sweepstakes using their Facebook identity and, upon registration, they were given a unique URL. Each participant could win additional entries for the competition by successfully encouraging friends to sign up using the former’s URL. At the heart of the campaign was the insight that sharing an invitation to enter the sweepstakes should be equally as valuable to those receiving the invite as those sending it. Building on this concept ensured virality was a key characteristic of the campaign. Copa Airlines fully utilized Facebook by:

“The success of Passport America should inspire others to leverage the Facebook platform to drive sales in ways that also generate positive engagement and expand reach.” Carlos Garcia, CEO, Nobox

Copa Airlines Page

• Housing “Passport America” in a tab on their page and supporting
it with a publishing strategy designed to generate awareness of the sweepstakes

• Harnessing the precision and scale of Marketplace Ads to drive
registrations for the sweepstakes

• Ads were also targeted to the friends of Copa Airline’s fans to
leverage the power of social context, i.e. fans’ names appearing in Copa’s ads

• Friends of fans who had already registered for the sweepstakes
were an additional target audience

Passport America Program page


• Sponsored stories amplified sweepstake registration stories to
the participants’ friends

• The Open Graph enabled people to easily register for the
sweepstakes with their Facebook identity, through the application on Copa’s Page as well as the desktop and mobile versions of their website

Copa Airlines, a member of Star Alliance, is Panama’s flagcarrying airline and serves 64 destinations through North, Central and South America and the Caribbean.

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