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Case Study | ROI/Sales

Results 443% increase in revenue over a 6 month period. 1M daily active gamers acquired, representing a 397%
increase over 6 months.

276% increase in monthly active gamers.

Social Point drove a 443% increase in revenue by running a Facebook Ad campaign to acquire 1M gamers who actively use its strategy game, Social Empires.
Facebook advertising has been fundamental in generating traffic and income for Social Point. It is one of the key aspects of our strategy.
Horacio Martos, CEO, Social Point Andrs Bou, CEO, Social Point

Social Points goal was to launch a Facebook Ad campaign to:
Marketplace Ad Marketplace Ad

Drive awareness of Social Empires. Acquire new active gamers. Become one of the worlds top 10 social game
Social Empires Canvas Applications


Social Point ran a Marketplace Ads campaign that linked directly to the Social Empires Canvas application. Social Point began with a small advertising budget, which it quickly increased after seeing strong results. Using demographic, geographic and keyword targeting, Social Point reached the following segments:

Males Middle to hardcore strategy gamers People aged 13-65

To maintain the quality and performance of the ads, Social Point created thousands of creative variations featuring a variety of imagery, text and calls to action. A review of the campaigns performance showed which target segments and ad variations worked best allowing Social Point to optimize them accordingly. Social Point is an online games company founded in 2008. With over 50 employees, Social Point is one of Europes largest game developers on Facebook. Social Empires is their most popular strategy game.

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