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The The Art Art of of Berkeley Berkeley Breathed Breathed from from Bloom Bloom County County and

and Beyond Beyond

IDW PUBLISHING Ted Adams, CEO & Publisher Greg Goldstein, President & COO Robbie Robbins, EVP/Sr. Graphic Artist Chris Ryall, Chief Creative Officer & Editor-in-Chief Matthew Ruzicka, CPA & Chief Financial Officer Alan Payne, VP of Sales Dirk Wood, VP of Marketing Lorelei Bunjes, VP of Digital Services ISBN: 978-161377-651-3 16 15 14 13 1 2 3 4 Printed in Korea Art and annotations by Berkeley Breathed Design by Serban Cristescu Edited by Scott Dunbier

BERKELEYWORKS: THE ART OF BERKELEY BREATHED, FROM BLOOM COUNTY AND BEYOND. FIRST PRINTING. JULY 2013. Entire contents 2013 Berkeley Breathed. Published by IDW Publishing, a division of Idea and Design Works, LLC. Editorial Offices: 5080 Santa Fe Street, San Diego, CA 92109. All names, characters, and locales are entirely fictional: Any similarities to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. With the exception of artwork used for review purposes, none of the contents of this publication may be reprinted without the permission of Idea and Design Works, LLC. Cover illustration: With apologies to Norman Rockwell and his famous self-portrait of 1960

Memo to: Scott Dunbier, Senior Editor for Special Projects, IDW Publishing From: BB Subject: FINAL NOTES ON BOOK 1. 2. Files are all in. You put it all together. Im off the grid in Indonesia at the moment. Some last-minute directives: The title: I hate BERKELEYWORKS. Sounds like --

The Arrival Mars Needs Moms, 2007 Milo never heard the rocket engines in the night sky.

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The blue-nosed stray panicked, went for higher ground and covered his privates with a Christmas angel.


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