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Stagnation of blood in abdomen often manifests from surgical interventions, bruising, chronic intake of meds, respiratory disorders, hormonal imbalance, infections, high fever Palpation: Left KD16, ST26, ST27 Tx: LV4(L), LU5(L), with flow of channel Chronic constipation: BL35(L) (rectal vein congestion) Can manifest as persistent occipital headache on the right: If so, also needle into pressure pain on abdomen Needle into lump on ST27(L) if its there BL35(L) to relieve PP at BL17-18(R) Vascular compression of inner thigh may cause problem in relieving pressure pain: Needle shallowly towards groin along L inguinal channel May also need to treat area lateral to ST30(L) toward inguinal ligament

Pulse should slant distallyslight wave: should not be straight up and down like the pecking of a small bird Tx: Palpate down ST36 near the border of the tibia, needle into gummies 10 degrees very shallowly. Start with left leg, may need to go to the right leg; can add moxa with needles Facial pain, bells palsy. sinusitis, toothache: if no pressure pain at ST41, treat ST Qi Shin splints, patellar knee problems, fluid in the knee: needle or tiger warmer on daily basis PP on abdomen: 1) Oketsu, Immune 2) Heart 3) RN12 4) Inguinal ligament from ASIS to public bone

Palpation: KD16 curving around umbillicus towards midline (naval) If pressure pain not present, can treat with pulses: 1) Rapid, tight, and thin @ 3 positions 2) Sinking and slow 3) Marked weakness in 3rd position Palpate KD2 as well Tx1: STD: KD6, KD27, LU5: KD9 if KD6 doesnt improve it Tx2: DAI: KD7 with flow, KD27: If GB26 pressure pain (or big tickling sensation): palpate entire side at level of umbillicus. Also have patient twist from side to side with hands behind head. If difficult to go to one side, Dai imbalance; also use this with bone-related problems; OBGYN Probs, anything that stretches out the abdomen Tx3: ASIS: KD9 (with flow, perp or 45 deg): Pressure pain @ ASIS/Inguinal attachment (treat same side) Tx4: Thyroid, asthma: KD3, KD27: Pressure pain @ ST9; in the asthma case, listen to how breathing changes, not pressure pain @ ST9; treat same side as ST9 PP KD2 pain = KD7, KD10, KD27; often with fertility problems; this treatment trumps others KD27 tender: HT7 on same side (15 deg with meridian) to relieve Last resorts: 1) can needle into umbillicus (slowly) 2) GB25 3) SP Problem? SP5+SP9 (or just SP9, find gummi); also helps with chronic appendicitis From Lectures and Notes by David Euler Compiled by Robert Baptist 11/20/2006

Chronic problems, or acute exterior invasions Palpation: Right ST26, ST27: one of the biggest lymph areas Tx: LI10/11 (closer to SJ) perpendicular: Naganos immune point (gummies) KD6 (or adrenal Tx): can Moxa SJ16 (also diagnostic area) DU12, DU14 Pressure pain in abdomen, not in SJ16 = harder to treat Pressure pain only with SJ16 = easier This treatment will balance a deficient or overactive immune system Sinus Inflammation: Nasal rinse, ST44,45, GB40 (against meridian), side of nasal bone (or tiger warmer here) Tailbone injuries Palpation: DU2 Pressure Pain Tx: LU7-8, DU14 DU2: Moxa or Tiger Warmer