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Aaron Flores

1634 Billy Casper El Paso, TX 79936 915 549 2123


Web Development Adobe Dreamweaver Wordpress CSS & HTML5 Javascript & JQuery PHP Software Development C++ Java Android

Visual Effects Production 3D Modeling & Texturing 3D Lighting & Rendering 3D Animation Motion Graphics Video Editing Adobe Photoshop Concept Art Storyboarding Matte Painting Photo Manipulation 3D Texturing Graphic Design

PC Tech Support Windows/Mac Troubleshooting &

Hardware Installation experience.

Productivity Software Microsoft Office Suite Google Drive

New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM Pursuing Bachelor of Computer Science Expected graduation: May 2013 New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM Awarded Bachelor of Creative Media - Animation and Visual Effects, 2010. Graduated with a 3.54 GPA University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, TX January 2012 Present

January 2008 December 2010

August 2006 December 2007

Owner, Web Developer June 2013 Present Final Fantasy XIV Server Status Website is a website where players of the video game Final Fantasy XIV can quickly access real-time server status information. The website uses CSS, JQuery, and HTML5 to present the information in a dynamic and visually-appealing way, and also adapts itself to mobile devices. Server status information is acquired using several PHP scripts that Ive written to determine server status and send that data to the website. An accompanying Android application was created to grant additional functionality to mobile users, including the ability to ping specific game servers. Computer Security Technician December 2012 Present Matt Presser Enterprise Applications Security Administrator Las Cruces, NM NMSU Information & Communication Technologies My main responsibilities have revolved around creating a Wordpress website for our Information Security group. Ive

created a custom-built Wordpress theme for the site that inco rporates Wordpress PHP functions, modern CSS styling and a fluid layout. I am also tasked with evaluating various information security software which often includes setting up locally-run database and web servers, and managing Linux and Windows virtual machines.

Graphic Designer August 2012 December 2012 Haley Harper Advertising Manager Las Cruces, NM The Round Up Newspaper I was responsible for designing and constructing graphical advertisements for clients that had purchased ad space in the newspaper or on The advertisements I was assigned were created on a timely basis each week due to the short turnaround of content at The Round Up. On an average week, I was assigned anywhere between three to six advertisements to build. Once I completed them, I worked with clients to incorporate any changes they desired before the ads went to print. Colorist, Technical Support March 2012 April 2012 Rod McCall Writer, Illustrator Las Cruces, NM The Mine That Bird Trilogy Book Three: The Finish Line (Graphic Novel) For the third and final book in the series, I employed the workflows and techniques that I developed while working on the first and second books (see below). I also managed and oversaw the work of two other coloring artists on this project, and adapted our workflow to function with a larger group of people while remaining organized. Colorist, Technical Support October 2011 December 2011 Rod McCall Writer, Illustrator Las Cruces, NM The Mine That Bird Trilogy Book Two: In the Stretch (Graphic Novel) My main responsibilities on the project were coloring and texturing of the illustrated pages. I also provided technical oversight of the workflow we employed, including scanning of the original pencil drawings and setting up the files within Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I was also responsible for inserting and formatting all of the novels text onto each page, and for exporting the finished pages in the proper format and to the printers specifications. Colorist, Technical Support May 2011 June 2011 Rod McCall Writer, Illustrator Las Cruces, NM The Mine That Bird Trilogy Book One: At the Gate (Graphic Novel) Using Adobe Photoshop software, I employed multiple digital painting techniques to fully color and texture the forty-two page graphic novel. Provided technical support for the project, including overseeing the daily backup of assets, workflow organization, digitizing of pencil-drawn sketches, and general computer-related issues as well as preparing the assets for printing and digital distribution. Environment Designer January 2011 May 2011 Chris Rodriguez Writer/Director, Animator Las Cruces, NM. Brachyura Brothers (Animated Short Film) Beginning with pencil sketches and later moving into Adobe Photoshop, I designed all of the architectural elements of the film including multiple building exteriors and two building interiors as well as the streets and sidewalks surrounding them. Using Autodesk Maya, I modeled all of the environmental elements of the film including all buildings as well as the street and sidewalks found in the film. Using Autodesk Mudbox and Adobe Photoshop, I painted and generated textures for all of the elements and applied them to my models in Maya. After lighting the scene, I rendered a camera move of my environment using Maya for the films trailer.

Junior Artist January 2010- May 2010 Derek Fisher Director of Animation Las Cruces, NM. Don Juan in Hell (Green Screen Film) Using Autodesk Maya software, modeled a 1904 Pope Toledo roadster from reference imagery to be used in the films previsualization sequences. Modeled and textured multiple buildings, including portions of the Alhambra Palace using reference imagery of Granada, Spain to be composited into several of the films sequences. I used Adobe Photoshop to paint and generate the textures that I would later apply to the models inside Maya. Student Assistant Information Technology Summers (May August) 2002 - 2004 Jerry Rodriguez Assistant Vice President of Information Technology El Paso, TX. Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center While assigned to the Programming dept., was tasked with making small updates to existing Texas Tech websites as needed. Over the course of my time there, I became proficient in using the Macromedia Suite of web production software including Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Flash. While assigned to the Technical Support dept., I shadowed computer technicians as they completed work orders across the campus, and eventually was dispatched to complete work orders on my own. Became very familiar with computer software and hardware related issues as well as methods for troubleshooting a variety of problems on Windows computers. Routinely helped build and service workstation computers and installed them across the campus. Helped implement a large-scale document imaging system. Involved scanning and cataloguing of thousands of documents across multiple departments.

Matt Presser (575) 646-2389 Rod McCall (575) 740-1179 Derek Fisher (575) 373-5923