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Making Impact

You Are The Brand

No matter who or where you are, As we move forward, our brand

you represent everything that TI has the potential to help us
can be. achieve our goals, realize our
values and communicate what
As an organization, our goal is truly makes us TI.
to be the world’s most valuable
semiconductor company. We’re at a turning point. The
opportunity for TI’s technology to
As a leader, we have a heritage make an impact is growing around
of products and a way of thinking the world. We can either make
that sets the stage for the the most of it or we can allow
industry. the competitors to define what
happens next.
As a partner, we work
collaboratively with our customers Now is the perfect time to focus,
to develop technology that’s strengthen and support our brand
perfectly tailored to their needs. with everything we say and do.
Help us make that great impact.
As a culture, we value integrity
and innovation. We thrive on our Thank you for making TI
commitment—to our customers, what it is today and everything it
each other and success. will be.

But customers, communities,

investors and potential employees
don’t always understand TI’s
impact on technology, people’s
lives and the world.

Rich Templeton
President & Chief Executive Officer
Building a Brand

The strength of our

brand is a large
part of the strength
of our business.
But what does “brand” The TI brand and our success Great brands aren’t built in
really mean? Our brand is rely on being consistent marketing departments or
everything people think of and focused in everything boardrooms. They’re built
when they think of TI. It’s we do—in the way we act every single day by every one
rooted in TI’s reputation, and communicate and the of you.
mission, goals. It’s our initiatives we pursue.
promise to anyone who relies
on TI and how it’s delivered.
The TI Brand

We want TI to represent impact to everyone who

relies on TI.

For over 75 years, TI has made an impact on

technology and the world. Our ingenuity takes our
customers’ ideas further, helping to continually
create products that make lives better.

Creating products that truly matter is becoming

more difficult because of growing pressure to
get to market more quickly and cheaply. TI solves
those challenges that stand between customers’
ideas and reality. Only TI has the breadth and
depth—with our manufacturing capabilities,
worldwide local presence and proven track
record—to turn great concepts into remarkable
products time and time again.

We’re inventive. We’re essential to the people

we support. But what’s truly amazing is the
positive impact that Texas Instruments makes on
technology and lives around the world.
Living The Brand

Whether customers look to TI or a competitor, they

want a company that makes high quality products
and delivers. Someone they can trust, who supports
them and is easy to work with.

You have to demonstrate that TI makes an impact

by helping customers make an impact on the
marketplace and the world. To do this, you have to
be inventive, essential, passionate and connected.

A fisherman in a developing
country gains access to an
affordable mobile phone
powered by products from
TI. As a result, he can
get his goods to the right
marketplace faster, which
makes his business easier
and more profitable.
When you’re inventive,
you’re making an impact

Our attribute
TI has a history of coaxing
ever more efficiency out
In a university laboratory, a
woman sees her first image
of increasingly powerful of a human face thanks to
semiconductors. We continue TI digital signal processing,
this drive toward innovation which allows the vision-
every day with customers impaired to “see” in ways
and team members around never before possible.
the world.
When you’re essential,
you’re making an impact

Our attribute
The technology that TI
creates is essential to
At sunrise, a man walks
his dog for the first time
helping customers bring their without a wheelchair. TI
ideas and designs to fruition. semiconductors are at
As a TI employee, your the heart of cutting-edge
work advances technology prosthetic devices that give
throughout the world, and people the ability to walk
everything you do is essential independently, shake the
to our customers, consumers hand of a neighbor, and
and communities. embrace their loved ones.
When you’re passionate,
you’re making an impact

Our attribute
TI is passionate about
semiconductor technology
A child pauses from his
popcorn to stare in wonder
and the creative possibilities at movie magic. TI DLP chips
it allows. We are passionate produced the first major
about the sophistication of innovation in cinema in over
our manufacturing processes 70 years, providing movie
and the impact they make fans with a crisper, cleaner
on customers and on lives cinematic experience than
around the world. they’d ever seen before.
When you’re connected,
you’re making an impact

Our attribute
TI is constantly engaged in
open communication with our
A teacher smiles as a gasp
of understanding spreads
customers and employees. across her trigonometry
At TI, we cherish our classroom. TI calculators
connections to team have unique networking
members around the world capabilities that allow
and the enormous value teachers to quickly track
of our collective talents. student progress and
ultimately improve students’
math skills.
The Promise We Make
When you choose to work house once to rescue a

We promise to make a positive

for TI, you choose to live up grandmother trapped on
to and help us deliver on the top floor. TI worked with
these promises, rooted in our manufacturers to create
values and focused on our state-of-the-art personal
success. A firefighter knows she only monitoring systems for
has time to go into a burning firefighters, helping to ensure

impact on technology and on

lives around the world — like we
have for over 75 years.
To customers, we promise To consumers, we promise To employees, TI promises
that working with TI will to continually impact the to impact your personal
positively impact their world around them—allowing success by giving you the
creativity, capabilities and technology to enrich ability to do more with your
the bottom line–allowing their lives in ways that make skills and knowledge—
them to create products that a beneficial difference on allowing you to change lives
change the marketplace the environment and in and the world for the better
and the world. communities around with every action you take.
the globe.
Communicating Our Brand

The way we represent ourselves

is a key element in standing
out and standing for something
that matters to people.
To be the world’s most
valuable semiconductor
company, everything we
do has to demonstrate our
brand’s focus, passion and
impact. As the world and
our markets evolve, we have
an opportunity, right now, to
demonstrate that impact.
Our Signature

The new signature represents what we want TI The frame serves as a

square canvas and gives
The handwriting in the
symbol possesses an
The strong black
wordmark, reminiscent
to become. We have impact, passion and global our signature logic, control approachable human touch, of the old signature, is
relevance. The red color and the strong black and precision, evoking both
embedded technology and
a sign of our personal
integrity and commitment. It
a nod to our heritage.

wordmark, reminiscent of the old signature, are semiconductors. also captures our essential,
nods to our heritage. connected nature.

The red we have used

for years is now more
prominent to represent
our bold strength. It
creates visual impact,
helping us stand out from
our competitors.
Our Visual Style

Essential, passionate,
inventive and connected—
that’s the criteria for
everything we create.
Our new design system
incorporates a new signature,
bold and simple color
palette, and contemporary
typography and imagery.
The Family of TI Brands

As the TI brand develops A close brand relationship

consistency, you’ll see all allows product groups to
of TI’s essential pieces take full advantage of their
evolve as well. connection to TI, helping
people understand what we
do and what we stand for.

Corporate Product
TI History

Making impact
for over 75 years

30s 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s 00s

GSI, TI’s GSI managers, GSI changes its name As the first U.S. TI invents the single- TI announces its first TI shifts its focus TI’s competitive
predecessor, Eugene McDermott, to TI – currently one semiconductor chip microprocessor, single-chip digital to digital signal edge in specialized
developed seismic Erik Jonsson, Cecil of the most trusted company to which makes possible signal processor processing and semiconductor chips
signal processing Green, and H. and recognized manufacture outside a wide range of (DSP), enabling the analog technology. Its and software fuels
which helped to find Bates Peacock, use names in the industry. the U.S., TI makes portable, handheld proliferation of home DSP chips increase explosive growth in
the world’s previously their own assets global connections electronics. computers. the speed of cell wireless applications.
untapped oil reserves. to purchase the Jack Kilby invents and impact in Europe, phones, downloading More than a third of
company. the integrated South America and The placement of TI makes diversity and email servers the world’s 140 million
circuit, solving the Asia. TI technology in a central part of worldwide, helping high-speed-access
Shifting their focus fundamental problem calculators and the its strategy while the world to connect subscribers use TI
to electronics, GSI of how to make The powerful “Speak and Spell,” passionately a little faster. technology.
creates submarine miniature parts fit combination of makes it easier for supporting all of
detection equipment in electronics. In integrated circuits teachers to educate its employees and TI invents the TI unveils the world’s
that proves essential 2000, he receives and automated and connect with their attracting the widest first Digital Light first 1GHz DSP, the
in World War II. the Nobel Prize in manufacturing allows students. range of talent Processing™ chip, fastest in the industry,
physics for this crucial electronics to become possible. which enables according to the
contribution. a pervasive and seamless pictures, Guinness Book of
convenient part of clarity and brilliant World Records.
daily life. color in cinema, TV
and multimedia.
The Future of TI

TI isn’t the world’s most You’ll see more and more of It’s up to you–to be inventive,
valuable semiconductor our brand focus in coming essential, passionate and
company—yet. However, as months. From signage and connected. To live up to
we align our actions and business cards to the energy the promises we make to our
communications and focus in the hallways, you’ll see customers, the world and
on being true to our values, signs of impact everywhere each other. To help TI be the
we’re well on our way to you see TI. company you know it can be.
making true impact.
As we communicate, act on
and believe in impact,
we’ll see a positive impact
on development,
partnerships and the way
people look at TI.

Go ahead
and make
an impact.