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Case Study

Kingnet successfully drove conversions, with the Custom Audience campaign out performing the precise interest targeted campaign in CTR, conversion rate, and CPA.

To drive new installs to their Action RPG*, (Jiandao), Kingnet used Custom Audiences and saw over 40% lower cost per acquisition.
Drive installs to Kingnet Technologys major game titles:

75% higher CTR 46.6% higher conversion rate 43.37% lower CPA

Promote games to users who play their other

games and similar genres of games

We were already pleased with the performance of our precise interest targeting ads, but we found that Custom Audiences is a better tool for cross promotion and to get our users to discover other games they might be interested in.
Ping Huang, Sr Director of Overseas Business, Kingnet Technology

Drive game installs in a cost efficient way Approach Kingnet drove installs of their game through
strategic targeting:

Using Custom Audiences, Kingnet created a

custom cluster of users who had stopped playing ( Tale of Mount Shu), another Kingnet RPG, over 30 days.

They targeted standard app ads on the right-hand

side to the custom cluster of stale players over a two-day period.

Additionally, they ran a parallel campaign using

precise interests, targeting users who like similar games.

Kingnet Technology Hong Kong builds high quality games on Facebook in Chinese, Korean, and English. They build a wide genre of games, including social, SLG, RPG, action and arcade games.
* Role-Playing Game
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