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For Immediate Release August 1, 2013 Contacts: Susan Skyrud 619-435-4856 Producer Mary Anderson 619-890-9882

The Tempest opens August 30 at Coronado Playhouse We are such stuff as dreams are made on... Music, mayhem, magic, pranksters and romance intermingle to beguile and entertain the audience in The Tempest, Shakespeares final play. The Tempest, the 17th Annual FREE Coronado Shakespeare production, opens Friday, August 30 at the Coronado playhouse. Keith Anderson, founder of the Coronado FREE Shakespeare, directs and Mary Anderson produces the show which runs Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 8 PM and Sunday at 2 PM through September 22. Exiled magician Prospero (Martin White), aided by his mischievous sprite Ariel (Mary Volpe Dawson), conjures a storm to wash ashore the very conspirators who forced him from Milan. Shipwrecked for twelve years on this island with only his daughter Miranda (Kirsten Neiman) and island creatures including the half-fish/half man Caliban (Ron Marchand), Prospero, the former Duke of Milan, uses his magic to control the actions of his brother Antonio (Marty Greenberg) who usurped his title as Duke of Milan with the help of Alonso, King of Naples (Eric Hedberg). Accompanying the conspirators are Gonzalo (Dave McCann), the aged advisor who managed to help Prospero before the shipwreck, and Alonsos villainess sister, Sebastiana (Nicole Brokaw). Alonsos son Ferdinand (Paul Lewallen) separated from the other nobility through Prosperos planning, falls in love with Miranda the moment he sees her. Drunken sailors (Nathan Boyer & Frank Godinez), young lovers, plotting nobility, strange and magical island creatures Ariel, Caliban, and numerous singing sprites (Sabrina Boudreaux, Jessie Hyder, Cecily Keppel, Marie Shelton, Katie Umlor) lead everyone on a journey of love, laughter, pranks, and forgiveness. Miranda gasps, O brave new world that has such people int. Designers of the magical isle include: Raylene J. Wall (set design), Dale Goodman (lights),

Steve Murdoch (sound) , and Mary Anderson & Jane Russell (costumes). Rachel Mink directs the preshow entertainment with the help of musical director Marie Shelton. Tickets are free. A minimum $5 donation per ticket is encouraged to help cover production costs. Reserve free tickets online at; for large groups, contact the box office at or 619-435-4856.