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Farhan : I have studied many books about Hindu religion .

I could find many contradictions in

them . I think these books are made by vested interests to exploit ignorant people .
Krishna : The Vedas are divine . It’s logic is beyond ordinary human logic . Only a qualified Vedic
Scholar could interpret the Vedic scriptures correctly . Mere bookish knowledge will confuse the reader ,
especially if he is a “Mlecha” ( Impure person unfit to receive Vedic knowledge ) .
Farhan : There is only one God ( Allah) . But, Hindus are worshipping numerous people as
“Human Gods” . This is totally incorrect .
Krishna : God is infinite . Bhagavad Gita ( essence of the Vedas) states that God is both Formless and
with Form . Both types of worship is correct provided there is faith and devotion . Islam calls the
formless God as *Allah* . Christians calls it *Father* . Impersonalist Hindus (Advaitis ) ,callis it
*Brahman* . It is extremely difficult and troublesome for an embodied Man to meditate a “Formless”
entity. Devatas are manifestations of God and they are not human . Since God is Omnipotent, Omniscient
and Omnipresent , He can easily appear in human like Forms to enable, easy and focused meditation.
Who are we humans to impose restrictions on God ?.
Farhan : Hindu books are creations of selfish Brahmins . They have written those books to exploit
non-Brahmin low caste Hindus . They are treating other Hindus as slaves .
Krishna : Learning the Vedas , teaching it and practicing it’s complex rituals need total commitment ,
discipline , sacrifice , purity and skills from a Priest’s birth to death . A dedicated class of Hindus is
required to fulfill this tough requirement . Traditionally , Brahmins are entrusted with this duty. They are
ordered to eat very lean food merely for survival , undertake regular fasting for self-purification , perform
long hours of rituals and survive entirely on the alms given by the Devotees . It is extremely tough life .
In certain temples , the Brahmin priest is on daily ritualistic duty in the heat of oil lamps 3AM-12PM
during which he is not permitted to drink a glass of water. Mixing with the pleasurable life-styles of
others could corrupt them . That is why the Brahmins lead an isolated life.
However, that does mean that the Brahmins are superior to others or they have any right to exploit . All
the four categories namely *Brahmins* ( priests) , *Ksatriyas* ( Administrators/Warriors) , *Vysyas*
( Businessmen) and *Sudras* ( Servants) do specific duties in the society as a service to God. A devout
Hindu beholds God in every living being and he never exploits another person for his / her selfish gains.

Farhan : Hindus are worshipping so many lifeless statues ( Idols) in their temples. It is funny that
they don’t allow Non-Hindus to enter the temples . Isn’t it ridiculous ? .
Krishna : In the Temples , God is worshipped in a particular image-form as specified by the concerned
Sage ( Rishi) . Unique Vedic rules exist for each Temple . It requires the highest Spiritual Power ,
discipline and purity to maintain the divinity of the Deity . Any violation of the Vedic rules , is
dangerous. In majority of the Temples, only Hindus having complete faith in Deity-worship and
associated Vedic-vows are allowed to enter . Non-Hindus are denied entry only because they have not
adhered to the related vows about which they are ignorant. There is no point in forcing these vows on
them since it might be contradictory to their own religious dogmas .
However, there are certain Temples , where non-Hindus are allowed entry . This is due to that Deity’s
personal will .
A consecrate Deity is not a mere “Idol” . The Deity is the replica of God that breaths life . Muslims and
Christian too worship their own brand of consecrated symbols like Kabba stone , Holy cross, Jesus,
Mother Mary , etc .
Farhan : Hindus are using items like Cow-dung and Cow’s urine to purify their temples ?. Isn’t it
really funny ? .
Krishna : There are specific purification rituals in Hinduism . Cow is a sacred animal and it’s products
like milk, ghee, yoghurt, cow-dung ,urine etc are used in vedic rituals . Even Medical science recognize
its medicinal value and use extensively . A temple is not washed with cow’s urine alone . In reality, first
the place is washed with water and then only a few drops of cows’ urine is mixed with other chosen items
to get the required combination to be used.
Farhan : Why upper caste Hindus are ill-treating Lower caste Hindus ? What is the difference
between an upper caste Hindu and a lower caste Hindu ? .
Krishna : There is no discrimination in true Hinduism . Bhagavad-Gita says that God dwells in every
living being . If a Hindu exploits another Hindu in the name of religion or any other cause, he will have to
pay for its *Karmic-reactions* in many births.
An individual’s qualities are dependent upon his *past-karma* . I was born as a low-caste Hindu . Meat
eating and Alcoholism was part of our daily life . In my younger days, I too followed suit . And my
character contained , Egoism, Jealousy , Aggressiveness , Lust and Greed . After beginning to follow the
Vedic scriptures religiously (Surrender to Ishta-deva Krishna , His daily worship by *Nama-Japam* ,
learning Bhagavad-Gita and performing *Nishkama-karma* ) , I have gradually become an egoless and
peace loving Vegetarian-Hindu . A low caste Hindu has such an opportunity to identify own weaknesses,
rectify it all and elevate self to God-realization .

Farhan : OK, if You Hindus are so confident about your religion, why are You so much worried
about Religious conversions ? .
Krishna : Vedic scriptures do not ask Hindus to convert non-Hindus to Hindu religion . According to it , a
person is born as Non-Hindu due to his *Prarabda-karma* ( negative deeds in his previous births) . If
he/she is interested in self-purification and subsequent God-realization, he is free to practise Bhagavad-
Gita in his day-to-day life . Any Hind-missionary work for it is absolutely, unnecessary.
However, Hindus are concerned about the abusive tirade against the Vedas and Hindu Gods . Fanatics and
Missionaries are spreading all sorts of lies against Hinduism besides using bribery to brainwash innocent
Hindus . Wherever such mass conversions have occurred, India has lost control over that terrain. It was
due to this reason that even Gandhiji has vehemently opposed religious conversions.
Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya !!!!