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Kaelos innovative human capital risk management and talent management solutions:

Enhance employee well-being Boost productivity and output Improve staff morale and loyalty Reduce illness, disability, incapacity and absenteeism Augment your Employee Value Proposition Mitigate human capital and operational risks.

Boosting companies nancial performance

Extract from the Astral Foods 2010 Annual Report:
Investment in the Astral Health Link (provided by Kaelo) has provided solid returns but the most important element is the improvement in employees health and wellness. This bodes well for Astral, for its staff, their families and their communities. The results of the Astral Health Link programme are irrefutable: Absenteeism is down by over R1m in days saved and productivity has improved Perhaps the most notable impact is evident on the companys provident fund for the 6 775 employees who participate: Death claims peaked in 2008 with a total of 103 death claims amounting to R9m A year later, claims had reduced to 72 at R6,6m For the rst six months of the current period, claims have reduced to 15 deaths and claims are down to R1,66m This equates to an effective annual reduction of 71%, or a direct saving of R6,85m.

Extract from the Astral Foods 2011 Annual Report:

The benets of the Astral Health Link continue to exceed the programmes costs with a total return on investment estimated at around R2,50 for every Rand spent. Absenteeism continues to fall this can be attributed to pro-active disease management and efforts to provide convenient access to on-site treatment and support; A healthier workforce has supported productivity gains; Claims against the companys group life scheme for death and disability benets continue to decline. Since 2008 claims have fallen signicantly and savings to the group are over R2,0 million; and Patient management interventions has seen a total return on investment of R5,5 million in the last 12 months.

The return on investment is solid and impressive.

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Partnering with clients to achieve real returns

Kaelos proactive client partnership approach and proven corporate wellness solutions improve staff productivity, reduce absenteeism, raise staff morale and improve work performance while lowering human capital and operational risks.

Advisory Services: Our strategic management consulting services provide employers with thought provoking insight into the development, arrangement and management of an integrated human capital health and wellness strategy that delivers return on investment. Services are provided across all health assets and include: Strategy development Identifying and aligning programme objectives and outcomes Dening reporting parameters which measure programme objectives and outcomes Implementation planning and management On-going Strategy management.

Training and Development Targeted and impactful interventions that unlock human potential and capacity within a health and wellness context Behavioural change and skills development for managers and staff.

Account Management Dedicated account management service and expertise Close partnership to ensure proactive management, service excellence and client satisfaction. Reporting and Data Analytics Effective service delivery monitoring, reporting and management HealthOne. Knowledge-base On-going analysis of client health and wellness data to ensure client satisfaction, service improvement and Return on Investment (ROI).

On-Site Clinics Primary healthcare and Occupational healthcare clinics Delivery of on-site healthcare clinics to impact productivity Managing occupational risks and delivering on-site Occupational Health services to ensure legal compliance with OHS regulations Occupational disease investigations and management, e.g. asbestosis and silicosis.

Executive Medicals and Wellness Programmes Enhanced Employee Value Proposition (EVP) for critical professional and executive talent Improved Bio-Psycho-SocialTM performance of your executive team Improved executive morale, decision making and talent retention Integration with group risk medicals.

Employee Wellness Programmes Diagnosis / Patient Management / On-Site counselling / Training / Health promotion Identication and management of chronic conditions and health risks Referral into the Kaelo Patient Management service to advise and guide employees who have been diagnosed as being at risk.

Diagnostics Wellness days / Screening for chronic conditions and psycho-social wellness Planning and delivery of impactful corporate events to educate, screen and advise staff on chronic conditions of lifestyle and psycho-social wellness.

Targeted services and programmes to reduce the

HIV and AIDS Programmes

mortality and infection rate through education, testing and management interventions.

Disability and Incapacity Management A proactive approach in assisting ill or injured workers return to safe and productive work The dual impact methodology and central case management data engine ensures management of employees with existing disability cases as well as early intervention using IOD and absence data to manage and minimise the nancial and psycho-social impact of disability The intervention uses evidence based pathways to manage each case and reduce the magnitude of the business and personal health impact.

Employee Assistance Programmes Counselling / Support for managers / Legal and nancial advice Identication and management of psycho-social and workplace risks and conditions that impact staff performance and productivity Referrals to specialist facilities and support resources.