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Today stand as a pioneer in the field of Agro product exports the company has made substantial process since itsestablishment. For the companys success, Parle believes in treatingcustomers with trust, dignity, and respect. They believe in fair business practices and in doing their part to save the environment. Currently Mr.Vijay K. Chauhan is the key person contributing towards the companiessuccess. PRODUCTS :CHOCOLATE CONFECTIONERY OTHER PREPARED FOODS ( BY ROASTING ) BISCUITS ACTIVE YEASTS

HISTORY OF PARLE-G A long time ago, when the British ruled in India, a small factory was setup in the suburbs of Mumbai City, to manufacture sweets and toffees.The year was 1929 and the market was dominated by famousinternational brands that were imported freely. Despite the odds andunequal competition, this company called PARLE PRODUCT, survivedand succeeded by adhering to his

quality and improvising from time totime. A decade later, in 1939, Parle Product began manufacturing biscuits, inaddition to sweets and toffees having already established a reputation for quality, the Parle Brand name grew in strength with this diversification.PARLE GLUCOSE and PARLE MONACO were the first brand of biscuit to be introduced which later went on to become leading name for great test and quality. That time only one building was having in VileParle where they were making production and any other process. Thengradually that company expanded in many buildings and today thatcompany located in 14 Akers area. That time they were transportingtheir products ownely by cycle.

HOW PARLE MADE BISCUITS AFFORDABLE TO ALL? Biscuits were very much a luxury food in India, when Parle began in production in 1939. Apart from Glucose and Monaco biscuits Parle didoffer a wide variety of brands.However, during the Second World War, all domestic biscuits production was diverted to assist the Indian Soldiers in India and the Far East. Apart from this, the shortage of Wheat in those days, made Parledecided to concentrate on the more popular brands, so that that peoplecould enjoy the price benefits. Thankfully today, theres dearth of ingredients and demand for more premium brands is on the rise. Thatswhy Parle now have wide range of biscuits and mouthwateringconfectionaries to offer.

STRENGTH OF PARLE BRANDS Over the year, Parle has grown to become a multi million dollar company. Many of the parle Products biscuits or confectionaries, aremarket leaders in their category and have won acclaim at the MondeSelection, since 1971.Today Parle enjoy a 40% share of a total biscuits market and a 15%share of confectionery market, in India. The Parle biscuits brands suchas Parle-G, Monaco, Krackjack and confectionery brands such asMelody, Poppins, Mango Bite and Kismi enjoy the strong imaginaryappeal among the customers.Be it a big city or a remote village of India, the Parle name symbolizesquality, health and great test! And yet we know that constantlyinnovating and catering to new test have build this reputation. This can be seen by the success of new brands such as Hide and Sick, or thesingle twist rapping of Monaco Bite.In this way by concentrating on consumer tastes and preferences andemphasizing research and development the Parle brand grows strength to strength. SOME OF THE TOP PARLE BRANDS IN CURRENT SCENARIO Parle-G Along with the taste, energy and nourishment, Parle-g also offeredquality and value for money. Which contribute by making it anunchallenged success? Apart from being Indias largest selling

biscuits,Parle-G is the winner of 8 Gold and 11 Silver awards at the MondeSelection. Hide & Seek Tagline-tasty itna ki dil aa jaye.Let your taste buds indulge in the sinful pleasure of delightful games-Seek out the chocolate chips that arent really hidden. This cookie biscuits is made up a large quantity of chocolate chips. Crunch into it or let it melt in your mouth to seek out the real taste of chocolate. Whatever you do, you just cant hide from the sheer delight of chocolate chips. Krackjack A little sweet- a little salty. Thats what makes Krackjack very delicious! This delightful biscuit is acclaimed in India and across the world for itscontroversial sweet and salty taste. Krackjack has won 11 Gold, 3 Silver and 1 bronze awards at. The Monde Selection you can enjoy Krackjack any time plain or with a host of beverage like tea, coffee or milkshake. Monaco tagline- life namkeen banaye the light crispy biscuit sprinkled with salt is the perfect namkeen twist you can enjoy.This is original O shaped salted biscuit makes people exclaim, OH,Monaco. Whether plain or with toppings, Monaco is simply delicious.And ideal party time delicacy as it is, you could also use your imagination and create more scrumptious snacks by combining Monacowith a choice of topping. Light crisp and fresh, its no wonder thatMonaco is Indias largest selling salty biscuit. Now available in a varietyof delicious flavors Marie light Tagline- baatcheet bakbak aur parle marie light biscuits enjoy time with friends. Milk shaktiTagline power of milk, goodness of honey Milk shakti is a power packed biscuit fortified with the goodness of milk and honey, it is indias first milk biscuits that comes fortified with goodness of honey. Milano = Tag line there is secret behing every milano Available in chocolate chip, butterscotch, butter nut and choconut, every Milano is rich and exotic as it is premium and delicious.

QUALITY COMMITMENT Parle Product has one factory at Mumbai that manufactures biscuits and confectionaries while another factory at Bahadurgad in Haryanamanufactures biscuits. Apart from this parle has manufacturing facilityat Nirvana in Rajasthan and at Banglore in Karnataka. The factory atBahadurgad and Nirvana are the largest such manufacturing facilities inIndia. Parle Products also have 14 manufacturing units for biscuits and 5manufacturing units for confectionery on contract basis.All this factories are located at strategic locations, so as to ensure aconstant output and easy distribution. Each factory has state-of the- artmachinery with automatic printing and packing.All Parle product are manufactured under the most hygienic conditions.Great care is exercised in the selection and quality control of rawmaterials, packaging materials and rigid quality control ensured at everystage of manufacturing process. Every batch of biscuit andconfectionaries are thoroughly checked by expert staff, using the mostmodern equipments.

PROCESS OF MANUFACTURING PARLE-GBISCUITFLOW DIAGRAM PROCESS DESCRIPTION Raw material store: SMP: Highly hygroscopic and reactive so it is placed separately from other materials. Parle Flavour Mix: Maturation time is equal to 1 month. Sugar: Received in crystalline form. It is grounded and then stored in storage tank for further use. Salt: Highly acceptable for moisture uptake, so special precautions are taken to prevent it from moisture uptake. Ethyl Vanillin: Stored dry in original unopened containers at controlled room temperature. Vanillin: Stored dry in original unopened container at controlled room temperature. Citric Acid (Monohydrate): Kept away from heat and water. Maida: It is stored in storage tank after sieving Finamul : It acts as an emulsifier. It helps in blending of RBD palm oil and water. Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate): Used as leavening Agent. It requires care during handling otherwise it may cause allergy in hands, gas formation in stomach and burning in eyes. Ammonia Ammonium Bicarbonate: It helps soda in its working. It is also dangerous because if enters in gas form in body,to avoid the same precautions are required as in soda handling Prophyline Glycol : It is received in gas form. Orange Oil Concentrate: it is used in cream biscuits as flavoring agent. Soyal Lecithin: it is used as an emulsifier. Sunset yellow colour: It is used as colouring agent in Kreams orange biscuits. Condensed milk flavours: It is used as colouring agent in Kreams orange biscuits. Sodium Meta bisulfide- It is used as preservative. RBD palm oil: It is refined, bleached and deodonized Packing Material: LLDPE, HDPE,Polyolefins,Shrink film, Polybags, BOPP tapes and coupons. Wheat-Process Quality made of contents process of Growth.

Vanspati-For Carbohydrate. Salt-Mineral & Vitamin for Development. Milk -For calcium build teeth and bones. All Raw Materials coming from outside Mumbai by privatetransportation. Parle-G is maintaining stock of raw materials for 7 days except themilk because milk is a perishable raw material so that can be storedfor only one day thats why they have to need of regular supply of milk. If some reasons raw material are not supplied regularly that timethey are using this saving stock for production. They are not accumulate raw material more than 7 days. (exceptMilk). After 6 days they are used accumulated raw materials for production process. They are storing all raw materials near to production department.

How to check Raw Materials Checking quality of raw materials in their own laboratory. Checking raw materials and various packing as per standards laiddown. Setting standards for various raw materials and packing materials per PFA (Products and Foods Act) and other food related legalActs. Maintained / Maintaining quality of finished product & insurancethat. Controlling trails. Collection data for stastical quality. Handing of customer complaints thru customer service cell. Quality control of biscuit and confectionery product at our other manufacturing location

MIXING PROCESS The quantity of manufacturing biscuit in proportionate in that ratioRaw Materials mixed in

mixer machine. Mixing of Raw Materials process continuous for 3 minutes 20seconds. The mixing process continue automatically and it is operated bytwo person.if one person went for lunch or any reason that time his partner can handle all machinery.

MOLDING PROCESS After completed mixing process all the mixed materials go oncutting machine. The cutting machine cut the biscuit and are rolled by machine andthe company logo of Parle G is being printed on biscuits. The company molding 10,000 biscuits per minute. Here all biscuits got a particular shape which is attracted tocustomers. After molding process, moving belt is carrying all biscuits for baking process.

BAKING PROCESS After completing molding process all biscuits are being put in oven for baking process. In oven there are three processes. Removing Moisture First the moisture is removed by oven because moisture can makechanges in the taste and quality of the biscuits. For removing moisture completely, there having temperature of ovenis 340oC. Cook the biscuits In that process biscuits are putting for cooking at maximumtemperature 340oC. This process is going for 3 minutes. Coloring the biscuits In that process the biscuits are being coloured in the oven. Brown colour is giving to the biscuits.

About Machinery Parle Company has 260 feet oven and have owned three oven. It isthe largest oven in Asia.

COOLING PROCESS After baking process completed the backing biscuits are taken to coolin cooling machine. Baked biscuits contain steam so without removing steam that biscuitscan not lasting for long periods or up to its expiry period. Parle Company cooled biscuits by natural way. Moving belt movedthe biscuits from baking machine to packing machine within 5minutes. After removing the steam that biscuits made so hard for packing This is also 4 to 5 minutes in cooling process before starting cooling process all raw wastage removed by automatically in the wastagemachine.

PACKING After cooling process completed biscuits goes out in packingdepartment for packing. The remaining wastage biscuits removed by automatically. At one minute 1000-1500 biscuits packed by automatically. Parle-G packing department have 10 multipack machine. Per multipack machine packed 140 biscuits packet per minute. Parle-G company have own printing press and printing departmentto fulfill all packing materials for biscuits and chocolates. They buy whit paper for printing packing papers from other company