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Cat Pistons, Rings, Liners, and Rods

Built to meet your engines demands

Pistons, rings, liners, and rods form the heart of your engine, controlling the combustion process and transferring mechanical energy to the crankshaft. To protect your engine from harsh conditions, Cat Pistons, Rings, Liners, and Rods are: designed to work and wear as a system in your Cat engine for smooth, efficient operation and long life. manufactured and tested to close tolerances to ensure top engine performance. heat treated to deliver strength and durability during engine operation. Quality materials and controlled manufacturing processes also means Cat Piston crowns and connecting rods can be remanufactured for a second life. Cat Reman Cylinder Packs offer same-as-new performance, long life, and quick turnaroundall at fraction-of-new prices.

Caterpillar. The difference counts.

Cat Dealers define world-class product support. We offer you the right parts and service solutions, when and where you need them. The Cat Dealer network of highly trained experts keeps your entire fleet up and running to maximize your equipment investment.

Cat Pistons, Rings, Liners, and Rods

Quality materials and controlled processes ensure top performance and long life
New Caterpillar Pistons, Rings, Liners, and Rods are designed and manufactured using quality materials and controlled processes for maximum performance and durability.

One Piece Pistons Improved structural capability of the

single piece forged steel piston simplifies assembly and eliminates the number of parts.

Cat Rings

Precise plasma or chrome plating guarantees exceptionally long wear life. Proper surface finish provides smooth operation and long wear life. Barrel-faced top ring maintains the proper oil film thickness on the cylinder liner for reduced liner damage and oil consumption. Durable heat-treated ductile iron construction resists breaking and impact loading. Precise fit with grooves ensures proper oil control and sealing between the crankcase and combustion chamber for efficient operation, long wear life and reduced blow-by.

New oil jet with higher oil velocity provides more concentrated cooling. Reduces thermal expansion and allows piston fit to be tighter for a reduction in cavitation. Reduction in surface area provides less friction and helps improve fuel consumption.

Two Piece Piston

Two piece articulted design for reduced piston slap, better combustion and reduced emissions due to rings located closer to the top of the piston. Steel crown for heat resistance, and higher cylinder pressure. Aluminum skirt for weight reduction.

Chrome Ceramic Ring

Coating of several layers of hard chromium for higher scuffing resistance. A network of tiny micro-cracks on each layer for better thermal fatique properties. Ceramic particles embedded into each layer of chrome improves consistancy properties over the entire coating depth. Normal chromium wear exposes new ceramic particles resulting in less surface cracking/ring flaking, reduced wear of both ring and cylinder bore, significant life improvement, and better spalling resistance. Perfectly matched joint surfaces allow rods to accept higher loads. Fractured uneven surface helps locate rod end and cap, eliminating the need for locating dowel. Automatic bolt insertion and fastening equipment ensures cap and rod stay together, eliminating possibility of mismatched cap and rod during material handling.

Cat Liners

Inside surfaces feature a uniform cross hatch pattern for faster ring seating, proper ring seal, uniform oil distribution, and long life. Flanges are roll burnished in the radius for increased strength and resistance to cracking. Heat-treated high-grade gray iron construction provides exceptional strength and long life. Controlled flange head thickness guarantees a precise match with the block and head. Precise manufacturing tolerances ensure perfectly round bores for efficient oil control and proper fit in Cat engine blocks.

Fractured Rod

Cat Pistons, Rings, and Liners vs. Competitive Parts

Caterpillar randomly tests competitive parts to determine quality differences. These comparisons consistently reveal the following shortcomings about competitive pistons, rings, and liners.

Reman Cylinder Packs reduce downtime and costs

Remanufacturing transforms used Cat components to new parts standards. When you need repairs, Cat Reman Cylinder Packs will get you back to work quickly, reliably, and affordably. Completely remanufactured to include all critical engineering updates and design improvements, Cat Reman Cylinder Packs provide same-as-new performance and long life.

Competitive pistons
Imprecise fit can cause liner scuffing and piston seizure. Partially disbonded ring bands and out-of-spec ring grooves can cause blowby and cylinder damage.

Strict remanufacturing processes

New articulated piston bushings are installed using correct installation methods to ensure retention of bushing in bore. New liners and rings are installed for exact fit and smooth operation. All components are extensively tested and inspected for conformance to factory specifications.

Competitive rings
Thin chrome plating can reduce wear life. Soft, gray iron construction can reduce durability and lead to failure.

Competitive liners
Lack of heat treating and roll burnishing can lead to flange cracks and breaks. Random cross hatch pattern can result in poor oil control and increased oil consumption.

Fast, easy installation

Cat Reman Cylinder Packs contain the cylinder liner, piston, rings, pin, retainers, connecting rod, and all necessary seals. They come preassembled and ready for installation as a unit, reducing your turn-around time. Plus, our special tooling and repair technique can save up to an hour per cylinder during installation, so its possible to complete an entire in-frame overhaul in one day. No other engine manufacturer offers this kind of service.

Cat liners
plateau bored for proper mating of piston rings and liner, better oil control and long life

Fully warranted, low-cost repair options

Cat Reman Cylinder Packs are priced at 45-50% of the cost of new parts and offer the same factory-fresh performance. To prove it, Caterpillar backs Reman Cylinder Packs with a same-as-new parts warranty.

Strict remanufacturing processes ensure Cat Reman Cylinder Packs deliver same-as-new performance and long life.

Competitive liners
non-plateau bored requires breaking in producng wear and delays proper oil control

Cat Pistons, Rings, Liners, and Rods

Comprehensive service and support
When your engine needs service, our professional technicians have the training and tools to get you back to work quickly. We provide off-the-shelf component availability backed by Caterpillars worldwide parts network.

Give us a call or drop by our parts counter. Well show you how we can help lower your costs with the highest quality engine parts, a wide range of Cat Reman components, and the most comprehensive service and support available.

Quality materials and controlled manufacturing processes ensure Cat Pistons, Rings, Liners, Rods, and Reman Cylinder Packs deliver top performance and long life.

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