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New UKIP sexism row as party treasurer says women shouldn't be in the boardroom because they can't play

Stuart Wheeler accused of being sexist during debate on women on boards Claims women 'come absolutely nowhere' in chess, bridge and poker European Union pushing for quotas for female directors at FTSE firms
By Tamara Cohen PUBLISHED: 13:13, 15 August 2013 | UPDATED: 09:38, 16 August 2013

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UKIP faces a fresh sexism row after the party's treasurer claimed women are failing to progress in the boardroom because they are 'absolutely nowhere' when it comes to competitive sports such as chess. Stuart Wheeler was accused of being sexist after suggesting in a debate that having more women was not necessarily an advantage. The UKIP donor and treasurer said: I would just like to challenge the idea that it is necessarily right to have a lot of women or a particular number on a board.'

Controversy: Betting tycoon Stuart Wheeler, the UKIP treasurer, suggested w om en w ere not cut out for business because they lacked a sporting com petitive streak

The betting tycoon went on: Business is very, very competitive and you should take the performance of women at another competitive area, which is sport where they have no strength advantage. 'Chess, bridge, poker - women come absolutely nowhere, and I think that just has to be borne in mind. The former Tory donor who switched to UKIP was challenged by one of the panellists Dr Clare Gerada, chair of the Royal College of GPs, who said: I think that is such a disingenuous, sexist comment. She said her mother, who is 83, was a chess champion in Malta for several years. Mr Wheeler, 78, father of Burberry model Jacquetta Wheeler, added after the debate that he was not claiming women were less intelligent because they 'come out of the universities doing at least as well as men if not better'.

'Chess, bridge, poker - women come absolutely nowhere, and I think that just has to be borne in mind' UKIP treasurer Stuart Wheeler
But he told the Mail: 'Yet when it comes to the highest levels of those competitive sports where all that matters is intellectual ability, and determination and perhaps stamina for some reason - and I don't know what the reason is - they are nowhere. I dont accept it is sexist, it simply rings true. It may be that women are not as competitive as men, although women do well in law, they are quite successful barristers....I was just saying its interesting and I dont have an explanation.

Women make up 17 per cent of boards of FTSE 100 firms, and several of the top 100 companies do not have a single female board director. Just three per cent of chief executive are women. One of the panelists at the debate at the Institute of Economic Affairs, was UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom who caused a storm last week by claiming Britains foreign aid goes to bongo bongo land. He said quotas for women in companies would come in Britain as a result of pressure from the European Union and said: We have to fight this tooth and nail, saying the idea was totally patronising and archaic.

Outspoken: UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom , w ho railed against foreign aid being sent to 'Bongo Bongo land', vow ed to fight plans for w om en on com pany boards 'tooth and nail'


UKIP blundered further when they launched a website in Wales calling themselves the 'Black Independence party'. When trying to translate the party's name into Welsh they came up with 'Plaid Annibyniaeth y Du.' DU is the abbreviation for the UK in Welsh but 'du' means black. A spokesman said: 'It's a screw up, we have now rectified it' and said it was not a re-branding of the party. Its MEP Godfrey Bloom has been under fire for saying Britain sends foreign aid to 'bongo bongo land' which he denied was racist or intended to be a derogatory reference to Africa. UKIP says it wants an end to 'mass, uncontrolled immigration' including a five-year freeze on permanent settlement, and any future migration strictly limited to those who can 'clearly be shown to benefit the British people as a whole and our economy'. They would not allow immigrants to apply for public housing or benefits until they had paid tax for five years. In order to achieve these goals they say Britain would have to leave the EU because there are no restrictions on other EU citizens moving to the UK while it remains a member.

Mr Bloom claimed if anyone suffered prejudice it was actually men saying in many walks of life women are promoted beyond their abilities. He said: If you worked certainly in the public sector or a reasonably large company who can smell which way the wind is blowing, you are far more likely to be advanced by being a woman in your quest for promotion than disadvantaged. Nigel [Farage] and I can give you personal stories about how that's worked in the [European] Commission where very, very highly qualified men have been jumped over to get a woman into a more senior position with nowhere near the qualifications. He also claimed that when he was in the army, before becoming a City pension fund manager, women were allowed to pass courses because examiners didn't have the bottle to fail them. Mr Bloom has previously courted controversy by claiming that no self-respecting small businessman with a brain in the right place would ever employ a lady of child-bearing age. And he claimed many women do not want to be on the boards of companies as they make wiser choices about their careers. Those who want quotas, he said, sadly have no great confidence in their sisters and think women need special help. He has had several successful female bosses during his career, he said, saying: My ultimate boss of course was her Majesty. I go home and I work for another one Mrs Bloom. I go up to my secretarys office and she tells me exactly what to do. Mr Bloom also joked that he and Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader, had been trying and failing to be invited to one of Italian President Silvio Berlusconis infamous bunga bunga parties for years. He said: We still hope that he somehow manages another term and he remembers us. Dr Gerada and fellow panelists including Jo Fairley, a former magazine editor and the founder of Green and Blacks chocolate, argued that quotas were not the answer but the root causes of underrepresentation of women such as flexible working hours, childcare costs and low aspirations among girls at school could be tackled. FROM THE WEB
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Newest Oldest Best rated Worst rated View best 10 Page 1 of 4 1234Next just listened to his interview on bbc radio and what he was sayinghis that Men are better at somethings and women at others so we should use them where they are best suited and we should not promote women at the expense of better qualified Men. sounds about right to me. - ian wardle, amsterdam, Netherlands, 15/8/2013 14:05 Click to rate Report abuse Another non story about UKIP, DM you really are getting pathetic with your obvious dislike of UKIP. - donny bob, doncaster, 15/8/2013 14:14 Click to rate Report abuse Yet another feeble attempt to discredit UKIP, it won't work as we have more sense than you and the government gives us credit for. Just wait till next election time. - Alan, Huddersfield, 15/8/2013 14:10 Click to rate Report abuse Quotas are a recipe for mediocrity, just look at Labour. - JustAnotherPasserby, London, 15/8/2013 15:03 Click to rate Report abuse more stick aimed at ukip,but we are still going to vote for them,go ukip. - cocotkd, glasgow, United Kingdom, 15/8/2013 15:32 Rating 438 Rating 490 Rating 591 Rating 631

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UKIP fans are going to have to get used to the media targeting you with these innocuous statements your members make. Its well used effective drip drip tactic There will be a limited amount of gaffs by members of the others parties published. good luck! - chasdavy, ilford, United Kingdom, 15/8/2013 15:05 Click to rate Report abuse More flimsy anti-UKIP propaganda. The news media (prodded by the 3 main political parties) will publish any comment out of context, desperately fanning a tiny spark in the hope that it will turn into flames. Isn't it a fact that *FEMALE* UKIP councillors stood for election recently, and indeed were elected. That's all you really need to know. Women are valued and equal partners in the UKIP movement, just as they should be. Attempts to throw mud at UKIP in the hope that some of will stick are both transparent and laughable. - Nabokov, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 15/8/2013 15:26 Click to rate Report abuse Free speech! If you don't agree, don't vote for them. Labour, Liberal and Conservatives will be happy to keep fooling you. - RH6mre2, Dead End, United States, 15/8/2013 15:29 Click to rate Report abuse The man is perfectly correct - that is why we have reverse discrimination against men - so that women, poor little blighter's - can get on. - aargonaut, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 15/8/2013 14:15 Click to rate Report abuse 'Competitive' 'sport' and 'chess' in the same sentence!? That can't happen too often! - Hoplophobe Hunter, Nationwide, 15/8/2013 15:27 Click to rate Report abuse It seems to me that UKIP is the only party which allows its members to express their own opinions. Tories, Liebour and the Limp Dumbs all have to check with some little party commisar first before they speak, to make sure they are following the party line. That is why sheep like politicians are not respected and the country is in such a state. - PollyToynbeesBrother, Hertford, United Kingdom, 15/8/2013 17:14 Click to rate Report abuse The Tory sleaze campaign against UKIP is working for UKIP. Are the Tories stupid. It increases the UKIP vote daily. Brilliant ! Rating 59 Rating 160 Rating 256 Rating 275 Rating 294 Rating 300

- UK Sad, Truro, 16/8/2013 8:03 Click to rate Report abuse The man is speaking sense. If women have to compete against men without special help they will nearly always lose. This truth upsets feminists who want to blame women's deficiencies of "socialisation" and the patriarchy, instead of women's biology and genetics. Women have been over promoted in the public sector and it has been disastrous, just look at the NHS which is 77% female, most hospitals are run by women and you can see the disasters that have been wrought there. UKIP once again have the guts to speak out against the established political correct norm, good on them. - VisceralRage, London, United Kingdom, 16/8/2013 1:48 Click to rate Report abuse It seems that many commentators here don't like people having individual opinions when they stray outside of the usual area of 'acceptability', ie. political correctness, a.k.a. left-wing mind-bending. Take a look at Europe's most thriving economy, Germany, where there is very little female representation in the boardroom. Alas, we live in an age where the truth is considered subversive. - Angry Thinker, Feltham, United Kingdom, 15/8/2013 16:02 Click to rate Report abuse So its true that cameron has elected one of his party cronies to cover every speech by a U.K.I.P member to find anything they can use to discredit U.K.I.P how tansparent talk about running scared !!!! - iank-25plymouth, plymouth, United Kingdom, 16/8/2013 7:53 Click to rate Report abuse Still voting UKIP , stuff the main 3. - tez65, Leicester, 15/8/2013 18:12 Click to rate Report abuse The smear campaign continues ...... the LibLabCon are worried - matthewmasters, London, 16/8/2013 6:08 Click to rate Report abuse Ridiculous - every week there's another story about something silly that a member of UKIP is supposed to have said. It's obviously a strategy by the other parties to try to discredit them. Surely we can all see through it! - PEThompson, Lowestoft, United Kingdom, 15/8/2013 20:18 Click to rate Report abuse Don't forget folks. The campaign to dirty UKIP is on the way, by fair means or foul!! Maybe pseudo members of UKIP are agents of other political parties!! Rating 48 Rating 49 Rating 50 Rating 53 Rating 55 Rating 57 Rating 59

- schnurrli, zenda, Austria, 15/8/2013 16:54 Click to rate Report abuse Is the Mail Online going to do this pathetic smearing of UKIP every single day until the General Election 2015? Would love to know if conversations in dark, smoke filled rooms between your newspaper's bosses and the powers-that-be lie behind this campaign. Scared, no? But go ahead - destroy UKIP and show this country up for the democratic sham that it is. But while you're busy playing at a democratic stitch up, perhaps you should ask yourselves what will the people do when they have no one to vote for but the three headed hydra of LibLabCon? - Bill_of_Rights1688, London, United Kingdom, 15/8/2013 18:59 Click to rate Report abuse Legally imposed quotas have no place at all in what is supposed to be a free market economy. Appointments should be made purely on merit regardless of sex, race, colour, creed or sexual orientation. To do otherwise is only going to work to the detriment of an organization, be it public or private. - dondonaldo, Peterborough, United Kingdom, 15/8/2013 16:36 Click to rate Report abuse If women are going to get into the boardrooms it should only be on merit and not by stupid quota,s set by idiots in government because the only people who should be there are the one with the qualifications and competitive drive to help the companies to succeed. - peter, manchester, 16/8/2013 9:36 Click to rate Report abuse Another person with the nerve to express HIS OWN OPINION. Does he not know that the only opinions you are allowed to hold and express are politically correct ones. Any more of this and we'll all start thinking for ourselves. The BBC and all the lefties won't like that ! - PollyToynbeesBrother, Hertford, United Kingdom, 15/8/2013 17:06 Click to rate Report abuse So it was ok for him to say women make good lawyers but not ok for him to say that men are better at chess. Double standards DM or what. Poor old UKIP, they try to save us but the media just don't want us saved - why? What will your anti-UKIP story be tomorrow DM? - jackie, Exeter, United Kingdom, 15/8/2013 21:15 Click to rate Report abuse DM certainly loves UKIP bashing! - sanddancer, UAE, 15/8/2013 17:04 Click to rate Report abuse Rating 37 Rating 39 Rating 40 Rating 41 Rating 42 Rating 45 Rating 46

Anyone who speaks the truth may just as well shoot themselves. - mr blue, scunthorpe, 16/8/2013 7:31 Click to rate Report abuse It doesn't apply to women, I find more and more people are incapable of forward thinking. This is a result of the education system teaching people "what to think" instead of "how to think". And a good solution is to encourage playing chess in schools. - Amy, England, 15/8/2013 16:31 Click to rate Report abuse the attack on UKIP has begun, expect more articles like this as the tories are running scared. When you are frightened, every rustle, every shadow is a demon waiting to pounce..........go, UKIP, go and make the tories fears a reality. - thommo, solihull, 15/8/2013 15:57 Click to rate Report abuse Again the UKIP bashing makes its' way into the week. Doesn't matter.... They're still getting my vote. - Kettles On - Croydon, Croydon, United Kingdom, 15/8/2013 21:09 Click to rate Report abuse Any fact is 'sexist' if it is a fact that feminits refuse to accept. It is their default form of dismissing any rational argument againt their supremacist movement. If women need affirmative action and quotas to unfairly achieve equal outcomes in a few selective, cherry-picked areas (discriminatory in itself!) of business then it is self-defeating because anyone who receives such favouritism will never be regarded as equal. - Captain Sensible, Twilight Zone, Australia, 16/8/2013 3:59 Click to rate Report abuse Can UKIP not say anything anymore without being taken to task? Have we all got to pause and think through every word we say now in case it offends someone? You really do scrap the barrel DM! How about some news on the ruddy awful things that are going on in the others parties that are far more life changing for us all! - Sophiel, Dorchester, 15/8/2013 16:28 Click to rate Report abuse People are entitled to their own opinion - this is a democracy isn't it? Although, I am beginning to wonder if that is so nowadays. Can the politicians and media find any more dirt to dig up about UKip - this will not stop me voting for them. Just look at our present politicians who you can only trust when their lips aren't moving. - smart, new york, 15/8/2013 16:17 Click to rate Report abuse Rating 34 Rating 34 Rating 34 Rating 34 Rating 35 Rating 36 Rating 36

He is just saying what is true and why is this a crime - because our political elite have done this to suppress freedom of speech and debate. He is just commenting that it is interesting and he has no answer as to why this is true but it is. Shall be voting UKIP - the others are just lie and do exactly what they want when in power. Nothing what we would want and nothing that makes our lives better. - Unbelievable, Ipswich, United Kingdom, 16/8/2013 8:07 Click to rate Report abuse Every time a hear or read a media/BBC driven campaign to discredit UKIP it makes me more determined to vote for them. - Frankyboy, Lancashire, 16/8/2013 9:41 Click to rate Report abuse Keep going UKIP!!! - cinjon, Kidderminster, United Kingdom, 16/8/2013 9:37 Click to rate Report abuse Er, that's not what he said at all. What he has said that he is not in favour of a quota system for either sex. Get it? Either sex. Because it does not put in place the best people. And guess what. It's true. It seems that a lot of people commenting would rather believe the DM, than bother to listen to the evidence. - reggie, ipswich, United Kingdom, 16/8/2013 11:59 Click to rate Report abuse Just carry on UKIP . The other partys will soon get tired of trying to put you down . Just remember they all have skeletons that they want to hide and perhaps they will soon come to light who knows ????????????????????? - bill, Lowestoft, 16/8/2013 11:54 Click to rate Report abuse Nobody tried to discredit him when he was giving money to the Conservative Party ! - Tim Coleman, Nottingham, United Kingdom, 16/8/2013 11:57 Click to rate Report abuse In a few years once the incomers have taken over, women will be back in the Dark Ages anyway. - worldweary, Heavens Gate, United Kingdom, 15/8/2013 22:53 Click to rate Report abuse Hmm. We are having a Problem.. Women are being appointed to High Flying jobs because of PC.. Crap.. Not because Rating 29 Rating 29 Rating 29 Rating 32 Rating 32 Rating 33 Rating 34

they are the best Candidate for the job.. Some years ago I chaired a Panel that appointed a Female General Manager.. Who was not the best for the Job interviewed.. purely for being PC... against my Advice.. Hmm it cost the company 28,000 to get rid of her for her hurt feelings... (Women can claim that.. ) when she was found to below standards.. - Mike, West Midlands, 16/8/2013 10:56 Click to rate Report abuse You don't have to have upper body strength to play snooker or darts either ,so why are the females not playing against the men ? - expat, auckland, 16/8/2013 3:40 Click to rate Report abuse If this idiotic story amounts to anything it's clear evidence that UKIP is scaring the crap out of the LibLabCon. Why not a few stories about our ruling political elite and their financial involvement in alternative energy? It seems that a totally uncharacteristic silence has taken hold of that normally, effervescently vocal, incorrigible, and completely dependable source of irrational outbursts. Tell me, has someone been lacing the clog's dinner with alum? - Guilliamo, preston, United Kingdom, 16/8/2013 12:01 Click to rate Report abuse Is anybody else sick and tired of this constant Muck slinging by the mailonline of the UKIP party. I suppose the other three sorry two parties are as pure as driven snow they must really be running scared of UKIP to keep trying to dig the dirt on them but the more dirt they keep slinging the more people will be entrenched to vote for UKIP. - just baldrick, Kent, United Kingdom, 15/8/2013 17:58 Click to rate Report abuse The comments were OK and in context - not the way many would have delivered the message, but it does look some have made cheap points out of this rather than deal with the bigger Europe once again telling us what we should be doing and how UK business should be run.... Bottom line- UKIP are only way out of the euro suffocation in my view. - Longbow, England, United Kingdom, 15/8/2013 21:35 Click to rate Report abuse I really don't care if Stuart Wheeler is a mysoginistic old codger. I'd still rather like to get the UK out of the EU and UKIP IS THE ONLY WAY TO ACHIEVE THIS! - FlyingOfficerKite, Leicestershire, United Kingdom, 16/8/2013 10:23 Click to rate Report abuse I am voting for a woman in the next election. I don't care which party she belongs to. ,if it is the party I favour then good!but if she is in another party I will vote for her. We have to alter the proportion of 114 women M.Ps out of 650 - Selby8t8, Wareham, 15/8/2013 14:37 Maybe Harriet Harman ? The very essence of "fairness and equality", with her biased quotas and affirmative action ? You are annoyed by what this man has said, but it pales into complete insignificance to what that misandric old harpie came out with on a very regular basis and still does. Rating 27 Rating 27 Rating 28 Rating 29 Rating 29 Rating 29

- Mark Brighton, Brighton, United Kingdom, 15/8/2013 16:22 Click to rate Report abuse Won't make any difference with stupid smear stories, UKIP will get my vote. LibLabCon have destroyed everything they've touched so far... - Trepoopuddle Martyr, Helston Cornwall, United Kingdom, 15/8/2013 17:57 Click to rate Report abuse Oh dear, the Lib/Lab/Con media machine is hanging off every word spoken by anyone connected to UKIP and trying to make trouble for them - the party that dares speak the truth and tell it as it is. We who support them, salute them. So watch and learn Lib/Lab/Cons you only dig your own graves when you slate the only party that speaks the people's language! - Funnybone, dorset, United Kingdom, 15/8/2013 16:36 Click to rate Report abuse Vote UKIP, there Politicians are not afraid to tell it as it is..... - Mike Derby, Derby, United Kingdom, 16/8/2013 7:01 Click to rate Report abuse Is this the best the spin merchants can do? UKIP must be laughing their socks as the big three make themselves look even stupider! - Barry, Carlisle, United Kingdom, 16/8/2013 11:56 Click to rate Report abuse Oh dear, another over simplification of what the bloke was trying to say, when we are told that women are better than men at some things,multi tasking, for example, not so much as a bleat in disagreement is heard, yet all hell breaks loose, when it is suggested that certain jobs may be better suited to men.How,s about a gender quota on building sites. - jon, bridgend, 15/8/2013 21:01 Click to rate Report abuse This is just another smear campaign by the DM and the Tories, because they know that they are becoming unpopular and UKIP are getting more and more support. How many gaffs has the Tories and Labour had this year.....I've lost count. This doesn't change a thing, I'm still voting UKIP. - Realist, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 15/8/2013 19:52 Click to rate Report abuse Ha ha DM, haven't you learned yet? & the grotesque lib/lab/con machine consistently under estimate the intelligence of the (majority of the) British electorate..the more pathetic anti-UKip mud slinging you/they engage in always Rating 25 Rating 25 Rating 25 Rating 25 Rating 27 Rating 27 Rating 27

boosts support for UKip.. Keep up the good work! - King Arthur, london, United Kingdom, 16/8/2013 12:33 Click to rate Report abuse wrong, keep to geting out of europe the important item - john, maidstone kent, 15/8/2013 16:06 Click to rate Report abuse Chess is not a sport for a start... - Mairibow, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 15/8/2013 16:47 Click to rate Report abuse Nobody tried to discredit him when he was giving money to the Conservative Party !- Tim Coleman, Nottingham, United Kingdom, 16/8/2013 11:57>>>>>How true. It seems the anti-EU party in Germany is also being attacked and smeared, mostly by the left, what are they all so afraid of? - Sophiel, Dorchester, 16/8/2013 12:42 Click to rate Report abuse Every time DM prints anti ukip. We end up being anti DM - ss, wd, 16/8/2013 10:22 Click to rate Report abuse I'm no fan of UKIP but the headline is ridiculous. The guy didn't say that at all. He said they shouldn't be putting minimum numbers of either gender in the boardroom. Every company is different, so their staffing should reflect their needs and the capabilities of their directors. - Tony, Minehead, 16/8/2013 13:52 Click to rate Report abuse Yet again a UKIP man has said something truthful but absolutely non-PC. It's time these EU obsessive diktats are discussed openly. Women are better than men at some things - but not everything - Old Chap, Caribbean, Grenada, 16/8/2013 13:49 Click to rate Report abuse My the big three must have the wind up !!! - Ed from England, England, United Kingdom, 15/8/2013 17:58 Rating 23 Rating 23 Rating 23 Rating 23 Rating 24 Rating 24 Rating 25

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Rating 22

I see you have received the latest briefing note from the number ten spin doctors. - nanuk of the north, Morpeth England, United Kingdom, 16/8/2013 11:31 Click to rate Report abuse YOUR HEADLINE IS NOT WHAT HE SAID...... - talibasher, London, United Kingdom, 16/8/2013 10:52 Click to rate Report abuse Strange how the DM is still carrying this 4 day old story... oh I forgot.. it's a Tory rag and they are out to 'get' UKIP. - aargonaut, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 16/8/2013 9:49 Click to rate Report abuse Haha pathetic DM! I love UKIP - Jaz Jack. vote ukip!!!!!, London, 16/8/2013 10:49 Click to rate Report abuse Women comprise about 40% of the Assembly Government in Wales which is about as effective as a chocolate fireguard. - Reallyirritated, Cardiff, 16/8/2013 10:00 Click to rate Report abuse You say accused? There is a crime? We are bovine, are we not? herded between opinions and slaughtered for our silly ways. This man's only crime is that he has some odd views, why is he not entitled to them? If being obtuse is illegal then the imaginations of the British can no longer run riot and we will perish by our own swords. And as for the women, this broad swathe of women proclaimed as being capable of anything...does that not mean that both camps of guilty of generalisation? If women are to take over the world then let them do it by their deeds and not by trying to get harmless human behaviour onto the statute books. It used to be that what one man can think another can do. In this instance it seems like what one man can think another can proscribe, that's dangerous. - Europeanonion, Alsager, United Kingdom, 16/8/2013 6:59 Click to rate Report abuse As a woman who has worked for most of my life in the public sector i am sad to say this guy is quite right. I have personally witnessed the over promotion of women, especially those returning from maternity leave, just to fulfil some equal opps criteria. I wonder which woman from the world of work or business will have the courage to look more closely at this issue. - Anon, Anon, 15/8/2013 23:21 Rating 21 Rating 21 Rating 22 Rating 22 Rating 22 Rating 22

Click to rate Report abuse

Rating 21

Katie..Birmingham....People vote for UKIP because they care about their country and want a future for their familiy, but if you want to accept what your being dished up by the traitors we have in power now then that is your problem. - brian.b, spalding, United Kingdom, 16/8/2013 11:53 Click to rate Report abuse Yet on the same page we read another DM article that shows boys are outstripping girls at A-levels...???!!! How can someone is condemned and proven right at the same time? Are we now a society where even the TRUTH is not allowed to be spoken in case someone is offended or is accused of some form of -ism? - Dave, Oban, 15/8/2013 18:30 Click to rate Report abuse Still voting UKIP so is everyone I know. - ANNE B, LONDON, 16/8/2013 10:02 Click to rate Report abuse I hate these people! Go crawl back under the stone you crawled out of, you horrible little man! - cathinscotland , Highlands, 15/8/2013 15:04 I know exactly what you mean I can stand those sniveling wibbling lefties as well! Its simple if you are caring intellectual whose is concerned for the sovereignty and welfare of our country you have only one choice! - john, OurOnlyHopeUKIP, United Kingdom, 15/8/2013 15:59 Click to rate Report abuse The top woman chess player, Judit Polgar, is currently ranked #54 in the world. She is, to quote Wikipedia, "by far the strongest female chess player in history." - her highest ranking was eighth. The second ranked woman, Hou Yifan, is a long way outside the top 100. Whatever else was said, it's indisputably true that the best women are nowhere near the best men in chess. - Richard, Bristol, United Kingdom, 15/8/2013 19:51 Click to rate Report abuse Man, UKIP really have the other useless party's on the run. It will not work, people that are not straight out of the PC box will always listen to an alternative opinion, unlike the ConLabDims. - critic, manchester, 16/8/2013 11:13 Click to rate Report abuse Can't beat a bit of forward thinking and modern attitudes. Not quite selling UKIP to me "gentlemen". I wonder if his favourite joke is the one about women having smaller feet so they can stand nearer to the sink. - MissWisher , Bedford, 15/8/2013 13:56 Click to rate Rating (0) Oh, I thought that was true about the feet - and wedding dresses being white to Rating 19 Rating 19 Rating 20 Rating 20 Rating 20 Rating 21

match the washing machine and other kitchen appliances. OK keep your hair on - I was joking. - Saxon, Cowes, 15/8/2013 14:05 Click to rate Report abuse Oh please people do you really buy all this anti ukip propoganda! I don't particularly support any party but just remember where this newspaper's loyalty lies. I bet there's just as many people in all the other parties who have similar beliefs. Don't be hoodwinked by a press with no major stories to report. Its the same every summer. - Debbie, Surrey, United Kingdom, 15/8/2013 22:19 Click to rate Report abuse They really are scratching around to find smear UKIP with. The so-called "mainstream" parties of the LibLabCon must be in a blind panic at the thought of the end of their own private gravy train. Pity they couldn't put the same energy into actually listening to the electorate that they are putting into trying to dredge up a bit of dirt, no matter how irrelevant and pointless it may be. - DaveA, Penrith, Cumbria, 16/8/2013 12:34 Click to rate Report abuse Here we go again, DM trying ANYTHING to stop people voting UKIP. A tongue in cheek comment made by an old codger is hardly proof that the entire party are sexist. Pathetic attempt. I'm not buying it. Still voting UKIP. - KAB, Valletta, 16/8/2013 11:29 Click to rate Report abuse There's no excuse for ignorance of the many physiological differences between men and women, the literature is out there so educate yourselves. - OrwellsGhost, Albion, United Kingdom, 16/8/2013 7:14 Click to rate Report abuse What is wrong with you DM? This country has a new choice at last instead of the old lying, conning, never give a straight answer,Lab/Lib/Con system. Why do you over do it everytime some minor thing is brought up so as to malign the UKIP party? Is this to be taken that you are party to the rotten system that has abused its people for generations? Shame on you - ewelve01, kendal, 15/8/2013 20:57 Click to rate Report abuse Can't anyone express any opinion outside the PC allowed norm these days, without being shouted down as being some form of -ist? It's so pathetic! - Mark, Whitehaven, 15/8/2013 18:16 Click to rate Rating 18 Rating 18 Rating 19 Rating 19 Rating 19 Rating 19 Rating 19

Report abuse DM trying to do Cameroooon a favour. Check out the photso's. Members of the three main parties have all come out and said something derogatory in the past about women and even sexually assaulted them. Vote UKIP...!!! - bluubri, Manchester, 16/8/2013 12:44 Click to rate Report abuse Hahaha, I wondered when the Tory generated spin machine would start its next action against UKIP, never a week goes by as they say. The man appears to be saying that you should not impose women on a boardroom just to meet a quota. Now, I would have thought that most intelligent women would welcome that statement. Everyone should be chosen on merit not gender. The end result of meeting quota's can be seen by the poorly performing ministers like Greening (cost the taxpayer 50 million) and Miller, even the DM reports her as the minister with no job. Nice try Tories, and yet more free publicity for UKIP. - Smujsmith, Pig-atop-the-hill, United Kingdom, 16/8/2013 10:46 Click to rate Report abuse The leftist BBC have been running this (non) story all day like it's a major scandal for UKIP. The media including the DM seem to pounce on non-events like this just because it is UKIP, then they try and blow it out of all proportion. Well good luck with that DM because if you didn't know by now the average UKIP voter is very savvy and not easily influenced by sensationalist rubbish such as this. - Cityslacker, Leeds, 15/8/2013 19:09 Click to rate Report abuse Women could be as good as men at chess if they played the game as much as men do.It's just that sitting down for hours and not talking is not their idea of fun. - Peter, Poole UK, 15/8/2013 16:27 Click to rate Report abuse The main parties must be worried about the threat that UKIP might pose to them getting into power again. However, if the EU are pushing for quotas for more women to be appointed at Board level, there is nothing anyone in this country can do - end of. - ACR, London, United Kingdom, 15/8/2013 17:59 Click to rate Report abuse HEY! lets muckrake all the major papers are now running scared of UKIP,WE WILL STILL WIN SEATS AT A FANTASSTIC RATE. COME THE NEX ELECTION - vikersabbot, hull,............................................ Hey! Let's muckrake. All the major papers are now running scared of UKIP, We will still win seats at a fantastic rate; come the next election. - Justin Canham, Leeds, 15/8/2013 19:57 Click to rate Report abuse Rating 17 Rating 17 Rating 18 Rating 18 Rating 18 Rating 18

Okies, so based on the gripes about this guy's comments will we see men and women (am I allowed to use those words?) will we see dual sex (at least) cycling or 100m races, ad infinitum, get a grip folks, we are different, and for very good reasons. - Martin, Peterborough, 16/8/2013 0:32 Click to rate Report abuse Strange how articles designed to smear UKIP stay around for days but others concerning the other 3 parties disappear almost immediately! I have tried to post many comments in ref to Labour MEP's votes in connection with Jan 2014 and not one has been printed! And that is an important fact. - Sophiel, Dorchester, 16/8/2013 10:31 Click to rate Report abuse I totally agree with him. Margaret Thatcher did more harm to our society by selling off public services than she did good. The Blair Babes were on the whole a load of numpties. As a woman I firmly agree that women should only get ANY job or position if they are absolutely the best candidate. - katieconker, Hornchurch, Essex, 16/8/2013 10:14 Click to rate Report abuse Labour and tories going hard at it now trying to smear UKIP as much as possible.....they must have quite a roll on for them to be so scared. - Jughead Jones, Truro, United Kingdom, 16/8/2013 13:24 Click to rate Report abuse the smear campaign continues but I for 1 won't be put off we need ukip to force things through against the eu! - eatme, Newcastle, 16/8/2013 12:32 Click to rate Report abuse The DM had no criticism of Mr Wheeler when he was a donor for the Conservatives, before they turned into Europhiles and he left, but suddenly he's being singled out for being with UKIP. Hard luck DM, I'm still voting UKIP and he's right what he's saying, men and women have different qualities and only some excel in each other's fields. So at the end of the day it's the best person for the job who should be doing it, people should not be put in a top post purely because of their gender. Mr Bloom was right too, he said that all the red tape making young women able to claim so much from small businesses if they got pregnant, means no one wants to employ them as they are a risk financially to small companies, so the women have become victims of those who make up the legislation. Yet again UKIP people are the only ones with common sense. How much is Dr Gerada's quango being paid out of our tax money? - Jan, UK, 15/8/2013 15:51 Click to rate Report abuse Vote UKIP. - Myopinion65, King-s-Lynn, 16/8/2013 6:50 Rating 17 Rating 17 Rating 17 Rating 17 Rating 17 Rating 17

Click to rate Report abuse

Rating 17

Not long ago Tory head office announced a campaign to discredit UKiP - now every time a UKiP member opens his mouth the press are there to record, distort and publish what he says. Pure coincidence, I'm sure. - Pipeman, Baccytown, United Kingdom, 16/8/2013 13:40 Click to rate Report abuse I can play chess. Quite well too. I had a teacher in primary school who taught us chess from the age of seven and ran the school chess club. He also taught us heraldry - he was the sort of innovative teacher we need now. But this was 60 years ago. But chess and an interest in heraldry have stayed with me. Thank you Mr Norton - Nanny, Somewhere else, United Kingdom, 16/8/2013 9:46 Click to rate Report abuse It seems that ANYTHING reported about UKIP is little other than a pathetic attempt to pursuade people into continue voting for the idiots that have been in power for years! - Concerned, Congleton, United Kingdom, 16/8/2013 12:14 Click to rate Report abuse Another UKIP smear campaign, with comments taken out of context. - John, Portsmouth, 16/8/2013 12:26 Click to rate Report abuse How anyone from Lib/Lab?Con parties can criticise UKIP members is seriously beyond me. - PC, Liverpool, United Kingdom, 16/8/2013 12:48 Click to rate Report abuse VOTE UKIP - big baZ, Nottingham, 16/8/2013 11:08 Click to rate Report abuse I thought quota,s were against the law, I suppose its what way round they are used. How silly and childish our politicians are. Vote Ukip. - KNG, Hope Valley, United Kingdom, 16/8/2013 10:06 Click to rate Report abuse Rating 16 Rating 16 Rating 16 Rating 16 Rating 16 Rating 17 Rating 17

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