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The PERI Range Efcient formwork and scaffolding systems for all areas of concrete construction

Framed panel formwork for walls TRIO, TRIO-L Aluminium, TRIO 330, TRIO Column



TRIO, the most successful framed panel formwork. Universal and versatile for every project. - The BFD Alignment coupler is the only part required for all connections - The large TRIO unit 270 x 240 provides two widths and two heights. - 6 unit widths in 300 mm increments. TRIO-L Aluminium is the light-weight supplement to TRIO Steel. TRIO 330 is the framed panel formwork for industrial construction with a height of 3.30 m. TRIO Column, the supplement to TRIO for easily forming columns.

DOMINO, the light and fast framed panel formwork from PERI for housing and civil engineering construction. It is especially developed for forming basement walls up to 2.50 m in height, foundations and shafts. - Only 4 unit widths, with steel or aluminium frames. - The DRS Alignment coupler, only one part for all unit connections. - DOMINO Steel units have a permissible fresh concrete pressure of 60 kN/m2, to DIN 18202, tab. 3, line 6. - Accessories and units with inset tie points makes the forming of foundations easy.

HANDSET, the economical small-scale framed panel formwork with the Quick-action Clip connection. The small-scale units offer many advantages over traditional timber shuttering. - Lightweight parts so that one man can work alone without a crane. - Few panel sizes ensures a high utilisation for each unit. - The HANDSET Clip is the only connecting part for all unit connections. - Continuous adaptability for height and width offsets reduces the work on make-ups.

Girder wall formwork VARIO GT 24 VARIO GT 24 Standard RUNDFLEX GRV Articulated waling

VARIO GT 24 Column

VARIO GT 24, the variable girder wall formwork system with the continuously adjustable elongated slotted coupling. No matter whether industrial construction or housing, bridge abutment or retaining walls, with VARIO GT 24 every plan shape and any height up to 18 m can be formed. - Fast and simple unit extensions with the extension splice 24. - Infinitely adjustable unit connection. VARIO GT 24 Standard, are readymade, hireable units, in different widths and heights in increments of 600 mm. Permissible fresh concrete pressure of 60 kN/m2.

RUNDFLEX, the circular formwork for any radius from 1.00 m, without unit alterations or reassembly. - Easy adjustment to changing radii with self-cleaning spindles. - Permissible fresh concrete pressure of 60 kN/m2. - Simple unit connection with the BFD Alignment coupler. GRV Articulated waling, the circular formwork without ties, especially for water-tight construction. - Functions with a closed ring without ties. - Enables economical special solutions such as arched formwork.

VARIO GT 24 Column, the column formwork with the GT 24 girder for all cross-sections and heights. No matter whether square, rectangular, circular or special cross-sections. - Infinitely adjustable column crosssection with standard parts up to a maximum of 800 x 1200 mm. - Permissible fresh concrete pressure of 100 kN/m2. - Standard parts from the VARIO GT 24 range are used. - The GT 24 girder enables height adjustment in 300 mm increments. - The GT 24 girder with the SSRZ Column steel waling fits any shape.

Column Formwork



SRS Circular steel column

RAPID, the aluminium column formwork for immaculate fair-face concrete with the unique clamping principle. - Column cross-sections infinitely adjustable up to 600 x 600, no matter whether square or rectangular. - High permissible fresh concrete pressure of 120 kN/m2. - Highest fair-face concrete quality without impressions of screws or nails, thanks to the clamped chamfer strip. - The ready-to-use concreting platform fits any column cross-section. - The powder-coated frames are especially easy to clean - Basic assembly without a crane.

QUATTRO, the fast column formwork for lifting the 4 frames in one crane lift. - Column cross-sections up to a maximum of 600 x 600 in 50 mm increments, square or rectangular. - Maximum permissible fresh concrete pressure of 80 kN/m2. - Best fair-face concrete quality thanks to high quality 21 mm thick plywood fixed from the rear. - Low transport volume through folding column frames. 4 frames require only about 600 mm of stacking height. - The ready-to-use concreting platform fits any column cross-section.

SRS Circular steel column is the circular column formwork of steel for best fair-face surface quality. - Column cross-sections in 50 mm increments up to 700 mm in diameter. - High permissible fresh concrete pressure of 150 kN/m2. - Best fair-face concrete quality thanks to high-quality, powder-coated, steel formwork lining. - Integrated stacking aids provide safe, non-slipping stacks of units. - 4 different unit heights for extending in 300 mm increments. - Safe working on the concreting platform that fits any column crosssection.

Slab formwork MULTIFLEX UZ Downstand Beam UNIPORTAL Table Modules


SKYDECK, the aluminium panel slab formwork with the sensationally low erection times. - SKYDECK SLT 225 Main beams, only 1 prop for 3.45 m2 of slab area. - Drip edges on the panels, plastic racks on the main beams and powder coating makes cleaning almost superfluous. - Low weight, no part weighs more than 15 kg. - The drophead enables early striking, after only one day. - Slab thicknesses of up to 950 mm are formed with the same system parts. - SKYDECK Platform with GS approval for the slab edges.

MULTIFLEX, the flexible girder slab formwork for any plan shape and any height. - The GT 24 enables large span widths and reduces the number of parts. - The VT 20K with the high-quality web, a favourable alternative. - Used both with individual props as well as with supporting scaffolds. UZ Downstand Beam, for forming beams of up to 800 mm in depth. - Only 2 system parts for all crosssections makes planning easy. - No ties needed for up to 800 mm in depth.

UNIPORTAL, the economical slab table designed for specific projects. For any plan shape. - The high rigidity of the head makes diagonal bracing unnecessary. - Special tables of any shape can be assembled with the UNIPORTAL head. - The main beam spacing of 500 mm allows larger span widths. PERI Table Modules, the ready-made slab tables in 4 sizes. - Economical after just a few uses. - Slab thicknesses of up to 600 mm. - Moveable by hand with the PERI CHook or the Transportation fork.

Slab Props, Supporting Scaffolds MULTIPROP PEP = PERI Euro Prop ST 100 Stacking tower PD 8 Supporting scaffold

HD 200 Heavy-duty props

MULTIPROP , the light-weight, economical aluminium slab prop. - As individual prop or table/tower. - Low weight of MP 350 = 18.8 kg. - Self-cleaning thread and powder coating. - Quick-action nut and attached measuring tape for fast adjustment. PEP = PERI Euro Prop, to DIN EN 1065 Euro standards. Type-tested to DIN EN 1065. 100% galvanizing. Clamped G hook. Stamped measuring scale for easy and fast adjustment of the prop.

ST 100 Stacking tower, the framed prop without small parts. - The ST 100 needs only 5 system parts. Only 4 are often sufficient. - Very high loading capacity, even without diagonal bracing. - The ST 100 is quickly erected. - Only one frame type for all heights. PD 8, a system for 3 areas of use. As slab table - for large movable units. As loading tower - designed for heavy loads. As stair tower - for safe access.

HD 200 Heavy-duty props, the system appliance for 200 kN load. PERI HD 200, the heavy-duty prop with the decisive advantages. - The aluminium construction provides extremely low weight and enables erection by hand. - The HD lowering gear for easy and controlled lowering of the load. (maximum 200 kN and 100 mm) - Simple erection without tools with the integrated couplings. - Complete range of accessories for economical formwork. - The type-test makes complicated static calculations superfluous.

Climbing Scaffolds, Platform systems KG, CB, SKS Climbing scaffolds ACS self-climbing technique ASG 160 Working and Safety scaffold

FB 180 Folding platform

KG and CB, the climbing scaffold for anchored formwork. With carriage for safe working within the protection of the formwork. SKS, the heavy climbing scaffold for single-face formwork such as dams, sluices or mass concrete constructions.

FB 180 Folding platform, the universal, pre-assembled working and safety scaffold to DIN 4420. - GS approved safety. - Only 2 different types of platform for any structure. - Pre-assembled ready-to-use. - Large bracket spacing of 2.50 m. - The FBZ intermediate platform can be used as external corner, filler or internal corner platform. - The FBE Corner frame makes a universal external corner platform of any PERI FB 180 Folding platform, no matter whether left or right hand. - Complete range of accessories for the many different tasks.

ASG 160 Working and Safety scaffold. The light-weight platform system for brickwork. - GS approved safety. - Only 3 different platform types for any structure. - No small parts to lose. Simply fold out the handrail, swing out the brackets and it's ready. - Space-saving transport and storage. Stacking height about 300 mm. - Few ties required through large bracket spacing of 2.0 m. - Fast and easily extendable into a roof safety scaffold. - The PERI ASG 160 can also be used on concrete structures with the wall scaffold hinge.

ACS = Automatic Climbing System The most modern self-climbing formwork with hydraulic actuators. For all high constructions and any plan shape. - Climbs independent of the crane in any weather, even in high winds. - Variable arrangement of the climbing brackets to the project geometry.

Other systems

Site equipment

Special formwork

PERI UP Scaffold system

PERI site equipment and accessories make formwork easy on any site. Slab stopend bar 105 - for slab edges flush with the wall. Formwork bracket -2 - for smaller slab projections. Wall clamp 55, 75 and 105 - with self-cleaning thread. Pallets - for economical logistics. ASP Blockout formwork - the solution for all blockouts.

PERI Special formwork, always the optimum solution for the project. - Economical solutions with as many reusable standard parts as possible. - Adapting special parts such as for lowering, fitting and other important functions. - Development of special formwork for the project. The number of concreting cycles plays an important role in this.

PERI UP Scaffold kit, only one system for all scaffolding jobs. For use as a faade, supporting or reinforcement scaffold, or as a stair tower. - PERI UP T70 / T100 Framed scaffold Light-weight frame components for tireless work. Advance handrail for safe erection. - PERI UP Rosett module scaffold The core-piece of this scaffold is the Rosette with a high loading capacity. - PERI UP Supporting scaffold Provides high adaptability with standard parts in all directions.

PERI recommend PERI BIO Clean, the biological, fast degrading release agent for all formwork.

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