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Federal Register / Vol. 61, No.

18 / Friday, January 26, 1996 / Notices 2533

this section and, if the time period of (6) An estimate of the total public Bureau of International Labor Affairs;
the transition plan is longer than one burden (in hours) associated with the U.S. National Administrative Office;
year, identify steps that will be taken collection: 20,000 annual burden hours North American Agreement on Labor
during each year of the transition at $10 per hour for a total burden cost Cooperation; Public Forum on the
period; and indicate the official of $200,000. Effects of Sudden Plant Closings and
responsible for implementation of the If additional information is required the Impact on the Principle of Freedom
plan. If a public entity has already contact: Mr. Robert B. Briggs, Clearance of Association and the Right of
complied with the transition plan Officer, United States Department of Workers To Organize
requirement of a Federal agency Justice, Systems Policy Staff, Justice
regulation implementing section 504 of AGENCY: Office of the Secretary, Labor.
Management Division, Suite 850,
the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, or it has Washington Center, 1001 G Street, NW, ACTION: Notice of public forum.
previously developed a transition plan Washington, DC 20530.
to implement title II, the revised SUMMARY: The purpose of this notice is
transition plan requirements apply only Dated: January 22, 1996. to announce a public forum on
to those policies and practices that were Robert B. Briggs, Submission 9501 filed under the North
not included in the previous transition Department Clearance Officer, United States American Agreement on Labor
plan(s). Department of Justice. Cooperation
Public entities are required to provide [FR Doc. 96–1259 Filed 1–25–96; 8:45 am] Submission 9501, filed with the
an opportunity to interested persons, BILLING CODE 4410–13–M
Mexican National Administrative Office
including individuals with disabilities (Mexican NAO) by the Telephone
or organizations representing Workers of The Republic of Mexico,
individuals with disabilities, to involves labor law matters in the United
participate in the development of DEPARTMENT OF LABOR States, and was filed for review on
transition plans and they are required to February 9, 1995. The Mexican NAO
make a copy of the transitions plan Office of the Secretary issued a public report on May 31, 1995
available for public inspection. requesting ministerial consultations on
Overview of this information President’s Committee on the the matter, pursuant to Article 22 of the
collection: International Labor Organization; North American Agreement on Labor
(1) Type of Information Collection: Notice of Closed Meeting Cooperation (NAALC). Pursuant to these
Revision of a currently approved ministerial consultations an agreement
collection. In accordance with Section 10(a) of was reached on December 15, 1995,
(2) Title of the Form/Collection: the Federal Advisory Committee Act between the United States Secretary of
Nondiscrimination on the Basis of (Public Law 92–463), announcement is Labor Robert B. Reich and his Mexican
Disability in State and Local hereby given of a meeting of the counterpart, Secretary Javier Bonilla
Government services. (Transition Plan). President’s Committee on the ILO: Garcia. This agreement provides, inter
(3) Agency form number, if any, and alia, for a public forum in San
Name: President’s Committee on the
the applicable component of the International Labor Organization. Francisco, California to allow interested
Department of Justice sponsoring the Date: Tuesday, January 30, 1996. parties an opportunity to convey to the
collection: Form: None. Disability Time: 10:30 am. public their concerns on the effects of
Rights Section, Civil Rights Division, Place: U.S. Department of Labor, Third & the sudden closing of a plant on the
United States Department of Justice. Constitution Ave., NW., Room S–2508, principle of freedom of association and
(4) Affected public who will be asked Washington, DC 20210. the right of workers to organize. This
or required to respond, as well as a brief Purpose: The meeting will include a public forum will be held on February
abstract: Primary: State, Local or Tribal review and discussion of current issues
27, 1996, commencing at 9:30 a.m. and
Government. Other: None. Under title II relating to United States’ negotiating
ending at 6:00 p.m.
of the Americans with Disabilities Act positions with member nations of the
International Labor Organization. The Persons wishing to present their
(ADA), State and Local governments
meeting will concern matters the disclosure views on these matters may do so by
cannot discriminate against individuals
of which would seriously compromise the registering their requests with the U.S.
with disabilities in operating services,
Government’s negotiating objectives and National Administrative Office (U.S.
programs, and activities. If physical
bargaining positions. Accordingly, the NAO) no later than February 16, 1996.
changes to existing facilities are meeting will be closed to the public, Only those individuals registered in
required to achieve program access, pursuant to Section 9(b) of the Government advance may address the forum.
public entities that have 50 or more in the Sunshine Act, 5 U.S.C. 552b(c)(9)(B).
employees must prepare a transition ADDRESSES: The public forum will be
Due to the furlough of Labor Department
plan and make it available for public employees and other complications, we are held at the ANA Hotel San Francisco,
inspection. This proposed amendment unable to provide the full 15 days of prior located at 50 Third Street, San
to the current transition plan notice of this meeting. Francisco, California, 94103. The hotel
requirement applies only to those public For Further Information Contact: Mr. telephone number is 415–974–6400.
entities that have 50 or more employees, Joaquin F. Otero, President’s Committee on Registration to make an oral statement
that have responsibility or authority the International Labor Organization, U.S. may be mailed or faxed to the U.S. NAO
Department of Labor, 200 Constitution at the U.S. Department of Labor, 200
over streets, roads, walkways, and that
Avenue, NW., Room S–2235, Washington, Constitution Avenue N.W., Room C–
choose to take advantage of the
extensions of time provided by the
DC 20210; Telephone (202) 219–6043. 4327, Washington, D.C. 20210, Fax #
Signed at Washington, DC, this 22nd day 202–501–6615.
proposed rule.
of January 1996.
(5) An estimate of the total number of FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
respondents and the amount of time Robert B. Reich, Irasema T. Garza, Secretary, U.S.
estimated for an average respondent to Secretary of Labor. National Administrative Office, 200
respond: 10,000 responses (public [FR Doc. 96–1367 Filed 1–25–96; 8:45 am] Constitution Avenue, N.W., Room C–
entities) at 2 hours per response. BILLING CODE 4510–23–M 4327, Washington, D.C. 20210,