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Indian Army Eastern Command HQ: Fort William,Kolkata

Location of Mitro Bahini and Pakistani units on December 1971. Some unit locations are not shown. Map not to exact scale

GOC (Indian Army): Lt. General Jagjit Singh Aurora COS: Maj. Gen. JFR Jacob Director Military Operations: Major General Inder Gill Director Operation Jackpot: Lt. Gen. B.N. Jimmy Sirkar Bangladesh Forces Liaison: Group Captain A.K. Khandkar, HQ: 8, Theater Road, Kolkata

Units attached to Eastern Command but outside Bangladesh operational area: From IV corps:

2nd Mountain division in North eastern border 5th Mountain division in North eastern border

From XXXIII corps: 17th Mountain division in Sikkim

27th Mountain division in Sikkim Eastern Command Reserve: 6th Mountain division less brigade HQ: Cooch Bihar CO: Maj. Gen P.C. Reddy

2 Engineer Regiments and bomb disposal group

Corps: Bengal Area

CO: Maj. Gen. J.P. Chowdhury HQ: Kolkata

1/3 Gurkha Battalion 11 Bihar 12 Garh Rifel Engineers and bomb disposal units

Sector: Western Sector

Area of Operation: Khulna, Jessore, Kushtia and Faridpur districts

Corps: II
CO: Lt. Gen T.N. Tappy Raina, HQ: Krishnanagar, West Bengal

8th Mountain Artillery Brigade

58th, 68th and 263rd Engineering Regiments 9th Infantry Division CO Maj. Gen. Dalbir Singh

32 Infantry Brigade Brig. M Tewari 42 Infantry Brigade Brig. J. M. Jhoria 350 Infantry Brigade Brig. H. S. Sandhu 9th Artillery Brigade 45th Cavalry Regiment (PT-76s) 102nd Engineer Regiment

Mukti Bahini Sector #9 Captain Jalil 4th Mountain Division CO: Maj. Gen. M.S. Barar HQ: Krishnanagar 7th Mountain Brigade Brig. Zail Singh 41st Mountain Brigade Brig. Tony Michigan 62nd Mountain Brigade - Brig. Rajinder Nath 4th Mountain Artillery Brigade Mukti Bahini Sector #8 Lt. Col. M.A. Manzoor

North Western Sector

Area of Operation: Rajshahi, Bogra, Dinajpur and Rangpur districts

CO: Lt. Gen. M. L. Thapan HQ: Siliguri, West Bengal

Corps Artillery Brigade 471st Engineering Brigade Colonel Suri 50th Independent Parachute Brigade Brig M. Thomas 235th Army Engineering Regiment MF Brigade Brig. Prem Singh Mukti Bahini Sector #7 Lt. Col. Q.N. Zaman 71st Mountain Brigade Brig. P. N. Kathpalia Mukti Bahini Sector #6 Wing Commander Mohammad K. Bashar 20th Mountain Division CO: Maj. Gen. Lachman Singh HQ: Balurghat, West Bengal 66th Mountain Brigade Brig. G. S. Sharma 165th Mountain Brigade Brig. R. S. Pannu 202nd Mountain Brigade Brig. F. P. Bhatty 3rd Armoured Brigade (63rd Cavalry (T-55s) and 69th Armored Regiment (PT-76s) Brig G. Singh Sidhu 20th Mountain Artillery Brigade

13th Engineering Regiment 340th Mountain Brigade Group Brig. Joginder Singh

97th Mountain Regiment 6th Mountain Division

(Eastern Command HQ Reserve) CO Maj. Gen. P. C. Reddy HQ: Kooch Bihar, West Bengal

9th Mountain Brigade Brig. Tirit Varma 99th Mountain Brigade 6th Mountain Artillery Brigade 51st Engineer Regiment

North Western Sector

Area of Operation: Mymensingh and Tangail districts

101st Communication Zone

CO: Maj. Gen. Gurbax Singh Gil HQ: Guwahati, Assam

312 Air Defence Brigade 342 Ind. Air Defence Brigade 56th Mountain Regiment plus Engineers 95th Mountain Brigade Brig. Hardev Singh Kler FJ Sector Brigade Brig. Sant Singh[6] Mukti Bahini Sector #11 Lt. Col. Abu Taher 167th Infantry Brigade Brig. Irani (allotted after December 8, 1971) 5th Mountain Brigade (allotted after December 8th, 1971)

North Eastern Sector

Area of Operation: Sylhet, Comilla, Noakhali & Chittagong districts

IV Corps
CO Lt. General Sagat Singh HQ: Agartala, Tripura

Corps Artillery Brigade Three Independent Tank Squadrons 4th, 62nd, 234th Engineer Regiments and support elements 8th Mountain Division CO: Maj. Gen. K.V. Krishna Rao

Echo Force Brigade Brig. Wadeker Mukti Bahini Sector #5 Major Mir Shawkat Ali 59th Mountain Brigade Brig C. A. Quinn 81st Mountain Brigade Brg. R. C. V. Apte

2nd Mountain Artillery Brigade Mukti Bahini Sector #4 Lt. Col. C.R. Dutta 57th Mountain Division CO: Maj. Gen. B.F. Gonsalves Mukti Bahini S Force Brigade Lt. Col K.M. Shafiullah 311th Mountain Brigade Brig. Mishra 73rd Mountain Brigade Brig. Tuli 61st Mountain Brigade Brig. Tom Pande 57th Mountain Artillery Brigade Mukti Bahini Sector #3 Maj. A. N. Nuruzzaman Mukti Bahini Sector #2 Maj. A.T.M Haider 15th Engineering Regiment 23rd Mountain Division CO: Maj. Gen. R.D. Hira

301st Mountain Brigade Brig. H. S. Sodhi 181st Mountain Brigade Brig. Y. C. Bakshi 83rd Mountain Brigade Brig. B. S. Sandhu 23rd Mountain Artillery Brigade Kilo Force Brigade Brig. Ananda Swaroop[7] containing: Mukti Bahini Sector #1 Major Rafiqul Islam Mukti Bahini K Force Brigade Major Salek Chowdhury Mizo Range Hills Brigade[8]