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AVEVA Work Permit Manager

Accessible visualisation of all planned work for accurate evaluation, approval and execution
Operational safety is not only the subject of increasingly stringent regulatory requirements, it is simply good business management. But regulatory demands for more extensive use of Work Permits covering more and more types of work, combined with their increasing complexity and ever-increasing workloads, create an immense operational burden. AVEVA Work Permit Manager can ease this burden. It is a powerful application specifically for simplifying the management of Work Permits, helping you to achieve and maintain both regulatory compliance and safe, efficient operations across all your plant assets.

Business Benefits
Reduce risk z Ensure that all Work Permits follow the defined approval process z Coordinate simultaneous work across all assets to avoid work clashes and reduce the risk of incidents Improve asset control z Enhanced communication and real-time status reporting from field to control room z Continuous control and management of work activities across an entire asset Save time z Easy status visualisation of all Work Permits z Efficient use of time and resources to coordinate Work Permit release z Improved planning processes enable more efficient work scheduling and better use of resources

Top: Work Permits are colour coded and plotted to a plan of the asset, easily visualising activity types and locations Below: Fully electronic authorisation speeds up the approval process

Work Permit Manager is part of AVEVA WorkMate, a fully integrated Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution that enables all types of plant to be maintained and operated safely, reliably and costeffectively through their entire lifecycle. The accurate creation, authorisation and coordination of all Work Permits is essential for safe and efficient operations. AVEVA WorkMates Maintenance module provides the ability to create Work Permit documents that conform to a widely accepted model, recognised by industry safety bodies as a format that promotes improved safety and standardised operational processes. AVEVA Work Permit Manager is a web-based application that greatly extends the power of this module, enabling an enterprise to demonstrate complete control over all work undertaken and a tightly integrated process for planning, issuing, executing and monitoring of these Work Permits. Further contextualisation to aid the planning and approval of work is available through integration with AVEVA NET. Access to this powerful information management solution offers users direct links to any documentation and data related to the tagged objects referenced in the Work Permit, including 3D models, 2D drawings, diagrams and datasheets. Fully electronic authorisation Electronic authorisation of Work Permits reduces the need for multiple paper copies and speeds up the approval process. In order to eliminate the time-consuming paper-chase of successive individual approvals, Work Permit Manager also enables designated individuals to approve on behalf of colleagues. This is particularly useful where a team meeting has agreed a number of routine Work Permit approvals and authorised a team member to complete their approvals on their behalf. A permanent record is kept of who made the approval, and on whose behalf, creating an audit trail. Bar code scanning support A unique bar code reading system enables engineers in the field to report the status of their allocated permits directly to the control room. Any printed Work Permit can be scanned at a bar code reading station at the work site and the engineer selects Start or Stop to signify the beginning or end of the task they are performing. This immediately updates the Work Permit Manager plot plan making the work status clearly visible to the operations team monitoring the activity. Summary AVEVA Work Permit Manager is a powerful addition to an AVEVA WorkMate implementation. Accurate evaluation, approval and execution of work are comprehensively supported, enabling your operations team to maintain safety and regulatory compliance at all times.

Key Features
Clear visualisation of all work planned and executed Once each Work Permit is created in AVEVA WorkMate, the work location can be added to a plot plan for the affected area in Work Permit Manager. This shows where the activity will take place and identifies the Work Permit by type, providing clear visibility to the control room or supervisory teams of the work, any hazards involved, and any restrictions related to its execution. Its innovative visualisation capabilities are the key to AVEVA Work Permit Managers power and productivity. When planning and approving work for that day, the next, or any given date in the future, it enables an operations team to easily visualise and monitor which activities are happening in the same area at the same time, the status of current work, and the types of work being planned. The effective coordination of simultaneous activities avoids potential clashes and prevents the occurrence or escalation of incidents. Work Permit Manager improves control and communication between everyone involved in the planning, approval and execution of the work. Because the plot plan can highlight all Work Permits schedules for any selected area, for any specific future date, planning timescales can be significantly reduced. Colour coded work permit identification The colour coding of each Work Permit on the plot plan makes it easy to assess the levels and types of activity planned. It can highlight hazardous activities such as hot work, isolation of safety systems, pressure testing or work with dangerous materials, as well as lower-risk situations where work may simply require coordination or the clearance of a particular area or system. Direct access to related data and documentation By selecting a particular Work Permit in the plot plan, if already integrated, the user is offered the ability to access a 3D model of the affected area in WorkMate Visualiser,a separate web application from the same family. This will connect the operations activities and work planning to a clear view of where this task will take place.

Integration with AVEVA NET enables access to all related data and documentation for each Work Permit area

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