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Westfalia Separator Mineraloil Systems

Mechanical Separation Division

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The Clever Way to Separate D-Type Separators

The Clever Way to Separate

Setting Standards Again: The New D-Type

Holger Heinrich Managing Director

It was worth the wait. Westfalia Separator Mineraloil Systems introduces its new D-Type separators. Design, construction and manufacturing of this wide-ranging series had a clearly defined goal: a leaner and more compact construction giving higher performance. The dramatically reduced lifecycle costs and increased safety and efficiency make the D-Type separators even more attractive. The time was ripe for the next development step in mechanical separation technology: more separation for your money.

Low noise level, quiet running

Patented WMS and SMS

Ready to Connect

Easy Installation, easier maintenance

Our Features Your Benefit

Highest separation efficiency Better price efficiency ratio - More separation for your money Compact design Reduced weight Easier maintenance - 30 % fewer components - Hinged hood Robust and long-living construction

Patented HydroStop System - Highly concentrated sludge discharge Patented WMS and SMS - Waterfree oil discharge - Optimized sludge discharge intervals New vibration mounts - Reduced noise level and quiet running Easy installation thanks to pre-mounted main components (valve blocks, sensors, junction box) Ready to connect

Patented SoftStream feed - Gentle product feed for higher separation efficiency

More Separation for your Money

New Standards. New Systems.

The role of separators in the shipping industry and oil field engineering as well as energy generation has changed dramatically in the past years. Complete system solutions in place of stand-alone units are required to counter the increasing pressure on capacity and costs. The new generation of compact units with D-Type separators meets these requirements and is characterised by: up to 70 % less volume, up to 60 % less weight, up to 50 % less height, up to 40 % reduced space requirement, - 30% fewer components, - highest separation efficiency, - service intervals up to 16000 h.

Compact Module with D-Type Separator

Pump Module

Process and Control Module

Pre-Heater Module Sludge Transfer Module

The new compact units have been consistently designed as modules. The basis is the self-cleaning separator type OSD. It is installed on a common base frame with all necessary supervisory equipment. The next step is the process control module. Then follows the sludge transfer module, pre-heater module and feed pump module. The modular design is also implemented in separation systems for oily sludges and for bilge water. Also, the integration with the new Visco Booster Unit (VBU) product line, including standardized control systems, Plate Heat Exchangers and Fresh Water Generators has been introduced to the market.

The Major Benefits at a Glance

- Flexible pipe connections - Low maintenance costs - Low space requirement - Modular design - Easy operation - Low noise level - Low weight - Highest separation efficiency - Service intervals up to 16 000 h

Many Locations One Viewpoint

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When deciding on a business associate, the product quality is not the only factor to consider. Factors not strictly limited to the system itself must also be satisfactory. Does the company offer individual solutions? What is the situation with quick replacement of spares? Does the company have a distributor in my region? Do they offer pre- and after sales service? Westfalia Separator Mineraloil Systems offers all this to meet your needs.


We provide comprehensive service right from the initial discussion. Our highly qualified specialists demonstrate solutions in close co-operation with you, which are

Always at Your Side:

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Your staff can learn how to operate the systems through our onsite training programs or at our modern training center. If serious problems do crop up occasionally or a spare part is required quickly, Westfalia Separator will naturally be at your service immediately. Our global presence assures this.

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customised to your needs. This starts from the project planning and continues until the manufacture and installation of the systems, and beyond.


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