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Values III Quarterly Test I.Multiple Choice Directions: Choose the best answer.

Circle the letter that corresponds to your answer. 1. Real commitment to Christ changes not only what we believe or how we pray. It transform how we ____ and live as we strive to follow him. a. communicate c. struggle b. act d. follow 2. Amidst the many joys and trials, the lights and shadows of growing up. Christ desires that we become truly ________. a. free and happy c. happy b. free d. believe 3. Many of our social ills are rooted in the way we freely a. feel c. act b. choose d. live 4. God is calling us to_______him. a. live c. love b. follow d. repent 5. One way in which we can illuminates our understanding of lights and shadows is having moral issue like a. divorce c. fiesta b. unity d. wedding 6. In understanding the Christian faith Sacred Scripture and ____________is both important. a. Tradition of the Church c. Word of God(Dei Verbum) b. Church Tradition d. Bible 7. Who is the speaker of this statement What good must I do to gain eternal life? a. Good Samaritan c. Levite b. The Rich Young man d. Israelites 8. He is both the ultimate source and norm of our own goodness. a. God c. Son b. Holy spirit d. none of the above 9. The ________are the simplest, clearest, most universal norms for human good that have come down to us through history. a. Ten Commandments c. Word of God(Dei Verbum) b. Sacred Scripture d. Bible 10. Outside the temple of Delphi, where the oracle of Apollo prophesied, is an inscription______. a. Who I am c. Know Thself b. What Should I Do? d. Know Christ 11. The Filipino adage : Madaling maging tao mahirap magpakatao remind us that becoming a human is a _________. a. growth c. way b. process d. work

12. In the questions What must we do to gain eternal life? God answered through keeping the________. a. Commandments c. Word of God(Dei Verbum) b. Sacred Scripture d. Bible 13. One inspirational poster reads: Be patient with me. I am work in progress. This saying reminds us that we are _______beings who are constantly growing in many different aspects. a. Historical beings c. Relational Beings b. Conscious being d. Embodied Spirits 14. All of us are embodied and hence, material beings. Thus we say we are________because we have thoughts, feelings and the capacity to make choices. a. Historical beings c. Relational Beings b. Conscious being d. Embodied Spirits 15. The capacity to self-reflection shows how we are __________aware of ourselves in our outgoing acts. This means that we have the capacity to become aware of our thinking, emotions, and experiences. a. Historical beings c. Relational Beings b. Conscious being d. Embodied Spirits 16. Alone, we are insufficient. We are social beings or persons-in-community, always by with, and for others. This means that as a human being we are a. Historical beings c. Relational Beings b. Conscious being d. Embodied Spirits 17. In and through Jesus Christ, God has redeemed us as individuals and as people from slavery, to sin and death and that we are destined to share I Gods_____________. a. Eternal life c. Jesus Christ Fullness b. Empowered love d. Holy Spirit 18. In the Parable of the God Samaritan, the man who helped the wounded man, who fell victim to robbers is the_________. a. Priest c. Samaritan b. Israelites d. Levite 19. When we are free to do what we want with respecting and valuing others freedom and dignity, we express our_____________. a. Personal freedom c. Freedom meter b. Freedom as a community d. Free will 20. It is clamor of some people for the absolute right over their lives and bodies. a. Freedom c. limitless freedom b. Absolute freedom d. We are not free at all 21. Freedom in the Old Testament is promised to all who keep the___________. a. Ten Commandments c. Word of God(Dei Verbum) b. Sacred Scripture d. Bible 22. When we drive a vehicle responsible, the lives of both passengers and pedestrians are safeguarded. Thus it shows how our freedom is being a. absolute c. limitless b. relational d. free 23. True freedom is what? a. doing the good c. relational b. being free d. Gods law

24. Obstacles to our freedom that arises from our environment are called __________threats to freedom. a. authentic c. greatest b. exterior d. single 25. The obstacles to true freedom that come from within us are called_________threats to freedom a. authentic c. greatest b. exterior d. interior 26. The first level of freedom is ____________. This is the freedom we have to choose from among alternatives. a. Free choice c. free act b. Free will d. freedom 27. The second level of freedom is a persons _______________ or the basic option underlying all particular moral choices. This is the kind of person we are or we become through the moral choices we make a. Fundamental freedom c. free act b. Free choice d. free will 28. It is the Book of the people of God. This is the source of Gods revelation. a. Commandments c. Decalogue b. Sacred Scripture d. None of the above 29. The theological virtue of believing in God and seeking to know and do His will. a. fate c. fortitude b. faith d. facts 30. Every day, God is present to us through his a. Holy Spirit c. love b. Commandments d. presence III. Song Analysis Read and understand the excerpt of the song No one is Alone from The Stephen Soundheim award winning musical Into the Woods. Answer the following questions: 1. Choose two lines or phrases from the song and say why there are significant to you.(3135) 2. How do the words of the song capture what we mean when we say that our freedom is relational? (36-45). No One is Alone Music and lyrics by Stephen Soundheim Mother cannot guide you, Now youre on your own. Only me beside you. Still, youre not alone. No one is alone, truly,

No one is alone. Sometimes people leave you Halfway through the wood. Others may deceive you, You decide whats good You decide alone, but no one is alone. You move just a finger Say the slightest word, Somethings bound to linger, Be heard No one acts alone. Careful, no one is alone People make mistakes, Fathers, mothers, People make mistakes, Holding to their own, Thinking theyre alone. Things will come out right now We can make it so. Someone id on your side, No one is alone.

IV. Essay 1. How is freedom From related to Freedom For? (46-50) V. Enumeration 1. Enumerate the five kinds of being as Celebrating our human dignity. (50-55) 2. The two wrong notions of Freedom. (56-57) 3. Give at least three things taken as limitation on freedom. (58-60)

English III Quarterly Test I. Speech Improvement Directions: Tell whether the vowel sound in each word is a./ / b. / ow / c. / iy / d. / ey / e. / / 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. fought key pail quay float 6. man 7. crawl 8. bowl 9. clay 10. Cough

II. Vocabulary Directions: Match the words on the left column with those on the right. Write only the letter of your answer. A. ______11. bias ______12. potential ______13. wrath ______14. cluth ______15. ally ______16. fowler ______17. absurd ______18. senile ______19. meditate ______20. nought B. a. hunter of bird b. prejudice c. ridiculous d. grasp e. supporter f. possibilities g. violent anger h. think deeply i. nothing j. weak in mind and body

III. Grammar Modals: Complete each sentence with the appropriate modal. Circle the letter that corresponds to your answer. 21. Cecile wasnt in the meeting yesterday. She _______attended the lecture at Palma Hall. She wanted to hear the speaker. a. should have c. must have b. had d. must 22. You ______ watch the movie on channel 32. It is classic. a. should c. could b. might d. will 23. With his intelligence and charm, he______become a great man, but he was involved in corruption. a. will c. would b. must d. could have

24. Im not what Sophies plans for his summer. She _____ travel to the Visayas. I heard her talk about boracay. a. must c. must b. might d. could 25. All enlightened and patriotic Filipinos _________serve their country. a. will c. must b. might d. could 26. Wheres your bicycle? I dont know, Benjie_______borrowed it. a. may have borrowed c. could borrow b. must borrow d. can be borrowing 27. Benjie? He _______it. He has a broken leg. a. might have c. could have b. must not have d. could not have 28. I need to see Roy. Where is he? I dont know. He _________taking a nap. a. is c. will be b. might be d. must be 29. Liana failed in the test because she did not know what to do. She ________listened carefuuly when the teacher gave instructions. a. should have c. must have b. may have d. would have 30. Flora_______get the scholarship because she stopped the test. a. must c. will b. could d. might B. Active and Passive voice. Directions: Write A in the blanks before the number if the sentence is active and P if passive. ______31.Rommel presented an interesting report. ______32.He submitted the annual report of the organization. ______33.The town was destroyed by fire. ______34.That skyscraper was built in 1934. ______35.The new product design has been finished. ______36.The house is a mess, the cat is lost, and Justin has stolen the car. ______37.My father was given the title by the former head chief. ______38.The party wrecked the house and the guests le the cat loose. ______39.Unfortunately, Gerald the building superintendent, ruined my plan. ______40.My father was given the title by the former head chief.

IV. Literature Directions: Choose the best answer. Circle the letter that corresponds to your answer. 41. Statements of Values or statements of what people consider important. a. values c. proverbs b. maxim d. psalm 42. According to the poem written by William Shakespeare we must create our own destiny in life. Destiny refer to our a. faith c. destiny b. fate d. none of the above 43. The most important values that we must have according to Andre Maurois is a. fate c. power of the will b. faithfulness d. values 44. Opportunities is written by a. William Shakespeare c. William Ernest Henley b. Victoria Ramos d. Robert frost 45. He is the author of Invictus a. William Shakespeare c. William Ernest Henley b. Victoria Ramos d. Robert frost 46. Robert Frost wrote the poem entitled a. Invictus c. Opportunities b. The Road not Taken d. Changing World Lasting Values 47. Andre Maurois state the four rules that we must have in his essay entitled a. Invictus c. Opportunities b. The Road not Taken d. Changing World Lasting Values 48. The selection Realize your Creative Potential talks about our a. instances c. tendencies b. characteristics d. possibilities 49. The life of Sammy Lee is presented in the selection entitled a. The Dove and the Crow c. Realize your Creative Potential b. The Little Giant d. Gender sensitivity 50. The Little Giant is a selection written by a. Vernon Pizer c. Reveille b. Andrea Ramos d. Caezar pizer B. Literature (10 points) Read this poem. Oh, Pioneers! This was the road. Today, it is a satin ribbon, And the cars whiz by Then, in another century, the weary road Patient and anxious, bumped Over praire grass and stone

Under an unknown sky In this little hollow took their rest. Here bloomed their fires Here they slept, one full awake. Here, journeyed on again. All facing west. Encircle the letter that corresponds to the word/words group that best answers each question. 51. How did the travelers feel traveling under an unknown sky? a. calm and worried c. angry and sad b. unconcerned d. cheerful and happy 52. What does the phrase weary load tell about the first travelers? a. They were fired of seeing nothing. b. Their belongings were too heavy to carry. c. They did not stop at night to rest. d. Their journey had been long and hard. 53. Where does the poem make the reader feel he is? a. riding in a car c. looking at the highway b. sitting beside a fire d. resting on a little hollow 54. How did the fires look to the poet? a. like stars c. like jewels b. like flowers d. like ribbons 55. What or who was the one full awake? a. a watch dog c. a traveler b. a guard on duty d. the fire 56. How does the poet seem to feel about the first travelers of the road? a. Sympathetic and admiring of their courage b. Surprised at their daring c. Angry at their foolishness d. Disgusted with their ignorance 57. What was the road they traveled by become now? a. a praire c. a highway b. a wagon trail d. a railroad 58. Who were the first travelers of this road? a. the gold miners c. the cowboys b. the railroad workers d. the pioneers 59. What does the poet call the highway? a. prairie grass c. satin ribbon b. stony road d. weary road 60. What is the poem about? a. a group of people journeying west b. a pioneer trail that has become a highway c. the amount of traffic on a busy road d. an imaginary road in history

English II Quarterly Test I. Speech Improvement Directions: Give the sound that occurs in the underlined word. Choose from the following choices that are given in the box. Put your answers on the line provided. a. // b. /I/ c. /ey/ d. /iy/

______ 1. They found the seal interesting. ______ 2. It was a good pitch he gave. ______ 3. Were you able to get our tickets for Quebec? ______ 4. Tina has a date tomorrow at 8:00 o clock. ______ 5. Could you please send my money later? ______ 6. Feel the earth under your feet. ______ 7. I bet your right! ______ 8. Why dont you fill one glass? ______ 9. The steel mill is down the hill. ______10. Today is my mothers red letter day. II. Vocabulary Directions: Give the meaning of the underlined words. Choose from the choices given inside the box. a. kind f. separated b. ruler g. intonation; pronunciation c. voyage h. eager, devoted d. copy i. settlement e. very dirty; wretched j. courage ______11. The majority of the population live in massive tower blocks and squalid. ______12. I didnt have the guts to tell her that I love her. ______13. We live in an isolated community in the hills near Plymouth. ______14. A sovereign must know how to kind and just to the people. ______15. The boy will be a good and benevolent ruler some day. ______16. One of the disadvantage in community is shopping. You have to go an expedition to the nearest large town. ______17. I know youre not to enthusiastic about cleaning your room, but you must. ______18. The closer an imitation to an original, the more endurable it is. ______19. When we go to Manila, my sister teased many times of her Visayan accent.

______20. However, we accepted a compromise, in order to avoid something worse.

III. Grammar A. Directions: Choose the best answer. Circle the letter that corresponds to your answer. 21. It is the general upward or downward movement of the voice. a. intonation c. blending b. stress d. rhythmic beat 22. It is a short and lax vowel that substitutes for all vowels when they occur in unstressed syllables in words, article, prepositions, and conjunctions. a. schwa sound c. /a/ b. / ar / d. / / 23. It is a breaking up or splitting of a sentence into thought groups. It is separated by using single diagonal line (/) for a short pause and double diagonal line (//) for a long pause. a. rhythmic beat c. blending b. stress d. phrasing 24. It pertains to the pronunciation of syllable with force to go give more importance than the others. a. rhythmic beat c. stress b. blending d. phrasing 25. It sequence of interconnected stress, pauses, and pitches. a. stress c. phrasing b. blending d. rhythmic beat 26. An article which signals a particular person or thing. a. The c. a b. This d. an 27. It is a restively brief prose narrative that deals with a limited group of characters involved in a single action. a. playlet c. poem b. short story d. prose 28. When you produce this sound you drawn back your lips as in smile. a. /I/ c. / / b. /iy/ d./ / 29. A group of words that acts as a part of speech rather than as a complete sentence. a. clause c. phrase b. infinitive d. gerund 30. It is a verb form that ends in-ing and used as a noun. a. clause c. phrase b. infinitive d. gerund 31. Group of words that have subjects and finite verbs. It is usually introduced by such words as who, that, so that where, but and however. a. clause c. phrase

b. infinitive d. gerund 32. A clause that can stand by itself as a whole complete sentence. a. independent clause c. clause b. dependent clause d. phrase 33. A kind of verbals introduced by to + simple form of the verb. a. gerund c. infinitive b. ing participle d. participle 34. This article is used for unknown objects or unspecified objects or person in the environment. a. The c. a b. This d. an 35. A clause that cant stand by itself. It is dependent on the rest of the sentence. a. independent clause c. clause b. dependent clause d. phrase 36. A clause that usually start with that, but also can start with relative pronouns like who, or what. a. independent clause c. noun clause b. dependent clause d. clause 37. This means grown up or adult. The state of being capable of reproducing sexually. a. puberty c. adulthood b. old d. youngster 38. It is a word that ends in ing form that derived from a verb. It is one of the verbals. a. ing participle c. gerund b. Infinitive d. modals 39. The key to pronunciation of an English word. a. stress c. phrasing b. blending d. rhythmic beat 40. It is a kind of phrase that usually start with prepositions, on, in, at, below, etc.. a. participial phrase c. gerund phrase b. prepositional phrase d. infinitive phrase B. Reading Directions: Read the following passage and answer the questions given below. Welcome to Bonifacio High School! You begin another chapter in your life. High school years are very important years. You learn to get along with others; you learn to observe the rules of simple courtesy and good sportsmanship whether on the athletic field, in the classroom, or at a party. You will think seriously about your future and seek guidance in choosing your courses. Each of your teachers assigns homework and expects it to be submitted on time. You will be asked to read books and references, solve problems, and write compositions. I would strongly advise you then, to develop good study habits. Schedule your activities and use your time wisely.

Every subject in your curriculum is planned to make you live a fruitful life, prepare you for the future, and make you useful, reliable and responsible citizens. You, the students of today, are the teachers, parents, decision-makers, and leaders of tomorrow. How would you spend those years in high school will determine to a great extend the kind of nation and world you will help shape in the future. 41. What is the educational year level is being talked about in the selection? a. Preparatory level c. secondary level b. Elementary level d. tertiary level 42. What do teachers assigns to students and expects it to be submitted on time? a. homework c. papers b. projects d. gadgets 43. These are the reasons why every subject in your curriculum is planned except a. to make live a fruitful life b. to make you become member of a group that are against the government c. to, prepare you for your future d. to make you useful, reliable and responsible citizens. 44. This is one of the things that you will learn in your high school years. a. You will learn how to fight with classmates. b. You will learn how to alt classes. c. You will learn to get along with others. d. You will learn to get along mad at others. 45. What do the persona of the selection strongly advise to the students? a. Students must develop their skills in creating during the exam. b. Students must develop bad habits such as cutting classes and absenteeism. c. Students must develop greediness among others. d. Students must develop good study habits. IV. Literature Directions: Match column A with column B. Put the letters of the correct answer on the line provided. A. ______46. The author of Youth ______47. The Ifugao Husband of Lumnay ______48. Author of the poem Sad Little Houses ______49. 16-year-old boy who secretly inlove with Pipay ______50. The selection entitled Tell me a Story is written by ______51. Author of The Kind Heart ______52. A well- known Filipino Muslim writers in English literature ______53. Author of The Parting ______54. Author of What is Youth ______55. The essay City or Country: Back to Nature is written by B. a. Molly b. Maximo Ramos c. Amparo R. Asuncion d. Awiyao e. Rabindranath Tagore f. Lumnay g. Ibrahim Jubaira h. essay i. Pipay j. Literature k. Short story l. Amador Daguio

______56. Main character of the story Pipay m. Liam Siam-Tek ______57. It is the art of written expression or work. n. Harold Magno It literally means things made from letter. o. Kahlil Gibran ______58. A short literally composition on a particular theme or subjects. ______59.The Ifugao wife of Awiyao ______60. A relatively brief prose narrative that deals with limited group of characters involved in single action.