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Introduction AB Bank is known as one of the leading banks of Bangladesh since its commencement 27 years ago.

It is the first private sector bank under Joint Venture with Dubai Bank Ltd, UAE incorporated in Bangladesh on Dec 31, 1981. The bank commenced its operations in April 12, 1982. With the beginning of new era, AB Bank has started to symbolize modern banking with innovative services in Bangladesh. The Bank provides Online Banking, ATM Support, SMS and Net Banking Services in the country. The newly developed web application is fully authentic, secured and robust. This technology based services also provides Fund Transfer through internet, Debit/Credit Card facility, and free SMS message of special type of withdrawal from customer accounts time to time. The recent increasing number of private banks in Bangladesh has been an alarming threat for AB Bank and the organizational financial performance seems to be hampered. Thus AB Bank wants to investigate the related variables which have significant relationships with financial performance. Taking this into consideration, my current study will investigate whether there is any relationship between automated service quality and customer satisfaction with the financial performance of a bank in the context of AB Bank, Bangladesh.

Objectives The purpose of the study is to present and test a model, which identifies the relationship of automated service quality and customer satisfaction with the financial performance of the bank. Despite the theoretical background underpinning the importance of automated service quality in customer satisfaction and profitability, empirical research is required to examine the extent to which it enhances or diminishes these variables in this new context. Accordingly, this paper will begin with a literature review of current theoretical arguments, followed by a description of a model, developed by the authors, to show the relationship between customer perceptions of automated bank services and their profitability via customer satisfaction. Data collection methods and analysis techniques will then

be explained. The paper will conclude with an examination of the major research findings, methodological limitations and implications for marketing planning. The present study aims to identify the relationship of automated service quality and customer satisfaction with the financial performance of the bank. Significance of the Study This study is significant for the following reasons: 1) The findings of this research effort may have practical implications for service providers that strive to organize their service offerings in order to accomplish their corporate objectives. 2) The study will help or assist companies to enhance their understanding of the actual employee service quality to the response to their work climate, so it will be easy for the companies to make decision regarding internal marketing. 3) This research may encourage further study and provide useful guidelines for these types of researches.

Hypothesis 1) There is a significant relationship between Automated Service Quality (ATM, Telephone Banking, Internet Banking, Price, and Core Service) and the Financial Performance of a bank in the context of AB Bank. 2) There is a significant relationship between Customer Satisfaction and the Financial Performance of a bank in the context of AB Bank. Methodology

Research Design The conceptual framework illustrates the name of research variables and relationship within them. In this study, the relationship between automated service quality and customer satisfaction with the financial performance of a bank in the context of AB Bank is going to be investigated. Research that studies the relationship between two or more variables is also referred to as a co relational study (Cooper & Schindler, 2003). That is why a co relational research design is to be selected in order to find out the appropriate answers of the research questions and to test the hypotheses. The model also suggests this type of design. Here, financial performance is considered as the dependent variable, whereas automated service quality and customer satisfaction are considered as independent variable. To gather data on the research questions, questionnaire will be used. The rationale behind using questionnaire to collect data is: 1) It takes less time to fill up a questionnaire. Therefore, the customers will not be reluctant in providing accurate data. 2) Personal interview is both time and cost consuming. 3) The data gathered through questionnaire is easy to put in quantitative analysis. Therefore, questionnaire is the most useful method to collect data for this study. Sampling Method There will be two different types of population for this study. For this proposed study the first population was the employees of AB Bank. Another population will be the account holders of the Bank.

The sampling frame for the employees will be the official register of the employees. Systematic sampling to collect the sample will be used for this study. In most of the previous researches conducted on employees, the researcher had used this type of sampling (Piercy, 1995; Calleya, & Caruana, 1998). The sample size will be 50 as in the previous research which was conducted on the financial performance of banks the researcher has chosen a sample size of 50 and found effective match (Al-Hawari & Ward, 2005). Again, in this research the researcher used sample size of 50 because of time limitation. A sample consisting of 50 individual account holders of Bank Asia Ltd will be selected. Survey Instrument To gather data, questionnaires will be used. Structured questionnaires will be used in this research to collect data from the customers. In the questionnaire which will be developed, there will be six sections such as, ATM, telephone banking, internet banking, price, core service and customer satisfaction. Data Collection Procedure The present research will be a unique one for AB Bank, Nawabpur Branch. As a result, secondary sources of data might not be available for the present study. Therefore, for investigating the research questions, primary data would be required to investigate. From the primary sources, questionnaire will be developed. Data Analysis Pearsons Co relational analysis will be used to find out whether any relationship exists between the independent and dependent variables. Correlation analysis is the statistical tool that can be used to describe the degree to which one variable is linearly related to another (Levin & Rubin, 1998). After collecting the data, correlation matrix for the variables will be prepared and investigation will be there to find out

whether there are any significant correlations. The Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) software will be employed to analyze the data collected from the actual survey. Limitations A limitation of this study is going to be the mix of longitudinal (financial performance) and cross-sectional (service quality and satisfaction) data. It will be difficult to avoid this problem because of the time limitation. This paper will present an initial phase of a sustainable research program and as such may limit itself in terms of research design. First of all, there may very well be limited access to the related literature review due to lack of journals available on the measured variables. As a result, there may very well be very limited resources to deal with. Second, data collection is restricted within Dhaka city only, which may fail to represent the factual scenario of the relationship between measured variable. Finally, this research will be limited to AB Bank, Nawabpur Branch only rather than whole banking sector of Bangladesh which will limit the generalization of the findings. Budget for the Study Financial Budget: Transportation and stationary costs may be the only areas of expenditure while conducting the project. Tk.3500 is an approximate amount of money that may be required to spend for efficient management of work. Time Budget: An average of six to seven hours per week will be required to complete the project at least two days before the date of submission, to avoid last minute uncertainties. After submitting the project proposal, it will probably take1 week to collect the data, 1 week to analyze the data, 1 week to prepare the draft report and two more weeks to prepare the final report.

Internship Proposal

A study on the Relationship between Automated Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Financial Performance in the context of AB Bank Ltd.

Submitted to Mr. Mohammed Naim A. Dewan Lecturer, School of Business North South University

Submitted by Syed Redwanur Rahman. ID# 053 031 030.

Date: 10th March, 2010.