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Genesis Series

Center Driven Duplex Slitter/Rewinds (Models 633, 635, & 700) The Genesis Series of high performance, center driven slitter-rewinds are used in many different applications throughout a wide range of industries. The general purpose of these machines is to economically slit and rewind a variety of materials that may be non-uniform in thickness or sensitive to contact pressure. The Genesis Series of slitter-rewinds can be configured with multiple types of slitting systems; including score, shear, and razor to accommodate your diverse applications. These slitter-rewinds can also be equipped with individual or common top riding rollers allowing for high speed slitting and rewinding. The Dusenbery brand of converting machinery is equipped with an advanced PLC-based control system which is designed specifically to produce the highest quality packages quickly and repeatedly.

Model 700

Parkinson Technologies Inc. Dusenbery is a registered trademark of Parkinson Technologies.

Dusenbery Genesis Model 633

The Model 633 is a duplex center driven slitter-rewind for rewind diameters up to 24. It is designed for narrow web converting. Cantilevered machine with integral unwind Cantilevered rewind shafts AC Vector drive system Razor, shear or score slitting Recipe storage Modular splice table Differential tension control

Model 633

Model 633 with razor/groove slitting

Model 633 fully cantilevered and spacer core differential

Dusenbery Genesis Model 635

The Model 635 is a lift-out center driven slitter-rewind, with separate unwind, for rewind diameters up to 21. Lift-out rewind shafts AC vector drive system Razor, shear or score slitting Recipe storage Modular splice table Differential tension control Master roll loader feature eliminates the need for an OH hoist Model 635

Integral unwind with roll loader

Model 635 with Allen Bradley controls

Dusenbery Genesis Model 700

The Model 700 is a center driven duplex slitter/rewinder. It delivers high performance in a compact package, saving factory floor space. Short web path for improved rewind roll quality Bowed roller to remove any wrinkles prior to entering the slitting section Cantilevered air differential shafts with your choice of direct friction or internal slip designs Fully guarded and interlocked slitter area Shafted unwind with roll lifting arms

Model 700

Model 700SL Shaftless Floor Lift Unwind

Model 700SL with Model 412 finished roll handling stand

Automation and components

Front Operator Control Station

Unwind Tension Control Brake

Edge Guide Sensor

Shear Slitting Holder with Female Knife Shaft

Standard Options
Integral unwind system with: Programmed tension control brake Digital electro-mechanical guiding system with ultrasonic edge sensor Closed loop unwind tension control system (includes a load sensing idler roll) Mill roll canting angle adjustment Roll loading arms for shafted unwind Shaftless unwind option

Control Options
Comprehensive software features provide on board HMI guides for: Set-ups Operation Training Maintenance Troubleshooting Advanced digitally integrated control system with: Allen Bradley PLC and touch screen operator interface Two motor AC vector drive Smart pneumatic system Remote diagnostics

Additional Options
Lift out or cantilevered differential winding capability Full width rewinding on one mandrel only with lift-out lock core shaft Pneumatic or gravity top riding rolls Finished roll handling stand Active static control system Pneumatic trim conveying system Remote trim winders Optical line guide Larger unwind core capabilities Kiss or wrap shear slitting Razor-in-groove or razor-in-air slitting Pneumatic score slitting

Genesis Series at a glance

Maximum Web Width Maximum Rewind Diameter
24 inches (610 mm) 21 inches (530 mm) 30 inches (762 mm)

Maximum Speed
1500 fpm (460 mpm) 2000 fpm (610 mpm) 1500 fpm (460 mpm)

Machine Dimensions (With maximum roll size)

98 L x 70 H x (A+55.5) W 2489 mm L x 1778 mm H x (A+1410 mm) W 159L x 70 H x (A+74) W 4039 mm L x 1778 mm H x (A+1880 mm) W 77.5 L x 76 H x 117 W 1969 mm L x 1930 mm H x 2972 mm W

633 635 700

40 inches (1016 mm) 62 inches (1575 mm) 62 inches (1575 mm)

Other models available upon request

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