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Boeing F/A-18E/F/G for WOX Series Readme v1.

EricJ Purchased Model of F/A-18F from, Main texture artist, ini editing FastCargo 3D model work for all versions. JAT81500 FM, ini adjustments, decals. Dave Decals and always a swell guy. Also did the Hangar and Loading Screens. Reference photos. Jarhead1 Beta Tester. Vampyre Technical Reference and consultant who works with the aircraft on a daily basis. Column5 Use of the Mirage Factory F/A-18A Textures, and FM data adapted from the MF F/A-18A. AmokFloo Initial optimization of the F/A-18F model. Bpao F/A-18A pit used with permission. STORM F/A-18E Loading Screen Image, taken from his special vantage point. SidDogg Photos of the current VFA-102 Diamondbacks CAG jet. starfighter2 Newer RWR texture. Serverandenforcer F/A-18F FM tweaking.

Required Addons: Mirage Factory F/A-18A with updated HUD: Other Mods used in this project: - RWR Symbology mod by fractalnoise (readme included with each aircraft) -Refueller mod designed by Kreelin. Version 1.8 Fixes/Improvements: -Adjusted HUD colors in order to see it better. While not realistic (actual HUD colors are green), it facilitates better understanding of whats going on. -Improved MFD symbology when enemy aircraft are locked, uses the Icon Pack from serverandenforcer. -Improved the on-board jammer, updating to the current ALQ-165 ASPJ. Version 1.9 Fixes/Improvements: -Improved Textures from the SF2 Version used. -Fuel capacity adjusted from the US Navy NATOPS manual. Animations: 1 Canopy Open/Wing fold (still some oddness on 'winders when wings fold) 2 ALE-50 deploy/retract 3 - Air Refueling Probe extend/retract 4 - Refueling Pod extend/retract (When equipped) 5 Slimers Aircraft Roles: F/A-18E: Armed Reconnaissance, Escort, Strike, Anti-Ship, Fighter Sweep, Intercept, Combat Air Patrol, Reconnaissance, Close Air Support, SEAD. F/A-18F: Armed Reconnaissance, Escort, Strike, Anti-Ship, Fighter Sweep, Intercept, Combat Air Patrol, Reconnaissance, Close Air Support, SEAD, FAC (due to extra crewmember). EA-18G: SEAD only. F/A-18E AI: Transport, can only be used for custom single missions only. F/A-18F AI: Transport, can only be used for custom single missions only. Squadrons Available: F/A-18E: VFA-143 Pukin Dogs Line Bird VFA-105 Gunslingers Line Bird VFA-31 Tomcatters Line Bird VFA-14 Tophatters Line Bird VFA-14 Tophatters CAG Bird F/A-18F: VFA-11 Red Rippers Line Bird VFA-103 Jolly Rogers Line Bird VFA-213 Black Lions Line Bird VFA-32 Swordsmen Line Bird

EA-18G: Prototype Skin VAQ-140 Patriots Line Bird VAQ-130 Zappers Line Bird (What if, the unit has not received the type as of yet). F/A-18E Refueller VFA-14 Tophatters F/A-18F Refueller VFA-11 Red Rippers Add to Squadronlist.ini: [SquadronXXX] Name=VFA143 DisplayName=VFA-143 Pukin Dogs Nation=USN [SquadronXXX] Name=VFA103 DisplayName=VFA-103 Jolly Rogers Nation=USN [SquadronXXX] Name=VAQ140 DisplayName=VAQ-140 Patriots Nation=USN [SquadronXXX] Name=VAQ130 DisplayName=VAQ-130 Zappers Nation=USN [SquadronXXX] Name=VFA2 DisplayName=VFA-2 Bounty Hunters Nation=USN [SquadronXXX] Name=VFA2 DisplayName=VFA-213 Black Lions Nation=USN [SquadronXXX] Name=VFA105 DisplayName=VFA-105 Gunslingers Nation=USN

[SquadronXXX] Name=VFA11 DisplayName=VFA-11 Red Rippers Nation=USN [SquadronXXX] Name=VFA32 DisplayName=VFA-32 Swordsmen Nation=USN [Squadronxxx] Name=VFA31 DisplayName=VFA-31 Tomcatters Nation=USN [Squadronxxx] Name=VFA14 DisplayName=VFA-14Tophatters Nation=USN Important things to consider: First the ATFLIR, and Buddy Refueling Pod are part of the EA-18G, F/A-18E/F models, so the particular entries are required for the game engine to see them. Some notes with some equipment: Flight Characteristics Each version is adapted for weight, and as close as possible to the real thing. Flight is stable, with roll and yaw where it needs to be. However acceleration/deceleration is adjusted for the angled pylons versus the nominal straight pylons on todays aircraft. Takeoff is very short, allowing any version to use an airfield in the TW sims defined as SMALL. Carrier trapping is very easy, and the aircraft are very stable when landing. Maneuverability is comparable to the real world version. It should be noted that none of the people listed above actually fly the aircraft, so if its not true to the original aircraft, we took a best guess and happy with the result. ATFLIR Other pods may be used in lieu of the ATFLIR, and if you can select another pod, then that is okay, it is designed to be that way. Also note that when using the ATFLIR, the MFD screen will show this:

Do not worry, the pod works as it is supposed to. Once you get within a square and a half in the map such as this:

You will see the normal image as you should. Even then before weapons will still be guided to the target as per a normal pod.

It is specific only to this pod, so its not a glitch, it works as it should. Note that the aircraft are also able to use other pods (LITENING, AVQ-23R, etc.) provided they are in the same dimensions as the ATFLIR. The Loadout.ini of each aircraft specifies where other pods may be mounted. However it should be noted that ThirdWire, or third-party pods have to use a different station, the ATFLIR is a hardcoded station. Consult the individual aircrafts Loadout.ini for reference. Buddy Refueling Pod You cannot jettison it at this time. Also right now its only for looks. Once TK adds code to make air refueling feasible, then itll perform its intended function. However you may be able to make it work with Yankee Air Pirate, but this function is not supported and ensure it does not violate any agreements for that particular addon.

ALE-50 Due to game logic, the ALE-50 has a limited countermeasure role (as the real thing does). When

deployed, the system is considered inert, i.e. requiring no special key commands to activate. Things noted during testing, is a marked decrease in lock on by SAM/AAA systems. What this translates is that you can get closer to a SAM/AAA site than normal. When you are nearly on top of the system however, it will fire. The same goes for other radar systems. LAU-115C Dual Rail IRM and AHM Rails The LAU-115C is usable with other aircraft, provided the pylon can accept the 2IR and 2AR notations in the pylon attachments. However it should be noted that even with this included, some aircraft cannot mount this due to pylon restrictions (weight, dimensions). ALQ-99 ECM Pods Due to model limitations, the ALQ-99 pods only work for the EA-18G. They are not able to be mounted on any version of the Super Hornet, or able to be mounted on ThirdWire or third-party made aircraft. If you wish to use this as a standalone addon, contact FastCargo at

F/A-18E/F Refueller: Adapted for use with Kreelins Refueller mod, these aircraft are task specific in allowing aerial refueling. However they are designated as Transport so will not show up in Single Mission Mode on their own, but are available for use in custom made single missions (KMD, Le Missiouneur, etc.) only. However they only have one squadron for their use, VFA-14 for the E version, and VFA-11 for the F version only. Like any other aircraft, the other squadrons may be added depending on the user. Note due to actual restrictions, the hose will deploy at speeds less than 240 knots. Belly Landings Another trick by FastCargo, belly landings are possible. This is a trick of the 3D model, or a skid is placed to give the appearance of belly landings. However, graphically it does affect carrier takeoffs, to the point if your aircraft is left unattended, this results:

It should be noted that carrier takeoff can be conducted normally, as well as landing works as it should:

To disable this function for more correct carrier takeoffs (at least graphically), go to the aircrafts Data_jni, and go to the [Nose] section, and comment out these lines: SystemName[020]=NoseSkid SystemName[021]=LeftSkid SystemName[022]=RightSkid To do this, simply put // in front of SystemName, such as this: //SystemName[020]=NoseSkid //SystemName[021]=LeftSkid //SystemName[022]=RightSkid It has been successfully used on Digital Overloads CVN-75 carrier without editing but may require editing for other third-party carriers. AN/ALQ-165 ASPJ The ASPJ is the result of technological advancement, far more powerful than the AN/ALQ-126 on the Legacy Hornet (F/A-18s A through D). This allows better employment of ECM, and has resulted in allowing the virtual pilot to suppress enemy threats using this device. Here are some general rules of thumb: Jams completely: ZSU-23-4 (still has optical sight available to engage targets manually) Suppresses (delays launch, or temporarily jams): SA-10 Grumble (by Fubar512), jams system at 23 nm, however once you get closer to the Flap Lid, the system will burn through roughly at approximately 22.5 nm Skin Templates The package also contains three skin templates. The SHBodyTemplates.psd has details and other assorted details associated for each three versions. SHWingTemplate.psd and SHPods.psd are in Adobe Photoshop format only. Strike Fighters 2 It should be noted that this was never designed for use with Strike Fighters 2. However ThirdWires modular coding allows it to be implemented in SF2. Things to note, kreelins Refueller mod is incompatible with the coding of Strike Fighters 2. Simply delete or comment out the lines for the mod. It is located at the bottom of the respective aircrafts _DATA.ini file. It should also be noted that the dual rail AMRAAM adapter cannot be added due to the removal of coding. Thank you notes: I want to thank everybody involved in this project. First it was helping FastCargo with his Saeqeh model, by doing a skin. To be honest with everybody, I had only hoped he would do the F/A-18F and be done with it. Then it developed into what you are reading here, and he took a request into something that exploded into this. It was hard at first, but as soon as the kinks got worked out it turned out to be worthwhile, the time spent and learning new things in the TW series, after years on and off

playing the games. Id like to thank Dave as always for his massive help and support, or what he could do at the time. JAT81500 for his excellent decal work, Jarhead1 for flight testing, and Vampyre of course for his invaluable assistance since as mentioned before, works with them on a daily basis. Id like to thank AmokFloo for also taking the time to optimize it initially for the TW series, even though his workload was too high to do this project. I would also like to thank column5 for his assistance, where his aircraft textures helped a lot and saved some time in getting the aircraft done properly. Also I would like to thank the users for their support and technical help. I had thought I knew a lot about the aircraft, but found out I had more to learn, but thats all that matters sometimes, learning new things and doing more than you were used to doing. Questions? Comments? Concerns? If you do have any issues or problems, contact us at Disclaimer: It would like to be known that this is under the Combatace Freeware License Agreement: 1. The work may not be used in payware projects or in projects that will not be freely distributed under these same terms. 2. You must give proper credit in your readme file. 3. If feasible, include the original readme along with your new mod.