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AUGUST 7, 1976

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Continued From Page 1 Karrussel and down to the Schwalbenschwanz, the other 25 runners had to face the fact that the track was more dry than it was wet. Even at the pits it had stopped sprinkling, the track was drying out rapidly, and the mechanics were getting into wheel changing order. The first few cars screamed up the rise out of the piergarten and went straight into their pits. Of the leaders, only Ronnie Peterson hung onto his knobbies, and he lead Mass
GRAND PRlX OF GERMANY. FORMULA ONE DRIVING CHAMPIONSHIP. ADENAU.CERMANY, NURBURGRING. AUGUST 1, 1976. ENTRY 8 QUALIFYING 1-James Hunt. McLaren-Ford M23.7:06.5: 2-Niki Lauda, Ferrari 312 T2.7:07.4; 3-Patrick Depailler, Elf-Tyrrell P34,7:08.8: 4-Hans Stuck, March. 7:09.1; 5-Clay Regazzoni, Ferrari 312 T2.7:09.3: 6Jacques bffite. Ligier-Matra. 7:11.13: 7-Carlos Pace. BrabhamAlfa Romeo. 7:12.0: 8-Jody Scheckter. Elf-Tyrrell. 7:12.2; 9Jochen Mass. Mclaren-Ford. 7:13.0: 10-Carlos Reutemann. 7:14.9; 11-Ronnie Peterson. March-Ford. 7:14.9: 12-Mario Andretti. JPS-Ford. 7:15.1; 13-Vittorio Brambilla. March-Ford. 7:17.7: 14-Alan Jones. Surtees-Ford. 7:19.9: 15-Rolf Stommelen, Martini-Brabham, 7:21.6: 16-Gunnar Nilsson, JPS-Ford. 7:23.0: 17-Chris Amon. Ensign. 7:23.1: 18-Tom Pryce. Shadow-Ford, 7:23.3: 19-John Watson. Penske-Ford, 7:23.5: 20-Emerson Fittipaldi. Copersucar FD04.7:28.0: 21-Arturo Merzdrio. WilliamsFord. 7:28.8: 22-Harald Ertl. Hesketh. 7:30.0: 23-John-Pierre Jarier. Shadow-Ford. 7:30.9: 24-Brett Lunger. Surtees. 7:32.7: 25Guy Edwards. Hesketh-Ford, 7:38.6: 26-A.P. Rossi, Elf-Tyrre11007. 7r48.5: 27-(Reserve) Henri Pescarolo. Surtees TS19. 8104.2. RESULTS 1-Hunt. 14 laps in 1:14.42.7 for an average speed of 117.112mph: 2-Scheckter. 14; 3-Mass. 14: 4-Pace. 14: 5-Nilsson. 14: 6-Stommelen. 14: 7-Watson. 14: 8-Pryce. 14: 9-Regazzoni. 14: 10-Jones. 14: 11-Jarier, 14: 12-Andretti. 14: 13-Fittipaldi. 14. 14Rossi. 13: 15-Edwards. 13. DNF: 16-Merzario. 3. no brakes: 17-Brambilla. 0. crashed: 18Depailler. 0, crash with Regazzoni: 19-Reuttemann. 0, engine failure: 20-Peterson. 0, crash. DNS: 21-Lauda. 0, crash: 22-Lunger. 0, crash; 23-Ertl, 0. crash: 24-Stuck. 0. clutch failure: 25-Laffite, 0, gearbox failure: 26Amon, 0. driver withdrew; Henri Pescarolo and Lella Lombardi. 0. Both R.A.M. c a n were impounded by the police upon court injunction awarded to driver Loris Kessel-alleged breach of contract.

German GP

Number two Ferrari driver Clay Regazzoni tells a group of European journalists what it's like out there.

Bergwerk. A story circulated that one of his just recently changed wheels came loose, other people say that definitely did on around the South and North curves and not happen; anyway the 312T2 went off the away into the country again. But Jochen's edge of the road on the outside at very McLaren went ahead of the March some- near maximum speed. It whipped where on the climb up to the Karrussel. through a mass of catch fencing and The crowd a t the start/ finish sent up a slammed into the sloping hillside behind, great cheer when they heard that,and instantly blew up in a huge ball of flame, when Jochen popped up into sight again and then came spinning back across the he was greeted by a wave of sheer German road trailing pieces and burning fuel. So joy. He was 29 seconds ahead of anybody violent was the crash that a complete else then, they all (almost)were in and out rubber fuel cell was ripped out of the of the pits behind him, and a s he dropped monocoque chassis and spun along the down into Hatzenbach to start the third road entirely separate from the rest of the lap he seemed to have the race a s soundly wreckage. won a s if it were already the 14th and last. The pack of cars behind were presented Unfortunately for everybody, it wasn't with a track that was the next thing to even lap Zero. blocked. Guy Edwards found a way Miles behind him, still on his second through to the left of the burning Ferrari lap, first on slicks, Niki Lauda somehow without being damaged himself, but a s he lost control of his Ferrari on what should was stopping his Hesketh the Surtees of have been a flat-out bit of road. Brett Lunger had no where to go at all. His Tom Pryce, left, and Vittorio Brambilla have a bit of a dice during the early going, and before the crash of Niki It was after the Adenau crossing, a front wheels skidding helplessly on fuel- Lauda, which stopped the race. downhill, left-hand kink approaching the muddied dirt, Brett T-boned Lauda's car and shoved it around in the beginning of a from his burning car and poisonous pirouette. Harald Ertl's Hesketh stopped gasses given off from his burning plastic that and bounced the Ferrari back into the seat and steering-wheel cover. As AutoSurtees. That second impact was hard week went to press doctors in Mannheim, enough to set off Brett's fire extinguisher where Lauda remains hospitalized, said it could be a s much a s 10 days before they system. Lunger found himself standing i n a sea know if Niki will survive. The elaborate Nurburgring safety apof flames alongside Lauda's cockpit, trying to pull the World Champion from paratus apparently worked a s planned, his car. Niki was concious and trying to for the drivers said there were two PRACTICE AND QUALIFYING escape, but he hadn't been able to unbuck- niarshalls on foot with fire bottles on the le his shoulder harness. Apparently he'd scene within seconds, and the Porsche 911 F5000 SPEEDSTER 80 Miles been trying to get his helmet off so that he carrying the doctor arrived shortly thercould get his chin down far 'enough to see eafter. It did take something like five or the problem, for as Brett worked over him more minutes to get an ambulance to the the helmet came tumbling off Niki's head. scene, it was reported, and the Ferrari Brett finally got enough leverage by kept burning for a similar time. jumping atop the burning car and stradThe race, of course, had been red dling the cockpit. Arturo Merzario, who flagged immediately. The remainder of had braked to a halt, got the belts unbuck- the 12 cars that had stopped at the scene, A & B Sports - 60 Miles Gold Cup 60 Miles led and Lauda came free. Brett and he plus the other 14 that had gone through GENERALADM PADDOCK PRIVILEGE rolled to the ground together. before, eventually cycled through the pits Includes Gen Adm Niki still was aware of goings-on, and for a going over, a change to fresh slick Regular Advance Advance climbed to his feet and took a dozen steps, rubber, refueling, and more than two Regular but by this time there was quite a crowd of hours after the original start were sent Pr~ce Less 10% Less 5% Pr~ce fellow drivers gathering and they persu- back to the grid for a new race to go the aded him to lie down while they stripped full 14 laps. Friday, August 27 . . . . . . . . 2.00 1.90 4.00 3.60 off his charred driving suit and felt The day's second German Grand Prix Saturday, August 28 . . . . . 6.00 5.70 11.OO 9.90 around for broken bones. The main started just 20 cars. James Hunt was all injury, though, seemed to be to his face alone in his Pole position, Lauda's place Sunday, August 29 . . . . . . 8.00 7.60 14.00 12.60 which was severely enough alongside being left vacant. Lunger and - burned that it Ertl %f course were absent, a s the rules ADVANCE SALE DEADLINE: AUGUST 21 was bleeding. allowed no spare cars to be used-even had there been any spare cars available. Additionally Jacques Laffite and.Hans Stuck were non compos with transmission troubles, and Chris Amon threw something of a quiet wobbly and decided Continued On Next Page

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