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BSL-3 LAB : 7.9m x3.1m , height 2.

55m Building height 5m

Operating Temperature Operating Humidity Supply air Return air

: 22C +/- 2C tolerance : 55% +/-5% RH tolerance : Ceiling stainless steel perforated type : Lab Room Corridor-Room : Top return : Top Return Plenum : Top Return Plenum

Exhaust Air




TURNKEY DESIGN, FABRICATE AND BUILD BSL-3 LAB : 7.9m x3.1m , height 2.55m Building height 5m

Operating Temperature Operating Humidity Supply air Return air

: 22C +/- 2C tolerance : 55% +/-5% RH tolerance : Ceiling stainless steel perforated type : Lab Room Corridor-Room : Top return : Top Return Plenum : Top Return Plenum

Exhaust Air

According to WHO Geneva Bio-safety BSL-3

Below design is base on Modular type BSL-3 Design Complete unit with self-support structure, Security System , Air-conitioning system (Negative pressure design), Drain system and Exhaus Factory preassembled, tested, customer buy-off, dis-assemled, labeled, crate transport to site, handling and temporary storage Modular Unit will then be reassemble at site, hook-up, connections and testin


Building structure
Room Size 7.9mx3.1mx2.55m Overall height : 6m

Wall & Ceiling Partition System

PU Wall Partition System. - Internal polyurethane core laminated on both sides with steel polyester lacquered sheets to an overall 75mm thick (Thermal Coefficient of 0.24 W/m2K) - Includes intermediate channel support & runners - Height of chamber given to be 2.6m (top of ceiling panel) Steel hollow structure c/w powder bake finish structure to support PU panel & electrical control piping & others facilites Colour : Ivory

Rounded floor system Anti-static chemical resistance vinyl floor Vinyl floor thickness 2mm Frame spread & smoke emission Class2 B1 Anti static type Abrasion resistance Chemical resistance


Double Clear perspex 6mm thick 1.2mx 1m H

Door And Frames

Structure seamless steel hollow metal E.G. c/w powder bake finish ( chemical resistance ) Smooth , flush surface without stile edges All frame are welded steel c/w powder balw finish All door c/w pre wire & Electro-magnetic Lock Conseal door closer Stainless steel hinge Stainless steel handle

Emergency shower
Impeller shower head Hand operation Hand held drench hose and self -closing shower valves Shower cover with Base & drain Sliding folding door

Equipment Platform
Equipment platform for indoor hvac equipments Equipment platfor for outside condensing units

Laboratory signage Laboratory Casework and furniture

Eyewash station with hand wash decon system Hand wash With Decon system Counter-top Eye Wash Sink or countertop mounted polished chrome-plated brass single action swing-down to activate eye/face wash that features twin ABS Feather-Floheads.Supply:1/2"O.Dslipjoint. Certified by CSA to meet the ANSI Z358.1 Standard for Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment. Stailess steel casing with service cover supply & drainage connection at back side Basin waste touched pop-up Stainless steel table top with leg support Decon system

Stainless steel table Stainless steel casing Stainless steel table top with leg support


Supply system
Air Handling Unit Fan coil unt & condensing unit for all room Supply Air duct work Sus 304 Fan filter unit Stainless steel perforated type HEPA filter Single stage electric heaters Bubble tight isolation damper with motorise actuator Supply

Exhaust system
Exhaust Blower Exhaust Fan for exhaust duct Chemical resistance All exhuast Fan c/w variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

Exhaust filter chamber

Hepa Filter Exhaust filter chamber Efficiency: 99.999% on 0.3um Casing Stainless steel SUS 304 Chamber pressure up to 2500Pa Decon port x 2 DOP port
Dischaarge stack change Exhaust Air Stainless steel duct work Stainless steel capture hood for Auto clave clear corridor side Bubble tight isolation damper with motorise actuator Supply

Digital central control panel system Digital display touch screen for monitor Pro-logic control c/w analog input device Security protection by Pass words PC data print out Current data display for each room Warning indication Supply Air , Exhaust Air and Space Pressurization On time control Room pressure control +/- 5%

Room pressure sensor & analog pressure guage Digital Temp & RH% display Alram system for room pressure On line instant monitoring & control of room pressure Interlock system for both Supply & Exhaust Air Pressure system : one to three negative pressure Pressure sensor Connect to central control system Directional inward airflow, leakly level 3 Air flow sensor Out put connect to central system

Cleanroom IP 54 Lighting Box PSB approve IP54 lighting Box Ceiling conceaedl type lighting box, air tight

Electrical Works
D/B for electrical distribution Wiring work Power supply socket Lighting point Fan filter unit power supply point Air-cond power supply point Equipment power supply point

Emergency and power failure system a)Emergency control connect to central system b)Power back up system c)Emergency Lighting d)Back up by UPS UPS CONTROL PANEL

Diesel powered generator 80kva, 220v, 3 phase, 60HZ Diesel powered generator for the load of the entire modular facility. Generator fuel shall be stored in a belly tank sized for 30 hours of continuous use. The generator and normal power circuit supply a new automatic transfer switch (ATS). Duplex receptacles provided around the perimeter of each laboratory space a maximum of 4-feet apart. Duplex receptacles spaced a maximum of 6-feet apart in all other locations. Dedicated circuitsprovided for each BSC, incubator, refrigerator, freezer, and bench-top laboratory equipment. A telephone line must be provided by the customer into the mechanical room for connec-tion to the HVAC controls such that system operation can be monitored remotely by Manufacture. This need not be in constant service but must be made available in the event of a malfunction. The system will be monitored weekly for the first three months of operation and periodically after this time


To supply Package Type A for all BSL-3 LAB only FM200 Gas Fire Suppression System to cover 1 layer protection for BSL-3 Lab 1) Package Type A* - FM200 Cylinder c/w Pilot Cylinder with cylinder valve solenoid. 2) Discharge Nozzle 3) Control panel with battery unit 4) Gas Discharge Flashing Indicator 5) Evacuation Sign 6) Smoke Detector c/w base 7) Combination Horn & Strobe 8) 150 mm dia Fire Alarm Bell

COMMUNICATIONS Telecommunication / intercom system

a) Intercom system for BSL-3 LAB

1. Provide a telephone connection in laboratory. 2. Provide an Ethernet connection in laboratory. PA SYSTEM

Security system
Biometrics access system Access System Controller Touch screen access CCTV SYSTEM Interlocking system for all doors

CO2 gas piping holes with cupping

Airtight wall penetration

ALL ON SITE preparation - including dismantling, leveling, structural assessments, lectrical and mechanical cut-outs and c

Foreign and Local technical supervision Electrical Mechanical / HVAC Civil / Architectural Third Party Testing assistance and facilitation Testing and commissioning with all appropriate required testing as prescribed by the Third Party Certifier

Laboratory Equipment
Laboratory Equipment

Horizontal front loading autoclave with double door fully automatic

Bio-hazard cabinet (BHC-1300-2A) with exhaust type External dimension : 1380W x 800D x 1945H mm Effective dimension: 1300W x 555D x 640H mm Specifications: Casing and panel : E.G. with powder baked finish Fan c/w variable speed controller & interlocking Disposable type prefilter Hepa for supply & exhaust of 99.99% efficiency at 0.3um Front swing out glass door Stainless steel SUS 304 4B slot type perforated table & internally Stainless steel collection chamber with drain pipe Foot switch for Gas buner External fluorescent lighting Control panel c/w touch screen , indicator light, buzzer ,on/off switch , analogue hour meter & reset switch TUV and lighting switch Adjusters and casters Power supply : 230V 1ph 60Hz Colour : Ivory

Stainless steel Pass Box BSL-3 TYPE Interlock system with Decon system

Biofit Static Dissipative Chair Static Dissipative Cleanroom Chair

n system and Exhaust system, semled, labeled, crated, shipping,

onnections and testing & commissioning


70 m2 35 m2

1 lot

35 m2

1 set

3 nos

1 unit

1 lot

1 lot

1 0.6x0.6 1 0.6x0.6

2 1.2x0.6


1 system

1 lot 4 units

1 unit 4 sets

4 units

2 units

1 lot 1 lot 1 unit 4 units

1 lot

1 lot

3 units

3 units

5 units

1 lot

1 Lot 1 Lot 1 unit

1 lot

1 lot

1 lot 1 lot

2 points

cal and mechanical cut-outs and connections 1 lot

1 lot

1 lot

1 unit

1 unit

1 unit

4 pcs