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Norman Imperial

Continued from the previous photo discussion about the Frequency Barrier:

"Worlds are as grains of sand in the glass that measures cosmic time, & the Earth will be the last to settle in the glass before it is turned once again by the creator of all that is. Then our spirits will once again be quickened & sparkle with wonderful, divine purposes that we have never known existed." Ther-Mochater of Parcra

I am Serbatin of Gee. My 1st birth occurred about 7400 Earth years after the destruction of the planet Maldec on the planet that my people call Gee. Gee is the 8th of the 12 life sustaining planets in the

sun/star system we call Jatha. The solar system of Jatha is located about 169,000 units you call lightyears from your solar system in the direction of the center of the galaxy. Utilizing the 2 most advanced systems of spacecraft propulsion (manipulated light & STARGATE PIPING), the distance of 169,000 light years can be travelled in as little as 87.5 Earth hours, or by an alternate route, 32 Earth days. The minimum time factor could someday be reduced if & when any new stargate portals are found that terminate in either of our respective solar systems or in a solar system nearby. In my first lifetime space travel throughout the solar system of Jatha was commonplace, but interstellar flight had not yet been achieved. The first race to develop space flight in our solar system were the Morfs, who resided on the 4th planet in our system (Morfa). The Morfs & we of Gee are both oxygen breathers, as are the peoples of all the planets of the system except those of the 11th & 12th planets, who are nitrogen breathers. In that 1st lifetime I was trained in the field of animal & human biology. I was 1 of a large group of scientists from several worlds in our solar system who had just begun to conduct experiments in all types of cloning, when a large Federation mothership entered our solar system & rapidly dispatched emissaries to the peoples of our various worlds. Within about 2 Earth years, each & every world in our solar system had become a member of the Federation. When my group was apprised of what the Federation had learned from millions of other cultures on the subject of cloning, we were glad that we had not attempted to clone a human being, primarily because we learned that such an act would "not please the elohim".

The Consequences of Cloning Humans We also learned that such an attempt to clone a human would not have been totally successful, because NO HUMAN PSYCHIC ESSENCE WOULD ANIMATE THE CLONE UNLESS THE FOUNDER (SOURCE of the BIOLOGICAL MATERIAL FROM WHICH the clone was CREATED) DIED & THUS FREED HIS OR HER PSYCHIC ESSENCE TO INSTANTLY REEMBODY IN THE CLONE. Each human body born naturally or cloned must establish a harmonious relationship with the universal life field. Such a relationship takes about 28 Earth days after birth (or biological activation, in the case of the clone). In a natural birth this 28 day period is called the neonatal period. Many infants die during this time because 1 or more of their body organs did not establish a totally harmonious relationship with the universal life field. The organs of a human clone that contain no animating human psychic essence have never established a complete & harmonious relationship with the universal life field. Simply, the clone eventually dies unless the founder dies first & psychically animates it. The longer a clone is biologically active, the weaker will become its founder's relationship with the universal life field. When the founder's body can no longer maintain a harmonious relationship with the ULF, he/she will die &, by universal law, be forced to animate the clone. When this animation occurs, the TRAUMATIC EFFECTS CAUSED BY THE ANIMATION PROCESS CAN KILL THE CLONE (depending on its level of maturity)

or CAUSE VARIOUS FORMS OF BIOLOGICAL DEFECTS such as mental retardation & physical deformities. Believe me, the founder of the clone would be better off dead! The care & maintenance of a human clone up to the point of its full maturity IS VERY DIFFICULT, EVEN WITH A MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY THAT HAS BEEN DEVELOPED MILLIONS OF YEARS BEYOND THAT PRESENTLY EMPLOYED ON EARTH. Sterile conditions must always prevail because a clone's body is susceptible to infection caused by agents that would be harmless to a human body that was sexually procreated. The obvious question is : If this is so, why are we of the open state concerned about your attempts to clone a human being on Earth? To understand our reasons for concern, 1 must first accept the fact that the Frequency Barrier is a UNIQUE CONDITION THAT EXISTS ONLY ON EARTH. NO similar condition is known to exist ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE UNIVERSE.

The Universal Life Field (ULF) & The Frequency Barrier Within the Frequency Barrier's sphere of influence many things can be physically done THAT COULD NOT BE ACCOMPLISHED ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE UNIVERSE. This is because the Frequency Barrier DISTORTS THE UNIVERSAL LIFE FIELD. The ULF distortion is GREATER AT THE CENTER OF EARTH'S CORE & diminishes over distance. The planet Mars on occasion is subjected to subtle Frequency Barrier effects that originate from Earth. The degree of ULF distortion in the vicinity of Mars is relative to the distance between the 2 planets. After many thousands of years of studying biological samples originating on Earth, it has become quite evident to us that the effects of the Frequency Barrier cause considerable biological mutations from time to time that would not be considered normal anywhere else in the universe. These cell mutations, though present in many life forms, might not become physically evident for thousands of years. There is also the fact that all life forms on Earth naturally re-evolve generation after generation (in response to the diminishing of the Frequency Barrier) toward the biological conditions that prevailed prior to the beginning of the Frequency Barrier. Therefore both natural & unnatural biological changes are taking place on Earth. Some of these changes occasionally connect & reinforce each other for better or worse, sometimes even cancelling each other, which ends any further developments, good or bad, in that life form. The fluctuating power of the Frequency Barrier affects all life forms & can be rightly referred in your language as the GREATEST BIOLOGICAL MUTATOR THAT HAS EVER EXISTED. The universe perpetually operates as a system governed by certain laws. From time to time, humans produce conditions (creations) that are incompatible with the universe's operating system. The destruction of the planet Maldec & its aftermath can certainly be considered a human creation that was incompatible with the orderly function of the universe as a whole. What affects 1 thing in the universe

will affect the total universe. Therefore we of the open state are looking forward to the eventual positive manifestation of the Christ reality in the molar level of the ULF. When that new reality is established in the 3rd dimensional level, it will become an influential spiritual part of all other things that exist in the ULF level of perception. Because of the Frequency Barrier, Earth is not compatible with the universe's natural operating system. The universe relates to planet Earth ONLY THROUGH UNIVERSAL LAWS UNAFFECTED BY THE FREQUENCY BARRIER (such as the law of Gravity). Because the universal laws that strictly govern biology elsewhere in the universe are affected by the Frequency Barrier, these universal laws are not always enforced on Earth. It would be as if an hour ago it was against the law to steal or kill someone, but not at present, & not until the law is once again enforced by the universe. When the Frequency Barrier is gone, Earth will return to full compatibility with the Universal operating system & will be subjected to all its laws, including those that govern the creation of all forms of life.

The Dark Side Agenda Those we refer to as the forces of darkness view these temporary suspensions of the universal laws of biology on Earth as windows of opportunity they can use to produce (create) 1 or more new forms of life that could be created nowhere else. Their reason for pursuing the creation of new life forms not approved by the elohim is because they know, as do we, that such an achievement would elevate them to a superior status that would give them creative powers equal to that of the els (elohim, god). If they ever accomplish this, the rest of us can expect molar lifetimes filled with miseries I don't really care to think about or describe. Among all things in existence, physical life forms offer little resistance to limited modification or manipulation by humans. The endless variety of life forms in the universe provide those of the dark side with a biological playground, & the human life form interests them the most. They have several times in the past attempted to use the Frequency Barrier as a mutating agent to (1)produce new forms of DNA & (2)produce a totally new type of being by combining genetic materials obtained from humans & animals that can in turn sexually reproduce. The latter is their ultimate goal. One of their more recent attempts was conducted in an underground facility located near Dulce, New Mexico. Thankfully, the facility is no longer under the control of those of the dark side. One of the Maldecians' purposes for building the Great Pyramid was to use the creative vril energy, which the pyramid draws & accumulates, to manipulate genetics. Their purposes were symbolized by the part-lion & part-human form of the Sphinx. We are now aware how that program eventually ended. The beings referred to as Grays (corts), as you know, are clones but they are unable to reproduce sexually. For this reason their creators do not qualify as gods. The Grays were genetically engineered by

those of the dark side to tolerate the Frequency Barrier, & in several ways physically act as their agents on Earth.

The Grays' experiments with the Sasquatch, Then Humans One of the Grays' assigned tasks was to physically abduct some Earth people to obtain certain types of Frequency Barrier-influenced biological material. The Grays' obvious interest in pregnant Earth women & the reason they impregnated them in some cases is based on an earlier program they had conducted with the females of the life forms called the Sasquatch (Bigfoot). Pregnant Sasquatch females were placed in the Frequency Barrier by the dark side to determine what effects it had on fetal development. After the birth both the mother & child were taken off the earth for further study. Based on the results of their Sasquatch studies, the dark side switched to the study of certain types of pregnant Earth women to determine how the Frequency Barrier affected fetal development. To track the location of the women they had artificially inseminated with biologically altered sperm, they implanted their victims with coded transmitters. For similar reasons Earth males were also tagged with locator implants. These implants enabled the Grays to locate these abductees for subsequent sampling to determine how the unnatural biological material they had introduced had been changed by the Frequency Barrier. (Warning: Do not attempt to remove or alter the function of a dark-side implant if that implant is more than 2 years old. Some implants are not locators, but biological monitors that also contain biological regulating programs. Removal or disruption of their function could lead to illness or premature death.) We who serve the master plan of the creator of all that is have for millions of years successfully opposed, both spiritually & physically, every evil thing those of the dark side have tried to manifest into the 3rd dimensional level of perception & thereafter impose on those who are not of their kind. Handling the forces of the dark side in the open state generally amounts to countering their military attempts to conquer world after world for the purpose of controlling or psychically vampiring the psychic energy of the people living on those worlds or of simply acquiring raw materials. But WHEN IT COMES TO THE EARTH & its Frequency Barrier, THE DARK SIDE AS WELL AS OURSELVES FACE MANY UNKNOWNS. The dark side is willing to dare the unknowns in the hope of gaining something by chance. The dark side does not care if their activities cause pain & suffering to others. (I can tell you, it is rare to find a Maldecian such as Doy who sincerely regrets that race's part in creating the mentally restricting Frequency Barrier that exists on the Earth today.)

A Warning against Human Cloning: Our Own Biological Sampling For many reasons we of the light feel we must take certain actions on Earth to stop any dark side activity that has even the slightest possibility for success. Therefore we advise that you oppose in any way possible the attempt to clone human bodies, because such an attempt just might be successful. Believe

me, such a success will open up a Pandoras Box. The universal ramifications of such an accomplishment are impossible for even those of the open state to comprehend. The bottom line is, we dont want that which the dark side deliberately wishes to do ignorantly accomplished by well-meaning Earth scientists. The elohim do not disapprove of cloning animals when they themselves provide the psychic essence to animate them. The manipulation of genetics, as done in the practice of transgenetics, might be permitted by the el of one world & not by the el of another. Transgenetics is the science of combining the genes of 1 type of animal with those of another type. This might be done in an effort to produce more meat, milk or eggs. We of the open state do not know exactly what type of transgenetic products would be approved of by the Lord God El of the Earth. We of the light also take biological samples from every type of life form that exists on Earth, mostly from plants & animals. We do not do this to gauge the diminishment of the Frequency barrier because there are several ways much easier ways to do this. We have several purposes for taking & analyzing human biological samples obtained on Earth. Earth humans have differing types of DNA, in most cases because their DNA is not native to Earth. This means that sometime in the past they had an ancestor that was not an Earth native. Among people with dominant Earth DNA, there are many who possess strong Martian, Waydian (Venusian), Sumerian (Saturn planetoids), Reltian (Jupiter planetoids), Trakian (Neptune planetoids) & Maldecian strains. Any knowledge gained from these studies that tells us how a certain DNA type is fairing biologically within the Frequency Barrier is very useful to us when we assign our research personnel for temporary missions there. If Martian DNA is standing up to current Frequency Barrier conditions better than any other type, then our research craft will be staffed by Martians. In case of mishap, a crew would stand a better chance of surviving until they could be rescued. The unpredictability of Frequency Barrier effects once caused us to take frequent samples, but at present nearly all off-world DNA reacts equally to the current effects of the Frequency Barrier. This is an indication that it is stabilizing & that it will soon disappear. We are using this data in initiating phase 3 of our preparations in contact. Samples of plants & animals taken from Earth help us determine if any native species now extinct can be reintroduced into its natural habitat. I am certain we have a dodo bird or 2 that would find its home world a very nice place to live.

Monitoring a Jess, a Biological Agent (HIV) of the Dark Side Humanely slaughtering cattle, removing from them certain organs for analysis are being done to monitor the Frequency Barrier effects on a biological agent called a jess (see this album article:

84190b3). The particular jess we are monitoring was created by those of the dark side when they operated their underground base near Dulce, New Mexico. This biological agent was intended to temporarily deactivate a persons immune system to prevent the body from rejecting foreign biological material such as animal organs. Another name for this jess is HIV, which is a virus that usually deactivates the bodys immune system. When this occurs, the infected person is said to have AIDS. If a human body is successfully cloned on Earth, the regulating biological laws of the universe will have to adjust to the new biological reality, just as the spiritual laws of the universe will have to adjust to the 3rd dimensional manifestation of the Christ reality. This means that anyone anywhere in the universe who has the technological ability could successfully clone human bodies & that those cloned bodies would have no difficulty in achieving ULF attunement. Unrestricted human cloning will certainly lead to the production of many identical clones biologically founded by 1 person. The younger ones could be used by the founder to replace his/her blood from time to time or harvest organs whenever 1 of the founders organs became diseased & began to lose ULF attunement. At the founders death he or she could even resume 3rd dimensional life immediately by animating a clone with his/her psychic essence (soul or micro-level self). The problem of which clone to psychically animate would be easily solved by terminating all the clones except the most mature one. The terms kill & murder would never apply to the termination of a clone. Changes in the biological laws of the universe might permit those of the dark side to achieve their goal to create new lifeforms & thus become superhuman, gaining powers they would use to rule over others. The biological laws of the universe are quite complex. No one really knows WHAT ROLE THE SUCCESSFUL HUMAN CLONING ON EARTH WOULD ACTUALLY PLAY IN THE ALTERATION OF UNIVERSAL LAW, but we of the open state ARE NOT WILLING TO TAKE ANY CHANCES. Successful cloning of a human being on Earth will not be a snap, because there is quite a bit of difference in the biological makeup between 1 human body & another. These differences could be adjusted for with the biological knowledge that we of the open state possess, but biologists on Earth do not yet understand our task of keeping those of the dark side from passing on this key biological information to those on the Earth who have publicly stated that they will attempt to clone a human body. We hope that before any human clone is successfully produced, the Frequency Barrier will no longer exist & the universe will again fully enforce its biological laws on the planet. When that happens, the cloning of a human body will not be possible. I am Serbatin of Gee.

As narrated by Trome, a Saturnian reembodied as Mac-Densel of the Fe & Ro-Atlans (North & South Atlantis respectively)

Later Understandings I learned later that those who came to Earth in the so-called silver eggs were not really gods, but those of the Sumer planetoids who were never born or died within the confines of the Frequency barrier of the Earth. Their purpose of impregnating certain women of the Earth was not based on lecherous desire, but instead to insert into the bloodline of the Sumer descendants living on the planet stronger forms of Sumer DNA they hoped would strengthen their Earthbound relatives against any future detrimental biological effects that could occur from the Frequency Barrier. And the sons of God found the daughters of the Earth to be fair, & from their unions came great men of renown. Those of the Sumer radiar system (Saturn) were not the only off-world culture to try to strengthen the DNA of their Earthbound kinsmen. Hundreds of other cultures employed similar methods to do likewise, including the Maldecians. The Maldecians envisioned the creation of a master race that could conquer the planet from within & turn its rule over to them after the Frequency Barrier finally disappears. Some of these cultures are still very active in their various DNA-strengthening programs. Those of the Sumer planetoids also include in their activities the preservation & DNA-strengthening of Earths plant & animal life forms. From ancient knowledge of these animal-preserving activities came the story of Noah & his Ark. The story was changed many times to fit the references of those who could better understand an ark being used to save the animals than a spacecraft that took them to pastures on different worlds.

Monitoring the Effects of the Frequency Barrier It was & still is difficult to take living things out of the Frequency Barrier. Humans who are suddenly introduced to the open, unrestricted, mental state usually go completely insane. The farther 1 goes back in time, the more 1 could have expected this to happen. The Frequency Barrier is presently weak enough to permit some people from both the closed & open mental states to go into & out of the Barrier after a brief period of intense preparation (biological conditioning). Because living humans went insane & usually died of uncontrollable bioelectrical brain activity (similar to epilepsy), it was impractical to bring live people out of the Barrier into the open state, where they would surely die a cruel & painful death. At the time of the life I just described, those living in the open state had developed methods that made it practical to autopsy a dead body of 1 of the Earth & study the biological effects of the Frequency Barrier during a persons lifetime. These studies were carried out both to predict the rate of Frequency Barrier diminishment & to determine what patterns of DNA were best suited to tolerate its effects in the future. A genetically engineered human hybrid that could tolerate the effects of the Frequency Barrier was also on the agenda. The reasons for creating such a hybrid are too numerous to describe.

One might ask, Why didnt the Maldecians & their open-state allies simply pick up living humans from the Earth? After all, they would not have been bothered by the fact that those they abducted would die. The reason they did not do this is because large numbers of specimen were required & they could not themselves function physically in the Frequency Barrier without suffering ill effects. This situation necessitated both of the opposing groups to enlist the aid of agents living on the Earth (tempered to the current degree of the Frequency Barrier) to act on their behalf & gather specimens for them. Later, methods were developed to take living things out of the Frequency Barrier in a state of suspended animation, study them, biologically modify them & return them later to Earth. This method was 1st employed about 12,000 BC in a place now referred to as Sumeria.

Additional Information from the Federation I am Macshallow-Brunto, 9th Lord of Devisement of the Federation. You ask why the Federation would burn & bury the city of Teotihuacan? This is then my answer. When any emotionally charged event such as a murder occurs, the psychic energy triggered by the emotion can impress the molecules of stone & wood in the vicinity of the event. The molecules act similar to the coating on a videotape in that certain life-field conditions that occur later (in cycles) can interact with the molecules that store the record of the event. The event can then replay at those times in the form of holographic images & can be seen by some or otherwise sensed by others. It is due to this phenomenon that people of the Earth see apparitions. Constructions of stone & wood are fairly good recorders of such events because they usually have some mathematical order in their dimensions. But when a building is constructed on the order of sacred geometry, especially a building of stone, the structure is better attuned to psychic energy & is therefore a much more efficient storage vessel for the psychically impressed images. The emotionally charged event of the slaughter of those at Miradol (Teotihuacan) in very ancient times was recorded in the molecules of the so called Pyramid of the Moon, Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl & other buildings at the site which the Gracians had proportioned & constructed on the order of sacred geometry. Later, the emotions (psychic energy) generated during the countless human sacrifices performed in the vicinity were absorbed by the molecules of those same buildings. The playback of these terrible events into the universal life field could bring great feelings of misery to many sensitive people living on the planet. In some cases such adverse psychic playbacks could inspire unbridled violence. By burning & burying a building of sacred construction, the effects of any form of akashic playback into the life field can be weakened or totally nullified, because the soil contains ingredients that interact with water & sunlight, causing seeds to become living plants that function (in life) in the universal life field. A

seed contains within it many factors that pertain to sacred geometry (Fibonacci numbers & ratios that relate to plants & animals). Therefore, life supporting soil that covers a building built on the order of sacred geometry can in most cases suppress the akashic replay of any past events stored into the buildings molecules. In the case of the so-called Great Pyramid of Giza, the REMOVAL OF ITS CAPSTONE accomplished the same thing that would have been accomplished by burying it in soil. The absence of the pyramids capstone distorted the buildings energy matrix, destroying its ability to transmit any form of energy (akashic images). INACCURATE RECONSTRUCTIONS OF BUILDINGS of Teotihuacan in recent times have helped to reduce the buildings once perfect ability to replay past events. Therefore it is very unlikely that the city will be buried again.